Sub Levels

There are officially 26 sublevels of the Centre. However, Jarod had calculated excavation data to reveal a secret 27th sublevel. With 27 sublevels of the Centre, there is an absolutely enormous amount of space. SL-27 was the secret sublevel where the most nefarious things went on. Here we try to map some of them.
Clearly this is a work in progress and contributions are greatly appreciated!

SL 4 Hidden Case and Files on this level
SL 5 The Tech room Pilot

SL 6 Amputee Dwarves
East Wing Infirmary where Miss Parker had a Tonsillectomy

Mr. Cox’s Taxidermy Studio

SL 10 Men’s room

SL 12 Infirmary where Fenigor revealed Jarod’s father shot Catherine Bloodlines

SL 14 Gun Range
Chemical Labs

SL 15 Vault with Scrolls
Bodily Fluids Repository

SL 18 Autopsy Room
JFK possibly held here as a ‘vegetable’

SL 19 Medical Records Stored in room 240
Air Vent used frequently by Angelo

SL 20 Infirmary

SL 22 Strongbox of cash secreted behind firehose

SL 25 Holding cell

SL 26 Incinertor where Leonard was murdered
Boiler Room hatch access

SL 27 Secret sub level that used to be Raines’ secret ‘playground’. Prodigy seemed to be run from there. It included an ‘Inception’ room 155and birthing rooms as well, although the birthing beds came with shackles. The existence of this level was revealed by Jarod in Baby Love, first alluded to by Jacob scrawling SL-27 on a piece of scrap paper in Under the Reds after he came temporarily out of a coma.It was destroyed by a fire, but still holds many of the Centre’s most sinister secrets/Sydney planted a bomb in Bloodlines in an effort to destroy it. It survived however to later reveal more of its twisted secrets.

The Tech Room, located on SL-4


SL-27 in the aftermath of a bomb set by Sydney to destroy the evil done here. Not one of his most rational decisions.