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Challenges [48] Challenges issued by members where a set of conditions are given as guidelines for writing.

Crossovers [125] Pretender stories that crossover into other fandoms.

Non - Fiction [22] Non-fiction, reveiws of episodes, analyses and all things that are well, non-fiction.

Round Robins [4] For stories that have been submitted via a round robin, where each chapter is contributed by a different author.

Fanfic100 [12] 100 stories on a specific theme or word.

Stories [1809] Stories on the Pretender of every type, shape and size you can imagine.

Pretenderpayback [35] What would the characters do if they got a chance to 'payback' the fanfic writers?

Drabbles [312] Little stories or musings of usually about 100 words

Christmas Challenge [8]

Christmas Challenge issued by ASSMO on behalf of the PTB's.

Spoofs / Parodies [44] Spoofs and parodies of our favourite show and characters and all things silly.

Stories In Other Languages [68] Pretender stories in languages other than English

Poetry [50] For all those things Pretender written in the form of poetry.

Plot? What Plot? [72] Plot? What plot? Stories that don't really seem to follow a plot.

RPG [1]

Character Musing [175] Character musings and thoughts.