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Tell me about this stuff, boys. Looks like Jarod could use a nice, cold shower.

Risque Business : Miss Parker

Apr 042014
VBT Memo

To: Craig Van Sickle From: Steve Mitchell Re: Far, Far Away Podcast What time will today’s release of the Far, Far Away podcast be? We have been receiving lots of questions about the secrets we’re revealing… To: Steve Mitchell From: Craig Van Sickle Re: Far, Far Away Podcast Good question- according to Centre sources, it […]

Feb 032014
Pretender Villain Poll

Vote for your favorite Pretender Villan and don’t forget to tweet using hastags #GoodToBeBad    #ThePretenderLives

Nov 222013
Nelda Is Coming

      The Tiny Dancer makes her return to the Centre this January. Don’t you dare miss it. Nedla is coming.  

Sep 232013
Announcement Interview Transcript

After crashing Google hangouts because too many fans inundated the site, the video of the Jenna Busch interview with creators of the Pretender , Craig W Van Sickle and Steven Long Mitchell is now available. The transcript below has finally been completed, with a great deal of help from Vania, Emily and Mallory. If you […]

Aug 292013
And the Winner is...

IF IT WASN’T FOR THE DEDICATED FANS OF THE PRETENDER THIS DAY WOULD NOT HAVE HAPPENED – WE’D LIKE YOU TO HELP US CHOOSE THE COVER FOR THE FIRST PRETENDER NOVEL   The results are in, after an exhaustive and thorough recount supervised by Mr Lee himself! We have a Winner! But that ‘s only […]

Aug 172013

Kaj   Kaj learned the terrorist trade growing up on the streets of Benghazi. A momma’s boy he was always loyal to family and to the cause. But loyalty only runs so deep and when there are profits to be had – well, what’s a little betrayal among friends? After all – in an eye […]

Aug 142013

Evil men do evil things   O’QUINN   O’Quinn looked younger than his 44 years. Militarily fit, ramrod-straight spine, a shaved head, the swaggering alpha male was as much a testosterone machine today as he was in his youth. O’Quinn was not a malevolent man. He was a professional warrior of intense focus and in […]

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