Project Description

2.13 A Stand Up Guy

Original air date: March 14, 1998
Written by: Tony Blake & Paul Jackson
Directed by: Michael Lange

While trying to find a cop killer, Jarod tells Miss Parker that Mr Lyle is still alive, leading to the discovery that the ex-operative stole sensitive information that could jeopardise the Centre.

Jarod’s Discoveries: SnoBall Snack Cakes, Bread Sticks
Jarod’s Occupations: Undercover FBI Agent, Mob Counterfeiter, Public Defender
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Puzo

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod infiltrates the mob to flush out a cop killer.


Assuming the identity of a wise guy, Jarod accompanies mobsters Joey Fantone and his henchmen, Marco and Nicky, to a warehouse.  There, the foursome meet with a man named Morton, who possesses a shipping receipt for counterfeiting plates.  Joey hands his gun to Jarod and instructs him to kill Morton.  When Jarod grows reluctant to pull the trigger, Marco threatens to shoot him on the spot.  Left with little choice, Jarod aims and fires, apparently killing Morton.  Afterward, the men make their way to a restaurant operated by a woman named Faye (but which is actually under mob control).

Jarod telephones Miss Parker and informs her that Mr. Lyle is still very much alive… though the Yakuza cut off one of his thumbs.  The information is confirmed when Miss Parker is called to her father’s office.  The pair view a security tape of Lyle and his cohorts storming a Centre office in Hartford and gunning down workers.  Mr. Parker assigns his daughter the unpleasant task of cleaning up the mess and finding out the purpose of Lyle’s action.  Miss Parker, Broots and Sydney scour the Hartford office for clues.  Broots realizes that Lyle accessed the Centre’s mainframe computer and stole a panel from within.

Jarod views a video cassette containing a news interview with US prosecutor Michael Flanagan.  The piece focuses on the murder of undercover agent Ray Knight, who is believed to have been killed by fellow agent Daniel Clark.  Pretending to be a public defender, Jarod visits Daniel in prison.  During their discussion, Daniel insists he was drinking with Marco at the time of Knight’s murder.  Police found Knight’s body in a freezer, a plastic bag wrapped around his head.  Daniel also reveals that someone from within the government was tipping off the mobsters.  The informant’s identity, however, remains a mystery.

Jarod “tips” Joey about a shipment of raw currency paper being stored in a Brooklyn warehouse.  During the conversation, Joey reveals that it was he who locked Knight in the freezer.  Jarod accompanies the mobsters to the Brooklyn warehouse and assists in the robbery.  During the heist, Joey receives a cell phone call—and suddenly makes a hasty getaway.  Moments later, squad cars race to the scene, and Jarod and the others are placed under arrest.

As Jarod rides in a police van, it is revealed that he is, in fact, working undercover.  It also becomes apparent that Morton, the man Jarod shot in the warehouse, is also a police  informant—and is very much alive.  Jarod tells the men he set up the robbery hoping to flush out the mole.  Later, at the police station, Prosecutor Mike Flanagan questions Jarod and Marco (Flanagan is aware that Jarod is working undercover).  A short time later, Jarod and Marco win release when an attorney successfully argues they weren’t read their rights.  Later, Jarod tells Faye that Joey confessed to killing Knight in the freezer.  Faye is aghast.

Mr. Parker tells his daughter that the missing computer panel contains highly sensitive information that could jeopardize the Centre.  He assigns her the mission of hunting down Lyle.  When Lyle is spotted in a Providence hotel, Miss Parker races to the scene.  She finds his room empty… only to receive a phone call from Lyle himself.  A few moments later, Miss Parker hits the redial button, and learns that Lyle telephoned from a boat rental company in Hillman, Connecticut.  Broots tells Parker that the Centre’s data back-up warehouse is located in Hillman.  It suddenly dawns on Broots that Lyle intends to infiltrate the warehouse and input the information on the panel into the mainframe, thereby decrypting the files.

Jarod spikes Marco’s alcohol with a laxative, causing him to take a day off.  He then volunteers to replace Marco as Joey’s delivery man.  The scheme pays off, as the delivery leads him to the mobster’s informant—Mike Flanagan.  Joey tells Jarod that the restaurant will close down so that the counterfeiting operation can be run from within.  Once the bills are printed, the restaurant will be destroyed and, as an extra precaution, Faye will be eliminated to prevent her from testifying in court.  With some help from Faye, Jarod sets a plot in motion.  He rigs the freezer with a video camera, then traps Marco, Joey and Flanagan inside.  A panicked Joey confesses to the crime, and shortly thereafter, police place the men under arrest.  Jarod gives Faye an envelope containing a large sum of money so she can start her life anew in Hawaii after she testifies against the mobsters in court.

Miss Parker locates Lyle on a pier.  Convinced Miss Parker hasn’t the wherewithal to kill him, Lyle reaches for his gun.  Miss Parker shoots, and Lyle’s body plummets into the water.  When Sweepers find the corpse, its head and other identifying features are missing (which is attributed to the propellers of a large boat).  It is concluded the body belongs to Lyle due to the missing thumb.  Later, Broots tells Miss Parker that he downloaded the files contained on the computer panel before it was confiscated by Raines.  The files contain genetic codes—but Broots is unsure of their meaning.


 Miss Parker I swear to God, I’m starting to lose my mind. It’s bad enough that we have missed Jarod with all the close calls that we’ve had but we’re not even showing up in the right cities anymore.
Broots Well, we’ll get back on track Miss Parker. We’re just in… in a slump.
Miss Parker This is the Centre Broots. We don’t have slumps. What?
Jarod Well, well, well. Long time, no see. And how is life treating you?
Miss Parker Like you caught me in bed with his wife. What do you want Jarod?
Jarod Why is Mr Lyle tailing me?
Miss Parker Mr Lyle?
Jarod Yes. He chased me through Albuquerque and Santa Fe. Although, I don’t see much hitchhiking in his future.
Sydney Hitchhiking?
Jarod Somebody cut off one of his thumbs.
Miss Parker Jarod? I think you should tell us where you are, we can protect you from him.
Jarod Although I really do appreciate your concern, I’ve gotten sort of used to taking care of myself. Well, I really gotta go; I’m late for work. Ciao!
Cop Hey Joey, who’s this?
Joey He’s the new guy. So are we set? Larry?
Cop My money?
Joey Bobby? It’s a beautiful thing huh?
Cop Plates will be here in three days. Take it easy.
Joey Woah, woah, woah, woah.
Cop What’s this?
Joey Hey.  It’s like a round peg in a square hole. You just don’t fit.
Jarod Hey, Joey. A corpse means cops.
Larry Yeah, and a live witness means trouble. Sorry.
Cop I came through with the counterfeit plates, I got what you wanted.
Bobby C’mon, shoot him. It’s freezing in here.
Jarod Joey. This ain’t smart.
Joey You know, he’s right. You do it. C’mon man, show me what you got. Do it. Do it.
Bobby Or I punch your ticket.
Joey They don’t call him Bobby Two Guns for nothing.
Cop This ain’t right Joey.
Jarod Alright, Alright. But at least let me take him out to the docks.
Joey No No No No. Do it here.
Bobby C’mon Chicago Boy.
Cop Joey, I got kids.
Bobby Say a prayer for ’em.
Cop I got a family Joey, I mean come on. No don’t!
Joey Shoot him! Do it! Do it! Do it!
Joey Breakfast?
Larry Yeah, let’s get outta here. It stinks. Hey, quite the marksman there sport. The guy’s a natural born killer.
Bobby Nice shot.
Joey Jarod.
Jarod What’s up?
Joey Faye, how’d we do last night?
Faye I don’t know Joey, Only about 900 and change.
Joey What?
Faye It rained.
Joey All right Bobby, make sure this gets there by ten o’clock, I don’t want another phone call.
Faye I gotta pay the rent.
Joey So pay it. Hey hey, come here babe. Hey, let’s talk in my office.
Jarod I love what you’ve done with the place.
Joey Feds can’t pick up a conversation because of the frost.
Jarod Look, if this is about what happened yesterday – you caught me off guard. It will never happen again.
Joey That was just a test. Now you know, you’re definitely not making full use of all your talents. In fact, Tony says you’re the best print man he’s ever seen. A “real artist” he says.
Jarod Well you know, you print a man a million dollars – he’ll say anything.
Joey So show me.
Jarod Excuse me?
Joey C’mon let’s see what you got.
Jarod Which one’s real?
Joey They’re both real.
Jarod Guess I’m an artist.
Joey Did you really think, I wouldn’t find out who you are? Huh?
Jarod What the hell you talking about?
Joey Tell me again, once again – what happened in Chicago?
Jarod I told you, I was a print man for Tony T.
Joey Yeah? What’s this? Look at this. Jarod Puzo, outstanding convictions for arson, extortion, fraud, outstanding warrants. You want me to continue?
Jarod All right, all right, all right. I jumped bail. I wanted to lay low for a little while. Last thing I needed was some punk making his bones by rattin’ me out.
Joey Okay. A few months back, a couple of feds infiltrated our organization.
Jarod Well, that’s no good.
Joey Yeah, yeah. A friend of mine says they could subpoena everybody.
Jarod Well if you will remember, all that occurred before I got here.
Joey Yeah. Well, you got an answer to everything, don’t you? No more secrets all right… artist?
Miss Parker Your secretary said it was urgent.
Mr Parker I got this surveillance tape off the satellite feed from our Hartford office.
Miss Parker Oh, my god. Do you know the shooter?
Lyle on screen Follow me.
Mr Parker I think we both do.
Miss Parker Mr Lyle. Jarod contacted us. He said Lyle’s been dogging him.
Mr Parker Last report was he was dealing with the Japanese Yakuza. Ah. Definitely Yakuza.
Miss Parker The Yakuza punish by taking the little finger of the offending party.
Lyle What’s a guy got to do to lose a thumb?
Mr Parker Couldn’t have happened to a nicer fella. Question is, now what’s the bastard up to?
Miss Parker Lyle knows all the Centre offices are monitored.
Mr Parker He disabled the primary, these shots are from the backup units. Well, we know all our people there are dead… including the executive administrator, Mr Strum.
Miss Parker Lyle.
Mr Parker I want you to go to Hartford, clean up the mess.
Miss Parker I’m not a cleaner anymore. My job is to find Jarod.
Mr Parker You said Lyle was after Jarod. It makes this your job. Somebody has to find out what else he was after. Huh? This is a… very delicate situation. You’re the only person I can trust.
Anchor Undercover Agent Dean Clark was arraigned today in the killing of federal officer Lester Knight. A reporter caught up with Sean Flanagan, the U.S. prosecutor who’s trying the case.
Reporter Is it the department’s contentions that Dean Clark killed undercover agent Knight?
Sean Flanagan Agent Clark has been charged with homicide in connection with the death of a fellow agent while both were working undercover for the Melino crime family. That’s all this department has to say at this time.
Dean Clark He’s the reason I joined RICO. I would never do anything to disgrace him.
Jarod You said you were drinking with an associate of Joey Melino’s the evening that Les Knight was murdered.
Dean Clark Yeah, Bobby Two Guns. Melino’s second in command. They call him Two Guns ’cause he carries these matching .38s. I told my lawyer this. Don’t you guys in the public defender’s office talk to each other?
Jarod So you were with this Bobby on the night Agent Knight was murdered?
Dean Clark My assignment undercover was to tail Two Guns. He was hanging out at Faye’s restaurant and challenged me to go head-to-head with a bottle of gin. So I started drinking… BS-ing… I get a call from Agent Knight. He says someone is feeding RICO information to Melino.
Jarod Did he say who?
Dean Clark No. He said to watch my back and meet him in the morning.
Jarod The same morning Agent Knight was found suffocated in a dry cleaner’s bag? The same dry cleaners that you use?
Dean Clark I was set up. Bobby and I polished off a quart of gin. I don’t even remember leaving Faye’s. There’s no way I could have driven over the bridge to Agent Knight’s, kill him, and then drive back home without running my car into a pole. I’m telling you I was set up.
Joey The counterfeit plates are coming in from Costa Rica. Two sizes, twenties and hundreds. They might need some work, you’re an artist.
Jarod I’m gonna need the right materials.
Joey You know the suppliers?
Jarod Of course. But it’s gonna cost.
Joey Hey, don’t worry about that. If this deal goes down. Everybody’s gonna get fat.
Man Hey Joey, you got a call!
Joey Who is it?
Man I dunno, you want me to ask?
Joey Nah, just gimme the phone.
Bobby Hey Faye, get me a Gibson. I’ll be right back.
Jarod Is that Waikiki?
Faye Yeah. Yeah, you can see Diamond Head in the background.
Jarod I hear it’s beautiful.
Faye Supposed to go for my honeymoon. Got put off.
Jarod So Faye… what’s a nice girl like you doing in a place like this?
Faye I can’t afford to move to Hawaii.
Jarod Seriously, why don’t you just sell this place and go?
Faye Joey. He sucked this place dry. I got no equity.
Jarod How’d you link up with a guy like Joey?
Faye My husband died and left me the restaurant. I tried to make a go of it, and ran into some money trouble. Joey said he could help. Ooh, big mistake.
Bobby Hey Faye! Let’s go!
Faye You’re the one who should get away from him while you still can.
Broots What happens to them?
Miss Parker Nothing. They don’t exist anymore.
Sydney Been a while since you worked as a cleaner, Miss Parker. I’m surprised.
Miss Parker My father has his reasons.
Broots What are we looking for?
Miss Parker Anything that looks out of place or missing. Lyle wouldn’t pull off a hit like this unless it was important. There’s got to be something around here. What is this?
Broots Oh, it’s an E-prong chip. Most likely tied to the panel of the blue box.
Miss Parker Blue Box?
Broots Each Centre office has a dedicated hardware system from the mainframe called the Blue Box. A chip like this couldn’t just fall off. Blue Boxes are sealed shut.
Sydney Like this?
Broots Um… yeah, that, that would be it.
Joey What’s up?
Jarod Friend of a friend tells me that ten pallets of raw currency paper are being stored in a warehouse in Brooklyn for one night. Tonight.
Joey Wow. You wanna rip off the Treasury Department?
Jarod We use Uncle Sam’s paper. No one but no one will be able to tell our bills from the real deal. Hey, Picasso, he didn’t paint on toilet paper, did he? Trust me. Did I say something funny?
Joey “Trust me.” That’s the last thing that Lester Knight said to me. Standing right where you’re at.
Jarod You snuffed that RICO Cop here?
Joey We locked him right where you’re standing. I thought he would freeze to death, but he suffocated first. I lost 50 bucks to Two Guns on that bet. But hey, dead is dead, right?
Jarod I thought he had a dry cleaning bag wrapped around his head.
Joey I did that. To frame that other RICO Cop. I’m an artist too, you know? All right, Picasso. Set it up.
Bobby Gee, we got enough paper to print a billion bucks.
Larry Hey way to go Picasso.
Joey Yeah Baby!
Jarod Security Shifts change in 20, let’s move.
Joey Yeah, all right. We gotta go. The cops are coming.
Jarod Wait, how do you know this?
Bobby Trust me, he knows! Come on let’s move it! Now come on!
Joey Come on. Get outta here!
Cop Hands up! Get ’em where I can see ’em!
Cop 2 Federal agents, you’re under arrest!
Cop Hold it right there!
Cop 3 Get on the ground!
Cop 4 Get out of the truck!
Cop Get on the ground!
Jarod Get your hands off me!
Cop They’re takin’ Bobby downtown.
Jarod Did you have to get me in the nose?
Cop At least you didn’t have to take a bullet. Vest or no vest, I’m gonna smell like cat food for at least a month.
Jarod How long did you have to stay in that fish bath?
Cop Let’s just say the dry cleaners don’t want my business anymore.
Jarod No, no, no, leave them on. The more bruises, the less questions they’re gonna ask.
Cop Jarod, we put a lot of pressure on people in Chicago to vouch for you. Now, if you think Joey’s getting wise, I’ll pull you out right now.
Cop We don’t want to lose another undercover agent.
Jarod No, I’m too close to bail out now.
Cop So why’d you set up this phony bust?
Jarod Melino seems to know everything before we do. I’m looking for a leak.
Cop And?
Jarod And he gets a phone call. And he takes off before you guys get there.
Cop Could be a coincidence.
Jarod No. There’s a rat on this ship. And it’s a big one.
Cop Look. This wasn’t a rag merchant you morons boosted. It was the U.S. Treasury Department.
Bobby I told you already. We were going to meet some friends, and we went to the wrong warehouse.
Cop Hey, Flanagan, we got a couple of wise guys playing brain dead.
Flanagan How can you tell?
Jarod Now who looks stupid? Us, or the guys who lost two undercover cops?
Cop You guys know what you’re looking at? Hmm? Twenty years.
Jarod Funny. That’s what Dean Clark is looking at. Must have been a real disappointment for you fellas.
Flanagan You know what gets me up in the morning? The chance of putting Joey Melino away forever. So you guys can wisecrack all you want, this time I win.
Jarod The game’s not over yet.
Flanagan You can’t be serious. Melino’s lawyer is in Judge Drake’s chambers. Apparently somebody forgot to read these gentlemen their rights.
Cop What?
Bobby Whoops.
Flanagan Cut ’em loose.
Cop Cut ’em loose?
Flanagan You heard me.
Jarod Looks like this time, you lose.
Broots Well, I ran a diagnostic. There’s definitely a circuit chip missing.
Sydney But isn’t there any way of determining what sort of information was stored on it?
Broots Uh, it’s impossible to know what was on it, and more specifically, what’s not.
Miss Parker Nothing’s impossible. Keep looking.
Joey So what happened, at the warehouse?
Jarod The friend of a friend, who set it up. Turns out he had a parole violation. So he was playing both ends against the middle so he wouldn’t have to go back to stir. Look, I know things didn’t turn out 100%, but we’ve got enough paper to make the score.
Joey And the friend of a friend?
Jarod Let’s just say that he won’t be talking to anyone anymore. And I’m mailing his wife a little present.
Larry Is that a tongue?
Jarod Look, the paper we got. It’s good. So everything is gonna be okay.
Joey I’m counting on it.
Jarod Uh Bobby?
Bobby Yeah?
Jarod I got you something too.
Bobby What? The guy’s brains?
Jarod Something better. A little congrats for getting out of jail. That is your drink right?
Bobby Can you believe this guy? Thanks.
Jarod Don’t mention it.
Mr Parker All of the panels in all of the blue boxes, contain sensitive information. It could jeopardize the operations if they fall into the wrong hands.
Miss Parker Lyle obviously knew that he could get a price for one of these panels. Set himself up, make a move back into the Centre.
Mr Parker That’s why this time he has to be dealt with with finality. The situation has to be cleaned. But has to be played close to the vest.
Miss Parker You want me to set it up?…. Daddy, I’m not an assassin.
Mr Parker I’m sure you’ll do the right thing. It’s taken a lot of manoeuvring to rebuild my position here. And Mr Lyle’s appearance makes me look, inefficient.
Miss Parker Daddy.
Mr Parker Angel. It’s about us protecting each other. You don’t protect me, I can’t protect you.
Bobby I’m goin’ home and finish my present. I’ll see you in the morning.
Jarod Later.
Bobby Hey Nicky, give me a ride home, will ya?
Faye Can I get you something else?
Jarod I’ll have a vodka rocks – if you’ll join me.
Faye Twist my arm.
Jarod Let me get it.
Faye No no, not that. Joey waters it down. I keep the good stuff back in the freezer.
Jarod Woah woah woah, wait a minute. Uh, no, thank you. I will pass. I don’t wanna drink anything that comes from a place where… you know, a Cop died.
Faye What are you talking about?
Jarod Joey told me how they whacked that RICO Cop in the deep-freeze.
Faye Oh my God.
Jarod You didn’t know?
Faye That was the night Joey had me shut the place down early. I-I just thought… I had no idea they killed someone.
Jarod What about Dean Clark? You know that undercover Cop that was charged with the murder of Les Knight? Was he here that night?
Faye He was in the bar. He was drinking gin with Bobby. Hell, he was so hammered, they had to carry him out of here.
Jarod You okay?
Faye I’m just pulling my head out of the sand. One Cop is dead, an innocent one is gonna be executed for it. Hell, how did I get here? And how do I get out?
Jarod Central Records, please. Yes this is officer 557E. I’d like to get a copy of all requests made in the last two days for a rap sheet on one Jarod Puzo. Yes I’ll hold. Who? Thank you. That’s all the information I need.
Faye You can’t take it all, I need change for the customers.
Joey Keep talking, Faye. Your head will wind up on the wall next to your Hawaiian shot.
Faye Geez, I don’t believe this!
Joey What did you say?
Jarod Hey Joey, Joey!. The customers. You want the money to keep coming in this place now don’t you?
Joey Where’s Bobby?
Jarod He ain’t comin’ in today. He’s married to the toilet. Something he drank.
Joey Lush. And I’m supposed to be across town.
Jarod I could make the delivery for ya. You don’t want to be late with the gift.
Joey All right. Just make sure you’re there by ten o’clock.
Jarod Not a problem.
Joey I don’t wanna get a phone call.
Jarod Evening, Mr Flanagan.
Flanagan Where’s Bobby?
Jarod Plumbing problems.
Flanagan You’re the wiseass from the interview room.
Jarod First impressions can be so misguided.
Flanagan You tell Joey, if he wants our arrangement to continue, I’m gonna need more money. There are people who have to be paid.
Jarod I understand.
Flanagan Good. Just make sure you do.
Jarod No doubt about it.
Miss Parker And make sure that Broots stays focused on finding Jarod. You know how he is. Living proof of what happens when ADD goes undiagnosed.
Sydney What did he ask you to do?
Miss Parker I tell Broots what to do.
Sydney Your father?
Miss Parker It doesn’t matter.
Sydney I don’t believe you Parker. Lyle shows up, and suddenly you’re a cleaner again for one job. What did your father ask you to do?
Miss Parker He wants me to handle the situation.
Sydney To kill him?
Miss Parker Lyle has coming whatever he has coming.
Sydney You sound like you actually believe it.
Miss Parker I do. What? Oh. What’s the name of it? Lyle’s been located at a hotel in Providence.
Sydney What are you going to do about it, Parker?
Miss Parker I’m going to handle the situation.
Sydney And then?
Miss Parker And then I’m going to go home and I’m going to sleep like a baby.
Eugene Clark Check. Mate. I warned you. Ha ha. That seat’s taken.
Jarod Eugene Clark.
Eugene Clark Maybe.
Jarod I’m a friend of Dean’s.
Eugene Clark You’re a wiseguy. And you got some nerve coming here like this.
Jarod I think it’s against the law to hit a federal agent.
Eugene Clark Federal Agent? You worked with Dean?
Jarod No. But I know he respects you. And would never do anything to hurt you. Look, I’m not a father. But I am a son, and I know the feelings that a son has, wanting to grow up like his father. Wanting to make him proud.
Eugene Clark I used to think that was Dean. For the last three months, I’ve been racking my brain wondering where I went wrong.
Jarod You did the best you could.
Eugene Clark I gotta go.
Jarod Mr Clark. Dean is a good Cop. Don’t give up on him.
Miss Parker Lyle’s been located at a hotel in Providence.
Sydney What are you going to do about it, Parker?
Sydney What are you going to do about it Parker?
Sydney What are you going to do about it…
Mr Parker This time he has to be dealt with with finality.
Sydney What are you going to do about it?
Miss Parker I’m not an assassin.
Mr Parker This time he needs to be dealt with with finality. With finality. Finality.
Sydney What are you going to do about it?
Miss Parker I’m not an assassin.
Mr Parker I’m sure you’ll do the right thing. I’m sure you’ll do the right thing.
Miss Parker Yes?
Lyle So close, and yet, so far. That’s become somewhat of an anthem for you, hasn’t it?
Miss Parker Mr Lyle.
Lyle Don’t be disappointed Miss Parker. If you can’t catch Jarod, what chance did you think you had with me?
Miss Parker You sound like you’re catching a cold, it must be dark and wet where you are.
Lyle A temporary condition.
Miss Parker We want the computer chip.
Lyle I can’t do that. Not if I want to keep the rest of my appendages. If you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a rendezvous with a very anxious buyer. 20 million dollars Miss Parker. God bless the American dream.
Miss Parker You left something behind.
Message You have reached Hillman Marine. At the present, no one is available to take your call. Our normal business hours are from –
Broots Broots.
Miss Parker Have you ever heard of a place called Hillman?
Broots Oh, yeah, it’s in Connecticut. It’s where the Centre’s data backup warehouse is located.
Miss Parker The what?
Broots Uh, every Friday night at 11:59 pm all the Centre mainframes from across the country do this mass computer backup into this giant system from their blue boxes… Blue boxes… Do you think Lyle is trying to infiltrate the warehouse?
Miss Parker Can you think of a reason why he would?
Broots That’s how he could decrypt it.
Miss Parker What are you talking about?
Broots The semiconductor panel he stole is encrypted. The code’s impossible to break, but if he were able, to input this panel into the warehouse mainframe at 11:59 pm on F- tonight! Tonight when the backup occurs, it will automatically decrypt whatever information is on it.
Miss Parker Which is how he gets 20 million for it.
Broots 20 million? Man, crime does pay.
Miss Parker Alright, listen, is it located on a river, a lake, the ocean, something like that?
Broots A river, yeah.
Miss Parker He rented a boat. He does his business. He runs out to the pier. He escapes in a boat.
Broots Unless?
Miss Parker Unless I make sure he doesn’t.
Jarod Plates came in. They’re being delivered this afternoon.
Joey Excellent. Have them sent here.
Jarod Here?
Joey Yeah. What, nobody’s gonna be surprised when we shut this dump down. We’ll print the money here, and we’ll torch the place.
Jarod What about Faye?
Joey We can’t leave any witnesses can we?
Miss Parker Midnight stroll?
Lyle How’d you find me?
Miss Parker I hit redial.
Lyle It is always the simplest thing, isn’t it?
Miss Parker The chip.
Lyle You know, 20 million dollars split two ways is… apparently out of the question.
Miss Parker Why follow Jarod if this is what you wanted?
Lyle That was to pay off a debt. Jarod is to… win friends, and influence people. I bring him back and all is forgiven.
Miss Parker The Centre welcome mat’s been yanked for you, cowboy.
Lyle We’ll see. So they sent you to clean up. You really gonna kill me?
Miss Parker That’s up to you.
Lyle Then why are you still talking about it? Not as easy as it looks, is it? You know why you don’t want to kill me? Because you are me. It’s a natural desire for people like us to dominate and define.
Miss Parker You and I have nothing in common.
Lyle We… We both recognise that this notion of human equality just perpetuates mediocrity. But we’re not mediocre, are we Miss Parker? We’re independent. And independence, it’s a privilege of the strong. Tell me Miss Parker, how strong are you?
Miss Parker Strong enough.
Lyle How strong are you?
Miss Parker Test me.
Lyle Nice working with you.
Flanagan Yeah?
Faye Mr Flanagan? I own a restaurant called Jax.
Flanagan How did you get this number?
Faye Some friends of yours are over there now, setting you up to take a big fall. I hope you remember this call if I need help in the future.
Joey Yeah?
Faye There were some new cops hanging around the bar. I overheard one of them say Flanagan was gonna set you up for a big fall tonight. I thought you ought to know.
Joey What the hell is this?
Bobby Ahhh!
Jarod Turn around slowly and put your piece on the pool table. So, what the hell is Martinizing? And why do you gotta pay extra for it anyways?
Flanagan What is this?
Jarod I just thought you’d like to see how Les Knight looked, after you had Joey kill him.
Flanagan Who are you?
Jarod Turn around and walk. Get in there.
Joey Hey! Hey! You’re a dead man, Jarod! You hear me? You’re dead!
Jarod Oh, you need to chill out. Looks a little cramped in there. Imagine how Dean Clark must feel in his cell.
Joey You’re RICO. Did you know about this?
Flanagan What do you think?
Jarod Well, the truth is I’m not really a cop, or a mobster. It’s sort of complicated. Now each of you is responsible for the murder of Les Knight. So I thought it would be really neat if you felt like he felt.
Joey Listen, Jarod. It wasn’t my idea to bump off that…
Flanagan Shut up Joey! Shut up!
Joey Les Knight found out about Flanagan, and Flanagan bumped him off.
Flanagan Yeah, and you dumped the body, and then you framed Dean Clark.
Joey Listen, Jarod. I’ll give you anything you want.
Jarod Actually, you’ve just given me everything I need.
Joey Jarod, please, you just… you can’t leave me in here to die.
Jarod It doesn’t really matter if you freeze or you suffocate. Like you say Joey, dead is dead.
Bobby Hey, let us out!
Joey Jarod, no! You’re dead!
Flanagan Open this door!
Joey Jarod don’t do it! You’re dead! I don’t wanna suffocate in here. No, Jarod, please! Please, no no!
Sam It’s a real mess Miss Parker. No head, one of his arms, both his legs are missing. I’m guessing he got chewed up by a prop of a rather large boat. But it’s him. Thumbs give it away.
Sydney Mr Lyle. He pulled a gun on you. He made the choice for you.
Miss Parker I’ll see you later.
Sydney Miss Parker, will you be all right?
Miss Parker I’m just tired, Syd. I’m gonna go home to bed, and I have a feeling I am gonna sleep like a baby.
Broots I uh… I downloaded what was on that semiconductor chip before Raines had it confiscated. It contained codes.
Miss Parker It’s a computer chip, Broots.
Broots No, no, no. I don’t think you understand. It contained genetic codes.
Miss Parker Genetic codes.
Broots Yeah.
Miss Parker For what?
Broots I think the appropriate question would be “For whom?”
Miss Parker And?
Broots I’m not a geneticist. I just can’t help but wonder if it has something to do with Jarod.
Mr Parker Ah, how’s my Angel?
Miss Parker There were genetic codes on that stolen panel.
Mr Parker Oh, don’t worry about that. That’s not important.
Miss Parker Important enough to have me kill a man.
Mr Parker Why, he’s the enemy. You did the right thing.
Miss Parker For who?
Mr Parker Oh smell that clean air. Boy, you can’t have too much of that in this life. Get some rest Angel, you look like hell. It’s a joke.
Jarod After you testify in court and all this blows over, send me a postcard from Hawaii.
Faye Hawaii? I don’t even have enough money to get me to Jersey.
Jarod You do now.
Faye Where did this come from?
Jarod Joey’s private account. All the money he took from you. Plus interest.
Faye Oh. Who are you really?
Jarod An artist.