Project Description

2.12 Toy Surprise

Original air date: March 7, 1998
Written by: Juan Carlos Coto
Directed by: Fred K. Keller

Jarod tries to help a boy whose best friend was killed in a car accident, and then tries to prevent another death after discovering someone ordered the assassination of Miss Parker’s father.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Cracker Jacks (Young Jarod)
Jarod’s Occupations: Counselor
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Crockett

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod reaches out to a guilt-ridden teenage boy whose best friend was killed in an automobile accident.  Miss Parker discovers that her father has been targeted for assassination.


Miss Parker is taken by surprise when her father, in uncharacteristic fashion, phones on the anniversary of her mother’s death.  She is deeply touched when Mr. Parker expresses regret regarding his emotional distance.  The pair make plans to visit Mrs. Parker’s grave that day.  Mr. Parker then boards a helicopter and begins the flight back to the Centre office.  Shortly thereafter, Miss Parker receives a phone call from Jarod, who warns that someone has ordered her father’s assassination.  He also reveals that details of the assassination are contained in a file, labeled “Arkham,” which is stored in the Centre’s mainframe computer.  Parker heads to the Centre, which is mainly vacant due to a fire security drill.

Meanwhile, in the Appalachian Mountains, Jarod meets with Jim Conti and his fifteen-year-old son, Chris, whose best friend died in a car accident.  Jim hopes that Jarod—who is impersonating a counselor—can reach out to his son during a rock-climbing hike.

Miss Parker contacts Broots, hoping he can access the mysterious Arkham file.  Sydney arrives at the Centre shortly thereafter.  At Miss Parker’s prompting, Sydney describes in detail Mr. Parker’s cold reaction after learning of his wife’s death (which was labeled a suicide).  According to Sydney, Mr. Parker’s last words regarding the incident were, “life goes on.”

During their climb through the mountains, Jarod and Chris happen across a forest ranger Jeep.  Jarod proposes they use the vehicle to beat the other climbers to the cliff face.  Chris, at first hesitant, agrees with the idea.  But when the pair attempt to jump-start the Jeep, it veers out of control and tumbles down a steep incline, pinning Jarod beneath the steering wheel.  Jarod tells the boy he must go for help.  But an uncertain Chris, haunted by his friend’s death, refuses to do so.

As Broots continues his search for the Arkham file, Mr. Raines makes an unexpected appearance.  He denies any knowledge of an assassination attempt.  Broots eventually locates the file, but when he attempts to open it, he discovers it is encrypted.  Shortly thereafter, all of the power within the Centre suddenly goes dead, trapping Parker, Broots, Sydney and Mr. Raines within the Sim Lab (as the doors are operated electronically).  The ailing Mr. Raines, whose oxygen tank is nearly empty, warns that whoever ordered the assassination will also target the trapped Miss Parker.  As Broots attempts to translate the encrypted Arkham file, Parker works on finding an escape route.  She remembers the existence of a porthole beneath a catwalk.  (Years earlier, she and a young Jarod offered Angelo—who was hiding in the porthole—a box of Cracker Jacks.  The young Angelo was quite taken by the toy surprise hidden within.)

Miss Parker reaches inside the porthole area and locates a lever which, when pulled, opens the Sim Lab door.  She and Broots make their way into the darkened Centre corridors.  The pair encounter two armed Sweepers, and a gun battle ensues.  Parker manages to outwit the assailants, and she and Broots continue their journey.  Broots reactivates an elevator, which transports the pair to the Centre lobby.  There they encounter an armed Brigitte who, Parker realizes, is the assassin.  A struggle ensues, and Miss Parker is wounded in the shoulder.  She and Broots take refuge inside the elevator and make their way to safety.

Slowly, Jarod’s efforts to reach out to Chris succeed.  Chris recounts how his friend Nick lost control of the car the boys were riding in and slammed into a tree.  Nick was trapped by the steering wheel and unable to move.  As flames began spreading through the car, Chris abandoned his friend and made his way to safety.  Chris believes he should have remained with his friend, even if it meant his own death.  But Jarod tells Chris he had no choice, and could not have saved Nick by remaining behind.  Chris sees wisdom in Jarod’s words.  He makes his way back to civilization and flags down help.  Later, Jarod tells paramedics he is, in fact, uninjured, and staged the fake accident.

Miss Parker and Broots encounter Angelo in a darkened corridor.  Angelo accesses Broots’ laptop computer and begins tapping away at the keys—greatly accelerating the translation of the Arkham file.  After viewing the contents, Miss Parker realizes that Brigitte intends to sabotage her father’s helicopter.  Shortly thereafter, Angelo plays Miss Parker a DSA file.  It shows how her father sobbed uncontrollably after telling Sydney, “life goes on.”

Miss Parker begins a perilous journey toward the rooftop by climbing a rickety boiler ladder.  Along the way, she restores power to the building, saving Raines’ life.  She finds Brigitte—detonator in hand—on the tower helipad.  A struggle ensues, during which Miss Parker knocks Brigitte unconscious.  Mr. Parker’s helicopter lands safely, and the pair make their way to the cemetery, where they visit Mrs. Parker’s grave.


Miss Parker Cafeteria closed?
Hayes Uh, Miss Parker. Everyone’s supposed to leave the Centre for today’s fire security test.
Miss Parker Then why are you playing with
Hayes I don’t follow.
Miss Parker Hayes, if you’re going to work for me you need to understand three things. First, keep the tie straight. Second, get a new tie.
Hayes And the third?
Miss Parker Candy’s for the clients. What?
Mr Parker Ah, there you are sweetheart.
Miss Parker Daddy? Is that you?
Mr Parker Well, unless you’ve got another father somewhere I don’t know about. Listen, I tried you at the house. What are you doing at the Centre on a Sunday, especially this Sunday?
Miss Parker False alarm on Jarod. Where are you?
Mr Parker I’m about to get on a Centre helicopter. I’ll be at Blue Cove tonight.
Miss Parker But your vacation?
Mr Parker I didn’t feel like laying around on a beach. I couldn’t forget what day this is. I’ve been thinking a lot about
your mother.
Miss Parker You have?
Mr Parker Surprised?
Miss Parker Um, ah, It’s just that you’ve never called me like this on this day, I mean.
Mr Parker Well when you get to where I am in life regrets start to eat you up. Listen, there are lots of things that I’ve been meaning to say to you and to her for a long time.
Miss Parker I’m here daddy, for-for you.
Mr Parker Ah, be there at seven, will you?
Miss Parker I was just leaving for the cemetery but we could go… see Mom together?
Mr Parker Yeah. For once it’ll be just-just the three of us. Wait for me.
Miss Parker I’ll be at home. Daddy?
Miss Parker Mama. No. Mama, no! Let me go. Please. Oh no! Oh no! Let me go.
Miss Parker I miss you Mom.
Sydney The anniversary of a parent’s death can be a heavy cross to bear, especially alone. If you’d like company at the cemetery?
Miss Parker Thanks but I won’t be bearing a cross alone this year.
Sydney Your father?
Miss Parker I have visited my mother’s grave every year on the anniversary of her death but my father would never talk about it. Why is it people wait until the end of their lives before… they… face regrets?
Sydney Regret is born of, uh buried emotion. But your mother’s death is a wound… a wound that not even the Parkers can ignore forever.
Miss Parker Hmm.
Sydney You’ve never seen him grieve, have you? Until you do, until you can share your grief with him, you will never heal.
Angelo Daughter… sad.
Brigitte Well well well. Look what the cat dragged in.
Miss Parker Stealing office supplies?
Brigitte Hmm, reviewing your past attempts to catch Jarod. Not pretty. Splash a little colour on, love. It, you look depressing.
Miss Parker Daddy?
Jarod Have you spoken to your father today?
Miss Parker What the hell do you want?
Jarod I want to help you. Where are you now?
Miss Parker I’m leaving Blue Cove. What is it Jarod?
Jarod Turn around and get back to the Centre as fast as you can.
Miss Parker Why?
Jarod Someone is going to kill your father.
Jarod Someone has ordered your father’s assassination. My source says there’s a file in the Centre’s mainframe tagged “Arkham”. Apparently it explains everything.
Miss Parker Jarod this is the wrong day for games.
Jarod I know what today is Miss Parker. The Centre took your mother away from you, just like they took me away from mine. Don’t let them finish the job by killing your father.
Miss Parker My father kept you in the Centre your entire life Jarod. Why would you want to help him?
Jarod Because if he dies my answers die with him. And so do yours.
Mr Conti Jarod, I don’t know about this.
Jarod Mr Conti, I’ve spoken with Chris’s former counsellors. We all agree. He’s ready for this climb both physically and mentally.
Mr Conti I want to believe that hiking and mountain climbing are going to help but ever since Chris’s car accident last year we’ve tried therapists, retreats, vacations, everything. I just want the old Chris back.
Jarod That’s why I’m here. He’s just lost his best friend. It takes time to heal from that kind of pain.
Mr Conti Spoken like a man who’s experienced some loss himself.
Jarod I’m not giving up on your son without a fight. Chris. Jarod Crockett. We’ve got a tough trail ahead of us if we’re going to beat the others back to the base camp. Are you ready to climb this monster?
Chris I’m ready to go home.
Broots The truth is I’d rather be home. I’m missing my daughter’s dance class.
Miss Parker The Ar kham files, Broots. Focus.
Broots It’d a lot of easier to find at my workstation. I don’t know why we can’t use the tech room.
Miss Parker Because the tech room is the first place they would look.
Broots Who? There’s nobody here.
Miss Parker The people trying to kill my father.
Broots What? Oh God, I’m sorry.
Miss Parker Now you know what this is about.
Broots Okay. Arkham.
Sydney Have you been able to reach your father?
Miss Parker His phone’s dead. So’s the radio on the chopper. He lands on the Tower’s helipad in four hours. Sydney when he called he… was reaching out to me.
Sydney Careful Parker. He’s disappointed you before.
Miss Parker Dyd, you were there the day that my mother was killed. Did you ever see him…
Sydney Hmm? Grieve over her?
Miss Parker Tell me.
Sydney Moments after she died your father told me never to speak about it, not to you, Jarod, anyone. He ordered me back to work as if nothing had happened… Then… hmm…
Miss Parker What? What?
Sydney Then he said, life goes on. Hmm.
  Angelo Daughter sad. Everyone sad. Daughter sad.
Chris This compass isn’t working right. I think we’re lost.
Jarod I think you’re right.
Chris Whatever, it’s not my fault.
Jarod You have to report positions to me. We’re a team out here. We have to communicate.
Chris Huh! You guides are all the same. You’re all tryin’ to bug me out.
Jarod Bug you out?
Chris Yeah, get me to communicate. You want me to talk about stuff. Back off. I don’t need your help.
Jarod You don’t have to go through this alone.
Chris Let’s just climb okay?
Jarod Well, that might be easier than you think.
Chris “Jeep is dead have gone ahead to station”
Jarod You thinkin’ what I’m thinking?
Chris What?
Jarod Short cut. We get this thing working. We take the fire trail out of here and beat everybody to the cliff face.
Chris I don’t know.
Jarod Come on. We’ll get done faster. It’ll be our little secret. You’re good with secrets. Aren’t you Chris?
Broots I got it! I got Arkham.
Raines Arkham?
Miss Parker What are you doing here?
Raines I live here.
Miss Parker You wheeze, and I’ll shoot you.
Broots Ah, Miss Parker? We have a little problem here.
Miss Parker Open the file, Broots.
Broots Ah, I can’t. The file has like a doorbell on it and if I open it a warning’s going to be sent…
Miss Parker Then whoever is behind this will know that we’re here. Ding dong. He already does. Do it!
Broots Aw, it’s encrypting. It’s, it’s turning into gibberish.
Miss Parker Did you see what it said?
Broots Ah, neutralisation, ah, nineteen hundred hours…
Sydney Seven pm. That’s the exact time your father is due to land on the Tower helipad.
Miss Parker So it’s true. You’re going to murder my father.
Raines I have no knowledge of this.
Miss Parker You son of a bitch.
Raines I’d say we’re all in the dark on this one Miss Parker.
Broots No computers, no phones. No power.
Miss Parker Doors are electronically sealed.
Sydney Sub-level lock down.
Raines Designed to keep the Centre intact during a nuclear event.
Miss Parker Or a palace coup against my father? Override the lockdown.
Raines Impossible.
Miss Parker If you think that I’m going to sit here like one of your caged lab rats…
Raines I’m trapped too Miss Parker. My oxygen tank is almost empty. Would I do that to myself? Whoever is trying to kill your father now knows you’re here. And they’ll come for you too.
Sydney Raines has a point.
Broots Now, is it possible that the lockdown has something to do with the fire security test?
Miss Parker There is no test you moron. They wanted to clear the Centre. Now I’m laying odds that Nosferatu has a sniper on the helipad.
Sydney I don’t believe Raines had anything to do with this.
Miss Parker Wake up and smell the oxygen Syd. He’s behind everything. Can you unlock the Arkham files?
Broots Well, I, I’ve got them on disk. It will take a couple of hours, give or take.
Miss Parker I’ve got less than two and my father’s dead, do you understand?
Sydney Easy Parker. Broots is doing the best he can.
Broots C-Could it be that the elevators have a back up power system?
Miss Parker Hayes.
Sydney Who?
Miss Parker My new sweeper. I left him voice-mail after I called you two. Now, his orders are to find me in the sim lab if he hasn’t heard from me within the hour.
Broots Well that’s now. We’re in the clear.
Miss Parker That’s if he got the message. Parker family motto. Never depend on anyone but yourself.
Hayes Give me the sim lab. This is Hayes. Hello? Hello?
Pilot I’m unable to contact the Centre sir.
Mr Parker Keep trying.
Chris Try it now.
Jarod Ah. Gonna have to push start it. I’m going to pop the clutch. You give me a good push. Think you’ve got it in you?
Chris Yeah, whatever.
Jarod Ready?
Chris Jarod!
Jarod My brakes!
Chris Jarod! Jarod! Jarod! Jarod! Jarod? Jarod?
Raines The Centre’s original boiler system extends through every sub-level right up to the lobby.
Miss Parker Damn!
Raines Tragically ironic that all this is happening on the anniversary of your mother’s suicide.
Miss Parker Murder. And don’t talk about her. Please. Help me out of here.
Young Jarod I’ll help you out of there. Miss Parker. You okay?
Miss Parker Why wouldn’t I be?
Young Jarod I just haven’t seen you in a while, since… since what happened to your mother.
Miss Parker She killed herself Jarod. She was sick. What’s his name?
Young Jarod They call him Angelo. Sydney says he’s special but I can’t get through to him.
Miss Parker Maybe I can.
Young Jarod Cracker Jack?
Miss Parker You’ve never had them? The snack with the toy surprise.
Young Jarod Why would someone want a surprise in their food?
Angelo Surprise.
Broots You did it?
Miss Parker What about the elevator?
Broots Oh, I I’ve found some tools. And, and look. These. Walkie talkies.
Miss Parker My father lands in ninety minutes. What about the Arkham file?
Broots It’ll take three hours at least.
Miss Parker Sounds like he’s got even less.
Sydney I’d better stay with Raines. His pulse is bad.
Miss Parker All right. Look if you don’t hear from us in twenty minutes I want you to forget Mr Clean and get out. You’re my fail safe Syd, in case we get nailed.
Broots Wait. What do you mean, nailed?
Miss Parker Back Broots. Stay here. Stop or you’re dead!
Sweeper Miss Parker.
Miss Parker You can breathe now.
Broots Oh. Who is it?
Miss Parker Sweepers. But I don’t know either one. Come on, let’s go.
Chris Jarod! Jarod!
Jarod Ugh. What happened?
Chris You flipped the jeep. Does it hurt?
Jarod Oh, only when I blink.
Chris I gotta get you out of here.
Jarod Ahhh, ow ow! I think I broke my leg. Ahh! Chris you have to go get help.
Chris They’re… They’re going to send a search. I mean, when we don’t show up they’re going to come lookin’ for us.
Jarod Chris I could be bleeding internally. You have to go get help. Just, j-just climb over that cliff. There should be a road. You can do it.
Chris I can’t. I can’t.
Miss Parker Sydney, we’re at the elevator.
Broots What? Oh. That’s an old bullet hole. Well, they… They haven’t fixed that after all these years?
Miss Parker That’s the Centre, always trying to send a message.
Jarod Chris you have to go get help.
Chris Oh, God, oh my God.
Jarod Listen to me! You have to go get help.
Chris No, I can’t do that. NO! I can’t do that.
Jarod Yes. You can. This is about your car accident, isn’t it? It’s about how your best friend died. You listen to me. Accidents happen. People die. That is no secret.
Chris Why do you keep saying that?
Jarod Because I can help you, if you let me. Let me help you.
Chris Nick wanted to go for a shortcut that night. He was going too fast. We, we spun out and we hit a tree and jammed the steering wheel into him.
Jarod What happened?
Chris And then the cops got there and his car was on fire and I was outside and Nick was still inside.
Jarod Nick died instantly. You can’t blame yourself for that.
Chris That’s what I’m trying to tell you. He didn’t. I let him die. I let him die.
Broots You’ll enjoy this. I had one of those, ah, parental wakeup calls at breakfast, you know, time sure flies. My little Debbie, she tells me she knows what she wants to do in life. She’s ten. Anyway she says….
Miss Parker Do you ever think of getting out of here Broots?
Broots Excuse me?
Miss Parker The Centre. Leaving. Taking Debbie and just going somewhere… else?
Broots Yeah! Actually lots of times.
Miss Parker Do it. Don’t worry about what other people think. Don’t buy into the false security of staying put. If you think that that’s what you need to, then do it. Do it for Debbie, but do it now, because the next elevator you get on…
Broots I, I never knew your mother Miss Parker but I bet the choices she made… had everything to do with her little girl.
Miss Parker So what does Debbie want to do with her life?
Broots She says she wants to be just like you. There we go. We’re goin’ to the lobby.
Broots Wait for me.
Miss Parker Oh!
Brigitte ‘Ello love.
Miss Parker I’m gettin’ real sick of you.
Brigitte Tsk, tsk, tsk. You should not have searched the mainframe. And where exactly are Broots and Sydney? I thought stooges travelled in threes.
Miss Parker By the way, fire drills are for pyros and grade-schoolers.
Brigitte Can’t blame a girl for trying. If you were at the cemetery, crying your little eyes out like you’re supposed to be you wouldn’t be in this tricky little mess, now would you? Don’t you think it’s time to turn off the faucets? How appropriate you die in this elevator. Just like Mummy.
Miss Parker If there is one place that I’m not dying, it’s here.
Broots Miss Parker you’ve been shot.
Broots Looks like a flesh wound. Must’ve been a ricochet.
Miss Parker Yeah, off my arm.
Broots You’re bleeding pretty badly, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker It’s nothing.
Broots No. Sit down.
Miss Parker Ahhh!
Broots I mean it! Where the hell are we?
Miss Parker W-we’re on uh,SL-26.
Broots Yeah, that’s right.
Miss Parker Ahhhh! Ow ow oww.
Broots Nice shot! Shh! I hear something? Wait! Wait! You’re not going out there. Here.
Miss Parker I want to kill her, not screw her.
Broots Well, can you think of anything better? I got your back.
Miss Parker Oh, now I feel better.
Chris Bet you never thought you’d get paired with a coward huh?
Jarod Is that what you are Chris? Is that what Nick would think of you? What happened that night?
Chris We were inside the car. I was upside down when I came to. And I looked over and Nick, he was stuck under the steering wheel. There was blood everywhere. And he’s looking over at me… his eyes all scared, like they’re begging me to help him. Then the fire started comin’ in, and the smoke.
And I just sat there frozen. I can still see his eyes.
Jarod What did you do?
Chris I slid out of the car. And I crawled away. Then the flames grew bigger. I could hear his voice calling me from the fire. I should’ve burned Jarod, ’cause I should’ve died.
Jarod Nick was pinned inside that car. You couldn’t have saved him if you wanted to.
Chris No, ’cause I ran away.
Jarod If you stayed in that car you would have died. Your response was human.
Chris I ran away!
Jarod I know what loss is like. I watched my brother die in a car accident. Not a day goes by that I don’t blame myself… that I don’t think of something that I could’ve done. As time went by… he forgave me. I hear his voice inside of me. Just like you hear Nick’s. What would he want you to do now?
Broots Wait Miss Parker. Careful. Did you hear that sound?
Miss Parker Oh! I’m officially in hell. Give me that walkie.
Broots Angelo.
Miss Parker Broots, how’s the Arkham file coming?
Broots Two hours.
Miss Parker Great. My father lands in one. You gotta get me back to the lobby Broots.
Angelo Tasty.
Angelo Tasty. Daughter sad.
Jarod You miss your mother, don’t you?
Miss Parker She used to give me these. It’s just me and my daddy now. But he’s always working. My mom and I used to talk about things. She would brush my hair, or we’d read together.
Jarod My mom’s gone too. I talk to her though. Her voice is inside me just like your mother’s is inside you.
Angelo Mom, they’re trying to hurt mom. D-Daddy. Trying to hurt Daddy. Daughter sad. Mnnn.
Broots Wait. What? What are you…
Miss Parker Don’t touch that.
Broots He’s speeding it up.
Angelo Mnnn. Golden Hawk down.
Broots What?
Miss Parker There’s no sniper. She’s sabotaged the helicopter.
Angelo Golden Hawk… down.
Broots It’s a distance sensitive triggering device.
Miss Parker A what?
Broots A triggering device. As soon as the helicopter gets within a hundred feet of the Tower an explosive device goes off. The helicopter loses control and crashes.
Miss Parker But it looks like an accident.
Broots Exactly.
Angelo Toy surprise.
Miss Parker I told you I don’t want any.
Angelo Ah. Surprise.
Broots It’s a DSA.
Miss Parker And it’s dated the day of my mother’s death.
DSA 13th April 1970
Mr Parker Where’s Jarod?
Sydney He’s been taken to his space, Mr Parker.
Mr Parker Mmm.
Sydney What happened to Catherine?
Mr Parker My wife was ah… very sick.
Sydney Troubled yes, but suicide?
Mr Parker You’ll never discuss this incident with anyone, ever. Not with Jarod and especially not with my daughter. Go home, now! I want you back in this laboratory tomorrow, ready to work. Life goes on Sydney. Life goes on.
Angelo Daddy sad. Must save Daddy.
Miss Parker Oh, let’s finish this.
Broots The boiler hatch should be right over there.
Sydney Parker where are you?
Miss Parker We’re at SL-26 heading for the boiler.
Sydney You’ve got to hurry, your father lands in less than thirty minutes.
Miss Parker Tell me something I don’t know.
Broots Miss Parker! Up there! The boiler goes all the way up to the lobby.
Miss Parker Let’s hope I’m not too late.
Brigitte Everything’s in place. Thirty minutes to Centre airspace and the triggering point.
Jarod You ready?
Chris Yeah I think I am. Jarod uh…
Jarod Hurry back.
Broots Maybe I should go with you?
Miss Parker No I can move faster alone.
Broots Oh wow. Twenty-six floors in fifteen minutes. Are you sure you’re okay to do this? Do you remember the code to the power bunker?
Miss Parker I’ve got it Broots.
Broots Okay.
Miss Parker Oh!
Broots Good luck.
Miss Parker Oh, ahhh. Huh.
Chris Yes!
Miss Parker Oh. Syd, I’m in the lobby. Hayes is dead.
Sydney Raines isn’t far behind. I’m plugging him into the Centre’s oxygen system. Get the power on.
Miss Parker Put the walkie to his ear.
Sydney We don’t have time Parker.
Miss Parker Do it! Are you trying to kill my father?
Raines No.
Miss Parker Who is?
Raines The same people who killed your mother.
Miss Parker Who?
Sydney He’s blacking out!
Broots Thank you. Miss Parker you’ve got five minutes.
Mr Parker The Centre’s in sight. It’ll be good to be home.
Brigitte Hello love.
Brigitte You don’t give up do you?
Miss Parker Drop the accent. Nobody’s buying it any more.
Brigitte Fine with me bitch. Too much damn work anyway. That’s the problem with you Parkers. You never finish what you started.
Miss Parker You look finished to me.
Chris You okay?
Jarod Yeah! Nick would be proud.
Chris I know, he told me. Thank you.
Sheriff Son, your dad’s waiting for you.
Chris Bye.
Jarod Sorry for the false alarm but it was for a good cause.
Paramedic Your leg is broken.
Jarod I eat a lot of ice cream. Calcium. It’s good for you.
Mr Parker Brigitte will be dealt with. I want you to know.
Miss Parker Let’s not talk about that now.
Mr Parker God, It’s… it’s beautiful here.
Miss Parker You’ve never been back?
Mr Parker Not since the burial. I couldn’t bring myself to face her. From now on, every year we come here, together. There are things I’ve wanted to say…
Miss Parker You don’t have to say anything Daddy. It’s just good to have you back. Are you okay?
Mr Parker Life goes on.
Miss Parker Parker.
Jarod I’m glad your father is all right.
Miss Parker Thank you Jarod.
Jarod You miss her?
Miss Parker Yes.
Jarod She misses you too.
Miss Parker How can you be so sure?
Jarod Read the card.