Project Description

2.10 Indy Show

Original air date: January 31, 1998
Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle and Eric Morris & Tommy Thompson
Directed by: Chuck Bowman

As Jarod unravels the mystery behind a crash at the racetrack, Sydney receives word that his comatose brother, whom Mr Raines had ordered killed, has regained consciousness.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Remote Control Cars, Arcade Games
Jarod’s Occupations: Indy Car Driver
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Jones


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod assumes the identity of a race car driver in an effort to unravel a mystery.  Sydney is shocked to discover that his brother has regained consciousness.


A video arcade manager receives complaints from young customers that Jarod is hogging the best machine in the store.  When the manager realizes Jarod has amassed an astounding amount of extra credits on a video race track game, he suggests he drive a real race car.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod shows up at the California Speedway in Fontana, California.  There, he befriends Grant Roemer, the owner of Roemer Racing; Grant’s son, R.J.; Nigel Brinkman, an ex-Formula One star and the team’s number-one driver; and the company’s chief mechanic, Alan Hawkes.  Jarod impresses the group by successfully completing several laps in near record time.  Grant appoints Jarod the number three car position, a slot formerly held by Jimmy Roemer, who was hospitalized after he lost control of his brother R.J.’s racer.  R.J. tells Jarod that he allowed his brother to get behind the wheel to experience what it is like to drive in a competitive ride.

Meanwhile, Sydney receives word that his brother has regained consciousness.  At the hospital, a doctor explains that Jacob has contracted a rare virus, that has stimulated his brain and reawakened the area injured years earlier.  Despite this, his motor skills remain very weak, limiting his speech.  Meanwhile, a furious Mr. Raines learns that Jacob is still very much alive.  He dispatches several Sweepers to the hospital, but Sydney manages to overcome them and transports his brother to a remote fishing cabin.

At the hospital, Jimmy receives a visit from his wife, Anna, Jarod and R.J.  During the conversation, Jimmy describes how he let off the throttle and hit the breaks before colliding with the wall.  Later, Grant tells his team they must win a race if they hope to maintain their sponsor’s support.  He reveals an illegal racing strategy that would require R.J. and Jarod to use their cars to block the competition, allowing Nigel to gain track position.

Meanwhile, with some help from Broots, Miss Parker locates Sydney and his brother at the fishing cabin.  Sydney suspects that Parker was sent by Raines, as she is the only other person who knew Jacob was still alive.  But Parker counters that Raines would have her eliminated if he knew she never murdered Jacob.  Sydney realizes Parker is telling the truth and allows her to stay.  Later, he reveals that his brother is dying—a victim of the same rare virus that revived him.  Sydney believes his brother has only twelve hours to live.  He shows his brother old photographs and movies hoping to jog Jacob’s memory about Parker’s mother, Catherine, and the facts behind Jarod’s origins (such as his real name and his parents’ names).

Jarod examines video tape footage of Jimmy’s crash.  He concludes that Jimmy did brake—but the engine kept running.  Later, Jarod inspects the damaged throttle gasket from R.J.’s wrecked engine.  He realizes someone tampered with the fuel valves, creating distinct scratch marks in the process.  After a period of trial and error, Jarod realizes the scratch marks were made by a Odekirk fishing knife—one given to R.J. by his father.  But later, Jarod realizes Brinkman won the knife from R.J. on a bet.  Jarod concludes he had the wrong man.  He approaches mechanic Hawkes with his findings.  He notes surveillance camera footage that shows Hawkes allowing Brinkman into the garage where R.J.’s car was stored, thus implicating him in wrongdoing (Hawkes wanted R.J. eliminated because he wanted Hawkes replaced as crew chief).  Hawkes admits his role in the tampering, but insists the deed was aimed at harming R.J., not Jimmy.

With some help from R.J. and Hawkes, Jarod concocts an ingenious scheme that traps Brinkman inside a race car hurtling around the track at high speeds.  Fearing for his life, Brinkman confesses to his crime.

As Jacob’s health rapidly deteriorates, he gathers the strength to say the word, “gene.”  Puzzled, yet hopeful, Sydney attempts to extract more information about the word’s meaning.  Jacob’s confession comes to an abrupt halt, however, when he succumbs to the virus.  Meanwhile, Raines threatens to torture Broots with a blow torch unless he reveals Sydney’s whereabouts.  Raines and his Sweepers storm the fishing cabin, only to be told Jacob is dead.  Later, while placing flowers on his brother’s grave, Sydney is approached by Jarod.  Sydney hands him a piece of paper with the word “gene” written on it.  Though Sydney does not know its meaning, he hopes it will lead Jarod to inner peace.


Jarod Cutting out a little early today Sydney?
Sydney Jarod. My God Jarod, they’re gonna see you.
Jarod Something bad is happening Sydney. There isn’t much time left.
Sydney Jarod, let’s get out of here.
Jarod I need answers.
Sydney Answers?
Jarod Who I am. Where I came from. Who my parents are. Just give me something, even if it’s just a name. But I need to know now.
Young Jarod So do I.
Sydney Jarod.
Little Jarod Me too.
Sydney I don’t understand.
Jacob They deserve answers Sydney.
Sydney Jacob. I don’t understand Jacob.
Jacob It’s complicated. Please Sydney. I don’t have much time.
Miss Parker Good morning Broots. Sorry to interrupt. Let me guess. Jarod?
Broots Yep. It just arrived this morning. He bought it from some place called the Astro Arcade in Indianapolis.
Miss Parker He was working in a pinball parlour?
Broots No, actually he was just hanging out. The owner said he played this exact game for almost 24 hours straight on one single quarter.
Miss Parker Impressive.
Broots Oh yeah.
Miss Parker And what’s Sydney’s take on Game Boy?
Broots Oh, Sydney. He left you this e-mail.
Miss Parker ‘Our suffocated friend is awake.’
Miss Parker He’s awake.
Raines Jacob is a threat to Centre interests. Make sure Jacob never wakes up again.
Miss Parker ‘I’ll be away fishing.’ Find out where Sydney is.
Grant Roemer 31 point 48. This boy is fast.
RJ He’s still more than a full second off the track record.
Grant Roemer Took you five years to find this kind of speed RJ. This guy hasn’t even unpacked his bags yet.
Hawkes What’d he say his last name was?
RJ Jones.
Grant Roemer Well, he drives like Parnelli. That’s for damn sure. Let’s go.
Announcer That’s the MCI car coming in from the pit row apron. Practice is now open for the next hour.
Groupie That was incredible.
Jarod Thank you.
Groupie You are some driver.
Grant Roemer Excuse me. One hell of a sequence.
Jarod You know, I could have gone faster but my foot slipped off the gas pedal during turn four.
RJ So hot shot, where’d you learn to drive a race car?
Jarod Indianapolis.
Groupie Really? The Brickyard?
Jarod The Astro Arcade.
Grant Roemer Jarod, this is Nigel Brinkman, our number one driver.
Nigel Brinkman Welcome to the big show Jarod.
Jarod Nice to be here.
Grant Roemer Jarod’s gonna be taking over the number three car for Jimmy.
Jarod He had an accident in Milwaukee, didn’t he?
Grant Roemer My son broke his leg. Doctors say it’ll be at least a year until he drives again. But he will. Know why? He’s a Roemer.
Nigel Brinkman Jimmy got a little carried away with himself. He took RJ’s car out to scuff the tyres, ended up putting it into the wall.
Jarod Well, I can understand why RJ would
be a little defensive.
Grant Roemer My sons can handle it. That’s racing. Come on. Let’s get you settled in.
Grant Roemer I accept nothing but the best from my drivers Jarod.
Jarod I can see that. This one’s an oldie.
Grant Roemer Guess you could say that knife was RJ’s first trophy. Here he is getting his Indy Lights Championship. There he is winning the National Quarter Midget. There he is finishing second at Long Beach. I’m not sure why that one’s even up there.
RJ I would have won that race if the car had been set up right.
Grant Roemer Really? I don’t remember our chief mechanic driving the car that day.
RJ Hawkes is a dinosaur.
Anna RJ, visiting hours at the hospital are over. Oh, sorry, I didn’t realise you were having…
Grant Roemer It’s okay darling, come on in.
RJ Uh, I think I’ve gotta go check the telemetry readings on, uh, practice.
Anna You’re not going to see Jimmy?
RJ Well, I’ll try, okay?
Grant Roemer Anna, this is Jarod Jones. He’s taking over Jimmy’s ride. Anna’s my daughter-in-law.
Anna Hi.
Jarod Pleasure.
Grant Roemer She’ll get your race paperwork started and we tyre test at one.
Jarod Well, this is uncomfortable.
Anna It’s racing.
Jarod I heard about your husband’s accident. I hope he will be alright.
Anna Thanks. Doctors say it’s too soon to tell if the leg damage is, uh, permanent. You’re gonna need to fill out a background information form.
Jarod Background information?
Anna So the media and sponsors know who you are.
Jarod I’m not really interested in publicity.
Anna In this business, you will answer more questions and eat more cocktail weenies than you ever thought possible.
Jarod I am sure that everything is going to work out. It looks like your family’s very close.
Anna Looks that way, doesn’t it?
Miss Parker Anything yet?
Broots Uh, well, I’ve gone over Sydney’s message a dozen times and the best I can come up with is he’s gone to Whitecloud.
Miss Parker Where?
Broots Sydney has a cabin up in the mountains near Whitecloud Lake. He goes there to fish sometimes.
Miss Parker Sydney and trout. Boggles the mind. Do you know where it is?
Broots Uh, yeah.
Miss Parker Write down the directions.
Broots I still don’t get the part about ‘Our suffocated friend is awake.’
Miss Parker The directions Broots.
Broots Uh… The last word is Whitecloud. You don’t have to draw me a map.
Groupie So you both drive for the same team, but you race against each other?
Nigel Brinkman No, not exactly. RJ here is what you might call my support team.
Groupie I don’t understand.
RJ Well, that’s because Ringo here is a little confused which might come from smelling my exhaust fumes for most of the race. Ow!
Jarod Oh, sorry, it, it got away from me.
Groupie You didn’t sign me this morning. I was in your pit earlier.
Jarod Oh, oh, yes. Are you a driver too?
Groupie Yeah.
Nigel Brinkman Now, when you talk about the life-and-death aspect of racing you cut right to the heart of the driver’s very existence.
Groupie Really?
RJ Did you want something?
Jarod Yes. I don’t have a big car yet, and I was wondering if you could give me a lift. I need to visit someone.
RJ Yeah, all right.
RJ This is the hospital Jimmy’s in.
Jarod I thought I should meet the man I was subbing for. You want to join me? It must be difficult working so hard and never getting the support you need to win.
RJ Oh, I’ll win. I have to.
Jarod What was Jimmy doing in your car the day it crashed?
RJ Well, you saw the pathetic data on the three car. Jimmy wanted to know what it was like to drive a competitive ride. I, I felt sorry for him, gave him a shot. End of story.
Jarod According to the data after the crash, Jimmy had the throttle wide open when it hit the wall.
RJ Well, I love my brother, but he doesn’t know his limits.
Doctor Your brother has a very rare disease. In Jacob’s case it has stimulated the brain. Seems like it’s re-awakened an area injured years earlier.
Sydney Is he aware of his surroundings?
Doctor On and off. His motor skills are very elementary and his speech appears to be limited to single-word utterances.
Sydney I would like to see him now.
Doctor Well, before you do, there’s something else you should know about your brother’s condition.
Sydney Jacob, can you hear me? This is Sydney.
Jacob Greta.
Sydney Yes.
Doctor he seems to be drifting from one thought to another. I’m not sure who this Greta woman is.
Sydney Greta was our mother’s name. Jacob, listen to this carefully. Do you know what year it is?
Jacob 1942.
Sydney I’d like to take him with me.
Willie Mr Raines. We’ve completed the trace of Sydney’s telephone tap. You were right. His brother is still alive.
Raines But you’ll take care of that, wont you?
Willie My pleasure.
Anna Is the sun too hot?
Jimmy No, I’m fine.
Anna Doctors say you can start rehab in another month.
Jimmy I’d start today if I had my way.
RJ Oh, that’s my little brother. Doesn’t know a good thing when he’s sittin’ on it.
Jimmy Hey, where you been stranger?
RJ I got better things to do that hang around with a bunch of gimps.
Jimmy Yeah. What’s her name?
RJ Guilty. Anna.
Anna I thought you weren’t coming.
RJ You gotta have faith in your family.
Jimmy Can you get my baseball cap out of my room. I am gettin’ a little toasted out here.
Anna Yeah, sure.
RJ Hey, here. But don’t be eatin’ too many candy bars, or you’ll be drivin’ NASCAR next season.
Jimmy Hey, Jimmy Roemer.
Jarod Jarod Jones.
RJ Jarod is driving the number three car.
Jimmy Well, good for you. Win one for the home team huh?
Jarod I’m just keeping your place warm until you get back. How are you feeling?
Jimmy Well, like a Reynard with a flat tyre.
RJ Just take it slow, it’ll all come back to you.
Jimmy I feel pretty stupid parking RJ’s ride into the wall. I mean I know I blacked out, but I swear I was breakin’. The engine just kept revvin’ after I made contact.
RJ Hey, accidents happen. Remember my prom night?
Jimmy Dad was P.O.’ed huh?
RJ I wrapped my Mach One around a telephone pole. Course, it didn’t cost a hundred grand to have it fixed.
Jimmy Yeah. Here, fill me up will ya?
RJ Whoa…
Jarod You okay?
RJ Yeah. Hard to believe I drive a race car, huh?
Jarod Well, like you say, accidents happen.
Sydney I’m taking you out of here Jacob. To the cabin at Whitecloud. You used to love going to Whitecloud. Remember?
Willie Go that way, I’ll check the stairs.
Sweeper Okay, drop the mop.
Sydney He can’t understand you.
Mario Andretti Hey Jarod.
Jarod Hey Mario.
Mario Andretti Nice run, nice run.
Jarod Thanks.
Mario Andretti I was watching you. Just a little tip. Goin’ into turn one, just keep it down a little bit lower. Stay below the bumps. I think you’re gonna like it.
Jarod I’ll remember that, thanks.
Mario Andretti Take care.
Grant Roemer Seventeen races, six months without a podium finish. This gentlemen, is unacceptable and that is why we are now going to begin to race as a team.
Nigel Brinkman Meaning?
Grant Roemer Meaning you’re gonna do whatever it takes to get the number one car out front and keep it there.
RJ What about me?
Grant Roemer Me, me, me. There is no me. It’s a team sport now. I want you and Jarod to let Nigel draft behind your cars. Block out the leader so he can gain track position, okay?
Jarod Excuse me. Blocking is a flaggable offence.
Grant Roemer It’s called racing.
RJ Yeah, so basically Jarod and I are just traffic cops.
Grant Roemer Do you have any idea how much money it takes to support three cars?
RJ Come on Dad. I just meant.
Grant Roemer Sponsors want to see their product in victory lane. Otherwise they find another team and you go back to crushing junk with monster trucks.
Hawkes Which means driving smart, not like that loose cannon little brother of yours.
RJ You son of a bitch!
Jarod Hey hey! RJ, cool down!
Nigel Brinkman Come on, Hawkes is right. Jimmy had no business being in the number two car and you know it.
RJ Yeah? Check the recent lap times. I should be top ride.
Nigel Brinkman Yeah, right. Come on Hawkes. Let me show you something on the front…
RJ Someone should shut that son of a bitch up for good.
Grant Roemer You see? That’s the kind of Roemer spirit that I’m looking for. I’d just like to see some of it on the track.
Jarod So much for the home team.
Miss Parker Sydney? Sydney? Oh God! You scared the hell out of me.
Sydney Expecting to find two corpses Miss Parker? What did Raines promise you?
Miss Parker What are you talking about?
Sydney The Sweeper team that showed up at the hospital. You called Raines up, didn’t you? Admit it!
Miss Parker Let go of me Sydney!
Sydney You are the only one who knows my brother is still alive.
Miss Parker Raines thinks I murdered Jacob. If he knew he was still alive, then I would be in more danger than anyone. I suggest you check your home phone for bugs. Now let go of me. Has he said anything?
Sydney I need to reach him Parker. I need answers.
Miss Parker Answers?
Sydney About what I’ve done.
Jarod You did brake Jimmy, but your engine kept running.
Anna Jimmy used to walk the stands before every race. Said it felt like bein’ in church. Thanks for gettin’ RJ to go see Jimmy. It perks him up when he sees his brother.
Jarod Well, I thought it might help.
Anna Yeah.
Jarod How’s he doing?
Anna The truth is he feels like he failed.
Anna Me, RJ, mostly his dad.
Jarod Well, Grant is pretty intense.
Anna Yeah, and he’s always encouraged them to compete against each other. The winter when Jimmy was seven, Grant took him and RJ out to a cabin, made them each chop a cord of wood told them the winner would get a brand new Odekirk fishing knife, the kind with all the attachments.
Jarod I saw the photograph in the trailer.
Anna Right. Now, there’s no way a couple of kids can cut all that wood. And Grant knew that, but he left them out there alone in the cold.
Jarod What happened?
Anna There’s a lumberyard nearby. So RJ hot-wires a tractor, rides up the hill buys himself a fresh-cut stack of wood and wins the knife.
Jarod Sounds like the real prize was winning his father’s approval.
Anna And he would do anything to get it. Some things never change.
Miss Parker Sydney? Sydney?
Jacob Catherine.
Miss Parker You remember my mother?
Jacob Look just like her.
Miss Parker Yes, but do you remember her? Jacob? Please Jacob, try to remember. Why can’t you remember?
Sydney Because he’s dying.
Sydney The same virus that’s reawakened Jacob is also killing him. He has less than 12 hours left.
Miss Parker I’m sorry Sydney. What can we do?
Sydney Broots is bringing some of my personal items, photos, home movies. If only I can help Jacob remember, maybe he can tell us something about your mother. Or about Jarod. Or maybe he can simply die knowing who he is.
Miss Parker It’s okay.
Jarod Not that an Andretti needs racing advice Michael, but, stay low, avoid the bumps, you’ll be glad you did.
Michael Andretti Something about that advice sounds kinda familiar. But thanks.
Hawkes What’s that?
Jarod I came across this throttle cable from Jimmy’s crashed engine.
Hawkes What, you a cart inspector now?
Jarod Well, I just want to know how things work. I couldn’t figure out what these scratches were.
Hawkes Ah, Jimmy bent the cable plate.
Jarod And what happens when the cable plate is bent?
Hawkes You bend the cable plate and your throttle will stick.
Jarod Is that what happened to Jimmy?
Hawkes Look, I did the car inspection after the accident. Jimmy’s crash had nothing to do with mechanical error.
Jarod Well, then how do you explain these marks?
Hawkes Damaged in the crash.
Jarod Well, I’m not a mechanic, but these markings look like they were made by a set of pliers.
Hawkes You’re right, you’re not a mechanic.
Broots Oh wow! This place is really nice. Hey.
Miss Parker Here.
Broots Hey, think maybe I can rent it from you some weekend and bring my daughter here?
Miss Parker Is this it?
Broots Yeah, that’s everything.
Miss Parker You can leave now.
Broots Okay. Can, can I at least go to the bathroom first. Is it, is it through here?
Miss Parker Broots, wait.
Broots What’s going on?
Sydney My brother Jacob is quite ill.
Miss Parker You breathe a word of this to anybody and every dairy case in America will be plastered with your face. Got it?
Broots Yeah.
Miss Parker Go back to the Centre. If you notice anything unusual, you call me. We need protection for at least another 10 hours. Understood?
Broots Yeah, as good as I’m ever gonna.
Jarod Why would you want to kill your own brother RJ?
Broots Yeah, I just got back. No, it’s quiet. Eve… everything seems to be really cool. Of course I wont say anything. Miss Parker, could, could you do me a favour? Could you… wish Sydney good luck? Miss Parker? Hello? God, I hate it when she does that. Oh, Mr Raines.
RJ Damn it!
Jarod Oh, I’m sorry about that man. Hey!
Nigel Brinkman Something eating at you RJ?
Jarod Now I’m gonna have to do some major body work. You wouldn’t happen to have a small screwdriver of a set of pliers would you?
Nigel Brinkman Somebody broke the lock on the garage door and stole all the pliers last night.
Jarod Really? Cant trust anybody these days.
Nigel Brinkman Hey Jones, try this.
Jarod An Odekirk. These are very difficult to come by. Where did you get this?
Nigel Brinkman I won it. About a year ago.
Jarod From whom?
RJ From me.
Nigel Brinkman Don’t you just hate a sore loser, eh?
Jarod Did RJ threaten to take your number one car Brinkman?
Sydney Remember those tennis matches at Yale? I still think you let me win so that I wouldn’t feel too bad. Jacob, listen to me. There are things you know Jacob. Things that can help others. Remember Jarod? You signed him into the Centre the night he was brought there. Parker and I found files in SL 27. Your signature was on Jarod’s entrance report. Think back. Where did he come from? What was his real name? His parent’s names? That is the least I can do for him. Since your car accident, I’ve done things Jacob. Unspeakable things to protect Jarod, to protect you. I even tried to kill Dr Raines. But the bullet hit his oxygen tank and…
Jarod It’s pretty nifty huh? I rebuilt Jimmy’s engine from the crash. All by myself. I did however, have to replace this damaged throttle cable. Now, maybe I should be a cart inspector.
Hawkes What do you want?
Jarod Do you remember these markings? As it turns out, they were indeed made by a pair of pliers. Pliers from and Odekirk knife. This Odekirk knife. Now, it used to belong to RJ, but RJ lost it in a bet to Nigel Brinkman.
Hawkes What’s this got to do with me?
Jarod I’m glad you asked. This is a videotape from the surveillance cameras in the garages in Milwaukee. It’s dated the day before Jimmy’s crash. It shows you letting Nigel Brinkman into the number two car garage. Brinkman was worried that RJ was going to take over the number one car. How was he supposed to know that Jimmy was going to be behind the wheel that day?
Hawkes Now, why would I want to hurt RJ?
Jarod Because he wanted you replaced as crew boss. I found resumes. Resumes of people applying for your job.
Hawkes Oh God. I’m 56 years old. I can’t start over again. Now, I never wanted to hurt Jimmy. What the heck was that kid doin’ in that car anyway?
RJ He was covering for me.
Jarod Your hand.
RJ Yeah. I started having spasm about six months ago. The day of the race it was so bad I could barely hold the wheel. I asked Jimmy to cover for me.
Jarod I’ve seen cases like yours. It’s treatable.
RJ I’ll take care of it later. It’s time to think of Jimmy. I messed up Jarod. I let down my father. I almost killed my little brother.
Jarod You didn’t know that Brinkman messed with the engine.
RJ Well, I know now. I’m gonna do everything I can to make it right. We all will.
Raines No, don’t lie to me.
Broots I tell you, I don’t know anybody named Jacob.
Raines Six hours Mr Broots. Is all this discomfort worth protecting someone like Sydney?
Broots I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Raines Well, then maybe I can help jog your memory.
Broots Oh! Okay! I think I’m starting to remember!
Jarod Hello Anna, it’s Jarod. Do you think Jimmy would be up to coming to the track tomorrow? Nigel, it’s Jarod. Hawkes thinks he made a breakthrough on your setup. Can you do a little testing in the morning? Great, I’ll see you then.
TV Man And I’m telling you, I don’t have enough coverage in the pits. Yeah.
Jarod Excuse me sir. Could you direct me to the public address feed?
TV Man There’s, there’s a rack in the back. That’s what the problem is. You, you’ve only got five cameras out there and I need twice that many. Well, why don’t you look on the camera truck? Television, I had to be out of my mind. Look, can we at least get the on-camera positions set?
 Announcer Only one and a half seconds separate the two cars….
Jarod Nigel, glad you could make it.
Nigel Brinkman Hey, if you boys think you can get some more speed out of this car, I’m ready to go. Where’s Grant?
Jarod Well, considering the tone of our last meeting, Hawkes and I thought it would be wiser if we kept this between us until we see if it pans out.
Nigel Brinkman Okay, let’s give it a run.
Jarod There you go.
Mechanic All right, if you got problems, just step on it a few times. All right Nigel, have a good one. Ready, set, go! Go!
Jarod How does she feel.
Nigel Brinkman So far so good. I’ll get her warmed up, then we’ll see what she can do.
Man Those rods workin’ all right?
Grant Roemer What the hell is Brinkman doing out there?
Hawkes You should watch this, then we have to talk.
Man Here’s your helmet Jarod. Go! Go!
Nigel Brinkman I’m gonna open her up the next time around.
Jarod How’s it feel Nigel?
Nigel Brinkman Oh man, it doesn’t get any better than this.
Jarod Oh come on Nigel, you can go faster than that.
Nigel Brinkman Jarod, what are you doing out here?
Jarod Just trying to find out what really happened to Jimmy’s car before the crash.
Nigel Brinkman I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Jarod Lies, that’s what I’m talking about.
Nigel Brinkman I don’t know anything about Jimmy Roemer’s crash. I’m pulling in.
Jarod Uh, uh, uh. Not so fast Nigel. You might as well give up, I have control of your car.
Nigel Brinkman You’re out of your mind.
Jarod Think so?
Nigel Brinkman Wha.. What the hell? I cant slow down.
Jarod Now you know how it feels. Careful, I’d really hate to see you crash.
Nigel Brinkman What the hell is going on?
Jarod I want to know why you sabotaged RJ’s car. Why you nearly killed Jimmy Roemer.
Nigel Brinkman You’re not making sense Jarod.. Now stop this car! Stop it Jarod!
Jarod Whoa! That was a close call. For your information, I had your fuel tank topped off. So you should be good for at least, oh, 70 laps. The bad news is I put on four old tyres. My guess is one of them will blow anytime now. You know what that means.
Nigel Brinkman I cant hold it anymore!
Jarod That’s the idea.
Nigel Brinkman All right, I rigged RJ’s car. But I didn’t know the kid was gonna be behind the wheel, I swear. She’s getting loose!
Jarod Now you know how Jimmy felt.
Nigel Brinkman I’m heading for the wall! Jarod! Jarod!
Jarod You said it yourself, Nigel. That’s racing.
Cop Nigel Brinkman, come with us please. Watch your head.
Jarod Please Sydney, I don’t have much time.
Jacob Sydney.
Sydney I’m here Jacob. I want you to know that no matter what you did, what we did. I never blamed you. I think that together we robbed Jarod of his life and for that we will be judged. But I’ve learned not to be angry and to forgive. And I only hope that one day… Jarod… can feel the same.
Jacob Gene.
Sydney Gene? Gene who? Here, try and write it down.
Miss Parker I’m sorry Sydney.
Sydney Jacob loved this song. And this place. It’s like him to have finally find his rest here.
Raines Where is he?
Miss Parker Do you have any sevens?
Sydney Go fish.
Raines Check the bedroom.
Sydney Any fives?
Miss Parker You’ve gotta be cheating.
Willie No one.
Raines I know Jarod was here.
Sydney You are mistaken. My brother is dead.
Raines It’s dangerous to deceive the Centre.
Miss Parker I wouldn’t push him. A man with a temper to match his marksmanship. Dangerous combo.
Jarod It’s a beautiful place.
Sydney Jarod. How did you know?
Jarod I called Broots. He told me about Jacob. He said you’d be away from the Centre for a few days, so I took a chance.
Sydney It’s hard to be alone in the world, isn’t it?
Jarod I hope Jacob’s passing was… easy.
Sydney I believe it was. Oh, before he died, my brother gave me this.
Jarod What does it mean?
Sydney Maybe your name. Maybe your parents’. I wish I could be sure. Anyway, I hope it helps you find your own peace in the world.