Project Description

2.08 Hazards

Original air date: January 10, 1998
Written by: Juan Carlos Coto, Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle
Directed by: Chuck Bowman

Jarod impersonates a haz-mat expert and also helps Miss Parker after an ex-Nazi surgeon, who used Sydney an his twin brother, Jacob as test subjects, shows up at the Centre.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Twinkies, 99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall
Jarod’s Occupations: Chemical Engineer
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Dupont

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

An engineer attempts suicide after he is made the scapegoat for a hazardous chemical spill that claimed the lives of three co-workers.  Sydney threatens to kill an old enemy.


               While waiting for a bus, Jarod befriends Dan Healy, an African-American designer/engineer.  When Healy opens his briefcase, Jarod notices family photographs within.  With great pride, Healy points out his wife, Sharon, and fifteen-year old son, Todd.  Moments later, Healy becomes strangely distant—and calmy steps out in front of an oncoming bus.  Jarod leaps to his feet, pulling Healy by one arm.  Despite Jarod’s effort, Healy is stuck by the vehicle.  Healy is transported to the hospital, unconscious but still alive.

Jarod reviews news footage covering a chemical spill at a firm called Envirosure, an organization specializing in the cleanup of hazardous materials.  Three employees were killed when a container ruptured during routine storage.  The reporter quotes anonymous sources, who suspect that a design flaw in the seals used on the storage containers are at fault.  The designer—Dan Healy—is clearly distraught when interviewed by the reporter.

Assuming the identity of an experienced chemist, Jarod finds employment at Envirosure.  His co-workers include Terry Hunsaker, no-nonsense and efficent; Lisa Gibbs, a supervisor; Horace Strickland, an assistant chemist; and Brian Wilkes, from Media Relations.

Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Sydney’s mood turns from joyous to deadly serious when he notices a white-haired old man, Mr. Zeller, walking through the Centre lobby.  Miss Parker and Broots grow concerned when Sydney retreives a gun from his office and disappears without explanation.  With Angelo’s help, they locate a sketch of Zeller—signed by Jarod—in Sydney’s office.  By reviewing the Centre’s security tapes, Miss Parker and Broots identify the old man as Martin Zeller, an optometrist from upstate New York.  Later, Angelo scans the drawing into his computer and e-mails it to Jarod.

Jarod and Gibbs inspect a strip of red, rubber-like material invented by Healy to seal the yellow chemical containers.  Gibbs finds it difficult to believe that Healy neglected to test the sealant against MZT—the deadly chemical which killed the three workers.

Jarod approaches Healy’s son, Todd, and tells him he believes his father is not responsible for the chemical spill.  But an angered Todd walks away, questioning why the stranger bothered to save a man who didn’t care about his own life.  Later, Todd confesses that, in a moment of anger, he told his father he was to blame for the mishap—and didn’t deserve to live.

Using a container filled with MZT, Jarod conducts his own test on the reliability of Healy’s sealant.  The test confirms that the seal does not react adversely when exposed to the chemical, proving Healy was not at fault.  Later, Jarod receives Angelo’s e-mail… and is shocked to recognize Zeller’s face.  Jarod reviews a DSA, and recalls how he drew the sketch for Sydney years earlier.  Though Jarod is uncertain of the connection between the pair, he is certain Sydney will do the old man harm.  He telephones Miss Parker and warns that Sydney must be stopped.

Jarod discovers a connection between Horace Strickland and one of the men killed in the accident, Larry Meyers.  Using a computer, he determines that large sums of money were transferred between their bank accounts.  He also analyzes the contents of a plastic bottle in Strickland’s possession…and discovers that the liquid dissolves Healy’s sealant.  By examining company documents, Jarod determines that Strickland was using the containers to smuggle narcotics.  Meyers learned of the scheme, and began extorting money from Strickland.  Unwilling to be blackmailed, Strickland spiked an MZT shipment, knowing it would lead to Meyer’s “accidental” death.

Miss Parker locates Sydney, who holds Zeller at gunpoint.  Sydney explains that Zeller’s real name is Doctor Werner Krieg, an ambitious Nazi surgeon who was instructed to accelerate the production of the master race.  Sydney and his twin brother, Jacob, became Krieg’s favorite test subjects.

Jarod lowers Strickland into a hazardous waste container and fills it with what appears to by MZT.  Panicking, Strickland confesses to the murder and the framing of Dan Healy.  Suddenly, Jarod opens the container and lets the white foamy contents spill onto the floor—explaining that Twinkie cream is “the food of the Gods.”

Miss Parker hands Sydney a gun, hoping he will kill Krieg and eliminate one less monster in the world.  Sydney decides to let Krieg live, explaining that, because of Jarod, he became a monster.  Later, Krieg is extradited to Tel Aviv for trial.  Jarod assures Sydney by phone that he is not a monster.


Bus Driver Express will be in 20 minutes. Next local in 25.
Jarod Bye. Bye, I love that song. Hey, what happens when you get to zero bottles of beer on the wall? Excuse me. Hmmm. Twin… kies. Hmm. They come two in a pack.
Twinkie Man Yeah.
Jarod Would you sell this for, uh…. 20 dollars? Thank you.
Jarod Hmm, this is fascinating. Cake, with frosting injected inside. Hmm.
Dan Healy Technically it’s filling.
Jarod Whatever it is, it’s tasty. I’m Jarod.
Dan Healy Dan Healy.
Jarod Hi Dan. Is that your family?
Dan Healy My wife Susan, my son Todd. Just made All-Conference third straight year.
Jarod Hmmm, you must be very proud.
Dan Healy They’re my whole life. How about you? Any family photos?
Jarod Um, yes. Um, this is my mother. This is my brother, and this belonged to my father. Distinguished Flying Cross. He gave it to my brother, and my brother passed it on to me.
Dan Healy A flying ace for a father. Are you close?
Jarod I was separated from my family when I was a, a boy. I’m searching for them.
Dan Healy I hope you find ’em Jarod.
Jarod Thank you. Ah that’s the express, it doesn’t stop here.
Dan Healy Just remember, there’s nothin’ more important than family.
Jarod NO! No.
Man What’s the matter with him?
Jarod Stay with me, stay with me. Somebody call an ambulance!
Man 1 Yeah yeah, I’ll take care of it.
Dan Healy I let ’em down Jarod, I let ’em all down.
Jarod No, no!
Susan Jesus! Oh Jesus! Danny please! Danny, Danny. Oh Danny.
Jarod How is he?
Paramedic He’s alive, thanks to you. You should have been a paramedic. He’s still unconscious, but he’s stable.
Jarod His family.
Paramedic They seem like good people. Why the hell would a guy do this?
Jarod I don’t know.
Susan Please, please.
Paramedic Okay, let’s put him in the ambulance. Ma’am you should ride with us.
Sydney Is suicide the answer?
Young Jarod I set myself on fire because I’m convinced it’ll send a message Sydney. It’ll stop the war.
Sydney We understand that. But what are you feeling? Stay with the simulation Jarod.
Young Jarod But he had people who loved him. How could he do that to them?
Sydney That’s not significant to the simulation.
Young Jarod Family’s important to everyone Sydney. What he’s doing wont stop the war. It’ll just destroy a family. Why would someone wanna do this?
Sydney Jarod, suicide’s not just an action. It’s a cry for help.
Jarod I only hope I can.
Danielle Canepa Questions remain about a deadly spill inside ECS, a private firm specialising in hazardous materials cleanup. We’ve obtained exclusive fire department footage taken immediately after a container of deadly MZT foam ruptured during routine storage. Three ECS workers were killed when the concentrated pesticide burned thru their lungs and paralysed their nervous system. ECS spokesperson Curt Wilkes.
Curt Wilkes ECS is engaged in a full and thorough investigation of this tragedy. Our hearts go out to the families of those employees lost.
Danielle Canepa We caught up to ECS engineer Dan Healy. Any response on the deaths of these workers?
Dan Healy Not now. They were my friends.
Danielle Canepa People deserve answers, Mr Healy.
Dan Healy They were my friends.
Danielle Canepa Yes, but are they dead because of you?
Dan Healy I tested the seal. They were my friends, I let them down.
Jarod Dear Susan and Todd….
Dan’s voice I have failed you as a husband and a father just as I failed my friends and co-workers. I’m sorry for the nightmare I’ve made of your lives. You deserve better. Love Dan.
Hunsaker Welcome to ECS Jarod.
Jarod I read in my orientation packet that the company amassed a 75 million dollar profit last year.
Hunsaker Yep, and that Taiwanese tanker we
just pumped free of bilge and crude, their shipping line is one of our biggest clients.
Jarod This is very interesting. You process the waste through this system.
Hunsaker What comes out is highly concentrated.
Jarod And highly deadly.
Hunsaker We secure the waste, we seal it in these level A containers and then we ship it off to some salt mine in Nevada where it won’t give anybody any trouble for a while.
Jarod High-grade polyethylene container. It should last about 20,000 years.
Strickland Yeah, Dick Clark will be the only one around to still open it.
Hunsaker Funny Strickland.
Gibbs Do you have any recommendations on how we seal this crude?
Jarod It’s highly combustible, highly toxic. Since it’s in a level A container, I would suggest a double polymer neoprene and graphite seal.
Gibbs That’s the right box, wrong ribbon. We’re going back to the black anti-corrosive polymer seal. The red ones Dan Healy designed, it’s no longer in use.
Jarod Because of the MZT accident?
Gibbs Yeah. Wear this.
Jarod As a remembrance?
Gibbs And a reminder.
Sydney Good morning Miss Parker. Broots.
Broots Sydney.
Miss Parker You’re looking… refreshed.
Sydney New underpants will do that to you.
Miss Parker Sydney, you made a funny.
Sydney Stole it, I’m afraid. Last night I went out on a date.
Broots You had a date?
Miss Parker That’s when two people actually meet instead of typing to each other of a computer keyboard. So, if it was a date, how can you be sure that those are your underpants?
Sydney Bernice and I went to this amusing little place, the Chocolate.
Broots You, uh, you, you went to a comedy club?
Sydney New experiences keep my psychiatric skills finally tuned.
Miss Parker Not to mention that slam-bang wit.
Sydney Exactly. How many psychiatrists does it take to change one light bulb?
Broots Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait. Oh, oh, oh, oh. Uh… Uh, wait…Okay, go ahead, tell us. Wait, wait.
Broots echoing Oh, wait, wait, wait, wait, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh. Wait. Don’t tell us.
Miss Parker Sydney, you’re supposed to say the punch line… now. Sydney?
Curt Wilkes I got the transpo report for you Gibbs.
Gibbs 47 containers, almost a record.
Strickland Check this out.
Gibbs Oh, you’re a funny guy Strickland.
Strickland Gotcha.
Hunsaker Have a little respect will ya? People died here a few weeks ago.
Strickland Easy Hunsaker, they were my friends too. Hell, Larry taught me that gag. He would’ve thought it was funny.
Curt Wilkes You eat that stuff?
Jarod They’re very good.
Strickland Food of the gods.
Curt Wilkes Dupont right?
Jarod Uh, yes, that’s me.
Curt Wilkes MIT, Exxon Valdez, Kuwait. Takes a long time to build that kind of resume.
Jarod Well actually I typed it in 4 minutes.
Curt Wilkes That’s funny. I’m Curt Wilkes, Media Relations.
Jarod Nice to meet you.
Curt Wilkes I just uh, came down here to make clear that now ECS employee under any circumstances, is to discuss the MZT accident with the press. They’re makin’ a meal out of, uh, Dan Healy’s suicide attempt.
Gibbs I wonder how that happened.
Curt Wilkes Dan will have his say when and if he regains consciousness. Don’t give the state a reason to railroad him. Got it?
Gibbs Oh, he doesn’t want to railroad Dan? He’s the conductor.
Sam This is not good.
Miss Parker I want you to sweep the Centre for Sydney. Every corner in every room on every sublevel. If he walked out, I want the sign-out sheet. And Sam, be low key.
Sam Yes Miss Parker.
Broots This is, this is really quacked.
Miss Parker It’s the Centre Broots. People have a tendency to vanish.
Broots Like Mr Lyle. Have you ever seen Sydney lose it like this before?
Miss Parker Once.
Broots Really, over what?
Miss Parker It was personal.
Broots I hope he’s okay. Do you think, do you think he’s okay?
Miss Parker You tell me.
Man’s voice Help! Help! Somebody, please! Oh God! Larry, help me!
Jarod You saw them die, didn’t you?
Gibbs It was like nothing I’ve ever seen. They were hoisting the container up in the truck. The first one just blew.
Jarod No one was wearing their protective gear?
Gibbs Hunsaker had signalled it all clear. The MZT took about 20 seconds to turn their insides into mush. I hit the alarm, and I ran in there with Strickland but… by the time we got in there it had already eaten through them. They never had a chance. You know, Dan was so careful. He worked on this for three years. Tested and re-tested this.
Jarod Not against MZT.
Gibbs It doesn’t make any sense.
Jarod Is that why you defend him in front of Wilkes?
Gibbs Oh, that snake only cares about the corporate image. You know, Dan was devastated. He shouldn’t go down for doin’ his job.
PA Dr Stanford, report to Pathology. Dr Stanford to Pathology.
Susan He needs to see you.
Todd Ma, I cant.
Susan Todd, Todd, please.
Todd No, I’m not goin’ in there!
Jarod Excuse me.
Susan Oh, um….
Jarod I, I fixed it for him.
Susan You were at the bus bench. You helped Dan. Hi, I didn’t get a chance to thank you.
Jarod I’m Jarod.
Susan Susan.
Jarod Hi Susan. How is he doing?
Susan Oh, uh, the doctors wont know for a while. He may never, uh…
Jarod Is that your son? Todd right?
Susan Yeah, Todd.
Jarod Dan talked about him.
Susan He doesn’t wanna see his father. I don’t know why I’m bothering you with our problems.
Jarod Sometimes it’s nice to talk to someone who isn’t a reporter.
Susan Mnnn. Every day, those vultures askin’… did his father kill those people. I think he’s starting to believe
Broots This is a very bad idea. If Mr Raines finds out we got Angelo to help us, he’s going to ask questions.
Miss Parker Uncle Fester will never know Lurch was missing.
Broots Well, how long do you thing it’s gonna take him to feel what Sydney was feeling?
Miss Parker That answer your question? Jarod drew this. Who is he?
Broots Le Morte. Who’s Le Morte?
Miss Parker The one who brings death.
Gibbs This is ECS 24, pulling up now to the accident site. ECS tanker warning indicators are telling me it’s got a full load of trypto-chlorinol.
Strickland Geez, look at all the fumes.
Hunsaker We got us a major core leak. We’ll attempt an on-site depressurisation.
Jarod Anyone call the paramedics?
Gibbs I’ll make sure.
Strickland Pressure tank indicates 3 thousand and rising fast.
Hunsaker This sucker’s gonna blow if we don’t pump fast. Update me.
Strickland Uh, it’s already up to 4 thousand. Come on Hunsaker! Latch on!
Jarod Are you okay?
Kid My mommy’s in there.
Hunsaker Dupont, let the paramedics take care of him.
Strickland 45 hundred.
Jarod I’m going to help your mom. Gibbs, get
him out of here.
Strickland 4750 and rising, let’s go! Come on! Latch on Hunsaker.
Jarod Can you hear me?
Strickland 5 thousand.
Jarod You’re going to be okay. I’m going to help you.
Strickland 52 hundred.
Hunsaker Are you suicidal? Dupont, put that suit back on.
Jarod She’s pinned in the car. The fumes are gonna kill her.
Strickland 57 hundred.
Hunsaker If this tanker goes up, we and half of Alameda County are history.
Strickland 58 hundred. Come on people!
Jarod Your son is okay. Now, breathe into this.
Strickland 63 hundred. 65 hundred. Pop this pimple or it’s gonna get ugly. 63 hundred! Comin’ down. Oh God I love this job!
Gibbs All right, yeah!
Miss Parker One of our senior Expeditors?
Broots Uh, no, actually, he’s an optometrist from upstate New York. His name is Martin Zeller. he has a little office on Main Street. He wrote out 253 eyeglass prescriptions last year and gives out little lemon lollipops.
Miss Parker Sydney freaked out over Floyd the Barber?
Broots Well, just before this was taken he was on this elevator.
Miss Parker The Tower elevator. So he’s probably a client. Let me see Jarod’s sketch again. It’s gone.
Jarod Hey Todd.
Todd Look, no comment.
Jarod I’m not a reporter.
Todd Then what do you want?
Jarod I came here to tell you that I think your father is innocent.
Todd I guess that’s why he jumped in front of a bus. Man, get out of my face.
Jarod I was with him on the bench.
Todd You’re the guy who saved his life?
Jarod I wish I could have moved faster.
Todd My father didn’t care about his life or ours. Why should you?
Jarod Nothing.
Jarod 19 bottles of beer on the wall, 19 bottles of beer. If one of the bottles should happen to fall
Gibbs What’s in that?
Jarod MZT.
Gibbs Are you crazy?
Jarod Relax, Dan’s seal is holding.
Gibbs It is?
Jarod Yes. And it has been for the last 5 hours. The accident wasn’t Dan’s fault. He didn’t kill Larry Meyers.
Gibbs Well, if he didn’t, who did?
Jarod 18 bottles of beer on the wall, 18 bottles of beer.
Computer You have new mail.
Young Jarod Is this the man?
Sydney No, no, no! The eyes are wrong. Put yourself in the mind of a police sketch artist. Think.
Young Jarod Well, it would help if I knew who he was. Is he your father?
Sydney No. Here. Along the middle of the right eyebrow, a spot. An imperfection. Yes. That’s it. But his eyes….
Young Jarod Sydney, are you crying?
Sydney Of course not.
Young Jarod Did that man hurt you?
Jarod Sydney’s in trouble isn’t he?
Miss Parker How is it that you know everything that’s happening in this place?
Jarod Intuition.
Miss Parker We say your little drawing of Martin Zeller. Who is he?
Jarod I don’t know exactly. But I remember how Sydney was feeling when I ran that simulation.
Miss Parker Who is he?
Jarod If Sydney wants to tell you, he will. Just find out where the Centre travel office has put Zeller up. Sydney will be there.
Miss Parker How do I know this isn’t one of your boondoggles Jarod?
Jarod If you care about Sydney at all, go alone. No Sweepers, no Cleaners. I just hope you get there in time.
Miss Parker In time for what?
Jarod To stop him.
Krieg I’m starving. You should have been here 20 minutes ago. You’re late.
Sydney You’re right. I’m very late.
Sydney You don’t remember me. There were so many of us, you cant remember the names.
Krieg I don’t know what your talking about. You’re a madman.
Sydney You should hear every name. But your time has run out.
Krieg At my age, time means nothing.
Sydney Maybe this still does.
Krieg Do it, if you will. Frankly, I’m tired of hiding.
Sydney No. That’s too easy. You will hear me out.
Krieg Ja? And then?
Sydney Then… I will kill you.
Jarod Who won the fight?
Todd Man, go to hell.
Jarod I guess you were defending him. The father that you said you don’t care about. All-Conference three years in a row. He’s proud of you. He told me.
Todd When? Just before he tried to kill himself?
Jarod All he was thinking about was you and your mother.
Todd Come on man!
Jarod He thought that by killing himself, he could stop the questions, that he would ease the pressure on both of you. I’m not saying it’s right. It’s just what he was feeling. An insect made out of metal and wire?
Todd Fishing lure.
Jarod Oh. Like bait.
Todd Yeah. Dad makes them as a hobby. This is my lucky one. It got me a bite every time we went out for trout.
Jarod I saw a picture of you and your father fishing. It looks like fun.
Todd You never went fishing with your dad?
Jarod I wasn’t lucky enough to know my father. You know yours. Take advantage of it. What is it?
Todd Um… the night before, before he was on the bench with you… we had a really bad fight, and I said some stupid stuff. I told him that the accident was his fault. I told…
Jarod What did you say?
Todd I told him he didn’t deserve to live. I don’t want him to die. I don’t want my father to die.
Strickland Jarod.
Jarod I thought I’d give you a hand.
Strickland Ah.
Jarod I even brought you a cup of coffee.
Strickland Ah, not so fast MIT. You’re not the only one with a chemistry degree.
Jarod Impressive. Why is someone with your seniority and your chemistry background still doing a nasty job like transpo? You could double your salary in research and development.
Strickland Yeah, double my migraines. Here, pull over, I gotta check on this one.
Jarod Gotcha.
Jarod Almost looks like an accident doesn’t it?
Gibbs These are the release papers.
Jarod Mm-hmm.
Gibbs So what?
Jarod You signed out 52 containers.
Gibbs Yeah?
Jarod Only 42 were buried in Nevada.
Gibbs Where’d the other 10 go?
Jarod Horace Strickland had them delivered to drug dealers. Strickland had a felony drug-smuggling charge on his FBI record. Heroin. My guess is he was smuggling them in the extra containers. Who would examine a label container labelled ‘hazardous’? Strickland’s bank account was getting pretty fat, minus a few payments to Larry Meyers.
Gibbs Meyers was in on this?
Jarod He was extorting money out of Strickland, threatening to blow the whistle on the operation. So on the day of the accident, Strickland spiked the MZT shipment so that it would eat through Dan’s new seal and eat through Larry Meyers.
Sydney It’s him.
Young Jarod Who is he?
Sydney I received a package of my family’s belongings today Jarod. It was lost for a very long time. This picture is of my brother Jacob and myself. Our First Communion.
Young Jarod He’s your twin?
Sydney Jacob’s all the family I have.
Young Jarod I wish I had a family.
Sydney Jean Mikhail lived with his family on the little farm they built near Lyon. And his work only mattered to him in so far as it helped his wife, Greta, and his two sons. Twin sons.
Krieg Sydney.
Sydney You do remember.
Krieg Jakob was your brother.
Sydney Very good, Herr Doktor. And he’s all the family I have left ’cause the rest you murdered because they were of no use to you. Who are you to pass judgement? Who? This is for Jean Mikhail, and this is for Greta!
Miss Parker Sydney! No! Oh, my…. Who is Mr Zeller?
Sydney There is no Zeller. This is Dr Krieg. Dr Werner Krieg. The ambitious young physician assigned to Dachau in 1944. The Nazis were testing us.
Miss Parker Oh God.
Sydney They were looking for ways to accelerate the reproduction of the master race. Jacob and I became Krieg’s favourite subjects. We were only children. He sent our whole family to the gas chambers so that he could have us for his experiments.
Miss Parker Sydney, you’re not Jewish.
Sydney I’m a twin, remember?
Jarod Strickland, a big shipment needs transport tonight. I’m happy to help if you need me. Oh, I figured you’d want to be alone.
Strickland Geez Jarod, you scared the wind out of me.
Jarod Looks like we have one more item.
Strickland That’s MZT, I don’t have any gear on.
Jarod Neither did Larry Meyers. Or the other two victims, did they Horace?
Strickland That’s not funny.
Jarod Neither is death by MZT, is it? Gotcha.
Strickland Jarod, I cant move in here.
Jarod I would relax if I were you. You’re going to be in there for the next, oh, 20 thousand years.
Strickland Jarod, that’s MZT.
Jarod Mm-hmm. The deadliest pesticide in the world. Turns your insides into jelly. But it wont corrode Dan Healy’s seal, will it?
Strickland Yes! Yes! It already did.
Jarod Of course, because you added this to it. So you could get rid of your blackmailer, Larry Meyers and continue smuggling drugs.
Strickland I didn’t do anything.
Jarod You murdered three people. You framed Dan Healy. He was convinced that the only way he could protect his family was to leave his wife without a husband and his son without a father. You destroyed his life didn’t you? Didn’t you?  Didn’t you? Didn’t you?
Strickland Yes! Yes! Now don’t do this to me.
Jarod Why not? You did it to them.
Strickland Jarod? Jarod? Wait! Jarod! Jarod! Jarod! Jarod! Jarod! Aah! Jarod! No! No! No! Jarod!
Jarod Whoo! Twinkie cream. The food of the gods.
Krieg Are you familiar with Nietzsche Doctor?
Sydney Mm-hmm. Yes.
Krieg You’re like the madman who runs into the marketplace screaming for God. But you’ll never find him because God is dead.
Sydney God is dead, and you killed him.
Krieg We are both professionals, Doctor. I know who you work for. I know the work they do, the work you do. What do you think would have happened to you and Jakob if I had not selected you? Huh? Would you be here now so full of purpose? If God is dead, we all killed him.
Miss Parker Sydney? Do you remember the day my mother was buried? I’ll never forget that day. You made me feel safe, safer than my own father and all you did was hold my hand.
Sydney Mnnn.
Miss Parker Give me your gun. He is a monster. Do yourself and the world a favour.
Sydney I cant.
Miss Parker Why?
Sydney Jarod. Don’t you see? I became the monster.
Dan Healy The other day on the bench… I realise now… I did the wrong thing for all the wrong reasons.
Jarod The important thing is you’re here now. Like someone once said, nothing’s more important than family.
Todd Dad? I love you. This will bring you luck too.
Jarod Thank you.
Susan Thank you. Mnnn.
Dan Healy Take care Twinkie Man.
Young Jarod I wish I had a family. What’s that Sydney?
Sydney From the war.
Young Jarod You were in a concentration camp?
Sydney My brother and I were kept in a cold and dark place… for many years.
Young Jarod Like the Centre?
Sydney Not exactly Jarod.
Young Jarod Did they hurt you?
Sydney Not as much as they hurt my family. They killed them all.
Young Jarod I’ll be your family.
Miss Parker I just got word Syd. Dr Krieg’s been extradited to Israel. This just arrived.
Sydney Miss Parker? Thank you.
Miss Parker Syd? How many psychiatrists does it take to change a light bulb?
Sydney One. But the light bulb has to want to change.
Jarod Are you all right?
Sydney Yes I am. All my life I have raged against him Jarod. But when I saw him the last time… I saw myself.
Jarod You’re not a monster Sydney. And you’re still… my family. Tell me something. Have you ever been fishing?
Sydney Why?
Jarod Maybe we’ll go someday… just you and me.