Project Description

2.05 Nip and Tuck

Original air date: December 6, 1997
Written by: Eric Morris
Directed by: Michael Lange

Jarod impersonates a plastic surgeon to discover why a teenage girl who was injured in a car wreck, but who underwent reconstructive surgery, was still left horribly disfigured.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Clay-dough, Hellraiser
Jarod’s Occupations: Plastic Surgeon
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Clay

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates a plastic surgeon so he can probe the tragic disfigurement of a teenage girl.


               In flashback, a young Jarod awakens one morning with seemingly no knowledge of his own identity.  Sydney blames the episode on years of Pretender simulations, and fears the child may lose his true self permanently if his withdrawal continues.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Sydney burst into Jarod’s old lair, where they discover dozens of copies of Aphrodite sculpted in clay.  The statues are brought to Angelo, an empath who possesses the ability to feel the emotions of the artist at the time the statues were created.  Broots interrupts the meeting, telling the others he is certain he’s being stalked.

Jarod, meanwhile, has assumed the identity of a Beverly Hills plastic surgeon at the Surgicare Cosmetic Surgery Clinic.  He and a colleague, the materialistic Wade Eubanks, perform reconstruction on a patient.  Afterward, they are joined by Dr. Christine Brant, the clinic’s Chief of Surgery.  She insists that her staff help not only the well-to-do but also operate pro bono for those in need.  Later, Jarod pays a visit to Tricia Homes, an African American teenager who dropped out of high school after she was disfigured in a car wreck.  Tricia’s grandmother is puzzled by the mysterious CDs mailed to Tricia by an anonymous source.  Painfully shy and self-conscious, Tricia remains hidden in the shadows.  Eventually, Jarod helps bring her out of her shell.

Meanwhile, as Broots attempts to open the front door of his house, he notices an envelope containing photographs of him and his daughter.  He is suddenly hit by a flying tackle and knocked to the ground.  Almost simultaneously, gunfire rings out, and bullets explode against the front door of the house.  Broots discovers his savior is none other than Angelo.  Later, Broots discovers evidence that seems to imply Miss Parker was the shooter.  Brigitte offers Broots protection in exchange for information regarding her every move.  As Brigitte leaves the room, she sneezes.  A few moments later, Angelo picks up the shell casings found near Broots’ home.  Angelo sneezes.  Broots realizes it was Brigitte who fired the weapon.

Jarod tricks Eubanks into accompanying him to Tricia’s home.  After looking at the girl’s face, Eubanks swears to Jarod that, although he did perform the reconstructive surgery, he is not responsible for the girl’s disfigurement.  Jarod determines that Brant was performing a chin implant when Eubanks was operating on Tricia.  Jarod realizes that the anonymous donor of CDs sent to Tricia is the director of Surgicare Santa Barbara, Brad Hoffner.  Jarod convinces Hoffner that a medical review of Tricia’s surgery is close at hand.  Wracked with guilt, Hoffner describes the night of the operation.  Eubanks, it turns out, did an excellent job.  But Brant, who was performing the chin implant on a movie star, found herself in trouble when she discovered the bone grafts for the procedure had been damaged.  Brant cut open Tricia’s face and harvested the needed bone. In her haste, she inadvertently severed Tricia’s facial nerve, disfiguring her.  Hoffner received a big promotion in return for his silence.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker learns of Brigitte’s underhanded maneuvering, and realizes the Centre is attempting to pit her, Broots and Sydney against one another.  Brigitte admits it was she who fired at Broots…but denies taking photographs.  Later, Angelo examines the photos, telling the others he feels anger and confusion.  When Sydney and Miss Parker leave the room, Angelo glares through demented eyes, and whispers “I decide who lives or dies.”

Jarod stages a phony car accident and races a drugged Brant into an operating room.  When Brant regains consciousness, Jarod assures her he can repair the damage to her face… but adds he’ll be harvesting grafts from her face so a super model in a nearby operating room can be reconstructed.  Jarod places an anesthesia mask over Brant’s horrified face and fires up a pair of air-powered skin shearers.  When Brant reawakens, Jarod holds a mirror to her face, revealing a visage almost mangled beyond recognition.  Brant screams in horror.  Unbeknownst to her, the “new look” is formed from clay dough.  Later, Jarod remembers when Sydney gave him a mirror so he could see his own reflection for the very first time.


Sydney A strange phenomenon has occurred with Jarod. He awoke this morning with seemingly no knowledge of his own
identity. We must begin Jarod.
Young Jarod Why do you keep calling me that?
Sydney It is your name.
Young Jarod So you say. I don’t even know what
I look like.
Sydney How does that make you feel?
Young Jarod Like I don’t exist anymore. I wanna
know who I am.
Sydney No doubt the years of pretended
simulations have brought on this identity disorder My concern… is that if
he continues to withdraw he will lose grasp of his true self, permanently.
Sam He’s gone.
Miss Parker What the hell is this?
Sydney I believe that Jarod is taking an
interest in classical art.
Miss Parker Aphrodite never had a balcony like
this Syd. Ask me, I think your Mr Peabody is going through latent puberty.
Why else would he be sculpting women?
Woman Dr Clay. They’re worth every penny
I paid for them. How did you become such an artist?
Jarod Practice makes perfect.
Sydney Touch her face, tell me what you
feel Angelo.
Angelo Sadness. Hurt. Shame.
Sydney Whose hurt Angelo? Whose sadness
and shame?
Miss Parker You’re telling me he can feel the
same emotions as when Jarod made these things?
Sydney We’re still only beginning to
understand Angelo’s gift as an empath. But he may be telling us what Jarod
was pretending. Or the emotions aroused by the statues in the viewer.
Miss Parker Or the emotions of the worker who
packaged the Clay-Dough.
Angelo Hurt, and uh… sadness. Shame.
Miss Parker A clue about my emotions, Syd.
Happiness isn’t one of them. Nice picture Chuckles. How long did that take
Broots My daughter db drew it. It’s a
wonder she could draw anything at all with what went on this weekend. Well
aren’t you gonna ask me what I’m talking about?
Miss Parker No, because if I have to hear one
more time about your ex-wife and the football team she’s dating, I’ll toss
my toast.
Broots It’s not about my ex-wife.
Miss Parker What then?
Broots How do I know I can trust you?
Miss Parker I’m outta here.
Broots Someone is watching me.
Miss Parker This is the Centre, somebody’s
watching everybody.
Broots No, no, no, no. Not in the Centre.
I had db this weekend. Everywhere we went, I felt like we were being spied
on. And at the ice cream parlour, at the zoo, even at home.
Miss Parker Sit.
Broots I’m telling you, someone’s after
Sydney Broots, do you have any tangible
evidence of this stalker?
Broots Oh no, it’s the little things you
know. Footsteps behind us, rustling in the trees. When we got home last
night, the light was out. Now, I, I always leave it on.
Miss Parker So, there’s a dim bulb in your
house Broots. We’ve always known that.
Angelo Hurt. Hurt! Sadness.
Wade It’s a shame.
Jarod A shame?
Wade That mammaplasty you did. A
beautiful young girl like that and you only gave her a 36 inch bust. Metz.
Jarod Well I had to build her to code.
Any more than that, she’d topple in an earthquake.
Wade Topple? That’s funny.
Ray You gentlemen serving dessert yet?
Wade Ready to excise the defect.
Ray You’re running late. I’ve got a
rhytidectomy scheduled at 10.
Wade No offence ray, but don’t you have
a promotion to get passed over for or something?
ray Rhytidectomy, ten.
Jarod He seems a little irritable.
Wade He lost out running the Santa
Barbara clinic, and he’s been griping ever since. Do you wanna close?
Jarod Uh, actually I would like to watch
your technique. They say you leave less scarring than any surgeon on the
Wade I leave none.
Jarod What’s your secret?
Wade Suture pattern and nerves of steel.
And to think my old man laughed when I joined the macramé club. Who’s
laughing now?
Broots Yes db, Daddy’s fine. I’m just,
just busy. I miss you too. Listen, just stay with Mommy a couple more days
and then you can come back, okay? Good, and do me a favour would you? Draw
me another one of these wonderful pictures? Yeah I got it right here. Uh
huh, I love it. I love you too. Okay, be good Peanut. Bye.
Wade Perfect alignment. The incisions
barely perceptible. Nice assist. Where did you say you trained?
Jarod Princeton Med, Postgraduate at
Harvard and the Clay Dough Institute.
Wade Clay Dough Institute? That’s funny
Jarod What isn’t funny is I haven’t
received a pay check yet. I didn’t become a plastic surgeon in Beverley
Hills just to sit courtside at Laker games.
Wade Don’t knock courtside, and trust
me, the money will flow. We’re not treating Medicaid patients here. LA is
full of rich vain people under and unrelenting sun. It’s gold. I just bought
a brand new Boxster, cash. As far as the perks, do you remember the bikini
girl in Hellraiser II? I’m dating her. In fact, I designed her butt.
Jarod Well, she must be twice as good as
the Hellraiser I girl.
Brant You’re not still bragging about the
bimbo construction business are you?
Wade Dr Brant.
Brant Wade. You must be Dr Clay.
Christine Brant, chief of staff.
Jarod It’s nice to finally meet you.
Brant You’ve trained in maxillae facial
trauma and endoscopic fracture repair.
Jarod Of course.
Brant Great. We’ve got an MVA victim
coming in with massive facial injuries. He’s yours.
Jarod I’m on my way, and it was very
Brant Time is money, Doctor.
Jarod Right.
Brigitte Lose something luv?
Broots I’m sure it’ll turn up. Somewhere.
Brigitte Relax Mr Broots. I’m here to
help… with your Peeping Tom problem.
Broots How did you know?
Brigitte Not important. What is, is that I
believe you. The question is… why your friends Parker and Sydney don’t.
Broots Well, it’s not that they don’t
believe me, it’s just that… that…
Brigitte They couldn’t possibly thing a man
of your intelligence a fool? Or is it that they have something to hide? We
know how to treat a man of your calibre. We can protect you.
Broots Who’s we?
Broots The people you can trust. I hope
you find what you’re looking for.
Angelo Afraid. Daddy afraid. Daddy afraid.
Wade That’s one big ear Jarod. You
weren’t kidding were you?
Jarod It’s a remarkable substance this
Clay Dough. Now the name would imply that it was for cooking. But I find it
useful in training for blepharoplasty, otoplasty and orthognathic surgery.
Wade You my friend are in need of some
serious nooky.
Jarod Nooky? Is that another Clay Dough
Wade Not exactly. Any complications with
your MVA case?
Jarod Uh, no, but I’ll keep my eye on him
during follow-up.
Wade He’s a county case, there is no
follow-up. County cases are pro-bono. They should be happy to get surgery at
Jarod Pro-bono? I didn’t spend seven
years in medical school to operate for free.
Wade Once a week, Brant’s rule.
Jarod You know I’m beginning to wonder
about this place. Money, movie stars. So far I haven’t seen one single
Wade For now you won’t. Brant does most
of the surgery herself.
Jarod And we get stuck with the freebies?
Wade This whole ‘help the poor’ bit is
Brant’s big thing.
Brant And your’s Dr Eubanks, if you want
to stay at Surgicare.
Jarod Dr Brant.
Brant Get something straight Doctor,
Surgicare is not just about getting actors a part in their next movie. We’re
LA County’s top provider of free reconstructive surgery. And if you want
your share of the former, you’ll do your shared of the latter. Nice ear.
Wade I should sew a bell to her neck.
PA Dr Macy, please come to the front
desk. Dr Macy to the front desk please.
Boy Hey, bus is here.
Sydney Why are you doing that Jarod?
Young Jarod Why do you keep calling me that? I’m
Sydney You can’t hide from yourself forever.
Jarod’s resistance continues. He refuses to participate in any simulation,
to interact, even to eat. This self-imposed isolation is a new Pretender
phenomenon. I am worried about his future.
Tess Can I help you?
Jarod Uh, hello. Uh, I’m Dr Clay from
Surgicare. I’m here to do a follow up on Tricia.
Tess Nobody’s ever checked on that child
Jarod That’s why I’m here.
Tess Her friend who was driving the car,
God rest her soul, went straight through the windshield. I tell Tricia every
day she is lucky to be alive. Of course she cant see it that way. ‘Cause of
her face, she wont leave the house, wont see her friends. That child has a
voice sent down from heaven. Mn. ‘Cause of it, she had a full music
scholarship. She’s never gonna use it now.
Jarod Never’s a long time. I see you like
music too.
Tess Oh, no, that Tricia’s. One of her
mystery gifts. Well, they started coming in the mail about a month after the
accident. No cards, no return address. God bless ’em ’cause it’s about the
only thing that makes that baby girl happy.
Jarod Can I see her?
Tess Tricia? You have a visitor.
Jarod Hi. Huh, I see you like the blues.
It’s my favourite too. I’m Dr Clay. Jarod.
Tricia Can you fix my face?
Jarod I don’t know. It’s going to be very
difficult to see through that.
Tricia I don’t wanna do this.
Tess Tricia.
Jarod It’s okay. You know when I was your
age, I never left the house either. I stayed in for about 30 years. It’s a
long story. When I got out, I realised what I was missing. Trees, fresh air,
sunlight. Life’s a gift. Nothing is worth missing out on it. It was nice to
meet you.
Tricia Wait.
Jarod You have beautiful eyes. What
colour are they? Blue?
Tricia Violet.
Jarod Violet. My new favourite colour.
Broots Hello? Hello. Who’s there? Hello?
Broots A-Angelo?
Angelo Daddy afraid.
Jarod I need your expert advice.
Wade Medicine or women?
Jarod Both actually. These belong to a
Wade Model, or supermodel?
Jarod Super. The four-two fracture of the
mandible. Now do you think you could do the procedure without causing any
permanent paralysis?
Wade Is the Pope catholic?
Jarod I believe that is mandatory.
Wade Look, in the hands of the master
she will come out looking better than she did before.
Jarod The seventh cranial nerve is near
the site of the fracture. You’re absolutely positive that you can avoid it?
Wade The most difficult pare will be
getting those incompetents in the lab to come up with the A-negative blood
that she’ll need.
Jarod Hmmm.
Wade This supermodel, is she… is she
seeing anyone?
Jarod I don’t believe she is. As a matter
of fact, I would be glad to introduce you.
Jarod Dr Eubanks, this is Tricia Holmes.
Tricia Hi.
Wade Hi, I remember you. The four-two
fracture of the mandible. Just like the supermodel.
Jarod And I’m sure you remember the
Wade The posterior ramus of her
mandible’s damaged and the right facial never has been severed. What
Jarod Why don’t you tell me? Were you
late for a movie premiere? Did you have a hot date? Or maybe with charity
cases, you just don’t give a damn.
Wade I might not be Joe PC, but I give
my patients 100 percent.
Jarod Right, except during follow-up.
Wade Guilty. But only of following
Surgicare’s pro-bono policy. Look, I am a damn good surgeon and I sure as
hell never would have done that.
Jarod Did you stabilise her fracture?
Wade Completely.
Jarod And when you closed her, the nerve
was intact?
Wade The lacerations that she sustained
weren’t that deep. Jarod I didn’t do that to her. I swear to you.
Jarod Well if you didn’t do it, who did?
 Brant And this closes it.
Jarod It certainly does.
Miss Parker Broots, one last question. Have you
considered counselling?
Broots I’m telling you, if it wasn’t for
Angelo, I’d be dead right now. He saved my life, he’s a hero.
Miss Parker So Monkey Boy got out of the zoo.
The question is how.
Broots Oh, I found this top security
access card in his pocket. Who knows how he got it?
Miss Parker At least he saved you from
whoever’s after you.
Broots What, you still don’t believe me?
Then what about these pictures?
Miss Parker Mnn. Use them for your Christmas
cards. It’s past his bedtime, put him back in his space.
Broots Sydney, you still don’t believe me
Sydney I’m not sure what to believe
Broots. I found these by the tree near your house. Shell casings.
Broots It’s a nine millimetre. This is
standard Centre issue.
Sydney Uh huh. And these… were with
Broots Miss Parker is after me.
Brigitte We’ll protect you luv. But nothing
comes for free.
Broots Okay. What do you want? Miss
Brigitte I want to know every move she
makes, everyone she speaks to. You’ll need this.
Broots Oh no, I uh, I don’t know about
Brigitte Survival of the fittest. You know,
choice is yours.
Broots God bless you. Bless me. Angelo.
Wait, how the hell did you get out? Gimme those, gimme that. That’s mine.
This is my stuff. It wasn’t Miss Parker, it was Brigitte.
Miss Parker What about Sneezy? I just passed
her in the hall. What are you doing with that?
Broots Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Do you want me to hurt you?
Broots No, no. These were, were found
outside my house. Your shell casings and your cigarette butts, all planted
by Brigitte. She’s the one that’s been following me.
Miss Parker Angelo. Whose access card Angelo?
Sydney Jarod, Jarod where are you? Jarod. My
God. What are you doing?
Young Jarod Searching Sydney, for me.
Sydney Your name is Jarod. And you have a
tremendous gift to offer the world. A gift that can help people. You just
need to believe in yourself… again.
Young Jarod I wanna know what I look like. I
wanna know who I am.
Tricia Ancient history. That’s me in the
drama club. I got the lead in the spring musical Grease.
Jarod I don’t think they wore leather
jackets in ancient Greece.
Tricia Oh, that’s me in the choir.
Jarod Let me guess. Soprano soloist.
Tricia Mm-hmmm.
Jarod Was there anything you didn’t do?
Tricia Mm, never made the football team.
Jarod I bet you can’t wait to get back to
school to start all your activities.
Tricia Who’s gonna wanna see a performer
who looks like this? Unless you can fix me, I’m through with school.
Jarod Tricia. I’m sorry, but there’s
nothing I can do. The nerve damage is irreparable.
Tricia What did I do? What did I do to
deserve this? You don’t know what it’s like being laughed at, having people
point at you like you’re a freak.
Jarod I know what it’s like to be on the
outside. And I know that I’m stronger because of it.
Tricia I don’t wanna be stronger. I just
wanna be who I am. I just wanna be her again. She’s gone, forever.
Jarod Her gift isn’t. I look around your
room and I see all the things that you’re passionate about and I know that
your face is just a small part of who you are. Only you hold the key to your
future. I know that life is a… a weird journey. But to live it, you have
to be out there.
Tess Hello Doctor. How’s my baby?
Jarod Making progress. I hope. This
Tess Oh, could you open that please. My
arthritis is just knocking me down today. More gifts from the mystery
Jarod Tess, do all the gifts have the
same postmark?
Tess All from Santa Barbara.
Jarod Mr Hawthorne.
Hawthorne Dr Clay.
Jarod I’m sorry about the urgency of this
meeting, but Dr Brant was adamant this be dealt with immediately.
Hawthorne Well, y-your phone call was a
little vague. Is there a problem.
Jarod Someone has leaked information
about Tricia Holmes. I’m not here to pass blame or to play games. Dr Brant
wants it clear that if you don’t cooperate, all of this can go away.
Hawthorne I don’t remember every patient
Jarod That’s a good answer… for the
medical board.
Hawthorne Medical board?
Jarod Mm-hmmm. They’re starting as
Hawthorne I didn’t tell anyone. I swear.
Jarod We need a statement that you saw
nothing unusual that night. That will get the board off our backs. Then
Tricia Holmes… she can go back and hid her disfigured face in the
shadows… while you and Dr Brant enjoy all of… this. Do we have a deal?
Hawthorne No.
Jarod No?
Hawthorne No, I wont lie for her anymore. It
was 2am when Tricia Holmes was brought back into post-op. Dr Eubanks, putz
that he is, did an excellent job on her. She was resting calmly. Everything
was calm.
Jarod And then Dr Brant came in?
Hawthorne She was freaked.
Hawthorne She was in the middle of a chin
implant on some movie star and the bone grafts needed for some procedure had
been damaged. Brant needed a donor. She needed one quick. She checked out
Tricia’s chart. Without even blinking, she grabbed a scalpel. My God, she
didn’t even bring that poor girl back into surgery.
Jarod She reopened Tricia’s face and she
harvested bone to put into her movie star client. And in her haste, she
severed Tricia’s facial nerve.
Hawthorne Brant gave me the promotion to keep
quiet. I’ve been trapped ever since.
Jarod Ask Tricia Holmes about feeling
Miss Parker Long day Brigitte?
Brigitte You know what they say, a woman’s
work and all that.
Miss Parker You look tired. But then I guess
stalking can be tough on a young thing. The late nights, the long hours.
Brigitte You know, you Americans have a
whole other English. Sorry luv, don’t follow.
Miss Parker Now that my father is back, you’d
never get approval. So it must have been an independent move. You shot at
Broots didn’t you?
Brigitte If I shot Broots, he’d be dead.
Miss Parker Not if scaring him was the
intention. So who ordered it?
Brigitte Your guess is as good as mine.
Miss Parker Raines, it’s just his style. It
only makes sense to go after the weakest link.
Brigitte It was a very tough call.
Miss Parker Get something straight. Broots may
be an idiot, but he’s my idiot. The only one who terrorises him is me. You
pull a gun on me? No big deal ’cause I know you don’t have the rocks to pull
the trigger. But the next time you mess with one of my team I’ll put a
bullet right in your blonde bonnet.
Brigitte And they said you weren’t a bitch.
Miss Parker They were being kind.
Brigitte Hmm. For what it’s worth, I did
shoot at Mr Broots. However, I took no pictures.
Brant What’s the occasion Jarod?
Jarod Oh, lets just say it’s my little
way of saying thankyou for giving me the best job that money can buy.
Brant Well, you’re the best hire I ever
made. No offence. You’ve been rolling those charity cases at a record pace.
Give the rest of us an opportunity to focus on other priorities.
Wade Like weekends to Cabo, Rodeo Drive
shopping binges. Beach house renovations.
Jarod Hmmn.
Brant Guilty.
Wade Are you okay Christine?
Brant Uh, it’s just, um… I haven’t uh,
I haven’t eaten.
Jarod Whoa, whoa, whoa. Oh I think you’ve
had one too many. If Wade would be so kind as to lend me his car, I will
give you a ride home.
Brant A chauffeur too. I really did hire
the right guy.
Brant What kind of champagne was that?
Jarod A very special year.
Brant You keep revving the engine like
that, you’re gonna ruin it.
Jarod Eubanks says this car can do 140.
Let’s see if he’s telling the truth.
Brant Jarod, Jarod Jarod!
Jarod Dr Brant? Dr Brant? Can you hear
me? There’s been a terrible accident.
Brant Am I okay.
Jarod There’s just a little blood.
Brant Oh God.
Jarod No, no, no, no, no. Never mind
that. There’s no deep trauma, it’s only cosmetic.
Brant My face, is it bad?
Jarod Don’t worry. The damage isn’t
severe, I can repair you.
Brant Thank God.
Jarod There’s been one slight
complication however.
Brant Complication? Wh-what?
Jarod Well, we have a high profile client
in the next operating room. A supermodel. She had a terrible reaction to a
chemical peel. She needs massive skin grafts. But luckily, we have the
perfect donor. You.
Brant Me? I’m not donating grafts. It’ll
ruin my face.
Jarod I’m sorry, but there’s no other
Brant What are you, insane? You cant do
that to me.
Jarod Sure I can, just like you did to
Tricia Holmes. But look on the bright side, at least I’m gonna tell you that
I’m gonna harvest part of your body for someone else. That is what you did
to her, isn’t it?
Brant Jarod please.
Jarod You cut out a piece of her jaw to
save your important clients little chin implant. And then you severed her
facial nerve in your haste, didn’t you?
Brant Yes, I did that! Now please let me
Jarod Sorry. Cant do that. But I promise,
I’ll try to be more careful with you than you were with her.
Brant No, no, no! Jarod please don’t,
Jarod Oh, try not to panic. Your face is
still anesthetised. What’s left of it.
Brant You’re insane.
Jarod Now, I resent that, Doctor. I did
the very best I could, considering I’m not really a plastic surgeon. Voila!
Brant No. No!
Jarod Whoops.
Brant No.
Tess I don’t think she’s coming.
Jarod You need to have more faith.
Tess Oh baby. You look beautiful.
Tricia Thanks.
Jarod Can I give you a ride?
Tricia Thanks, but uh, life’s a weird
journey and it’s about time I get back out there.
Girl Hey, you look great.
Sydney Jarod. Jarod. This is what you look
like. This is who you are.
Miss Parker Brigitte did the shooting, but
she’s not the photographer.
Broots We know. These just came this
Miss Parker What the hell is going on here?
Sydney Someone’s trying to terrorise us.
Miss Parker Who?
Broots Well, we’re working on that one.
Sydney Angelo.
Angelo I-it’s angry. Confused. Angry.
Sydney Angelo. Who is angry? Who? Angelo.
Miss Parker This is a waste of time.
Angelo I decide who lives or dies. I
decide who lives or dies. I decide who lives or dies.