Project Description

2.04 Exposed

Original air date: November 22, 1997
Written by: Tyler Bensinger
Directed by: Jim Charleston

Jarod poses as a fashion photographer to expose a deranged stalker pursuing a model and also sends Miss Parker on a journey that may help her unravel the mystery behind her mother’s death.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Clown Noses, View Master, Drinking from Orange with Straw
Jarod’s Occupations: Photographer, Stalker
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Adams

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod poses as a fashion photographer in hopes of flushing out a stalker who targeted a beautiful model.


In flashback, a young Jarod protests the presence of surveillance cameras that record his every move.  Sydney responds by bringing him into a room where there are no such devices, affording the boy some privacy.  But Jarod notices a tiny lens on the face of a wall clock.  Sydney, who believed the space was camera-free, is infuriated by the deception.

Miss Parker and Sydney travel to a Manhattan studio-portrait shop, the business where Jarod was last employed.  A photographer hands them a gift from Jarod: an empty Viewmaster with the words “Miss Parker” emblazoned across it.

Meanwhile, Jarod has graduated to the world of glamorous fashion photography.  There he works with fashion maven Darrin Faxon and junior agent Brian Stoffel.  The threesome discuss Kimberly Green, a stunningly beautiful fashion model who died in a car accident.  Though Brian believes she plunged into a river by accident, Darrin suspects a stalker is to blame.  Kimberly’s body was never recovered—and her stalker was never caught.

Back at the Centre, Miss Parker receives a package containing a Viewmaster reel featuring images photographed at different locations in a Maine town.

Jarod is assigned to photograph Cindy Thomas, an up-and-coming model with great potential.  During the shoot, Jarod notices someone with a camera lurking in the shadows.  That someone turns out to be Toby, an introverted, Andy Warhol-like hermit.

Jarod phones Miss Parker and asks for the location of his parents.  Miss Parker insists she doesn’t know where they are.  Using the Viewmaster reel as a guide, Miss Parker visits an antique shop, where the proprietor hands over an old music box, whose interior contains two holes where stick figurines should go.

The stalker leaves one of his trademark photographs on Cindy’s vanity.  The image is of Cindy, her eyes burned out, and the words “you’re mine” scrawled across it.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod tracks down Kimberly Green’s sister, Erika.  Jarod performs some research, and discovers that Erika placed dozens of long distance calls to a number in Boca Raton, Florida.  Jarod travels to the city and discovers that Kimberly is, in fact, still very much alive.

Meanwhile, another of the Viewmaster images leads Miss Parker to a lobster house, where Ben Miller awaits.  He gives her one of the missing ballerina figures, and Miss Parker inserts it into the music box.  But the box remains inoperative, as it takes two of the figures for it to work.  Ben tells Parker more about her mother, whom he loved dearly.

With Erika’s help, Jarod arranges to show Kimberly a DSA of the surveillance camera incident from his childhood.  A bond between the pair follows.  During their conversation, Kimberly describes how the stalker once attempted to spray acid in her face.  Jarod convinces a reluctant Kimberly that, with her help, the stalker can be snared in a trap.

As agency support people look on, Jarod photographs Cindy on a stage.  As the shoot progresses, Toby secretly snaps pictures of the onlookers.  Later, Kimberly recognizes her assailant by the burning hatred in his eyes.  That man turns out to be agent Brian Stoffel.  Jarod traps Brian inside a studio.  Slowly, Brian’s grip on reality begins to unravel.  Jarod tosses a vial of liquid in his face and Brian, believing it to be acid, cries out.  But Jarod explains the vial contained a harmless mixture.  Kimberly then steps forward from the shadows, and announces she is no longer afraid.  Brian is later arrested.

Back at the Center, Miss Parker receives another package in the mail.  This one contains the second figurine.  She places it in the music box, and it plays as the figures dance together.  When the dancers finish, a small compartment within the box snaps open, revealing a photo of her mother, Ben Miller and her infant self.  Miss Parker realizes Ben Miller may be her real father.  Moments later, Mr. Parker appears, but sheds no clues as to his whereabouts for the previous month.


Sydney What is it Jarod?
Young Jarod I don’t like to be watched.
Sydney So your drawing would indicate. Would you like me to leave?
Young Jarod No. Not you Sydney, them. They record everything, don’t they? Everywhere I go, everything I do, every word I say. Shut ’em off Sydney. Shut the cameras off.
Sydney I don’t control them Jarod. Just ignore them.
Young Jarod But I cant! Don’t you understand? I can feel them on me all the time.
Sydney There’s nothing I can do Jarod.
Young Jarod It’s not fair. Just turn ’em off!
Sydney Jarod!
Young Jarod All right? Turn ’em off!
Sydney No! Stop!
Photographer Okay, you smile for the camera. All right, we’re all done kids.
Miss Parker Ow! Where’s Planned Parenthood when you need them?
Photographer Hey, how you folks doin? You know we got a special goin’ for uh, extra copies for Grandma and Grandpa.
Miss Parker Do I look like I drive a minivan?
Sydney Do you know this man?
Photographer Yeah sure, that’s Jarod Adams. He worked her a couple of weeks, good guy. He gave me this.
Miss Parker Heart warming.
Sydney You know where he is now?
Photographer Nope. But he did tell me that someone would be by to pick this up. Right here.
Miss Parker I’m someone.
Photographer This is Manhattan.
Miss Parker This is extortion.
Photographer Oh come on, this is Manhattan.
Miss Parker Your parents must be very proud.
Photographer Excuse me.
Sydney I think this is meant for you.
Miss Parker Oh, a View-Master with no reel. How tragically symbolic.
Sydney Why tragically?
Miss Parker Because it means that I’ll be forced to listen to you attach some greater semiotic meaning to that toy.
Sydney I think the stress of your father’s disappearance is starting to get to you.
Miss Parker The only thing getting to me is Jarod.
Sydney You should consider a vacation. It might help your state of mind.
Miss Parker So would putting a bullet in Jarod’s kneecap, but I cant do that now, can I? Because I don’t know where he is, do I?
Photographer Say cheese.
Jarod That’s a wrap, that was great.
Man Great gig.
Jarod Well, it sure beats shooting triplets.
Darrin Too pasty, not pasty enough. Get her a trainer. Hmmm. I didn’t know that Earl Schieb did hair.
Brian Come on Darrin, don’t you think that’s a little harsh?
Darrin Harsh? From an agent? Brian, this is a modelling firm not a halfway house for former prom queens.
Jarod Mr Faxon.
Darrin Jarod. Brian, I assume you’ve seen Jarod’s portfolio?
Brian Very impressive.
Darrin No, it’s exceptional. You’ve obviously worked with the masters, Avedon, Penn, Newton. Their influence is unmistakable.
Jarod I enjoyed their books quite a bit.
Darrin Their books? Yes, that’s very witty.
Brian You’re scheduled to shoot the Cindy Thomas portfolio at 11:30.
Jarod I haven’t met her, but I hear she’s… exceptional.
Darrin Well, she’s still very raw, but her potential is amazing. So far, no photographer has captured her true look, the uh, elusive quality that will make her the next, uh, her.
Jarod Kimberly Green. She died in a car accident right?
Darrin That’s the official version.
Jarod Was there something else?
Darrin A man was stalking Kimberly.
Brian Police think that she drove into the river by accident.
Darrin There’s no doubt in my mind that he killed her.
Brian Her body was never found.
Jarod And they never captured the stalker?
Darrin No, he’s still out there somewhere. Ah, Brian, I need you to run those to the agent.
Broots I used to have the entire Thunderbirds collection on reels for this.
Sydney Thunderbirds?
Broots Yeah. Well, it’s like Star Wars, only it’s little talking puppet heads.
Miss Parker Kind of like yours Broots?
Sydney Called your office, but the line was busy.
Miss Parker I was on the phone to St Thomas.
Sydney Your father’s vacation home?
Miss Parker I spoke to his houseboy who for six years has spoken perfect English, but today when I asked if he’d seen my father, he couldn’t understand a damn word.
Sydney He will come back.
Miss Parker So?
Broots Oh, so, uh, this package came for you. It’s from Maine, and uh, it’s moving.
Sydney Jarod?
Miss Parker Well, I doubt it’s Mrs Paul.
Sydney So much for your empty View-Master.
Miss Parker Here, you two bond.
Broots Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Where’s Daddy? He lives to torment me.
Lyle That would be Jarod?
Miss Parker Mr Lyle.
Lyle Miss Parker. I’d swear that we had an appointment in my office 30 minutes ago.
Miss Parker A pressing matter arose. Unfortunately it was a false lead on Jarod.
Lyle Hmm. That’s too bad. So you came up empty again? In New York I believe?
Miss Parker He’d already left his last locale when we arrived.
Lyle Any clue as to where he might be going?
Sydney I saw nothing that could be interpreted in that manner.
Lyle How unfortunate. Excellent with garlic butter.
Miss Parker I’m going out, if anyone asks where I am… lie.
Jarod You look great Cindy. Fantastic, ha ha. Extraordinary. Lovely you look great. Great. Relax, have fun. Be a kid.
Cindy I though I was supposed to be sexy and provocative.
Jarod We’re selling you know, so be… you.
Cindy Okay, oh, I know.
Jarod Say cheese. That’s it. That’s the one. That was great. You can go home now.
Cindy That was a little ridiculous, but it was a lot of fun. Thank you.
Brian Jarod, that last shot just me be the cover of our next agency catalogue.
Darrin Exceptional, I couldn’t agree with Brian more. I am curious though. Where in the hell did you com up with that technique?
Jarod Happy Faces Photo Phun. Excuse me.
Jarod Hello? Excuse me, my name’s Jarod. Excuse me. I’m sorry I didn’t mean to scare you.
Toby N-n-n-no p-p-problem. I was j-just working.
Jarod Hmmn. A bearded lady. Now I bet people would pay money to see that.
Toby J-just, uh, experimenting. N-no flaws now.
Jarod Well to me, it’s the flaws that make a face interesting, but certainly a photographer like yourself knows that.
Toby I’m a photo enhancer.
Jarod But I though I just saw you taking pictures in the studio. Now, I’m used to having a camera trained on me but other people might not feel that way.
Toby I t-told you, I’m n-not a shooter.
Jarod Okay, it must have been someone that looks like you. Have a nice day, it was nice to meet you.
Jarod I’m telling you Cindy, Miami has the best doughnuts.
Cindy Come on, Cuban food and stone crabs maybe. But doughnuts?
Jarod I had my first doughnut when I was here. It’s a long story.
Cindy You’re right, it’s a great town. I used to love walking around, just taking everything in. Then after what happened to Kimberly…
Jarod You two were friends?
Cindy Well, as much as she’d let me. She was a pretty private person, wasn’t really close to anybody except her sister. I didn’t really blame her though, I mean, it’s really tough finding real friends when you’re suspicious of everybody.
Jarod The stalker.
Cindy He made her life a living hell. He used to send her pictures of herself.
Jarod What kind of pictures?
Cindy Well, just doing everyday things like going to the store, eating in a restaurant. He used to write “You’re mine” over every one of them. Once he got so close to her, he attacked her with acid. All she ever wanted to be was normal, you know?
Jarod I know the feeling. Is there something wrong?
Cindy No, everything’s fine. Thank you for walking me home, I really appreciate it.
Jarod It’s my pleasure.
Cindy Bye.
Young Jarod Shut ’em off Sydney. Shut the cameras off.
Sydney I don’t control them Jarod. Just ignore them.
Young Jarod But I cant! Don’t you understand? I can feel them on me all the time.
Sydney There’s nothing I can do Jarod.
Young Jarod It’s not fair.
Jarod Yeah, it wasn’t fair was it Kimberly? It just wasn’t fair.
Miss Parker What?
Jarod Little-known fact: Lobsters make wonderful pets.
Miss Parker Yeah, it was great hearing it scream when I threw it in the boiling water. There a point to all of this?
Jarod It’s about your father. I thought that point was clear.
Miss Parker If you know where my father is, you tell me.
Jarod When you tell me where my parents are.
Miss Parker I don’t know!
Jarod Find out.
Miss Parker This isn’t funny Jarod.
Jarod Now you know how I feel. Happy hunting, and tell Gladys I say hello.
Miss Parker Gladys? Who’s….
Gladys Good morning, may I help you? Would you… oh! Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Gladys
Gladys Guilty.
Miss Parker Exactly what the hell am I doin’ here, Gladys?
Gladys Jarod said you’d find this very valuable. Sentimental value I suppose.
Miss Parker I’m all tears.
Gladys Well, it’s not in very good shape. There are a few pieces missing. Would you like a cup of tea? You seem a little tense.
Miss Parker What the hell am I supposed to do with this, make kindling?
Gladys Jarod said the man you’re having lunch with tomorrow would be able to help.
Miss Parker What man, where?
Gladys Jarod said you’d know.
Miss Parker You wouldn’t happen to know where there’s a Chuck’s Lobster House would you?
TV Although we may never know the e xact motives of the person who stalked Kimberly Green. I’ve identified several character traits which all stalkers exhibit by getting into the stalker’s head, becoming the stalker, as it were. First and foremost, the stalker believes the victim belongs to him, and him alone, hence attempting to control the victim’s life through fear. By controlling the victim’s actions with fear he manipulates her ability to interact with other people. A fear achieved by anonymity. Avoiding any face-to-face confrontations with his victim. It’s what the victim can’t see that is most terrifying. And, in what may have happened in the case of Kimberly Green, if a victim rejects the stalker’s attempts to control her life, then the stalker is no longer in control, and can turn to violence.
Jarod Zoe, I’m sorry, it’s okay, we’re done.
Zoe Thank you. I’ve been on a few auditions before, but never anything like this. What’d you call it again?
Jarod A simulation. I needed to get inside the head of someone who’s doing some pretty horrific things. You did a great job. Thank you. Oh, one question. Why did you walk up to that policeman?
Zoe A stranger offers cash to stalk me for a day? I mean, that’s a little out there. I was startin’ to feel kind of weird, you know?
Jarod Well, I’m sorry if it got too real. I didn’t mean to scare you.
Zoe Yeah, well, I saw the cop and I figured it was time for you to feel a little nervous.
Jarod It worked.
Broots Well, I don’t usually remember my dreams, but this particular one was… uh. I… I was sitting in some kind of a bar and uh, everybody was walking around wearing leather. And uh, I was trying to flirt with the bartender, who was a woman. All this time, I’m talking, saying some really clever things, and, you know, like, like ‘dream-clever’, and then, she turns around and it’s Miss Parker. And now I’m… I’m really turned on and she reaches out and grabs me and pulls me across the bar and starts shoving me into a blender.
Lyle Sorry to interrupt your session.
Broots Session? We’re not having any session.
Lyle But, I’m trying to get a bead on Miss Parker. Have either of you seen her?
Broots No.
Sydney Not since lunch.
Broots Oh, no, actually, um, I think she said something about pursuing a lead on Jarod.
Lyle Really?
Broots Yeah.
Lyle Lunch in Maine. Neat trick. Have her call me when she returns… from lunch.
Broots How did he know about our sessions? Y-you think he heard the part about the blender? Sydney?
PA Alexander call on extension 4.
Toby S-sorry, I didn’t see you.
Jarod You have a good eye, for not being a photographer.
Toby K-kind of a hobby.
Jarod It’s, it’s honest. I mean, you’ve captured her. I mean, if the rest of these are like this one, you should really show your work.
Toby I c-couldn’t do that. N-never.
Jarod What’s wrong?
Darrin Cindy!
Cindy I found this on my vanity. He’s after me now. Why?
Jarod Because he needs a new target.
Darrin I want you to move in with me. I’ll hire a private, 24-hour security guard.
Cindy It’s not gonna make any difference. If he wants to get me, he’ll get me… just… just like he got Kimberly.
Waiter Welcome to Chuck’s Lobster House, may I help you? Oh, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Is there anyone in this burg who doesn’t know me?
Waiter Jarod’s table is right this way. You’ve got company.
Miss Parker Jarod’s here?
Ben I’m afraid it’s only me.
Miss Parker Ben?
Ben It would seem Jarod has set us up.
TV While police have ruled supermodel km Green’s death accidental, her sister Erika Green, believes, like many, she was murdered by the stalker who had been harassing her for months.
Jarod My name is Jarod Adams, I’m a photographer with the Darrin Faxon Agency.
Erika I don’t have anything to say to you people.
Jarod The stalker’s back. He’s after one of your sister’s friends, Cindy Thomas.
Erika Come in.
Jarod There’s nothing more difficult than missing family.
Erika Kimberly wasn’t the stalker’s only victim. I lost the only family I’ve ever had.
Jarod When was this taken?
Erika One of the foster homes we were in. We had a strange childhood. I doubt you’d understand.
Jarod Oh, I might.
Erika We grew up in the system, went from one foster home to another. You never knew what kind of situation you were walkin’ into. But no matter what, Kimberly would never let anyone hurt us. Excuse me. Yes. Look this is the fourth time I told you people I am not switching. I tell you what, why don’t you give me your home number and I’ll call you back? I didn’t think so. I can’t stand having my privacy invaded.
Jarod I know what you mean. I think I would have liked your sister. She strikes me as a survivor.
Erika She was. There was only one thing she couldn’t handle.
Jarod Feeling trapped by her life, by the stalker.
Erika One fed the other. A way out was all she could think about. I’m sure it was on her mind when her car went off the bridge. At least now she’s at peace.
Operator 561 information.
Jarod 561?
Operator Yes, Boca Raton, Florida. May I help you?
Jarod Thank you, that’s all the information I need. No wonder they want your long-distance business Erika.
Sydney Jarod, Jarod Jarod! Jarod are you okay?
Young Jarod Yeah, I’m all right.
Sydney Don’t ever do that again Jarod, I thought you were dead.
Young Jarod I thought if I pretended to be dead, everyone would leave me alone.
Jarod You and me both Kimberly. You and me both.
Miss Parker Another.
Waiter Right away Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Courtesy of Jarod, I think I have finally reached the end of my rope, frayed, I might add.
Ben I haven’t seen this in years.
Miss Parker Was it yours?
Ben No, it was your mother’s. Jarod stayed with me a few months ago. It’s starting to make sense to me now.
Miss Parker What is?
Ben His preoccupation with your mother, and this. He told me the next time you and I met, to give it to you. I don’t know why, but I’ve been carrying it with me everywhere. She dances in there. I’m afraid it doesn’t work without the other figurine. I’m sorry, I don’t know where it is. I thought this was lost, but Jarod found it tucked away in the attic along with some other items that belonged to your mother. She bought it one day when we were together. It always reminded me of her delicate beauty, her graceful dancer’s gait.
Miss Parker My mother was a dancer?
Ben A great one. She never told you?
Miss Parker I am learning that there are a lot of things she never told me, but it certainly explains all the lessons I took as a child.
Ben Do you still dance?
Miss Parker No, I stopped when she…
Ben Yup, she stopped too, after she met your father.
Miss Parker Ben, do you know where my father is? He’s missing and Jarod led me here in hopes that I would find him.
Ben I’m sorry, I don’t know about your father, only your mother.
Erika So? This could’ve been taken any time.
Jarod You know that it wasn’t. Erika I know that you speak to your sister every night at 10:30. I am not the stalker.
Erika And you expect me to just believe that?
Jarod I know where Kimberly is. If I were the stalker, if I wanted to invade her privacy I would be doing that instead of standing here talking to you, the one person that can help her to trust me. I understand how she feels.
Erika No one could understand that.
Jarod I do.
Sydney I told you Jarod, you’re safe here, they’re not watching you. This is the only camera in my office. I took it out of the ceiling this morning, but remember, it’s only a special favour to you. I have to put it back in a few minutes.
Young Jarod So we can talk? Just you and me?
Sydney You can do anything you like. What is it Jarod?
Young Jarod There’s something in the clock. Right here in the middle. You said they weren’t watching.
Sydney Jarod, believe me I didn’t know.
Young Jarod You said I’d be safe here. You promised!
Sydney Jarod! Damn you.
Kimberly After he attacked, faking my death was my way out.
Jarod Out of one trap, into another.
Kimberly Instead of living a nightmare, I just have them now.
Jarod What are they about?
Kimberly Always the same thing. His eyes. The night he attacked, I felt his eyes on me all day long and as I approached my building, I turned, and he was standing there, wearing a ski mask. Hiding his face as he tried to spray acid on mine. The only thing that registered were his eyes.
Jarod Tell me about them.
Kimberly They were cold, they had no feeling.
Jarod Was there any place that you felt safe?
Kimberly Home, and at the agency. But you know, near the end, I felt like I was being watched, even there. I think I was just being paranoid.
Jarod I don’t think so. The public doesn’t know who Cindy Thomas is, but the stalker does.
Kimberly You think he has access to the agency?
Jarod I don’t know, but I need your help to find out. I need you to help me find those eyes.
Kimberly No, Jarod.
Jarod It’s the only way out of this trap. Trust me. I think I know a way.
Ben The relationship between your mother and I lasted almost 15 years before she died. I can still see her beautiful vision walking up to the inn on that sunny day in April. I was on  a ladder when she called to me. Her roadster had broken down.
Miss Parker And she tried to fix it herself.
Ben Yes, she was covered in oil.
Miss Parker So did you help her with the car?
Ben She helped me to the doctor. I fell off the ladder.
Miss Parker Ben.
Ben That’s how she was, always helping others, even when she was in need.
Miss Parker Was that the spring you two fell in love?
Ben That was the spring we became friends. That’s all we were for many years. She would come up to the inn every April, spend the first two weeks. I lived for those weeks of joy. It may sound corny, but it was the simple things she loved. Gathering flowers down by the lake, watching the stars. Catherine had an unquenchable zest for  life, a sparkle. Until…
Miss Parker She met my father?
Ben Well, at first she seemed happy but year after year the sparkle faded.
Miss Parker But she kept coming to see you.
Ben Well, I was a oasis from the life she was trapped in. She never told me about that life, only her feelings.
Miss Parker That’s the way she was with me.
Ben It was many years before our lips touched, but I truly believed that we were meant to spend our lives with each other. But we could only have what we had.
Miss Parker I hate to know that she was so sad.
Ben She was until you came along. After you were born, the sparkle returned. You gave her the strength to remember who she was. She was making big changes in her life but then she was gone.
Miss Parker God, I miss her.
Ben I do too. Don’t be sad. She was never sad when she talked about you and that was all she ever really wanted to talk about.
Miss Parker What was the other figurine that went in here?
Ben Another dancer, a little girl. A shame they can’t dance together anymore.
Toby What are you d-doing here?
Jarod Your work. It’s excellent. I can’t believe you’ve never shown this to anybody.
Toby I t-told you. I c-couldn’t do that.
Jarod Toby, you have a gift. It’s like the camera speaks for you.
Toby These are b-beautiful people. I’m not-not one of them.
Jarod Beauty is more than appearance, it’s also about real emotion. I look at your photographs, especially the eyes of your subjects, and I see a lot of that emotion.
Toby What do you want?
Kimberly Toby took these?
Jarod Of everyone who was at the shoot. Anything?
Kimberly No, maybe he wasn’t there. Maybe he’s changed his habits.
Jarod Stalkers, they always hunt their prey in the same way, over and over again. He was there. Wait a minute. What’s this? There’s a figure behind this backdrop.
Kimberly Oh my god. Brian.
Darrin Too puffy, no heroin chic. Oh please, send this one to Bob Vila, maybe he needs a new hand model.
Woman This just came in for you Brian. Mr Faxon, Paris is calling on the conference line.
Darrin Oh lovely.
Brian Kimberly.
Kimberly Hello Brian.
Brian Kimberly. Kimberly! Kimberly! Hey!
Zoe What’s your problem? My name is Zoe.
Brian I… I’m sorry. I thought you…What? Hey! Who’s there?
Jarod You’re trapped Brian. Now how does it feel?
Kimberly Over here Brian.
Brian Kimberly?
Cindy This way Brian.
Brian Cindy?
Jarod You cant see us, but we can see you. Now we have all the power.
Brian Who are you?
Jarod I’m you Brian. I’m weak, I’m a coward. I hide in shadows and watch because creating fear in others is the only way that I have strength.
Brian What do you want?
Jarod Are you feeling trapped, vulnerable, terrified? Just like Kimberly and Cindy felt. Are you afraid I’m going to hurt you? The worst part is you don’t know how and you don’t know when. But then again, that’s what stalking is all about, isn’t it? Admit itBrian. They rejected you and that just tore you up inside.
Brian I just wanted to be with them.
Jarod You wanted control. And when you couldn’t have your way with Kimberly, you stalked her and you trapped her and you tried to destroy her… with acid. And then you stalked Cindy in the very same way.
Brian I just wanted Kimberly and Cindy to be mine.
Jarod Oh, well, now you’re mine.
Brian Noooooo!
Jarod Will you relax Brian, it’s just CO2 and water.
Kimberly What’s the matter Brian? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.
Brian I thought you were… I thought you were dead.
Kimberly No, I’m not, and I’m not afraid anymore either.
Jarod Relax, let your portfolio speak for itself. Don’t worry, Darrin’s going to love your work.
Toby I-I never thought this this day would come for me. N-no matter what happens, I th-thank you Jarod.
Jarod Knock ’em dead.
Miss Parker What?
Jarod Pretty, isn’t it?
Miss Parker Pretty?
Jarod The music.
Miss Parker As usual Jarod there is no music at the end of one of your games.
Jarod Oh, well I am very sorry that you didn’t have a nice trip but you have everything you need to find what you’re looking for.
Miss Parker Why did you give me this Jarod?
Jarod Let’s just say, happy birthday Miss Parker.
Miss Parker My birthday isn’t until January 3rd.
Jarod That’s the point.
Ben She would come up to the inn every April.
Miss Parker May, June, July, August, September, October November, December….
Mr Parker I’ve been lookin’ all over for that.
Miss Parker Daddy?
Mr Parker How you doin’ Angel? You been poachin’ from my office?
Miss Parker You’ve been gone for over a month. Where have you been?
Mr Parker If I told ya, I couldn’t protect ya. Now come along, Mr Lyle and Mr Raines want to meet with us.
Miss Parker But Daddy….
Mr Parker Just listen to your father and follow my lead hmmm?
Miss Parker Of course.