Project Description

2.02 Scott Free

Original air date: November 8, 1997
Written by: Tommy Thompson
Directed by: Joe Napolitano

Jarod impersonates a safecracker to help an ex-con blackmailed into committing a robbery and Mr Lyle and Brigitte discover Jarod stole 15 million dollars from The Centre and donated it to charity.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Wheel-O
Jarod’s Occupations: Safecraker
Jarod’s Aliases: R.H. Cross

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod impersonates a safecracker to help an ex-con being blackmailed by a thief.


Mr. Lyle and Brigitte learn that Jarod stole fifteen million dollars of the Centre’s funds and donated it to charity.  Lyle concludes that Jarod is much more dangerous than he originally believed.  Meanwhile, Jarod enjoys a banana split at an ice cream shop in Middletown, Delaware.  He overhears a conversation between the shop’s fry cook, Scotty Boyd, and two thugs, Nick Avani and Dewey Martin.  Avani threatens to do Scotty bodily harm unless he helps pull off a robbery.  Fearful that his ten-year-old son, Shawn, will grow up fatherless if he doesn’t cooperate, Scotty reluctantly give in.  Avani explains that a one-arm safecracker, R.H. Cross, with whom he has never worked, will participate in the heist.

Jarod intercepts Cross at a train station and convinces him that the location of the heist has changed to Indianapolis.  He hands Cross paperwork containing the details and sends him on his way.  Moments later, Jarod, impersonating Cross, rendezvous with Avani.

Jarod, Scotty, Avani and Dewey rehearse the robbery using an old warehouse.  Jarod, moved by the bond between Scotty and his little boy, begins experiencing flashbacks.  He recalls giving Sydney a handmade card on Father’s Day.  But Sydney tossed the card on the ground, insisting he was not Jarod’s father.

Meanwhile, Detective Harold Evans begins surveilling the group, photographing them from afar.  He instructs an assistant to put Jarod’s photo on the Police Net, certain someone will come forward looking for him.

Mr. Lyle and the others examine a surveillance photo taken of the real R.H. Cross as he robbed the Centre’s satellite office in Indianapolis of a quarter of a million dollars.  Left behind at the scene was a red notebook containing information about an upcoming rendezvous between Cross and Jarod at a hotel in New York City.  Lyle instructs Brigitte to go to New York and find Cross.

Jarod, Avani and Cross break into a high rise and put their plan in motion.  A security guard arrives earlier than expected, forcing Jarod to crack open the safe in very little time.  As Avani prepares to shoot the unsuspecting guard, Jarod opens the safe.  Avani spins in Jarod’s direction—and sees him holding Scotty’s fake revolver.  Jarod squeezes the trigger, causing a small flame to leap from the gun barrel, triggering the sprinkler system.  The threesome make their getaway in the confusion.  Afterward, Jarod realizes that what they stole was an electronic card key.  Avani reveals that the key opens the Federal Diamond Depository in Willmington, where twenty million dollars worth of uncut stones await.  When Scotty insists he will not participate further, Avani has Dewey kidnap Shawn.

Broots, Sydney and Miss Parker discover Jarod’s photo on the Police Net—and are puzzled as to why he has joined a group of high-tech criminals who target diamonds.  The threesome decide to keep their findings a secret from Lyle and Brigitte.  Parker pays Detective Evans a surprise visit.  She blackmails him into revealing where the thieves will strike next.  Afterward, Miss Parker realizes Lyle had her followed.  She tells Lyle and Brigitte that Evans thinks the group will rob the diamond depository.  Lyle and Brigitte clash with Sydney, Parker and Broots over the proper course of action.  Brigitte decides it is best to allow the robbers inside the facility, and once they’ve pulled off the heist, and are lulled into a false sense of security, they can be easily taken into custody.  Lyle places Broots in charge of handling the depository’s security system.  Later, while examining a photo of the outside of the depository, Jarod spots Parker and the others exiting a town car.

Now aware that the Centre is plotting a trap, Jarod acts accordingly.  Meanwhile, Parker and the others take their places inside the depository’s security room.  At Brigitte’s insistence, Jarod and his team are allowed to break into the depository.  Once inside, Jarod locks Avani inside the vault room.  Avani draws a gun and fires… only to see a small flame pop out of the barrel.  Using a cell phone, Avani reluctantly instructs Dewey to release Shawn.  Jarod then uses his laptop to override Broots’ control of the security system—locking Broots and the others inside the security room while unlocking all of the other doors.  Jarod and Scotty make their escape, and find Shawn safe and unharmed.


Brigitte The money was rerouted through the Centre’s offices in Omaha and withdrawn electronically. They’re double checking the transfer records. They’re hoping its an accounting error.
Lyle Jarod stole fifteen million dollars of Centre funds and donated it to charity. The only mistake is rubbing our noses in it. “Your welcome and surprisingly generous donation will help the organisation for years to come.”  “The million dollars will bring much hope and joy to the children. God Bless.” “Prayers be with you. Have a nice day.”
Brigitte I’ll get him.
Lyle Please do. Jarod’s a lot more dangerous than I thought.
Jarod I like ice cream. I really like ice cream.
Phil There you go Jarod.
Jarod Thank you Phil. That’s a very interesting device.
Girl It’s a Whee-lo.
Jarod And it’s purpose is?
Girl Nothin’. It just goes round and round and round.
Jarod So it chases itself in a circle?
Girl Yep!
Jarod Would you be interested in selling that for ten dollars.
Girl Sorry!
Jarod Fifteen?
Girl I couldn’t. My grandpa gave it to me for my birthday.
Jarod Twenty?
Girl Twenty-five!
Jarod Sold! Thank you! Wow!
Scott Hey Kiddo! Got some burger, some fries. Gonna set you up nice here. Okay sir? Hey!
Shawn Dad.
Scott I’m gonna be right back. Okay?
Dewey How you doin’ Scooter?
Scott Dewey! You know,  you shouldn’t come around here.
Nick How else are we supposed to get an ice cream cone? Freaky weather. Must be a hundred degrees in the shade. You
look good Scott.
Scott What do you want Nick?
Nick It’s not what I want. It’s what I need… you.
Scott Oh you know, no. Not… not this time.
Nick Opportunity knocks.
Scott Oh really? ‘Cause you know your last opportunity cost me seven years of my life. Jeez! Come on. Ten months I’ve been out of prison. I… I just got my son back. Okay? I’m not interested.
Nick Get interested.
Shawn Dad?
Scott Shawn, go wait out front. I’ll be right there.
Nick Go on Shawn. You do as your daddy says now, okay?
Shawn But
Scott Just go, please.
Nick I see your dilemma. The deal is one job and you and I are history.
Scott Why don’t you get Martinez?
Nick Dead. He said no.
Scott Crew?
Nick The three of us plus one.
Scott And who opens the safe?
Nick Trinney’s sending some guy in from Brooklyn. One, um, R.H. Cross.
Scott Cross? I don’t know him.
Nick I don’t know him either. Trinney swears by him even though he’s only got one good arm.
Scott A one armed safe cracker. That’s…
Nick I’m picking him up at three o’clock at the train station. We start tonight. Here, Scotty, don’t be late.
Scott Hey! You okay.
Shawn What’s that?
Scott It was nothin’. These guys come back and give me a hard time. Hey nothing’s wrong. Hey! All right c ome here.
Jarod The train station.
Taxi Driver Leaving town?
Jarod Business meeting.
Taxi Driver Yeah? What do you do?
Jarod I’m a one armed safe cracker.
Taxi Driver Yeah? Which arm?
Jarod That’s a good question.
Miss Parker Jarod’s up to something. I can feel it coming on like the flu.
Sydney After his recent brush with death perhaps he’s just enjoying life for a bit.
Broots Maybe he decided to take a vacation.
Miss Parker Did you eat the whole onion for
Broots Broots.
Miss Parker What?
Jarod Sorry you missed the party in Omaha.
Miss Parker Jarod. What about Omaha?
Jarod Whoops! I guess the Centre cut you out of the loop this time. Good thing they sent a replacement.
Sydney What are you talking about Jarod?
Jarod I’m talking about the blonde. Five-seven, hundred and twenty pounds, killer legs. You’re not giving up on me, are you Miss Parker?
Miss Parker You wish.
PA Your attention please. Announcing the immediate arrival of the Brooklyn Express at Track 16.
Jarod That’s my train. Gotta go.
Broots What was that all about?
Miss Parker That’s what I’d like to know.
Jarod R.H. Right hand.
Cross Funny.
Jarod Don’t look around. We’re being watched.
Cross Cops?
Jarod Listen up. I’m only going to say this once. The location’s changed. The new score is in Indianapolis.
Cross I’m from Flatbush. I don’t know anything about Iowa.
Jarod Indiana.
Cross Same thing.
Jarod I wrote down all the locations, the security codes, the whole deal.
Cross No no no, this ain’t kosher. I need to call Trinney.
Jarod You do that and you lose this. You get another packet just like it when the job is finished.
Cross Target?
Jarod That’s my business. I’m gonna meet you in four days at the Hotel Argyle in New York. I’ve reserved a room in your name.
Cross What’s to uh, keep me from walking away with the whole thing?
Jarod You do that and I’m gonna hunt you down like I did Martinez. Then they’ll be calling you “No Hands”.
Cross That’s cold.
PA Your attention please. Announcing the immediate departure of the Indiana Star on track 29.
Jarod That’s your ride. I want you to leave this at the job.
Cross What is it?
Jarod It’s a Hallmark card. Always send the very best. Leave it.
Cross My tools are in there.
Jarod Buy new ones. Because every cop along the line is looking for a man with a bum arm carrying a black leather bag. I’ll take the bag and
the heat.
Cross Yeah? How you gonna do that? See you in New York.
Jarod See you in New York. See you in New York.
PA Your attention please. Will Mr Paul Johnson, please meet your party…
Nick Mr Cross?
Jarod Call me R.H.
Miss Parker Why wasn’t I informed about Omaha?
Lyle No, no, no. Switch those masks, please. With due respect Miss Parker, it’s not my job to inform you of Jarod’s whereabouts. It’s your job to inform me.
Brigitte According to your file…
Miss Parker My file?
Brigitte Correct. According to your file you’ve had Jarod trapped in Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington and Florida. It seems you’ve had ample opportunity to bring him back.
Miss Parker How would you like me to feed you my file.
Lyle There’s no reason to be defensive about your shortcomings Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Moving in?
Lyle Possession is nine-tenths. Now if you’ll excuse us we have a meeting to attend. Oh, any progress locating your missing father?
Miss Parker Who says he’s missing?
Lyle A man packs his belongings and vanishes it’s a logical assumption.
Sydney You gave that paper weight to your father when you were a little girl.
Miss Parker I thought he threw it away.
Sydney I’m sure he’s fine.
Miss Parker He would never just leave without saying goodbye, would he?
Nick You’re dead and the rest of us are in handcuffs. Twenty minutes. That’s all the time we’ve got before security guard makes his run. You’re gonna have to work faster to bypass that second alarm.
Scott I’m working as fast as I can.
Nick There was a day you could have done this in your sleep. Remember those days Dewey?
Dewey Scooter was the best I ever saw.
Nick Sixteen years old, picking combination locks down at the YMCA, stealing wallets and jockstraps. What’d you do with all those jock straps?
Scott Yeah, that was a long time ago, Nick.
Nick I took you off the streets. I treated you like you were my own son.
Scott Yeah! And when the heat was on you hang me out to spend seven years in a federal prison. Forgive me if I don’t shed a tear about how things used to be.
Jarod I think we should cut him loose. This job is going to be difficult enough in a perfect world. I don’t need a guy with his head half in the game.
Nick I know him. You on the other hand are a question mark. Should I call Trinney and get another locksmith?
Jarod Nah!
Nick Let’s try it again.
Scott Long night huh?
Jarod Yeah!
Scott Let’s pick this up tomorrow night at my place.
Jarod You got a pen. I’ll, uh, write down the address.
Scott Yeah.
Jarod Oh thanks.
Scott Oh uh, here. Eight one six Highland.
Jarod Eight one six Highland. “To Dad, Love Shawn”. Is that your son?
Scott My life. He gave me this for Father’s Day.
Sydney Come along Jarod.
Young Jarod Miss Parker just gave that man a present Sydney? Why?
Sydney It’s Father’s Day Jarod. She gave her father a gift to show how much she loves him.
Officer You want me to put this out on the
net for you?
Evans Oh yeah. I want to know who he is and where he comes from. I bet my pension there’s somebody out there looking for this guy.
Scott The wild card is still going to be the rent-a-cops. Oh, man, I never thought I’d need this again.
Jarod What? You can’t open a door you blow it off its hinges?
Scott You never know what you might run into. Sometimes looking dangerous is enough. Shawn, what… what are you doing here?
Shawn I live here.
Scott No. No. You know what I mean. You’re supposed to be at Mrs Albertson’s.
Shawn I went to the shop. They said that you didn’t show up today.
Scott Oh, no I didn’t because I was….
Jarod Actually that was my fault. Um….I saw some of the furniture your father built and I insisted we meet right away. The name is Cross.  RH Cross. RH, that stands for Right Hand.
Shawn What’s that stuff?
Scott Oh well you, uh, you never mind that stuff.
Shawn If your probation officer catches you skipping work you’re gonna be in big trouble. I don’t want anything to happen to us.
Scott Hey, who’s… who’s the father here. Now, I want you to go back to Mrs Albertson’s house and you stay there ‘til I come pick you up.
Shawn But…
Scott Just do what I say… Wait, wait, wait. Shawn. Hey, hey , hey. Listen pal, I just… I just need you to cut me a little slack here. Hey! I love you.
Shawn I love you too. See ya Right Hand.
Jarod Nice to meet you Shawn. So why are you doing this?
Scott What?
Jarod Why are you doing this? You don’t want to be doing it. Which means that Avani’s is holding some kind of big hammer over your head.
Scott I don’t know. I never knew my parents. Shawn’s mother passed away after he was born and I was sent up a year later, you know. And they just passed Shawn around from family to family, like like I was.
Jarod But you got him back.
Scott And I intend to keep him. Shawn needs his father forever.
Sydney Jarod. You need to finish the last simulation.
Young Jarod I made this for you Sydney.
Sydney For me?
Young Jarod Do you like it?
Sydney No Jarod, I don’t like it and I don’t want to ever see anything like it again. Let’s get to work.
Lyle We just received these from our satellite office in Indianapolis.
Brigitte His name’s RH Cross. He’s a safe cracker from New York.
Miss Parker And we should be interested because?
Lyle According to the office Cross’s take was nearly a quarter million dollars. He also left this behind. According to the red notebook Cross was going to rendezvous with Jarod at the Argyle Hotel in New York City.
Miss Parker Jarod would never leave such an obvious trail.
Brigitte Cross screwed up and left that behind.
Sydney That’s quite a reach.
Lyle According to the security on the ground in Indianapolis Cross was nearly caught. Brigitte go to New York. Find Cross. I still don’t understand the significance of this.
Sydney Jarod’s sending you two a message.
Lyle Which is?
Miss Parker You’re going nowhere fast.
Nick We got eighteen minutes until the security guard makes his rounds.
Jarod I don’t like this. That van followed us ever since we left the warehouse. The cop’s have made us.
Nick If they have then they’re still following Dewey all over the city. I’ve got every contingency covered. Let’s just do it.
Nick How long?
Jarod Five minutes.
Nick You’ve got three. What the hell is that? He’s early.
Scott Twenty minutes huh?
Jarod What is it?
Scott The guard.
Nick How long before you’re in?
Jarod Two minutes.
Scott What are you going to do?
Nick I’m covering contingencies.
Jarod I’m in.
Jarod You stole an electronic key card?
Nick It opens the federal diamond depository in Wilmington.
Scott What are you talking about?
Jarod He’s saying there is no money. Just another job. That’s what this has been about since the very beginning, right?
Nick Twenty million dollars in raw uncut diamonds. My source says that the stones will spend 36 hours in the vault before distribution. We move on Monday before the offices open up and anyone realises the access card is missing.
Scott Our deal was one job. I’m out.
Nick I’m sorry to hear that Scotty. Change your mind the door’s always open.
Jarod Best laid plans huh? I’ll see you tomorrow.
Nick Dewey, this is Nick.
Jarod Hey! You okay?
Scott Oh, I’m fine. Good.
Jarod I guess this sort of thing happens when you deal with a piece of work like Avani. What’s wrong?
Scott This is too easy.
Jarod What is?
Scott This. Nick, he would never let me walk out with this much on the line, not unless… You got a car?
Jarod Yeah, come on.
Scott Shawn. Shawn. Shawn. Answer me.
Jarod House is empty.
Nick I’m really sorry Scotty but there’s no way I can let this opportunity slip away. I need you. And Shawn is safe. How safe he stays is up to you.
Broots Intelli-research 5 pulled it off the National Police Net.
Sydney Why would Jarod’s picture be on a law enforcement scan?
Broots Well according to the background data he’s suspected of being part of a robbery group here in the North East.
Miss Parker What did you say?
Broots The initial scan was sent by a detective Harold Evans of the Middletown PD.
Sydney Middletown? That’s less than a hundred miles from here. The question now is what is Jarod doing associating with a group of street criminals.
Broots Well actually this crew is slicker than that. They have an MO of targeting high profile, high tech take downs.
Miss Parker Such as?
Broots Such as, um, payroll companies, security houses, mostly diamonds.
Miss Parker Run profiles on all the potential targets within a five hundred mile radius of The Centre. Everything this crew might be interested in and I want everything you can find on this Detective Evans. If he stole a Baby Ruth when he was six I want to know how many nuts it had.
Jarod I’ve been going over the layout of the vault room. I figure we’ve got a better chance of blowing the inner doors.
Nick Sounds right. What do you think Scotty?
Scott I want him back. I’m here right? That’s… that’s what you wanted. Now you give me back my boy.
Nick Focus, for the kid’s sake. Now these doors are only reinforced steel so we might be able…
Scott I want to know where my son is. And I want to know right now.
Nick You pull the trigger on me, you pull the trigger on Shawn.
Jarod Scotty, let him go.
Scott Where’s Shawn? Where’s my boy?
Jarod We finish this job you and Shawn will be back together again, I promise. Give me the gun. Give me the gun.
Scott Anything happens to my boy, you’ll wish I’d killed you.
Nick Never underestimate the father-son relationship.
Sydney Jarod, I, I told you, I can’t accept this.
Young Jarod But I made it for you.
Sydney I’m not your father. This card is meant for someone else.
Young Jarod Don’t you love me Sydney?
Sydney We have work to do.
Miss Parker It smells like gin in here.
Evans What the hell is this?
Miss Parker I don’t have the time or inclination to banter with you detective so I will get right to the point.
Evans You got a name?
Miss Parker Let’s just say that I’m the person who holds your pitiful little life in her hands.
Evans Is that so?
Miss Parker You tell me. Go ahead, open it.
Evans Where’d you get these?
Miss Parker That’s not important. What is, is that multiple copies are in my possession. Good. You put this picture out on the police net?
Evans So?
Miss Parker I want him.
Evans Can’t help you.
Miss Parker I want him! Harold. I’m sorry for both our sakes.
Evans I think I know where they’re gonna hit next.
Miss Parker Relax your prostate boys. We’ve got Jarod nailed to the wall. The blonde’s gonna bust a G-String when she… What?
Brigitte Please continue.
Lyle And while you’re at it, maybe you can explain this.
Brigitte I spoke to RH Cross in New York. He was sent to rob the Centre’s office in Indianapolis by a man matching Jarod’s description.
Sydney We did try to warn you about that.
Lyle And how was Detective Evans?
Miss Parker You had me followed?
Lyle Yes I did. And I want to know everything you know and I want to know now.
Miss Parker Jarod’s become part of a robbery crew. Evans thinks their next target will be the Federal Diamond Depository in Wilmington. I think we should blanket the area and grab the whole bunch on the way in.
Brigitte I disagree.
Broots Oh what a surprise.
Sydney You have a better plan?
Brigitte You’ve tried an open snare approach before. Jarod’s too smart to let us grab him on the outside. You let him inside the vault, lull him into a false sense of security and take him… clean.
Miss Parker Why don’t we just mail him the diamonds and call it a day. I know Jarod, the way he thinks.
Brigitte Yet you still can’t catch him.
Lyle Ladies! We follow Bridget’s plan. Mr Broots you’ll be given complete control of the security system at the diamond depository.
Broots You can do that?
Lyle I suggest you visit the building and begin implementing a total lockdown of the facility.
Sydney I don’t believe this will work.
Lyle I think it’s time to end this pursuit of Jarod once and for all.
Miss Parker  You can do that?
Nick Dewey got these photos of the Depository this morning and the keycard will allow us to penetrate the outside security system.
Jarod Bodies on the ground?
Nick Minimal.
Scott I made the lock system this morning. It’s hard wired infrared.
Nick Can you beat it?
Scott Yeah! I can beat it.
Nick We have no problem then.
Jarod Oh no. Not now.
Nick What did you say?
Jarod Ah Nothing.
Nick You look a little shook up.
Jarod No. No I’m fine.
Nick We’re all set then?
Jarod Oh no.
Jarod getting ready for pretend
Broots The coloured areas represent access points of the depository. When the grid is red the building is locked down. When it’s green obviously it’s, it’s not. My guess is that Jarod and his crew will disarm the video monitoring system as soon as they gain entry but it won’t matter though because I’m the only one with the password to operate the system.
Brigitte Very impressive Mr Broots.
Lyle I’m confident that Mr Broots has covered all contingencies.
Miss Parker Are you confident Mr Broots?
Broots Here we go!
Scott We own it.
Miss Parker All right. They’re inside. Let’s end this.
Brigitte Not yet.
Miss Parker Not yet? He’s sitting there waiting for us…
Brigitte And knowing that gives us the upper hand. The advantage of surprise.
Lyle Your point?
Brigitte We have him Mr Lyle. Let’s not make another mistake.
Nick What is that? What are you doing?
Jarod I could stop and could explain it to you or I could just do it and get the hell out of here. The choice is yours.
Sydney Jarod would never have walked in here without a plan to walk out.
Lyle We stay the course.
Miss Parker Look, you want to sit on your collective thumbs, fine. I’m going to do my job.
Brigitte I won’t allow you to compromise this situation.
Miss Parker You gonna shoot me?
Scott Done.
Nick What happened?
Jarod Drill bit cracked.
Nick You got another one?
Jarod Yeah in my bag.
Nick I’ll get it.
Jarod No. No No. I’ll get it. I know where it is. Pull out the broken bit.
Nick Make it fast.
Jarod Scotty, give me a hand over here will you?
Scott Yeah, one second. I’m nearly done.
Jarod Now.
Scott Yeah, sure.
Nick Hey! You open these doors.
Jarod I want Scotty’s son brought back
to him.
Nick Open the doors.
Scott What are you doing?
Jarod Maybe you don’t understand English. I want Shawn released. I know Dewey’s got him so you call him and you tell him to cut him loose.
Nick You open the door or you die.
Jarod Go ahead.
Nick Tell him Scotty.
Scott Nick don’t.
Jarod Shoot. You see, sometimes looking dangerous is enough and sometimes it’s not. Now call him! Dial!
Scott Come on.
Nick This is Nick. Let the kid go. Yes! Right now!
Jarod The phone? Mm mm mm. You should have called Trinney.
Nick Scotty, you let me out of here.
Scott You know, every night for ah, seven years I thought about, you know, what you were doing. And then when I get out, I finally get my life back, you take my son.
Nick Scotty that was business.
Scott This is personal. Let’s get out of here.
Nick Don’t leave me here Scotty. Scotty! Don’t leave me here! Scotty. Scotty!
Broots Hey! I got two on the move.
Sydney Jarod.
Miss Parker Give me my gun. If you want Jarod, give me my gun.  Tell the sweeper teams to move.
Broots Wait. What the hell is this? All the access points in the building are unlocking.
Lyle One area’s still secured? What’s that?
Scott Shawn! Son? Shawn.
Jarod Shawn. Shawn!  Scotty!
Scott Yeah? Shawn. Oh, oh oh. Oh my God! I was like,  so scared, you know. You uh, you okay?
Shawn I’m okay.
Scott Yeah, yeah? You’re fine? You’re fine?
Shawn Dad, don’t make a big deal.
Scott Oh! Oh!
Jarod Look, I hate to break this up but don’t you think you two should be hitting the road? Here, take this with you. Don’t worry, it’s money that was owed to me.
Scott Uh, you know, I don’t understand.
Jarod Consider it… an early father’s day present. Good luck huh?
Scott Thanks.
Jarod Good luck.
Sydney Sydney.
Jarod Hope your stay at the depository wasn’t too unpleasant.
Sydney No. You made quite an impression on the new regime. I hope this doesn’t end up making things harder for you.
Jarod Well, I appreciate your concern but that’s not why I called. I’ve been thinking… and I was wondering if you ever thought about what it would have been like to have been my father?
Sydney That was never an option Jarod… so I never allowed myself to even… entertain such a notion.
Jarod Well thank you Sydney, for your honesty anyway.