Project Description

2.01 Back From the Dead Again

Original air date: November 1, 1997
Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle
Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

As Jarod continues to deal with the death of his brother, Miss Parker and Sydney suddenly find themselves dealing with two new operatives at the Centre, Mr Lyle and Brigitte.
Jarod’s Discoveries: Halloween, Orange and Black candy, Dog Poop in a bag on a doorstep
Jarod’s Occupations: Monk, Anatomy Professor
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Howard

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

On Halloween, Jarod impersonates a college professor in hopes of unraveling the mystery behind the disappearance of a med student’s brother.

Sydney, Broots and Miss Parker travel to a monastery in Cuernavaca, Mexico, the location where Jarod was last seen.  Parker phones the Centre, and learns that her father has not shown up for work in two weeks.  Both Sydney and Broots agree that the Tower has been abuzz with peculiar activity of late… ever since Raines was shot.  The threesome meet with a monk, who describes how “Brother” Jarod was plagued by nightmares before his disappearance.  Jarod’s room at the monastery contains skeletal icons.  Sydney believes that the morbid images clearly indicate Jarod is seeking closure in the loss of his brother.

Jarod turns up at a medical school in Philadelphia in the guise of a college professor.  There, he introduces himself to three first-year med students: Chloe, attractive and caring; Joel, a trouble-maker; and Fernando, a 22-year-old whose brother, a fellow med student, mysteriously vanished.  Their discussion is interrupted by Dr. Christopher Fein, who warns the group not to use cadaver parts for Halloween parties.  Jarod tells Fein he joined the college so he could take part in Fein’s groundbreaking research with a cardiac resuscitation drug.  Later, Jarod meets Fein’s brother, Sheldon, a mortician who supplies the school with corpses.

When Miss Parker returns to the Centre, she discovers a charismatic charmer, Mr. Lyle, in her father’s office.  Lyle explains that the powers that be have grown tired of the office’s inefficiency and its inability to capture Jarod.  As a result, he will be filling in for Miss Parker’s father for the foreseeable future.  But Lyle isn’t the only new addition to the office: Brigitte, a stunning blonde with an ice-cold demeanor, has been chosen as the new Cleaner.  Sydney suspects that Lyle is part of the Triumvirate, who, he surmises, are now seizing control until Raines’ shooter can be identified.

A bond slowly develops between Jarod and Fernando (both men lost their brothers).  During one of their conversations, Jarod experiences a flashback in which he is shoved inside a tubular chamber.  Jarod telephones Sydney.  He states that every moment of his life is catalogued on DSAs…except for the last three weeks in October during the year before he fled.  Later, Sydney realizes Mr. Raines sent him out of the country to attend a symposium on the exact dates Jarod mentioned.

Joel tells Jarod that he and Enrique recruited transients for Dr. Fein’s research projects.  One night, Dr. Fein gave Joel and Enrique money to locate a homeless man named Broad Street Bill.  The pair were successful, but at eleven o’clock that same night, Enrique, behaving strangely, left to bury a dead woman by the name of Marisa Hall.  The lateness of the hour strikes Jarod as unusual.  He accesses Hall’s burial record for further details.  By using fingerprint identification, he determines that Hall’s body is still in the lab.  Later, Jarod exhumes the coffin at a graveyard.  He discovers Enrique’s corpse inside… and realizes he was buried alive.  Jarod tells Sheldon that a detective stopped by with an exhumation order for Marisa Hall.  He then “lets slip” that the detective discovered Hall’s corpse inside the lab.  Realizing the game is over, Sheldon reveals that Enrique grew upset when Fein asked that the transient’s body be quietly cremated.  Shortly thereafter, Enrique disappeared.

Meanwhile, Broots sneaks inside Raines’ office and makes off with the DSA files.  As he, Miss Parker and Sydney view the footage, Jarod gains access to Fein’s lab.  Parker and the others realize that Raines and Lyle subjected Jarod to an experiment during which his heart was deliberately stopped—and then revived with an experimental medication.  Back at Fein’s lab, Jarod reaches the same conclusion: He was killed, if only for a moment, by Raines and Lyle.

Jarod tricks Fein into returning to the graveyard.  He knocks Fein into a coffin and swings down the lid, trapping him inside.  As Jarod begins shoveling dirt onto the coffin, Fein admits he used a homeless man as a human guinea pig for his experiments—knowing full well that no one would investigate if he disappeared.

Miss Parker visits Raines at the Centre’s infirmary.  She begins pulling away his skin grafts, layer by layer, asking Raines to identify Mr. Lyle.  In great pain, Raines tells her that Lyle is “the boogie man.”  Later, Jarod dresses up for Halloween, telling Sydney he is disguised as the scariest creature he could think of—Mr. Raines.


Jarod No No No No Nooooooooo!
Miss Parker Well, my father didn’t just vanish… I am not his secretary… You’re supposed to know where he is. I hate attitude.
Sydney Problem at The Centre?
Miss Parker Well, my father’s been at his desk in The Tower at 7 am for the last thirty-five years. Two weeks in a row he’s a no show.
Broots That’s weird.
Sydney There’s a great deal of peculiar activity in The Tower of late and now it’s trickling down to us.
Broots Tell me about it. They’ve even jacked up the prices in all of the vending machines. A bag of Funyans sets me back a buck now. Well it’s true. Let’s face it. The place has been different ever since…
Miss Parker Go ahead Broots, say it. Ever since Raines was shot.
Sydney Well don’t look at me. I’m no marksman.
Broots Hey, I didn’t even want to take a gun, remember?
Miss Parker Well, if I’d shot Sterno-head he would be snoring through dirt now instead of filling bed-pans in The Centre burn unit. Excuse me.
Monk I have met thousands of men from all walks of life who sought retreat here. But I had never met anyone quite like Brother Jarod. He spent all of his time in his cell. He barely ate. Never slept. But given the severity of his nightmares I suppose that is understandable. He had such sadness in his soul.
Miss Parker Not exactly Home and Garden.
Sydney Dia de los Muertos. Day of the Dead.
Monk A Mexican Festival similar to your Halloween in which cemeteries are prepared to welcome back the departed.
Sydney These morbid images may explain Jarod’s long silence. Clearly some sort of preoccupation with death?
Miss Parker Speaking of death. Look at this Syd.
Broots A hand carved coffin.
Monk Jarod made it himself. It was always with him.
Miss Parker This is the same type of notebook that his brother Kyle used.
Sydney Jarod’s grieving. Searching for closure in the loss of his brother.
Broots Then, uh, who’s this coffin for?
Miss Parker What’s it mean, Freud?
Sydney Someone’s going to die.
Joel Who wants to touch it?
Chloe You’re sick!
Joel Ah don’t be spooked Chloe. We’re going to be dissecting them all year.
Fein Joel, you shouldn’t touch the cadaver until the prof gets here.
Joel Fernando, I have been waiting all year to get into this class. Besides I don’t think this one’s gonna mind. Ah! Ah! AHHH!
Jarod Think again.
Joel Oh! Who the hell are you?
Jarod Jarod Howard, your new professor.
Joel Oh… oh…. that’s not… that’s not funny, man.
Jarod And mocking the dead is? I want each of you to understand that there’s only one unforgivable sin in my class. I will not under any circumstances tolerate any disrespect for these cadavers. Underneath each of these plastic sheets lies a human being. Many of these bodies they come to us unknown and unclaimed which means that they died alone and afraid. No friends. No homes. Forgotten by their families and thrown away by society. Therefore they will not be disrespected in this classroom.
Fein Take those words to heart. Halloween’s coming up and if I hear of a student taking a head or an arm to a party I will personally expel them from the program.
Chloe Dr Fein. Will there be enough cadavers for each group this term?
Joel Who’s being sick now?
Jarod Well if there aren’t enough, there are several pre-dissected bodies from last semester that will be available.
Chloe I plan on being a surgeon. I need to get a feel for what I’m going to do. I can’t learn if it’s just pick and point.
Fein As a matter of fact there are more cadavers being delivered after class. So I will need a couple of volunteers.
Jarod I believe that these two will be just fine.
Miss Parker Finally. Thank God you’re back  Daddy. Good news! We found Jarod’s last lair. Yeesh! I’ll have it analysed… But only God knows what he’s up to this time. Who the hell are you?
Lyle Nein. Nein. Nein, nein.. hÃren sie zu… Ich wusste sie würden es einsehen. Wiedersehen  You must be Miss Parker. You look just like your mother.
Miss Parker Where’s my father?
Lyle He’s… away as I understand it.
Secretary Mr Lyle, your 10:30 is here.
Lyle Oh, send her in.
Miss Parker And, uh, what, Mr Lyle, are you doing in my father’s office?
Lyle Oh, I’m just… filling in. Brigitte. Good morning. Have you met Miss Parker? Brigitte is… the new cleaner.
Miss Parker The new cleaner?
Brigitte I’ve had the diorama analysed. A preliminary report on my findings.
Miss Parker How did she get a report on Jarod’s last lair when Sydney and I just returned?
Lyle To be honest, Brigitte actually beat you there.
Brigitte Only by a couple days.
Miss Parker Huh. Okay. Don’t flip out. What, am I in the Twilight Zone?
Lyle We thought it would be a good idea to have Brigitte provide assistance in the capture of Jarod.
Miss Parker I don’t need assistance. And who exactly, is we?
Lyle I am. The powers are tired of the way things have been run, tired of the inefficiency, angry that Jarod’s still out there.
Brigitte I don’t understand why it’s so hard to capture one man.
Miss Parker Jarod’s not just a man. He’s a pretender. A human chameleon. A genius who can literally become anyone he wants to be.
Lyle And he almost found his family, Miss Parker. Imagine the ramifications.
Miss Parker I know. But we have made progress.
Lyle Yes, we. Is this Sydney, an impediment?
Brigitte Or… should he be removed?
Miss Parker Sydney raised Jarod. There is an emotional umbilical between them. Sever it and you’ll never see Jarod again.
Lyle The Centre is tired of Jarod’s actions. If he’s really as smart as you say he is, and you are really as smart as I hear you are, I’d think you’d welcome any help you can get since that’d be the wise thing to do. We’re gonna to be late. If you hear from your father, let me know.
Fein Well Jarod. Your CV is quite impressive. Undergrad from Vanderbilt, Masters in anatomy from Duke, graduated with distinction from University of London. Great accomplishments for a young man.
Jarod Well, I’m a quick study.
Fein I must admit that I’m a little surprised that you’d be willing to teach gross anatomy to first year med students.
Jarod Well actually, I’m here to work with you. I’ve been following your progress as a research fellow. I understand you’ve made some great strides with the cardiac resuscitation drug. My guess, from your history, it’s a blend between class-four acetylcholines and some sort of generic digitalis.
Fein It’s supposed to be a secret.
Jarod A pharmaceutical research race with the Brits. You can’t keep that sort of thing quiet.
Fein You’re a smart man Jarod. You should have been an MD instead of a PHD.
Jarod Well, either way they still call me Doctor.
Joel Dr Howard, Dr Fein, Dr Howard! Yo… oh!
Jarod See what I mean?
Jarod Joel, Fernando. Take the cadaversto the cold room and give them a muslin formaldehyde wrap.
Joel Oh, I already did it.
Sheldon Joel works part time at the mortuary. Sheldon Fein.
Jarod Jarod Howard, faculty. Fein and Fein?
Fein Sheldon and I are brothers.
Sheldon Christopher became a doctor trying to put the family business out of business.
Chloe Fernando. There’s Detective Keyes. Maybe you should go talk to her. Maybe she found something.
Sheldon I need to get out of here.
Fein Joel, The vouchers for the cadavers are on my desk. Get them for ah Sheldon will you?
Joel Yeah, sure.
Sheldon Just send them over.
Jarod Fernando seems sad.
Chloe Yeah, he should. His brother disappeared last Halloween. I’ll take this body to the lab.
Miss Parker Who the hell is Mr Lyle?
Broots All I know is he’s been barking a lot of orders and all the smart people seem to be following them.
Sydney Maybe he’s part of the Triumvirate.
Broots The Triumvirate?
Miss Parker What the hell would they be doing here?
Sydney Seizing power? Their appearance certainly would explain your father’s disappearance.
Broots Not to mention the price of Funyuns.
Miss Parker Why would they make my father disappear?
Broots ‘Cause someone shot Raines.
Sydney Hmm! And they’re not gonna stop until they find out who did it.
Miss Parker Well, I’m not going to stop until I find out who Mr Lyle is.
Bruno Yo. Don’t tell me you’re moving into this dump. They say it’s haunted.
Jarod The house?
Bruno No. The fence. Place is prime Halloween target. I’m talking egging, toilet paper, smashed pumpkins. Tell you what. For fifty bucks I’ll make sure nobody
trashes it.
Jarod I’ve heard about this Halloween, a ritual where people bring body parts to celebrations?
Bruno Ain’t been invited to one of those. Around here it’s mostly teens raising hell or kids doing trick or treat thing.
Jarod Trick or treat?
Bruno What are you? From Bosnia? Trick or treat. Where kids dressed up like goons, go knock on people’s doors and people give them candy.
Jarod Oh…. Why?
Bruno Because they know you’re coming and if they don’t you might trash their house.
Jarod So it’s extortion.
Bruno Now you’re catching on, Bosnia boy. Remember fifty bucks. Money well spent. Name’s Bruno. You need enforcement around here… I’m the man.
Jarod I’ll remember.
Jarod Now take your rib spreader. Crack open the sternum allowing access to the heart.
Joel Oh man!
Chloe It is amazing to think that that once pumped blood through this body.
Jarod Now in order to remove the cadaver’s heart, carefully dissect through the pericardial sac. Now remove the attachments of the aorta and the pulmonary veins and arteries. There shouldn’t be much fluid.
Joel Excuse me.
Chloe I’ll go make sure he doesn’t get it on his shoes!
Jarod Mmm.
Fernando The ancient Greeks believed that the brain was the home of the consciousness.
Jarod And the heart was the home of the soul. That’s an interesting crucifix. I spent some time in Cuernavaca. The artisans there they make one very similar.
Fernando They made this one. My… my grandmother’s from Cuernavaca. She raised us after my parents were killed. She gave my brother Enrique and me identical ones before we came here to go to school, for good luck.
Jarod I heard about your brother’s disappearance. I’m sorry. They say in some cultures that the bond between brothers can be so strong, they can feel each other’s pain. Can you feel his?
Fernando Do you have a brother?
Jarod Yes.
Fernando Do you feel his pain?
Jarod Every day.
Fernando I feel my brother in my heart, but he can’t feel me any more. Enrique’s luck ran out. I just hope that when his heart stopped he didn’t feel any pain.
Jarod Noooo!
Jarod Where am I?
Jarod Where am I?
Jarod Where am I?
Jarod Sydney.
Sydney Jarod! It’s been too long.
Jarod Part of my life is missing.
Sydney You sound troubled.
Jarod Exhausted. I can’t sleep.
Sydney This could be the processing of your emotions regarding the loss of family. Your brother?
Jarod No I understand that pain. This is different. Every time I close my eyes I go somewhere… somewhere terrible.
Jarod Noooooo!
Jarod I get to this same point in this living nightmare but I… I can’t finish it… I… I can’t go on.
Sydney Perhaps your subconscious doesn’t want to face what lies ahead. Let me help you. Tell me where you are.
Jarod You tell me where I was.
Sydney Where you were?
Jarod My entire life is on these DSA’s. From the moment you people stole me to the moment I escaped. Every breath I took, every SIM I did, every morsel of food I ate. Except for the last three weeks in October the year before I escaped.
Sydney There must be a mistake.
Jarod There is no mistake. Three weeks of my life is missing. Now I don’t know how I know, but it has something to do with my fear… with my nightmare. I need to know what happened.
Jarod I need to know what you did to me. I need to know.
Miss Parker Can I help you?
Brigitte Just getting my bearings.
Miss Parker Well keep them out of my office.
Brigitte Right.
Larron Okay. I’ve checked the summer house, the estate in Scotland and Bimini and no one knows where your father is.
Miss Parker Larron.
Larron Yes Miss Parker?
Miss Parker If she’s ever in my office again I’ll kill you.
Laren Yes Miss Parker.
Miss Parker What’s he doing out of his hole?
Sydney We found something we thought….
Miss Parker Outside. I don’t want to talk in there.
Sydney I searched through my old records. I was in Europe during the missing time that Jarod was talking about. The precise dates.
Miss Parker So?
Sydney It was a pointless symposium that I was ordered to attend by Mr Raines.
Broots I’m telling you, all the weirdness around here is courtesy of Mr Skin Grafts himself.
Sydney Mr Lyle shows up. Your father disappears. It’s too coincidental to be just a coincidence.
Miss Parker Syd, how is it that half the time you bumble around here without a clue and the other half you’re a sage that knows everything? What’s that about?
Sydney Survival.
Broots Oh. Ah. Um…I’m gonna go back to my hole.
Miss Parker First you’re gonna help me find out exactly who Mr Lyle is.
Broots And how do you expect me to do that?
Miss Parker Who knows all the dirty secrets around here?
Sydney Mr Raines.
Miss Parker Score one for Captain Kangaroo. While Raines is in the Infirmary you’re gonna hack into his archives and search for any references to Mr Lyle.
Broots Are you crazy?
Sydney And while you’re rifling through his archive find out what Raines was doing here while I was in Europe.
Broots Oh God! Oh come on!
Jarod Where are your study partners?
Fernando Joel is trying to hold down lunch, and, ah, Chloe went to get some. A Day of the Dead calavera. I guess you did spend some time in Cuernavaca.
Jarod Yes. It’s a little hobby I picked up when I was there.
Fernando Were you teaching?
Jarod No, I was a monk. But I did learn a lot about the Day of the Dead, about respecting and remembering those who came before.
Fernando Every year when we were little our grandmother would take us to our parent’s grave and we’d clean and decorate them with the calaveras that we would make. She’d tell us stories about them… you know, connect us to our roots. Do you do that at the graves of your relatives?
Jarod No. I don’t know where they are.
Fernando That’s why I want to find Enrique so that I can bury him properly.
Jarod You seem sure that he’s not alive.
Fernando The night he… ah… disappeared, he decided to skip the Halloween party and help me study for my pre-med exam. He never made it home. Part of me died last Halloween. It was the part that was connected to my brother. Some brothers don’t have that connection.
Bruno Nice place, if you’re trying to raise the dead.
Jarod I didn’t hear you knock.
Bruno That’s funny! Neither did I. You know, most adults aren’t into Halloween quite this much.
Jarod It’s research.
Bruno Hey! I downloaded all the back issues of the newspapers like you asked. Now where’s MY paper? I know that it’s none of my business but why did you want only the obituaries for the last few years?
Jarod You’re right. It’s none of your business. Here’s some trick or treat candy. I’m particularly fond of the black and orange kind. Very tasty!
Bruno The orange and black kind? You are from Bosnia. And I’m way too old for trick or treating.
Jarod Well, what do you do on Halloween?
Bruno Well, my favourite thing is to wrap dog poop in some newspaper, throw it on some old fart’s porch, set it on fire and run.
Jarod Why?
Bruno Because they come out and stamp on it.
Jarod Well, doesn’t that mess his shoes? Oh. Oh! Oh, oh oh. That’s good.
Jarod Good evening. I’m glad I caught you at work. I missed you in class today. I’m a little worried about your study group. I’m not sure you’re going to make it.
Joel Nah! Don’t worry Professor Howard. I’m not going to let them down.
Jarod It’s not about you. It’s about Fernando. His brother couldn’t handle it. I’m not sure he can.
Joel I knew Enrique and I know Fernando. He’s a rock.
Jarod So it’s true. Enrique couldn’t take the pressure.
Joel I saw him crack up myself. I was helping Enrique recruit homeless men for one of Dr Fein’s research projects. He had us search for this particular fellow called Broad Street Bill. But when I came in around 11 o’clock for the night shift Enrique started acting really strange. He called Dr Fein.
Jarod And after work, he went home?
Joel He went out to do a burial first.
Jarod At eleven o’clock at night?
Joel We do late burials here all the time. It saves money or something.
Investigating the bodies
Jarod Well Marisa. If you’re dead in my lab, then who’s buried in your grave?
Jarod Oh my God! Enrique! They buried you alive.
Sydney You had the nightmare again?
Jarod So what was it? Some kind of narcotics experiment? A nerve gas test? Or just the MRI from hell?
Sydney Whatever it was, Jarod, it was done without my knowledge. I’d been sent to Europe during the missing time. I’m doing everything I can to get you answers.
Jarod Do you ever think about death Sydney?
Sydney Not a day goes by where I don’t wonder if it could be my last.
Jarod Are you ill?
Sydney I work at The Centre. There are unsettling changes here.
Jarod Then walk away.
Sydney My work here isn’t finished…till you are out of jeopardy. You and…
Jarod Jacob. We can’t forget our brothers Sydney. In life… or in death.
Sheldon Oh. Ah. Ha ha ha. You were so quiet… I…
Jarod You must get a lot of that around here.
Sheldon Oh umm. Funny, yeah.
Jarod I was waiting for you. Your brother asked me to give you these vouchers for the cadavers.
Sheldon Oh. Okay. Thanks.
Jarod While I was waiting Detective Keyes came by looking for you.
Sheldon Detective Keyes?
Jarod Mnm hmm. You know the one. She’s helping Fernando find his brother, Enrique. Oh, she asked me to give you this. It’s an exhumation order for a woman named Hall. Marissa Hall. It’s very interesting Detective Keyes came by my lab today and she was fingerprinting cadavers. And there’s this pre-dissected cadaver from last year on my slab and I’ll be damned if it isn’t the very same Marisa Hall.
Sheldon Who are you?
Jarod Someone who wants to know how many more of your customers Detective Keyes is going to find in my lab and someone who wants to know why Enrique Ramos was buried alive in the grave that he dug.
Sheldon Oh no.
Jarod Yes.
Sheldon Oh no.
Jarod I dug him up myself. And unless you want to dig your grave any deeper I suggest that you tell me what he was doing there.
Sheldon Last Halloween my brother brought in the body of a homeless man. He told me to cremate it. Enrique was working later that night and when he saw the body he got really upset… and ah… He called my brother and the next thing I know my brother shows up looking for him and I told him Enrique was digging the plot for the Hall woman. I just assumed that he paid him to leave town.
Jarod He wasn’t quite that lucky.
Brigitte Can you believe they’ve raised the price of snack food.
Broots Oh… uh… oh.
Brigitte No bother. It’s my job to clean up around here anyway. Name’s Brigitte. Cat got your tongue luv?
Broots Oh no. It’s just that I… I thought I… I was the only one who actually ate those things around here.
Brigitte You’ve company now, Mr Broots.
Broots Ha Ha! thank You.
Brigitte By the way. Mr Raines isn’t in his office today.
Joel I really shouldn’t be doing this. Dr Fein doesn’t let anybody into this lab. He gets really paranoid someone’s going to poach his data. Even when I brought him test subjects they could only come in one at a time.
Jarod Like the homeless man you were telling me about?
Joel Um, Broad Street Bill? Yeah. Yeah. In fact Dr Fein did several tests on him.
Jarod And you haven’t seen him for almost a year, have you?
Joel No I haven’t.
Jarod And you never will. No one will.
Broots Raines had nothing on Mr Lyle in his archives. It’s like… it’s like he doesn’t exist.
Miss Parker Then why are you wetting your pants?
Broots Why? Because of that Brigitte. Rumour is she’s an assassin, and I know she saw me coming out of Raines’ office. And she called me mister. What do you think she means by that?
Miss Parker Let’s forget Princess Ice and start the damned disc.
Broots This disc is from Raines’ private archives.
Sydney My God, it’s Jarod.
Broots It’s from the time you were in Europe.
Joel See Nothing special. Nothing at all. Let’s go. Let’s get out of here, come on.
Jarod What’s in there?
Joel I don’t know. He never let me go any further than here. We really shouldn’t be doing this. What the hell is that?
Jarod No! No! Noooooo!
Miss Parker Who’s that with Mr Raines?
Joel Cardio Benzine. What?
Jarod It’s used to slow a patient’s heart rate. In large enough doses, to stop it.
Sydney Show me the gauges Broots. My God! Below freezing.
Miss Parker There! Stop it.
Broots Wait. Who… who is that?
Miss Parker Mr Lyle. The freak gets around more than Ed McMahon.
Broots Who is this guy?
Miss Parker I don’t know. And that’s what scares me.
Jarod Adrenal cortisene.
Joel Dr Fine’s experimental blood pressure drug?
Jarod Experimental, yes. Blood pressure, no. He was using it to revive heart response.
Joel What did he… what’d he need these for?
Jarod For when it didn’t work.
Miss Parker Jarod’s flatlined.
Sydney They were killing him.
Raines Clear. Clear. Clear.
Jarod That’s what they did to me.
Joel Do you think Dr Fein was trying to kill his subjects?
Jarod He killed them all. For a minute or two anyway. And then he’d revive them.
Joel Broad Street Bill?
Jarod The one who didn’t come back.
Kids Trick or treat?
Jarod Who wants Pez?
Kids Trick or treat?
Jarod Here you go.
Jarod Dr Fein? It’s Jarod. I’m sorry to disturb you but Sheldon was looking for you. Something about an exhumation order.
Fein Exhumation? Did he say who?
Jarod Some woman named Hall. Do you want me to go down there? A mix up with the cadavers, well that could be very bad for the school.
Fein No. No. Ah, I’ll handle it.
Jarod Whatever you say boss.
Jarod Trick or treat?
Fein You scared the hell out of me.
Jarod Well it is after all what this holiday is all about, isn’t it? Oh you’re too late. He’s gone.
Fein Who’s gone?
Jarod Enrique. You know. The other man you killed.
Fein What kind of sick prank are you trying to play?
Jarod It isn’t a prank. It’s a life lesson. You know, in some cultures they believe that the spirit of a man killed in anger returns to exact revenge upon his perpetrator. Spooky huh?
Fein I’m getting out of here.
Jarod Oh no, you can’t leave Dr Fein. This is the Day of the Dead. And you sir are the special guest.
Fein Let me out of here Jarod. This isn’t funny.
Jarod I know. It would be awful to be buried alive especially with that on your shoe.
Fein Ahhhh. Jarod.
Jarod Shh shhn shh shh shh. There’s no reason to wake the dead. You’re going to be joining them soon enough.
Fein Jarod please.
Jarod Did Enrique discover that you had killed one of the research subjects that he had recruited for you?
Fein You’re crazy.
Jarod Ah ah ah. That is not a very nice thing to say to a man with a shovel is it?
Fein Will you let me out of here? Let me out of here Jarod, please.
Jarod You took an innocent, homeless man and you turned him into your guinea pig. Someone to test your heart drug on. Someone that you didn’t think
would be missed if it didn’t work. Well it didn’t work, did it? And someone did miss him. Enrique. So you buried him alive to save your research. Didn’t
you? Didn’t you? Didn’t you? Didn’t you?
Fein Yes! Yes! Now, let me out of here.
Jarod Screaming isn’t going to help you conserve your oxygen. And believe me you’re going to need all you can get.
Fein No. No. No Jarod. No.
Jarod Happy Halloween.
Fein Jarod. J-Jarod. Jarod! Jarod! Jarod!
Jarod Wait fifteen minutes, then call Detective Keyes.
Bruno Think he’s got enough air in there?
Jarod Yeah. More than enough. But he doesn’t need to know that.
Fein Jarod! Jarod!
Bruno You know Bosnia boy, this is the best Halloween I’ve ever had.
Fein Jarod! Jarod! Jarod! Jarod!
Joel Wow C minus huh?
Chloe Will you stop. I did not get a C minus.
Joel Oh yes you did. C minus.
Chloe I did not. I think you got a C minus, is what I think.
Joel Yes, very bad. Oh yeah.
Chloe Oh you, my friend!
Miss Parker You were expecting Florence Nightingale?
Raines What do you want?
Miss Parker Answers. The kind that only you can give me. Your skin grafts are healing nicely. Hmm, let’s not have another blowout shall we? Nobody’s going to hear us. Nobody can see us. And nobody is going to come save you. It’s just you and me. Now I want to know where my father is? Where… is… my… father?
Raines I… I don’t know.
Miss Parker Is he dead?
Raines I… don’t… know.
Miss Parker Who is Mr Lyle? Who is he?
Raines He’s the bogeyman.
Jarod They stopped my heart. Why?
Sydney I don’t know. Why does Mr Raines do anything he does?
Jarod He wasn’t alone. The other man.
Sydney Mr Lyle. He’s here at The Centre now. I won’t let this go. I promise you that.
Jarod Well, neither will I.
Sydney Will you be alright?
Jarod I’ll survive. Even if it is the Day of the Dead.
Sydney Halloween.
Jarod Which I happen to be late for. Trick or treating you know.
Sydney Dressed as what?
Jarod The scariest creature I can think of.
Jarod Trick or Treat?

A big thanks to Ines for the German translation.