Project Description

1.19 Jarod’s Honor

Original air date: May 3, 1997
Written by: Chris Ruppenthal & Tommy Thompson
Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

An anonymous email promising clues concerning his past sends Jarod to New Orleans, while Sydney receives a note telling him to go to Minneapolis.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Animal Figurines
Jarod’s Occupations: Hitman
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Doe


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

In New Orleans, Jarod impersonates a dead hit man…and searches for a clue to his own past.


After Jarod gets an e-mail containing a man’s picture and a note telling him to go to New Orleans for a clue about his past, he arrives at a hotel room…but finds it in a shambles, with an injured man on the floor.  Jarod performs CPR, but it’s too late and the man dies.  Finally, Jarod looks around, sees a scar on the man’s knee, and a case full of guns nearby.  Just then the phone rings, and a man on the other end, Donny, asks about a “hit”—revealing the dead man is a contract killer.  Meanwhile, back at the Centre, Sydney receives a note telling him to go to a hotel in Minneapolis for another clue about the past.  Back in New Orleans, Donny takes Jarod, who’s now pretending to be the hit man, to see his uncle Tug, a nightclub owner, who hires Jarod to kill a man named Benjamin Worth.  A bit later, Sydney and Miss Parker arrive at the Minneapolis hotel, where Sydney is amused to see a convention of twins in full swing.  Back in New Orleans, Jarod sends Donny, who has been assigned to verify Ben’s death, off on an errand, then goes to the house shown in the fax he received.  There, a neighbor says the man in the photo, Sonny Herbert, used to investigate missing children, and tells Jarod where to find his old office.  Then, a bit later, as Ben frolics in a pool…Jarod sticks a gun into his neck.

A bit later, Jarod goes back to his hotel room, and practices breathing through a tube from underwater in the bathtub.  Then he loads the real hit man’s body into the shower, fills the stall with ice, and goes off with Donny to carry out the hit on Ben.  Back at the twin convention, two women, Millie and Tillie, approach Sydney, calling him “Dr. Jacob,” and reveal they were once a part of a study at the Centre.  At Ben’s house, Jarod enters first, and when Donny follows a moment later, he finds Jarod taking pictures of Ben’s dead body.  When he finishes, Jarod and Donny drive the body to a deserted road, and bury it. Then they return to Tug’s club, where Tug gives Jarod a picture of his next victim.  A bit later, back at his hotel, Jarod asks Ben, who’s very much alive (he used a tube to breathe through the dirt when Jarod buried him), why Tug wants him dead, and Ben explains that Tug wants to buy a club which Ben owns, but refuses to sell.  Jarod shows Ben the picture of the next victim, which Ben says is his estranged wife, Doris.  A bit later, Jarod goes to Sonny Herbert’s old office, where the manager says another man, fitting Raines’ description, also visited recently, but didn’t find anything of interest.  Now, however, he remembers some old files in the basement…but although this news excites Jarod, he’s quickly disappointed to learn the files contain no information about him.

Back in Minneapolis, as Sydney flashes back to his and Jacob’s car accident, Millie and Tillie return, and tell Sydney that they remember seeing Jacob, just days before the car accident, arguing with Mr. Raines, who pulled a gun on Jacob.  In New Orleans, Jarod visits Sonny’s old secretary, who says Sonny’s still alive, but in the hospital, in and out of consciousness, after being critically injured in a fire not long ago.  A bit later, Jarod goes to Ben’s wife’s house, and as he goes inside to talk to her, Donny watches from across the street.  Then, suspicious, Donny returns to Ben’s grave, digs it up and is furious to find it empty.

A bit later, Donny and Tug confront Jarod, but Jarod insists he moved Ben’s body to keep it hidden, and then shows Tug a photo of Doris Worth, bound and gagged, to prove he is setting up her murder.  Tug calms down, but asks to verify Jarod’s identity by seeing the scar he has heard the hit man bears on his knee.  There’s a tense moment, but then Jarod rolls up his pants and, sure enough, there’s a large scar, which satisfies Tug.  After Tug and Donny leave, Jarod goes with Ben and Doris to a clearing in the woods and puts Doris in a locked car, which has a tube going from the exhaust pipe to the interior.  Just then, Tug and Donny arrive, and when Tug is satisfied Doris will die, he asks Donny to kill Jarod.  Jarod, however, knocks them both down, takes Doris out of the car, and locks Donny and Tug inside instead.  Then he and Ben set up a video camera, and as the car starts to fill with exhaust, Jarod gets Tug and Donny to confess to hiring a hit man to kill Ben and Doris.  Finally, Jarod puts the confession tape in the trunk, where he is also stashed the real hit man’s body, and, after explaining to Ben and Doris that the car only has enough gas in its tank to run another few seconds (which means Tug and Donny will still be very much alive when the police arrive), he drives away.  Back in Minneapolis, Sydney imagines talking to a ghost of Jacob’s younger self, and says he realizes now that Jacob was in trouble.  Meanwhile, Jarod goes to Sonny Herbert’s room, and shows him a picture of Jarod’s mother…but while Sonny does remember the woman once hired him to look for her missing son, he slips back into unconsciousness before he can remember her name.  Finally, much later, Jarod calls Sydney to thank him for sending Sonny’s photo, but Sydney says he wasn’t the one who sent it.  He thanks Jarod for sending him to the twins’ convention, but Jarod also insists the invitation didn’t come from him.  And then, as we see them both wondering who did contact them, we see Angelo, watching Sydney from inside a nearby air vent.


Email Jarod, travel to New Orleans to see man in picture. May hold key to the past. Sydney
Hotel Maison Rouge. New Orleans, Louisiana
Attendant Here’s your keys sir. You’re in room 323.
Man Help me, help me.
Jarod Hello? Hello. Hello? Is there anybody here?
Man Help me. Help me.
Jarod Sir? Don’t you die on me. Don’t you die on me, damn it! Don’t die. Come on. Wake u. Come on.
Woman on Phone Front desk, can I help you?
Jarod No. Never mind.
Jarod on phone Yeah.
Donny I’m downstairs. We gonna do this hit?
Jarod Hit?
Donny Don’t jerk me around. We gotta take this guy out today. Are you in or out?
Jarod I’m in.
Donny How am I gonna recognise you?
Jarod I have a limp.
The Centre
Broots Miss Parker is trying to quit smoking? How?
Sydney Nicotine patch. Personally I can only applaud that resolve.
Broots Sydney, resolve is ont thing, but homicide is another.
Miss Parker I just got word Jarod made contact.
Broots How are you feeling?
Miss Parker Guess.
Broots Okay. We got a high priority email from Jarod but it was addressed to Sydney.
Miss Parker Put it on the screen.
Broots It was uh tagged ‘personal’.
Miss Parker On the screen!
Sydney It’s alright Broots. I don’t have any secrets from Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Haven’t you ever seen anyone chew gum before? “Sydney, you’re expected at the Twin Cities Hotel in Minneapolis Minnesota on the 22nd for a very special gathering. May hold key to the past. Jarod.” The 22nd is today. Who else knows about this?
Broots Uh, no one.
Sydney Can you get the corporate jet ready for takeoff? Minneapolis. One passenger.
Miss Parker One?
Sydney Well, the message was for me.
Miss Parker Well, when it comes to Jarod there is no ;me’, only “us’.
Sydney Oh. Make it two passengers.
Broots Take this, you’ll need it.
New Orleans
Man We’re around back, we’ll meet you in the alley. Check you all out front.
Donny You don’t look like no stone killer to me.
Jarod Well, looks aren’t everything.
The Centre
Broots Yes, I’d like to have a carton of menthol cigarettes waiting on her pillow for when she arrives. Uh, yes, the name is Parker, Miss Parker. Oh jolly good. That would be lovely. Really. Well, thank you. Very good. Cheers. Broots here. Mr Raines? Uh, sir. Secur… s…s…security situation? Uh, no, I don’t, uh… I don’t know anything about any, uh, transmissions concer… concerning Jarod.
New Orleans
Beaulieu Come on in. How you doin’? Come on over, have a seat.
Jarod I’ll stand.
Donny Mr Beaulieu offered you a chair.
Beaulieu Hush up Donny. You’re gonna have to forgive my nephew. He’s young. He’s just full of the devil. You ever suck a crawfish, Mr, uh…
Jarod Doe. Jarod Doe. Not that I recall.
Beaulieu Well, it’s real simple. You just rip the head of like that and suck.
Jarod I’d like to get this over with as quickly as possible.
Beaulieu Well, I admire your candour, Mr Doe. Ain’t enough of it in the world to suit me. Reason you was hired… was you have no past connections here in New Orleans. Nobody knows your face. This, in turn, give you no future connections to me. Now the word is, you’re clean and discreet, except for that… picture taking business.
Donny Guy whacks people and takes snapshots? What’s that about?
Jarod Your business is your business… mine’s mine.
Beaulieu I want you to know the fact that you’re a cripple, uh… has no effect on my confidence in you.
Jarod That’s very generous.
Donny Maybe if you hang around, we can get you a special parking place in front of the club.
Beaulieu This old boy’s name is Benjamin Worth. His address is on the back.
Jarod Why do you want him killed?
Beaulieu Your business is your business and mine’s mine. Twenty five thousand now and twenty five thousand when it’s done. After confirmation of Worth’s death, you’ll get identification of a second target.
Jarod Second target?
Beaulieu Same deal. I’m gonna send Donny here with you to act as my eyes and ears. Have you got a problem with that or something? ‘Cause if you do, I can make a phone call ad get somebody else in here.
Jarod No problem. I’m your man.
Beaulieu Yeah, I know you are.
Donny What’s this?
Jarod I need film.
Donny Go to a drug store.
Jarod High speed, SGR 3200, black and white. For my snapshots.
Donny Where the hell am I supposed to find it?
Jarod That’s not my problem. Pick me up in my hotel in three hours.
Twin Cities Hotel, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Sydney My instincts say Jarod wouldn’t have brought me here without a reason.
Miss Parker I don’t care about your instincts. This whole thing is just another one of Jarod’s snipe hunts. What?
Broots on phone Where have you been? I’ve been trying to reach you.
Miss Parker Broots, calm down.
Broots Listen, Raines knows.
Miss Parker Knows what?
Broots About the transmission from Jarod.
Miss Parker Did you tell him where we are?
Broots No! But but, it’s just a matter of time before he comes down here and he’s snooping around. You know, he’s got this place wired.
Miss Parker Broots, where are you calling from? Mutant.
Sydney Is there a problem?
Miss Parker Isn’t there always? What the hell is going on?
Sydney I think I know why we’re here.
New Orleans
Woman It’s only been on the market three weeks. The plumbing’s shot and it needs a new coat of paint but you won’t find a safer neighbourhood in New Orleans.
Jarod It seems very nice.
Woman Are you from the real estate company?
Jarod Uh, no, ma’am, I’m not. Actually, ma’am, I represent a vintage automobile house in Baton Rouge. I was wondering… Do you know this man?
Woman Sonny Herbert. Oh, I haven’t seen him in nearly 25 years.
Jarod I’m interested in the car that he’s leaning on.
Woman His pride and joy. He used to live here. He had an office down in Fat City. I don’t remember exactly where. I can still see all those photographs he had pinned up around his room.
Jarod Photographs?
Woman Of the kids. Mr Herbert was a private investigator. He specialised in finding lost children.
Miss Parker What could possibly make this trip more depressing?
New Orleans
Ben Worth Oh, I’m thirsty. Come on. Sweetheart, go get yourself another Hurricane. Hurry up. Mmm. Ahh. Hey. What do you want?
Jarod I came here to kill you.
Jarod Well, that should work. But I’m going to need your help. Yeah, I’ll be right there. Gotta go. Stay cool.
Room Attendant I’m telling you, I don’t know where it all went.
Guest No, no, listen to me. Listen to me! I don’t care about excuses. For $300 a night I want ice!
Miss Parker Very funny, Sydney.
Sydney I’m sorry?
Miss Parker The cigarettes that you left on my pillow.
Sydney I had nothing to do with that.
Miss Parker Jarod. You told him about the patch, didn’t you?
Sydney I?
Twins Doctor?
Sydney Excuse me?
Twins We didn’t realise… that you’d be attending… the conference.
Miss Parker Excuse me. I need a very large drink.
Twins Don’t you…. recognise us? It’s Millie Pilcher and Tillie Pilcher. We were part of the week long international study program.
Sydney I’m afraid you’re mistaking me for someone else.
Twins We could never… forget you…Dr Jacob.
Sydney Jacob!!!
Jacob Sydney! Sydney!
New Orleans
Donny We’re really gonna do this. We’re gonna whack this guy out?
Jarod No, you’re gonna stay here and watch that gate.
Donny Hey, I came here to do the deed, not play watchdog.
Jarod Now you listen to me. This is not some field trip or a correspondence course that you order off the back of a match pack. People will die, and when they do, it will be done by me, my way, alone. Is that clear? Is that clear?
Donny Don’t have to get run over by no truck to get out of the road.
Donny He’s dead?
Jarod What the hell are you doing up here?
Donny I asked you a question.
Jarod Yeah, he’s dead.
Donny Everything went, um… smooth?
Jarod I didn’t hear any complaining. Help me carry him downstairs.
Donny I wanna see the body.
Jarod Are you kidding me?
Donny What do you think?
Jarod Now the next time you get the urge to stick a gun in my face, you better make sure you pull the trigger. Help me carry him downstairs.
Jarod Why are we stopping?
Donny Gonna get rid of the package.
Jarod Here?
Donny Uncle Tug’s fond of fertilising this field. Shovel’s in the back.
Sydney Jacob spent the next several months in the hospital. He was eventually transferred to a private-care clinic.
Twins when did… the accident occur?
Sydney August 2nd, ’67.
Twins Would you… excuse us? It was nice… meeting you.
Jarod Thanks for your help.
Donny You shoot ’em, you bury ’em.
Jarod Let’s go.
Jarod Souvenir of a dead man.
Beaulieu Did you see it happen?
Donny Not exactly.
Beaulieu Not exactly?
Donny I saw him plant the guy, but I wasn’t in there when he popped him.
Jarod I work alone. The pictures will give you the up close and personal. I’ll take the double prints.
Beaulieu Here’s our next target. This time I want it seen with real eyes. Understood?
Jarod It’s your party.
Donny Hey. When do we move?
Jarod I’ll call you.
Jarod Why does Tug Beaulieu want you dead?
Ben Worth Now, t hat’s the $64000 question.
Jarod He’s only paying me fifty.
Ben Worth Hey, put yourself in my shoes. You break into my house, you put a gun to my neck. You tell me somebody’s gonna kill me. Then you fake my murder, you bury me and you give me a straw to breathe through.
Jarod Your point?
Ben Worth The point is I don’t even know who the hell you are!
Jarod My name is Jarod. Why does Tug Beaulieu want you dead?
Ben Worth Business conflicts.
Jarod Conflicts?
Ben Worth I own some jazz clubs. Beaulieu wanted to buy me out. I wasn’t interested.
Jarod He’s willing to kill for those clubs?
Ben Worth The Quarter’s a small place, the the land’s invaluable. Wait a second. Where are you going?
Jarod Look, you’re not the only person that Beaulieu has a murder contract on.
Ben Worth Oh, my God!
Jarod What?
Ben Worth That’s my wife.
Jarod Y-your wife? B-but you were in the pool with… with…
Ben Worth Separated. We’re in a healing period. She runs one of the clubs, I run the other one.
Jarod Don’t answer the phone and don’t go in the bathroom.
Ben Worth W..w…well, wait a minute. Supposing I gotta, you know? I ain’t going in this.
Jarod Come here.
Ben Worth Who the hell is that?
Jarod That’s the guy that was really going to kill you.
Ben Worth Um, ice bucket will be just fine.
Jarod Good.
Real Estate Agent I’ve had the building on the market a couple of years. Haven’t had much interest since Mr Herbert went away. I’d have cleared out the rest of this junk but I’m just gonna blow the place up and sell the land.
Jarod Well, I’m sure glad you didn’t. Do you mind if I take a look?
Real Estate Agent Mm-mmm. So you say you’re one of those kids Sonny was lookin’ for?
Jarod I don’t know. I was hoping there was something that Mr Herbert had here that would heels my find my parents. You said that there were some other men that came looking for him?
Real Estate Agent Just for Mr Herbert disappeared. They claimed he owed them money. Tell the truth, they looked just like vending machines with heads. So I didn’t ask too many questions. Oh, there was a weird looking one with an oxygen tank.
Jarod Oxygen tank?
Real Estate Agent Yeah. Spooky-looking guy. Had deep set eyes. You know him?
Jarod We’ve met. Did they take anything?
Real Estate Agent They was in a pretty big hurry. I never got a chance to  tell ’em about the stuff down in the basement.
Jarod The basement?
Real Estate Agent A dozen boxes, full of files and photos. Mostly them missing kids.
Jarod Is this all there is?
Real Estate Agent That’s it.
Jarod It’s not here.
Real Estate Agent Nothin’ about your parents?
Jarod These files, they only go back 20 years.
Real Estate Agent Oh, I’m sorry. I’m not here. I’m not here! I’m not here. I’m not….here.
Jacob Get your mind off your career for one second will you? I’m talking about the children.
Sydney What’s so troubling about children, for God’s sake?
Jacob Do you know how we got those children?
Sydney I know what I need to know.
Jacob No, no. You know what the Centre wants you to know. You… you always do this. You always push away what doesn’t fit into your pristine view of the world.
Sydney And all you want to do is poison the good things in your life.
Jacob Sydney!
Sydney Jacob.
Twins We have to talk.
Ben Worth I don’t want to ruin your fun, but how long you plan on keepin’ him in here?
Jarod I don’t know. I’ve grown sort of attached to him.
Ben Worth That’s a sick man.
Woman I like it here. Peaceful, quiet.
Jarod The building manager told me that you worked for Sonny for the last 10 years.
Woman Eleven. He put an ad in the local paper and misspelled a few words. I took pity on him. What you want with him anyway?
Jarod When I was a little boy I was… separated from my parents. I believe they might have hired Mr Herbert to find me.
Woman You check all the files?
Jarod The don’t date back far enough. I need to speak to Sonny personally.
Woman That’s impossible.
Jarod Why’s that?
Woman He’s in a hospital. Burns over 80% of his body. Police say it was an accident, fell asleep smoking.
Jarod You don’t sound convinced.
Woman Sonny was an insomniac. He’d never have fallen asleep so deep that he’d set himself afire. I tried to tell the police, but there’s no record of his problem… so they let it go.
Jarod There’s something else.
Woman Sonny thought he was being followed. After he got hurt, I got scared.
Jarod Where is he now?
Woman VA hospital, Slidell.
Twins After we spoke earlier… we both had the same thought about your… accident.
Sydney Yes?
Twins You said the accident was on… August second…. 1967? The last time we saw… Dr Jacob… was on the Monday before.
Sydney And you can both remember a specific Monday 30 years ago?
Twins It was the day before our tenth birthday. And the first time we’d ever seen… a gun. Dr Jacob was shouting.
Sydney At you?
Twins Oh no, but it was a very… loud argument. The other man said “If you’re not part of the solution, then you’re part of the problem.” Then Dr Jacob began to argue back. And that’s when… he pressed the gun… into Dr Jacob’s neck. Dr Billy. Yes. Dr Billy.
Sydney Billy? You mean Dr William Raines.
Twins Dr Billy scared us to death.
Donny Son of a bitch!
Jarod Now, I’m going to forget you just did that and it would be disrespectful to kill you in front of family.
Beaulieu Where’s Ben Worth’s body?
Jarod Is that why you’re here? I moved him. Just in case hotshot here started mouthin’ off and somebody went looking you’d be protected. Not that you’d do something like that.
Donny What about the woman? I saw you go to her house, and you never came out.
Jarod You’ve been a busy boy. We all have quirks. Mine happens to be taking photos, as you know. But even that gets boring, so I decided to take some live ones. Now what did I tell you about pointing guns at me?
Beaulieu Put it up. She still alive?
Jarod For the time being. I’m going to do her in front of you. I know this little spot in the woods not too far from here. Perfect place for a woman who’s been abandoned by her husband to uh, park her car, roll up the window and gas herself.
Beaulieu Yeah, I knew you were the right man for the job. Wait a minute.
Jarod What?
Beaulieu Story on the limp is you took one running from the cops in Chicago. Doctor’s had to take an inch of bone out. True?
Jarod Yeah, it’s true.
Beaulieu Show me.
Jarod What?
Beaulieu Show me your knee.
Jarod Is there anything else you’d like to see?
Beaulieu Nah. Let’s go.
Donny I gotta use the can.
Beaulieu Donny! No. We’ve bothered Mr Doe enough for one day. And I’m not gonna let you foul up his hotel room on top of it. Now, let’s go.
Beaulieu So Jarod, is everything set?
Jarod Cops will think she killed herself, depressed about the disappearance of her husband and the failed business.
Beaulieu Well, that’s just fine.
Jarod Now, about my money.
Beaulieu Well, uh, got a little problem there.
Jarod What kind of problem?
Donny This kind.
Beaulieu Now you know why nothin’ ever lands on my doorstep. Do him.
Donny A pleasure.
Ben Worth Big mistake.
Jarod You never learn, do you? Doris.
Ben Come here, baby. Come here.
Jarod Get in.
Beaulieu How much you want?
Ben How much does he want? You were gonna kill my wife. YOu think you can buy your way out?
Jarod Alright, alright Ben. That’s enough. I think he gets the point.
Ben Yeah, right.
Jarod Get in, or die. You too squirrelly. Get in. Well, I think it’s about time for my last photo shoot. Now, I’m gonna ask you two some questions. You answer correctly, this’ll be over soon. Did you hire an assassin to kill Ben and Doris Worth?
Beaulieu I saw your leg! I seen that scar on there!
Jarod It’s neat huh? A little mortician’s wax, a little pancake make up, and viola. Now, did you contract for the killing of Ben and Doris Worth? I’m afraid that’s not gonna do you any good. And I wouldn’t try smashing the window. Shatterproof glass. Well now, looks to me like you boys aren’t interested in doing too much talking, so…
Beaulieu The exhaust!
Jarod Hey, good luck to the both of you.
Donny Okay, he hired you to kill ’em, to kill all of ’em!
Beaulieu Donny!
Donny I could tell you where he buried the bodies.
Jarod I can’t hear you.
Beaulieu Alright, Jarod, I did it. Alright Jarod, I’ll give you a hundred thousand dollars to open this door.
Jarod My, that’s an awful lot of money. A man would be crazy not to think that offer over. I thought it over. No deal.
Donny Jarod!
Ben Worth You’re just gonna let ’em die?
Jarod I only put enough gas in the tank to scare them. The engine should shut off in about 30 seconds. I wish I could stick around to see how they try to explain that tape to the police. They should be here any minute.
Ben Worth Hey, who could I say? Thanks pal.
Doris Thank you.
Jarod You two, you work well together, you should consider a merger.
Doris See?
Ben Worth Oh, please don’t start.
Sydney I miss you Jacob.
Jacob And I’ve missed you too, Sydney. Why has it taken you so long to talk to me?
Sydney I was afraid. I though that, um… If I tried and failed… you’d be gone forever. Jacob… that night in the car…
Jacob I’ve already told you, Sydney. It wasn’t your fault.
Sydney But you see, I wasn’t listening to what you were really trying to say to me. You were in trouble. You needed my help.
Jacob I was… ashamed. I couldn’t tell you what I’d done… the things…
Sydney Jacob, did Raines have anything to do with what happened to you, to us?
Jacob You know the answer to that, Sydney.
Miss Parker Sydney. You ready to go? Don’t say a word.
Burn Ward, VA Hospital, Slidell
Nurse You can try to speak to Mr Herbert, but since the accident, he drifts in and out of consciousness.
Jarod Mr Herbert, Mr Herbert. Sonny. My name is Jarod. Mr Herbert, 30 years ago my parents may have hired you to find me. You were a, a… private investigator. You, you used to help find lost children.
Mr Herbert Ch-children.
Jarod Mr Herbert. M-M-Mr Herbert. Do you recognise this woman? This is my mother.
Mr Herbert Oh.
Jarod Do you remember her name?
Mr Herbert Nice woman. Wanted to find her little boy.
Jarod Yes. That’s right. Do you remember her name? Mr Herbert. Mr Herbert, do you remember her name? Remember her name.
Sydney Hello.
Jarod Hello, Sydney.
Sydney Jarod.
Jarod I wanted to thank you for sending me the photograph.
Sydney What photograph, Jarod?
Jarod Sonny Herbert.
Sydney Jarod, I did not send you any photos. In fact, I was just about to thank you for the message letting me know about the Twins Convention.
Jarod Sydney, I didn’t send you any message.
Sydney Then who did?