Project Description

1.18 Unhappy Landings

Original air date: April 26, 1997
Written by: Juan Carlos Coto, Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Lawrence Meyers
Directed by: James Whitmore, Jr.

As a US Marshal, Jarod tries to protect a witness who’s scheduled to testify against a drug cartel, while a distraught Sydney makes an appointment with his psychiatrist.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Spam
Jarod’s Occupations: U.S. Marshal, Federal Prosecutor, Carnival Chili Cook
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Cody


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod goes undercover as federal marshal to protect a witness scheduled to testify against a drug cartel.


Aboard an airplane in Texas, federal marshals Garrison and Lane transport a “man of a thousand faces.”  But instead of Jarod, it’s a crook named Nicky…and Jarod enters wearing a marshal’s uniform. A bit later, Nicky ribs the marshals about the last two witnesses they transported:  Jimmy Rayford, who stabbed Garrison with a homemade knife and then jumped from the plane to his death…and Eugene Diggs, who ran away during another transport a week later.  A bit later, at the marshals’ office, Garrison explains that Eugene and Jimmy, best friends, owned an air freight company, got in trouble flying “special cargo” for the Colombians and then agreed to testify against the drug runners in exchange for reduced sentences.  Lane says Eugene is scheduled to testify in just three days, and the government’s case will fall apart if the marshals don’t find him.  A bit later, the marshals visit Eugene’s wife, Helen, who says Jimmy’s death scared Eugene, who no longer knows whom he can trust.  That night, Jarod watches old tapes that show him, as a boy, begging Sydney for a friend his own age. Later, Eugene’s lawyer, Michaels, summons the marshals to a phone call from Eugene. Garrison tries to bully Eugene into returning, but Jarod jumps in and talks to Eugene about loneliness.  Eventually, Lane traces the call to a small town phone booth.  The marshals go there, but as Jarod approaches Eugene, Garrison yells that Eugene has a gun.  Garrison starts shooting…and Eugene runs away again.

Meanwhile, at the Centre, Miss Parker asks Broots to run an unofficial Internet search for several missing children from the 1960s, and pushes him to keep at it even after his first attempt fails. In Texas, Jarod visits Helen again, and sees a photo of her and Eugene, taken on their honeymoon at a Corpus Christi motel.  Finally, Jarod wins Helen’s trust, and she admits that Eugene calls her at a pay phone.  Meanwhile, back in Washington, Sydney schedules an urgent meeting with his psychiatrist, Dr. Shafton, and tells her he hates Mr. Raines so much now, he often fantasizes about killing him.  Back in Texas, Lane tells Jarod that he feels responsible for Jimmy’s attack on Garrison, because he left Garrison alone with Jimmy right before the stabbing.  That night, Jarod watches another old tape, which shows him so desperate for a friend, he tries to run away to find one.  Jarod also watches a tape of Jimmy’s testimony, in which he insists his primary goal is to protect his friend, Eugene.  The next day, Jarod asks Michaels why, if all Jimmy’s requests to protect Eugene had been met, he would attack a federal marshal and jump to his death from an airplane.  Michaels doesn’t know, so that night, Jarod re-enacts Garrison’s attack story, using a dummy he carves from his latest culinary discovery—spam.  And the project clearly demonstrates that the details of Garrison’s story just don’t add up.

Back at the Centre, Broots finally locates one of the missing children, Darra Landers, who lives near Milwaukee…while Sydney, still at the doctor’s office, says he feels alone and helpless, and can’t take it much longer.  That night, Jarod goes with Helen to a bar where she gets a phone call from Eugene.  But when Eugene learns Jarod is there, too, he panics and runs.  Later, however, Jarod guesses that Eugene has run to somewhere he would feel safe, and he and Helen find Eugene at the honeymoon motel.  The next day, with Eugene back home under the marshals’ watch, Garrison chides Jarod for going after Eugene by himself, and promises to put Eugene on a plane to the trial the next morning.  Later, however, Jarod listens in as Garrison phones a man with a Hispanic accent, who tells him how to crash the plane with a remote control.

Meanwhile, Miss Parker goes to Darra’s house, but learns Darra died recently, during an emergency appendectomy.  That night, Helen calls Jarod to say she is worried about Eugene.  Jarod says he won’t let Eugene get on the plane with Garrison the next day, but Helen says they’ve already left.  A bit later, in the plane’s cargo area, Garrison searches for a possible intruder, and finds Jarod.  Jarod smashes a luggage door into Garrison’s face and, as they fight, Garrison admits the Cartel paid him to kill Jimmy.  Then Michaels enters and throws a fire extinguisher at Jarod, revealing she, too, is in on the plot.  At this point, Eugene enters and tackles Michaels…but she uses the remote control to disable the plane’s electrical system.  As the plane dives, Jarod works on the wiring…and finally repairs the circuit using his marshal’s badge as a conductor.  Later, they all land safely, and Lane leads Garrison and Michaels, in handcuffs, off the plane.  Back at the Centre, Broots tells Miss Parker he is quitting the missing child search, because he has just learned most of them have died very suddenly and recently.  Mr. Raines enters, and starts to reprimand Broots for his unauthorized computer activity.  But then Sydney entes, and insists Broots is working for him.  The next day, Jarod remembers the friend, Kyle, that Sydney finally found in for him…and, after Eugene’s successful testimony in court, drives him and Helen off to their new lives in the witness protection program.  Finally, the next time we see Jarod, he is working as a chef at a Texas fair, dishing up chili made with his secret ingredient: spam.


Sydney Very good work Jarod. You’re making progress.
Young Jarod Sydney? Who’s that? Who’s that boy?
Sydney Another test subject. He’s working with another doctor.
Young Jarod What’s his name? Can I talk to him?
Sydney No.
Young Jarod But I don’t have any friends.
Sydney You wont be seeing him again.
Young Jarod Sydney, where are they taking him?
Garrison Yeah, this is Garrison, Flight 1701. Tell the Oklahoma office we have their witness, sealed and ready to deliver.
Lane Remind them we’ve got better things to do than escort their chameleon.
Garrison Goth that? Yeah. 1701 out.
Lane Still no update on Eugene’s locale.
Garrison That’s all right. We’ll find him just as soon as we finish playing escort to the Man of a Thousand Faces.
Lane Come on!! Let’s go in there. Hey Lon Chaney, hurry it up in there.
Lon Chaney Ho! Marshal Cody. How do I look?
Jarod Well, it’s a face only a mother could love.
The Centre
Broots Oh God!
Miss Parker Unpucker your sphincter Broots, it’s just me.
Broots Miss Parker, I didn’t… hear you come in.
Miss Parker And how’s your little John Tesh fan?
Broots Fine. She’s she’s fine. I’ll uh… I’ll tell her you said hello. Um, is there something on your mind?
Miss Parker I need a personal favour.
Broots From me?
Miss Parker Is it possible to run a global internet search without anyone from the Centre knowing?
Broots Oh, I guess, yes. But if they, if they uh, catch you, they’d crucify you. Why? You want me to see if someone’s been doing it?
Miss Parker I want you to do it for me.
Broots No, no, I couldn’t do that.
Miss Parker Please.
Broots Okay.
Miss Parker These are missing children for the late ’60s. Names, birthdays, physical attributes, some photos. Nobody can see this. Do not scan these pictures and don’t transmit them over the Internet.
Broots But…
Miss Parker If you find anything, find me.
Flight 1701
Lon Chaney Well, if it isn’t the Keystone Kops.
Lane We spend our lives keepin’ mob snitches alive, and all we get is grief. There’s a bunch of guys with flat noses that would like to get their hands on you.
Lon Chaney With Marshal Cody here… never happen. Unlike you and Garrison, he’s never lost a witness.
Lane Oh yeah? Well, all I know is the quicker we dump your butt, the sooner we can get back on our case.
Garrison Cool it, Lane. Marshal Cody’s just tryin’ to do his job. Let’s go in the back and get you somethin’ to drink. You’re a fun guy.
Jarod Did I miss something?
Lon Chaney All the marshals in DC were laughin’ about it. Heard about it during my holdover. One of their witnesses, a guy named Diggs, he bolts on their watch.
Jarod Well, in this business, that sort of thing happens.
Lon Chaney That’s only half the story. A couple weeks before that, this Diggs’ partner, he cuts up Garrison with a homemade knife and he takes a dive from 30,000 feet during the plane transfer.
Jarod Must have been pretty embarrassing for the Marshals Service.
Lon Chaney Now you’re catching on, I thought you must have heard about it.
Jarod I’ve been busy.
Sydney’s Office
Sydney Dr Shafton? Sydney, I need to see you.
Us Marshal’s Service Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
Jarod Lane. Look, I know it must feel like a slap in the face, the service transferring me into the middle of your case like that.
Lane Nothing personal, but we were doin’ just fine without you. Look, this Diggs thing just has me on edge. That’s all.
Jarod I’m here to help. Mind if I take a look?
Lane In three days, Eugene Diggs is supposed to testify against the Arellano cartel. If we don’t get him back, the government’s case goes south and these drug runners walk.
Garrison We’ll get ‘im back. We’re not gonna break for chow till we do.
Jarod S-P-A-M, what;s it stand for?
Garrison America. If we hadn’t shipped that stuff to England during World War II, the Beatles would’ve sung in German.
Jarod I imagine the sound of an insect vocalising in any language would be fantastic. Do you mind? Mnnn, it’s delicious.
Lane Are we gonna go talk to Eugene’s wife or not?
Garrison Beats himself up over everything. That’s one bad habit I can’t get that kid to shake. Come on.
Garrison Diggs and his best friend, Jimmy Rayford, owned a little air cargo company in Arkansas. Business was in trouble, so Jimmy makes a deal with the Colombians to fly some special cargo. Now Eugene, who trusts Jimmy with his life thinks they’re haulin’ coffee beans. Of course, Jimmy’s runnin’ cocaine. DEA nails ’em so we got them to testify against the cartel for reduced sentences. Case closed.
Jarod Till Jimmy Rayford tries to attack you with a homemade knife during an air transfer… tries to escape by parachute out of one of our planes and leaves Eugene Diggs to take the fall.
Garrison Bad news travels fast, huh?
Jarod Well, I guess the boys in Washington aren’t too happy with you guys.
Garrison They’re not the only ones.
Helen How the hell could I talk to Eugene? You got your people camped out in my front yard. You got my phone lines tapped. My friends won’t even come near this place anymore.
Garrison The truth is we might be the only friends that you have left. Now, your ‘e not doin’ Eugene any favours by lyin’ to us.
Helen Eugene is scared. Jimmy said these cartel guys were tough, that they’d just as soon as kill you as look at you.
Garrison Then let us help you.
Helen Like you helped Jimmy Rayford?
Jarod Mrs Diggs, we can protect you… both of you, from the cartel.
Helen I told you already, I don’t know anything He’s out there alone, scared, without a friend. Who can he trust now?
Jarod’s Lair
DSA 31st January, 1968
Sydney Jarod, you need to finish the simulation.
Young Jarod I wanna see the other boy.
Sydney You know I can’t allow you to have contact with anyone.
Young Jarod Fine. Then I can’t finish the simulation.
Sydney Why not?
Young Jarod How am I supposed to pretend to do this if I’ve never had a friend?
Sydney You can simulate a lot of things you’ve never done before.
Young Jarod I want to see the other boy Sydney. I want to know what it’s like to have a friend.
Jarod Yes?
Garrison (on phone) Yeah, it’s Garrison. Diggs lawyer just came in. Eugene wants to talk.
Jarod I’m on my way.
Conference Room, Marshal’s Service
Garrison I hope for your sake, your client’s callin’ to give up.
Michaels I put you in contact with him. What, now I have to talk him off the ledge too? Sorry, I forgot about your war wound.
Jarod Deputy Marshal Jarod Cody.
Michaels Cody. Guess that makes me Annie Oakley.
Lane Here we go.
Garrison Eugene?
Eugene in a phone booth
Eugene How’s Helen? How’s my wife? Have you seen her?
Garrison Son, your wife would be a whole lot better off if you’d just stop this nonsense and bring yourself in.
Eugene I can’t do that. Colombians will find us. That’s what Jimmy said, that’s why I ran. I ain’ t sticking my neck out with nobody standin’ behind me.
Garrison You forget Jimmy. The cartel didn’t kill him, and you know it. Now, Jimmy abandoned you.
Eugene No, he got scared. Jimmy was my best friend, man.
Garrison He sold you out, Eugene. He never told you about the drugs and he tried to run and leave you to take the rap.
Eugene No. He made a mistake. He was just trying to save our business. Look, I’m not gonna listen to this anymore.
Jarod You loved Jimmy, didn’t you? He was like a brother to you.
Eugene Who’s this?
Jarod My name is Jarod. It’s lonely out there.
Eugene What the hell do you know about it?
Jarod You’ve been running, and you’re scared. You feel like you can’t trust anybody. Nobody’s telling you the truth.
Eugene I didn’t want any of this.
Jarod I know you didn’t. But you can’t run forever.
Eugene But it’s safer for me and for Helen. Hey. You tell her I love her, Jarod.
Jarod Eugene. Eugene.
Lane Public phone. Collinsville, Texas.
Collinsville, Texas.
Jarod Eugene. You don’t need to run anymore.
Eugene Jarod?
Jarod Yes. It’s going to be okay.
Garrison He’s got a gun.
Jarod I promise.
Garrison Federal Marshal! Freeze! We’re moving to you Jarod.
Jarod He’s unarmed. Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot! He’s unarmed! Don’t shoot!
Garrison Get after him!
Man Hey! That’s my bike!
Garrison I got one dead drug runner, a trial set to start in 72 hours and now this! There goes your perfect record.
The Centre
Broots I’ve been combing state and federal databases. Every time I get close to someone with remotely comparable parameters, I hit a brick wall.
Miss Parker You can pick up women on the computer, but you can’t do this?
Broots No, not if I can’t send pictures over the Internet. I’m sorry.
Miss Parker Okay. You age one of the photographs and send it out.
Broots I wanna know what this is about.
Miss Parker Excuse me?
Broots It’s just that I’m risking my neck here and I… I have a right to know why.
Miss Parker It’s about my mother. These children may have had something to do with her death.
Eugene Diggs Place
Helen So who’d he look?
Jarod Like someone who misses his wife a lot. You know, the only thing he’s worried about… is you. You two look very happy.
Helen It’s our honeymoon. Be a year next month. You always hear about those people that marry their first true love. Well, that was me and Eugene. I never even kissed another boy. After the ceremony, we went down to a little motel in Corpus Christi.
Jarod Looks very nice.
Helen Oh, it was a rathole. But it was all we could afford, so it’s… it’s special to us. Eugene doesn’t trust you people anymore.
Jarod Because of Jimmy Rayford?
Helen They went to grade school together. Some older boys were beatin’ up on Eugene and Jimmy came in and stood up for him. Got his butt whipped, but, uh, he saved Eugene from a lot worse. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard that story.
Jarod Well, they were best friends. Few things are stronger than that.
Helen Yeah, the one person that Eugene thought that he could always trust and believe in turned him into a drug runner and sold him out. But to Eugene, Jimmy was everything
Jarod You ever think that maybe Eugene was right about Jimmy?
Helen Jimmy Rayford jumped off that plane because he’s a coward. He tried to hang everything on Eugene. That’s what kind of best friend he was.
Jarod Mrs Diggs…two federal marshals… they opened fire on your husband today. They missed. Next time, he might not be so lucky. Help me, so I can help Eugene.
Helen There’s a pay phone. He calls me.
Dr Shafton’s Office
Sydney I have never been so afraid, Dr Shafton.
Dr Shafton Is this about Mr Raines?
Sydney Everywhere he goes, everything he touches… dishonesty, malice.
Dr Shafton Well, why haven’t you confronted him?
Sydney Raines is a dangerous man. He may be involved with the murder of Miss Parker’s mother. And that accident that put my brother in the coma? It may not have been an accident at all.
Dr Shafton Now– Your ‘e making excuses Sydney.
Sydney I fantasise about killing… killing him.
Garrison Now we’ve got less than 48 hours before the grand jury convenes. I want Diggs back where he belongs, ready to testify.
Lane I have to find him.
Jarod Why? So you can put a bullet through his head?
Lane He’s a fugitive.
Jarod He’s a kid.
Lane He reached for a gun.
Jarod That’s a lie and you know it. Why is this case so personal to you? I checked the file. There’s no connection between you and Diggs. What happened the night that Jimmy Rayford died?
Lane It was my fault. That’s what happened. I went up into the cockpit to call in a report. Next thing I know, cabin pressure’s gone and Garrison’s layin’ there, all cut up.
Garrison Lane! Help me!
Lane Bob Garrison gave me my break into the marshals, and I let him down. He’s not just my boss. He’s my friend.
Jarod’s lair
Sweeper We found him Sydney. We found him on the sublevel elevator goin’ down.
Sydney You can’t escape from there.
Young Jarod I wasn’t trying to escape. I was trying to find my friend.
Sydney Jarod.
Young Jarod I just know if I saw him once, I know he’d be my friend.
Sydney I don’t have the authority.
Young Jarod I’m just tired of being alone… tired of not having anybody to talk to. If I had a friend, I’d do anything for him.
Jimmy Rayford Confession Tape
Garrison Come on Jimmy, we’ve been talking here for 15 hours.
Jimmy Rayford You gotta promise me Eugene’s gonna be okay. He didn’t know anything. I got him into this. I gotta do right by him, you know? I’ll take the prison time. You just gotta protect Eugene from the Colombians. He’s my friend.
Young Jarod If I had a friend, I’d do anything for him.
Michaels So, Agent Cody, is this your idea of a bribe?
Jarod Now, why would I want to bribe you?
Michaels Because you think I’ve been talking to Eugene.
Jarod I do want to talk to you about the case.
Michaels Talk.
Jarod I got a copy of Jimmy Rayford’s confession.
Michaels How the hell did you get that?
Jarod I pretended to by a federal prosecutor assigned to the case. I’m kidding. Garrison had it.
Michaels So?
Jarod So, Jimmy Rayford asked for a tougher sentence from the US attorney with the condition that Eugene got a Witness Protection Program. Eugene got it, correct?
Michaels Yeah.
Jarod So why would Jimmy Rayford attack a US Marshal and jump out of an airplane if he had what he wanted?
Michaels Have you ever spent any time in a federal prison?
Jarod Some.
Michaels So then you know it’s… its no Club Med.
Jarod So you’re saying that Jimmy Rayford ran because he wanted to avoid jail time? That doesn’t make sense.
Michaels Well, tell that to Garrison. He’s the one who took 75 stitches in the back.
Jarod’s lair
Garrison on tape Agent Lane had gone to the forward cabin to radio ahead. The prisoner asked to use the restroom. Once we were in the rear of the plane, he bent to tie his shoe and retrieved a homemade knife from his sock. He reached up from a bent position and lunged at me. Lunged at me. And lunged at me. I made a defensive move, but he caught me in the back with a downward movement. Caught me in the back with a downward movement. Caught me in the back with a downward movement. You can see the point of impact from the cut in my shirt. I went down immediately, and that’s when the prisoner escaped. Reached up from a bent position and lunged at me. I made a defensive move, but he caught me in the back with a downward movement. You can see the point of impact from the cut in my shirt. I went down immediately, and that’s when the prisoner escaped. This is a terrible tragedy for the entire Marshal’s Service.
Jarod Well, Garrison, looks like you stabbed yourself in the back this time.
The Centre
Miss Parker Are you sure nobody’s been monitoring your terminal?
Broots As sure as anything gets around here. Uh, I disconnected the link from the Centre mainframe. This baby, uh, should be flying solo.
Miss Parker Are those the same clothes you were wearing yesterday?
Broots Oh, yeah. I’ve been running faces against the DMV files across the country for like, the last 16 hours, and… I came up with Dara Landers, 32, lives in suburban Milwaukee.
Miss Parker Address.
Broots Oh. I, uh, hope this helps you find the truth you’re looking for.
Miss Parker Thank you. And take a bath, would you, Broots?
Broots Mmmm.
Jarod Try to keep him calm.
Diggs Helen.
Helen Eugene. I want you to come home baby. I miss you so much. This doesn’t make much sense anymore.
Diggs Listen, I know. But I can’t trust these people anymore. They tried to kill me Helen. If they even knew where I was… if they even knew… we’d never see each other again.
Helen Eugene, they might already know.
Diggs Why? What are you talkin’ about? You didn’t tell them about me callin’ you?
Helen I’m sorry honey.
Diggs You told ’em I called you? Why?
Helen ‘Cause I’m afraid. That’s…
Diggs You sold me out girl, I cannot believe you did that to me Helen. You just sold me out.
Helen But we can trust Jarod. I shouldn’t have done this. He’s scared and I don’t know where he’s gonna go.
Jarod He’s gonna go where he feels safe, like maybe a honeymoon hotel.
Dr Shafton’s Office
Dr Shafton Sydney. Would you tell me more about these violent fantasies you’ve been having?
Sydney I think about what Raines did. Take Angelo. Angelo was my project… very special. That is until Raines twisted him into something else. When I think of all the innocent minds he has destroyed.
Dr Shafton Can’t you solicit help from someone from the Centre, the Director?
Sydney I cannot trust her. I cannot trust anyone of authority at the Centre.
Dr Shafton What about Miss Parker?
Sydney She digs into matters she shouldn’t. I’ve warned her several times, but she won’t listen to me.
Dr Shafton How does that make you feel?
Sydney Angry! Helpless!
Dr Shafton What else? What else Sydney?
Sydney I can’t take much more.
Jarod It’s me, it’s Jarod.
Diggs You almost got me killed, Jarod.
Jarod I had nothing to do with that, I promise you.
Diggs Yeah, well, your last promise nearly got my head blown off, man.
Jarod Look, I understand why you feel that way. But you have to trust me.
Diggs You people can’t protect me, so I don’t need you anymore. I don’t need anybody anymore.
Jarod Well, there’s somebody that really needs you.
Diggs You shouldn’t have told him. You should have trusted me, the way I trusted you, the way I trusted Jimmy.
Helen I’m sorry, I was afraid honey.
Diggs So you bring him here?
Helen No, no. He’s not like the others. You can believe him. I swear, I swear. Oh.
Jarod Welcome home.
Garrison What the hell are you doin’, Jarod? You move without me? You put a civilian into a volatile situation?
Jarod You issued a challenge, sir. I took it.
Michaels What’s important is Eugene is here, and he’s still your witness. Now, tomorrow morning, we get on that plane, and we take down the cartel.
Garrison Yeah? Well, he moves first thing in the mornin’. You got that?
Michaels Bring in the wife, smart move.
Jarod When you’re on the run, people you love, people you miss, they’re the most important things to you.
Colombian What the hell are we paying you for? You don’t exactly come cheap, Marshal. Both of these witnesses should have been taken care of by now. My client is pleased about Jimmy Rayford but Diggs was never supposed to be brought in alive.
Garrison Well, there were some unforeseen complications there.
Colombian It doesn’t matter. That plane will land but it will be in a million pieces when it does.
Garrison That’s what this remote control is for, right?
Colombian It will disable the electrical system.
Garrison Whatever you say.
Lander’s House
Miss Parker Hello, I’m looking for Dara Landers.
Mrs Landers I thought one day you might come.
Miss Parker Might come?
Mrs Landers You’re Dara’s sister, aren’t you?
Miss Parker Her sister?
Mrs Landers You look just like the woman who gave Dara up for adoption. Her name was Catherine.
Miss Parker Parker.
Mrs Landers I’m not sure. The lawyer was the only one who knew her last name.
Miss Parker May I speak with Dara?
Mrs Landers I assumed you knew. Dara passed away two months ago. Dara was a gifted child. She graduated college at 17. She loved the theatre, playing the different roles. Even when she was a little girl, she would make up an entire world and then lose herself in it.
Miss Parker She seemed to have a very happy life.
Mrs Landers We wanted to give her the best that any child could possibly have.
Miss Parker The lawyer who arranged the adoption, do you know his name?
Mrs Landers Steinman. Mnn, no. Uh, ‘berg’. Steinberg. Michael Stienberg. Yes.
Miss Parker Do you know where I might find him?
Mrs Landers I’m sorry. He move away without a word. Um, I think it was back in ’82.
Miss Parker And you had no further contact with my mother?
Mrs Landers No. No, but I remember that Mr Stienberg said she had a dream of moving to Europe, of giving her little daughter a better life. That must have been you.
Miss Parker If I may ask… how did Dara…
Mrs Landers Surgery. Removing her appendix. One minute she was just fine, and the next minute…
Miss Parker What’s this?
Mrs Landers Oh, uh, Dara had it when, when your mother brought her to us. You can have it if you like. We wanted all of Dara’s friends to have a memento.
Miss Parker Thank you.
Jarod’s Lair
Jarod Jarod here.
Helen It’s Helen. I-I’m worried about Eugene.
Jarod Helen, don’t worry. There is no way that Eugene is getting on that plane.
Helen No, but, Garrison and Lane just took him. They’re flying him tonight.
Pilot Looks like someone’s entered the cargo area.
Lane Boss, somethin’s up. The pilot just buzzed me. He got a warning light. Someone may have accessed the plane.
Garrison Where? Heads up Lane.
Lane There’s nobody down there, but there’s a panel open.
Garrison Where’s the access hatch?
Lane It’s in the back.
Garrison Alright, you stay here.
Lane No, I’m comin’ with you. You remember what happened last time.
Garrison You didn’t know when to let go kid.
Diggs What’s goin’ on?
Garrison Everything’s fine. Stay in your seats. Thank you. Give me your piece. Give me your piece, boy! That-a-boy.
Jarod Is this what happened to Jimmy Rayford? You just dump him at 30,000 feet because he was gonna tell the truth?
Garrison The truth don’t pay as well as it used it to. Now, I push this button, two minutes later, this plane becomes a fireball spread all over the Oklahoma countryside.
Michaels Wait here.
Garrison Good move partner.
Jarod Why?
Michaels Economics. There’s no money defending the Jimmy Rayford’s of the world.
Garrison Grab the parachute. Take the remote, here.
Michaels No, here.
Garrison Bitch. Bitch.
Michaels See, Jarod? Friends will burn you every time.
Jarod  No!!
Co-Pilot Electrical systems out! Go to reserve!
Pilot Mayday! Mayday!. This is US Marshal flight 1701. We’ve lost flight control. I repeat. We’ve lost flight control.
Jarod Cover her.
Lane Jarod.
Jarod Garrison and Michaels are working together. I’ll explain later.
Lane What are you gonna do?
Jarod Tell the pilot to get ready to pull up hard.
Pilot We’ve got one minute, tops! We’ve got 30 seconds.
Lane You got 30 seconds Jarod.
Pilot Fifteen seconds!
Lane We got 15 seconds!
Pilot Yes.
Co-Pilot Alright.
Jarod Well. I always knew that would come in handy.
Jarod Well, looks like we finally got the shackles on the right person.
The Centre
Broots on phone Miss Parker. I’m packing in the search, I’m out of it.
Miss Parker Why?
Broots I got results on some of the other names from your mother’s files. Most of them are dead.
Miss Parker Don’t you fall apart on me now, Broots.
Broots No. You don’t understand. They died of sudden, unexplained illnesses, all within the last six months.
Miss Parker Oh, my God.
Broots Yes. This is bad. This is…. very… I gotta go.
Raines You look upset, Mr Broots. Is everything alright?
Broots Tracking Jarod is a full time job, sir.
Raines And you’ve been putting in long hours. I’m distressed to discover that you took your computer off the network. It makes me wonder if your loyalties are to this mission or some personal endevour.
Broots I, I don’t have any personal endevours.
Raines Perhaps I should reacquaint you with the consequences of lying to the Centre.
Sydney Broots’ actions are under my authority.
Raines Then I should hold you responsible for the lack of results.
Sydney You can do whatever you like, but we won’t get any results until you get out of my way.
Raines I have business to attend to. We’ll discuss this further at another time.
Sydney You know where to find me.
DSA, Feb 6, ’68
Sydney Jarod has expressed his inability to complete the simulation without another pretender. As a result, I’ve convinced a colleague to establish new parameters for the Pretender program. Jarod, there’s someone I want you to meet. Jarod, this is Kyle. Kyle, Jarod.
Young Jarod Hi.
Young Kyle Hi.
Jarod Where did they take you, Kyle?
Lane He buried ’em Jarod. You should have been there.
Jarod Alright.
Lane Good luck to you. Thank you.
Jarod So you two are finally gonna start your new life together.
Helen Thank you, Jarod.
Diggs So, who are we gonna be?
Jarod Don’t worry. Nobody’s ever gonna find you. I have experience with this sort of thing.
Diggs You’re the Marshal.
Jarod Well, not really. Actually, today, I think I’ll be a chef.
Woman Hey, cowboy. What’s your secret ingredient?
Jarod Well, now, if I told you that, it wouldn’t be no secret. Here you go, little lady. Enjoy.