Project Description

1.17 Keys

Original air date: April 5, 1997
Written by: Juan Carlos Coto
Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

When Miss Parker corners Jarod during a hurrican in Florida she’s forced to come to terms with her mother’s death and its startling connection to Jarod.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Pink Plastic Flamingos
Jarod’s Occupations: Gator Wrestler, Marine Patrolman,  Weatherman in Puerto Rico, Infomercial Saleman
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

While trying to rescue a young girl during a hurricane, Jarod gets trapped with Miss Parker and forces her to confront some truths about her mother’s life and death.


Miss Parker visits the site of Jarod’s last job, as an alligator wrestler in the Florida Keys, and is given a safe deposit box key from the Dover Town Bank.  Miss Parker goes to the bank and, in the box, finds a medical report and photos of her mother, taken after a severe beating.  Meanwhile, Jarod, now working for the Florida Shore Patrol, helps another officer, Bartlett, capture a wayward alligator.  Later, Miss Parker is summoned by Mr. Raines, who reveals he has been spying on Miss Parker, and demands to know what she found in the safe deposit box.  She asks him how her mother really died, but then Mr. Parker enters and says Mrs. Parker committed suicide.  Miss Parker says she remembers a terrible fight her parents had the day the beating photos were taken, but Mr. Parker insists she was too young to understand.  Finally, Miss Parker asks, once again, to be taken off the Jarod assignment, but Mr. Parker refuses.  Meanwhile, in Florida, Jarod mails an old engagement ring to Miss Parker…then gathers up a thick rope and a gun, and reads a newspaper story about a young Haitian girl, rescued when her refugee parents were abandoned by Bartlett and left to die in fierce storm.  Back at the Centre, Broots and Sydney tell Miss Parker that Jarod is still in Florida, directly in the path of an oncoming hurricane…and she insists on going there.  A bit later, Jarod visits the Bahia Cove Hotel, where a man, Watson, is watching the orphan girl, Simone, who is sick with a fever.  Jarod asks Watson to drive Simone to a doctor in Miami, then returns to the Marine Patrol boathouse and tells Bartlett he has been asked to gather evidence on Simone’s parents’ deaths before the new hurricane blows in.  As Sam and Miss Parker drive toward Florida, she flashes back to the fight her parents had the night her mother was beaten…and Jarod and Bartlett go into the woods, where Bartlett steps into a snare and is snapped up in a big rope net.  Bartlett begs Jarod to cut him down, but Jarod leaves him, just as Bartlett left Simone’s parents.  As the storm hits, Jarod returns to the hotel and is surprised to find Miss Parker and Sam there with Watson and Simone.

As Miss Parker gloats about finally cornering Jarod, he asks if Mr. Parker has told her the truth about her mother’s death.  Miss Parker says the beating photos were fake, but Jarod insists they are real.  Meanwhile, out in the swamp, Bartlett starts chewing at his net.  Back at the hotel, Simone takes a turn for the worse, and Jarod begs to get her some penicillin from the boathouse.  Miss Parker relents, handcuffs Jarod and starts to drive him there. But the storm forces their car of the road, and they’re forced to continue on foot.  Finally, they get to the boathouse and find the medicine, but just as they do, Bartlett bursts in…with a gun.

Back at the Centre, Sydney worries when he doesn’t hear from Miss Parker, and Mr. Parker worries Jarod is telling Miss Parker “lies” about her mother.  Sydney reminds Mr. Parker that he was Mrs. Parker’s doctor, and knows the truth…and we see Mr. Raines listening in on the conversation.  Back at the boathouse, Bartlett handcuffs Jarod and Miss Parker, then goes out to prepare a boat.  While he is gone, Miss Parker asks why Jarod is so interested in her mother, and he says she was planning his rescue when she died.  Finally, Jarod asks how Miss Parker can trust her father after seeing the beating photos, but she insists she never saw her father hit her mother…and starts slipping out of her handcuffs. Back at the Centre, Sydney asks Mr. Raines how he strayed so far from his mission as a doctor, but before Raines can answer, Broots says the hurricane has abated.  Meanwhile, Bartlett returns to the boathouse, but the captives are now free, and while Jarod holds a flare gun on Bartlett, Miss Parker punches him.  They lock Bartlett in a cage, and the fight prompts another flashback…in which Miss Parker remembers seeing Mr. Raines leave the house after her mother was beaten.

After Jarod locks Bartlett in the cage, he turns the flare gun on Miss Parker, re-handcuffs her, and leaves.  After Jarod’s gone, Miss Parker tricks Bartlett into rolling his cage over to a spare handcuff key, and then, when he does, and they get free, she knocks Bartlett out and runs.  Meanwhile, Sydney and Broots fly to the hotel in a helicopter.  Jarod finally gets back with the medicine for Simone, and administers it.  But as he does, he hears the helicopter, grabs Simone, and runs out.  A few minutes later, Sydney and Broots rush into the hotel, looking for Jarod.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker returns…just in time to see Jarod load Simone into the helicopter and fly away.  Later, back at the Centre, Miss Parker tells her father she will continue hunting Jarod…but insists that Mr. Raines cease spying on her.  That night, at home, Miss Parker opens the package Jarod sent, and finds the ring, which belonged to her grandmother.  Then Jarod calls, and Miss Parker says she realizes her mother died trying to save him, and that she is through chasing her past.  Finally, as Jarod talks, we see he is on a shoeshine stand…wearing shiny new alligator boots.


Gator Man No, Gator Heaven has the finest gator wrestling in all of South Florida. In fact we produce more wrestling champions than any other roadside attraction.
Miss Parker That’s Jarod?
Gator Man Can you believe he mastered gator wrestling in less than a week?
Miss Parker A regular Tarzan.
Gator Man Gave ’em all nicknames too. Called the one with the sharpest teeth Miss Parker. Been gone about a month.
Miss Parker Did he leave anything behind, like a red notebook?
Gator Man He left something better. Said this was for you.
Miss Parker Beautiful.
Gator Man Genuine native art, handcrafted by the tribe.
Miss Parker In Taiwan?
Gator Man Eastern tribe.
Miss Parker Lovely Jarod. Another game?
Gator Man Said if you wanted it you have to sign for it.
Miss Parker Thank you.
Gator Man Nah. Jarod said the pen was for you too.
Barker There it is.
Jarod I see him.
Barker Now come on bubba. We’ve got to relocate this prehistoric handbag before the hurricane evac. It’s coming in pretty fast too.
Jarod Still a few hours off. It’s hard to believe a day this beautiful is going to turn into a storm. Well if you’re in a hurry I could wrestle it for you.
Barker What? The gator?
Jarod Yeah.
Barker You’ve lost your mind bubba.
Jarod No I used to wrestle for the Seminoles
Barker Florida State?
Jarod No, the tribe. Come here girl.
Barker Whoa, wait a minute, wait a minute. How do you know that’s a she?
Jarod I know that smile.
Willie Miss Parker, you’re to come with me.
Miss Parker Daddy the next time that you want to see me you don’t have to send the welcome wagon.
Raines You’re here at my invitation, not your father’s. You’ve been busy.
Miss Parker I don’t follow you, sir.
Raines I follow you. What was in the safety deposit box?
Miss Parker Nothing.
Raines Let me rephrase Miss Parker. I know it was Mommy’s box. What did you find in it?
Miss Parker I was looking for answers.
Raines About what?
Miss Parker About how she died.
Mr Parker Your mother shot herself.
Miss Parker Daddy.
Mr Parker Leave us Mr. Raines. Don’t I get a hug? Been too long. So, how are things at the Summer House? Are the leaf coming back?
Miss Parker Slowly. You know how Spring can be up there.
Mr Parker Stubborn. Your mother always got impatient.
Miss Parker I don’t remember that about her.
Mr Parker Hmm mmm
Miss Parker But I, I do remember this.
Mr Parker You look like her. Watching you, in some ways she never left.
Miss Parker Daddy I want to know what happened to my mother.
Mr Parker I’m disappointed in you.
Miss Parker You’re disappointed in me?
Mr Parker Don’t tell me you believe this crap.
Miss Parker But I remember that Thanksgiving, the fight that you had. And a few months later she was dead.
Mr Parker Don’t let your emotions run away with you. I taught you better.
Miss Parker Just tell me what happened.
Mr Parker I killed her… at least that’s what I torture myself believing. When someone you love commits suicide you search for answers to the mystery you don’t understand. That’s what you’re doing now.
Miss Parker I miss her.
Mr Parker You were young. There’s no way you could know what she was going through. It was a sad time. I don’t know why she left us. Don’t you think I miss her too?
Miss Parker Of course.
Mr Parker You can believe your father or Jarod – who’s it going to be?
Miss Parker Daddy, I want a new assignment. Jarod is Sydney’s mess and Mr. Raines’. Please put me back in Corporate.
Mr Parker We have our arrangement.
Miss Parker I know.
Mr Parker You were a quiet, uncertain little girl. And now you’re this… presence. It’s time for my treasure to shine! I know what you’re capable of.
Miss Parker Do you?
Mr Parker I do. And our deal stands.
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Tech Room
Miss Parker Florida. I was there yesterday.
Broots I know. You just weren’t south enough.
Sydney While you were away Broots and I revisited the old notebook from the Atlanta site, and we found some clues. Global coordinates written in it that lead us to…
Broots Hurricane Cassandra. Top wind speed of 150 miles per hour.
Sydney When Jarod was in Atlanta Cassandra was just a badly formed tropical depression. He must have predicted its course.
Miss Parker Jarod put himself in the path of a hurricane?
Broots Well someone from Marine Patrol Bahia Grande is using the Centre’s access code to hack into the Defence Department weather satellite. It’s the same one I’m using. Tech Room, Broots… Oh, yes sir. Ah, right here. Hold on. It’s for you.
Miss Parker Yes?… Of course… Very clear.
Sydney Who was that?
Miss Parker Personal. How fast can we get down there?
Broots Ah, a couple of hours, but they’re already starting to evacuate people from South Florida.
Miss Parker Then I’ll go with Sam.
Sydney Miss Parker, it isn’t safe.
Miss Parker If Jarod’s really on that island I have him right where we want him.
Sydney Who was on that call?
Broots Mr. Raines.
Bahia Grande
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Radio …are frantically boarding up windows and packing cars this afternoon. Cassandra is expected in four to five hours, around seven pm this evening. Islanders are reminded that…
Pat I’m gonna be out, out front, but don’t worry Simone we’ll get you to the doctor real soon.
Jarod Hey! Battening down the hatches?
Pat I tell you what, if I crack or but is gonna sell this place and move to Oklahoma after this.
Jarod For what? Tornadoes?
Pat Okay… California!
Jarod Earthquakes?
Pat Somewhere not here.
Jarod How’s she doing?
Pat Fever’s not breaking.
Jarod You’d better hurry up.
Pat Jarod are you sure you should have pulled Simone out of that facility?
Jarod They were going to ship her back to Haiti.
Pat I can’t believe Bartlett would do that, just let her folks die in a storm!
Jarod Well people will do all kinds of things for money. I’ll see that he gets paid.
Pat Jarod, forget about him. Come go with us. I uh…
Jarod What is it?
Pat I just, I’m not very good around sick people. I watched my old man have a heart attack. I knew he needed CPR or something but I froze, I just .. .I watched him go. I can’t handle the responsibility.
Jarod The analgesic I gave her should help with her fever. All you need to do is drive her to Miami. The doctors will take over from there. You can do it. I trust you.
Pat If you say so.
Simone Jarod!
Jarod Hi.
Simone Empty.
Jarod No more Candy, doctor’s orders. I’ll get you some more as soon as we see your family in Miami. I promise. See you in a bit.
Marine Patrol
Barker You wanna help me with this cage?
Jarod I can’t sir. I just got this download from the State Department of Law Enforcement. They suspect that the parents of the Haitian girl were killed around Harrison Marsh. They want evidence gathered before Cassandra washes it away.
Barker Let me see that. Hmm. Why don’t you finish up here and I’ll take care of this.
Jarod I’ll go with you.
Barker No, I can handle it.
Miss Parker “broken left thumb, fracture of clavicle, . . . thumb, right third . . . lumbar left rib . . .”
Catherine No! No! You’re hurting me!
Man’s Voice Come back here!
Miss Parker Faster Sam.
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Pat Okay. We’re going to be leaving here in just a few minutes, okay?
Harrison Marsh
Jarod Boo.
Barker Damn it! You scared the hell out of me!
Jarod I’m sorry.
Barker Hey, hey bubba, what the hell is this? Don’t just stand there, cut me out of this.
Jarod Cut you out? I spent a long time making that thing.
Barker You rigged this net?
Jarod Think of it as a bag. A trash bag.
Barker You cut me out of this now or I’m gonna blow you away.
Jarod Most criminals, they smuggle drugs or stolen cars.
Barker You do it!
Jarod You trade in human life. You smuggle Haitians and then you charge their families in Miami. Once you get them here you raise the price. Now that’s ransom, pure and simple. If they can’t afford to pay well you just let them die in a storm. Kinda like the one that’s coming now.
Barker You got no proof or nothin’!
Jarod I sent it to the State Department of Law Enforcement. Simone’s family, they just wanted to start a new life. But you took that away from them and now
that little girl& .she doesn’t have a mom and dad because you locked them out here in a shack to die in a storm. As the shack collapsed around them her parents threw themselves on their daughter! They died trying to save her life! Do you know what it’s like to grow up without parents?
Barker Hey! Hey! Bubba wait! You can’t leave me out here. This hurricane will kill me.
Jarod Oh no it won’t. You’re about three miles north of the damage path. At least I think so… bubba.
Barker HEY!!! Come back Jarod! You can’t leave me here! You’re dead! You’re dead you son of a- Jarod!
The Bahia Grande Hotel
Radio This is the Emergency Broadcast System. Hurricane Cassandra is making five miles per hour along the island’s shore. Winds are at 150 miles per hour. Evacuation to Bahia Grande has been completed. Remaining residents are advised to seek shelter in the centre of a safe, secure structure . . .
Pat I’m sorry Jarod.
Jarod What happened?
Pat I’ve got good news and bad. The bridge is washed away, power’s out, phone lines are down. We’re just going to have to ride out the storm here.
Jarod What’s the good news?
Miss Parker That is the good news.
The Centre
Sydney The pilot had to evacuate. He lost contact with Miss Parker twenty minutes ago.
TV Thank you for making us South Florida’s choice for news.
Broots Feed’s up.
TV Our top story is – who else? – Cassandra, who’s top winds have now been upgraded to 175 miles an hour. Cassandra has veered thirty degrees north-north-east and it looks like Bahia Grande will bear the brunt of Cassandra’s fury.
Broots Cassandra hasn’t met Miss Parker.
Sydney I hope they’re all right.
The Bahia Grande Hotel
Miss Parker After all those dead ends all I needed was a little help from Cassandra. To women. Hell hath no fury.
Jarod That isn’t good for your ulcer.
Miss Parker Neither are you.
Jarod Don’t underestimate the power of Cassandra. Her winds are probably peaking at 175 miles per hour.
Miss Parker This place will hold.
Jarod Just in case it doesn’t, why don’t you tell me who my parents are? Tell me who I am.
Miss Parker Maybe I should send you to every YMCA in the country first, or lock you in the Bates Motel with Sydney and Broots.
Jarod This is about that strip search in Las Vegas isn’t it? Come on. You got me. Why don’t you tell me?
Miss Parker You shouldn’t have wasted your time helping the down trodden.
Jarod I haven’t wasted my freedom.
Miss Parker Jarod you were wrestling an alligator.
Jarod So you got the medical report.
Miss Parker I have what you forgot.
Jarod You didn’t come here just to retrieve me. You want answers.
Miss Parker I have everything I need. Daddy’s going to be thrilled.
Jarod But Daddy doesn’t give you what you want, does he? What did Daddy tell you about your mother’s… suicide?
Miss Parker That’s enough!
Jarod I’ll bet it wasn’t the truth.
Miss Parker Yeah well the truth is you’re a liar! Always have been. You faked that medical report.
Jarod I wouldn’t fake something like that. I didn’t want to have to tell you, but I couldn’t withhold a key to your past.
Miss Parker Nice try. You’re so in control. So ahead of the game aren’t you? Not any more. Now I make the rules.
Harrison Marsh
The Bahia Grande Hotel
Pat Hold on. You’re such a good girl . . .
Miss Parker How many merit badges did this get you?
Jarod You don’t think that rescuing children is a good idea? Your mother certainly thought it was. The leading edge just passed. The eye wall should hit in about seventeen minutes. That’s the worst part.
Pat Wake up! Jarod I can’t wake her.
Jarod Let me take a look at her.
Miss Parker Sam can do it.
Jarod Sam is not a doctor. I – I can be. Please!
Pat Simone, sweety, come on. Simone. Talk to me. Come on, Simone.
Miss Parker If he tries anything shoot him in the foot.
Jarod Simone? Simone can you hear me?
Catherine No. No. Stop, you’re hurting me.
Man’s voice Come back here!
Jarod She’s dipping in and out of consciousness. I need to get her fever down. The infection is spreading. She needs penicillin. I can get some from the first aid kits at the boathouse.
Pat Across the island?
Miss Parker After the storm while you’re on your way to Blue Cove. I’ll make sure she gets the best specialist.
Jarod There is no time. She could go into septic shock or a coma, I need to get her the penicillin. The eye should be here in a few minutes. That will give us about twenty minutes of calm.
Pat How can you be so sure?
Miss Parker Jarod used to be a weather man in Puerto Rico.
Miss Parker What’s she saying?
Jarod She’s looking for the sky. Her mother told her before she died that she would look after her from the sky, that the sun and the moon would be her eyes. I’m going to the boat house. Are you going to let her die?
Miss Parker Sam, cuff him. I’m going with you.
Jarod Pat, try to keep her temperature under control while I’m gone. I’m counting on you. So is she.
Jarod You’re doing the right thing.
Miss Parker Call me Mother Theresa from now on.
Jarod It doesn’t suit you.
Miss Parker What?
Jarod This façade you put up. You try to act like your father but he’s not who you are.
Miss Parker This is business Jarod not personal, no matter how hard you try and make it that way.
Jarod It’s personal to me.
Miss Parker Then why can’t you leave my mother out of it?
Jarod Because she tried to rescue me from your father.
Miss Parker What now?
Jarod It’s less than a mile. If we move fast we’ll beat the eye. Sure would be a lot easier without these.
Miss Parker You try anything and I’ll put a bullet through your knee.
Jarod I thought it was my foot.
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Pat The fever’s not breaking. Come on kiddo. Work with me. Why are you after Jarod?
Sam Shut up and wash the kid!
Pat I need more ice.
Sam I’ll get it.
Marine Patrol
Miss Parker Jarod, what’s taking so long?
Jarod I’ve got it. (He emerges from the room with a first aid kit. There’s still plenty of time. Simone’s going to be okay.
Barker Honey, I’m home!
Mr Parker’s Office
TV … speeds of up to 160 miles an hour…
Mr Parker Have you heard from them?
Sydney No. I’m concerned.
Mr Parker So am I.
Sydney Oh you are? Mr. Raines ordered her into that.
Mr Parker You have a problem with Raines?
Sydney He is out of control.
Mr Parker Raines isn’t. Jarod is. Tormenting my daughter with lies about her mother.
Sydney Lies?
Mr Parker You saw her last. You knew her condition. Her only option was suicide.
Sydney Mrs. Parker, God rest her soul, was manic depressive. Her marriage was falling apart, and of course there was the question of her beating.
Mr Parker Exactly what did she say about that?
Sydney I can’t disclose that. But you know psychiatrists Mr. Parker, we write everything down.
Mr Parker So do I.
Sydney Your wife was my patient. The details of her sessions are privileged.
Mr Parker I have privileges Sydney.
Sydney I’m well aware of that.
Mr Parker Anything else Doctor?
Sydney No.
Marine Patrol
Jarod That rope was tougher than I thought. It looks like it cost you a molar.
Barker Two. Now shut up!
Miss Parker You never had to clean up one of your messes have you Jarod? You should have met that cop you framed in Miami. What a whiner!
Barker I told you to shut your pie hole!
Miss Parker Listen, Cooper, the Centre will pay you…
Barker Shut up! Shut up! I don’t give a damn about the Centre. Soon as this storm is out of my face we’re taking a little boat ride out to the swamp but I’m the only one coming back. Tonight you two sleep with the manatees.
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Pat Sh sh sh. She can’t keep any food down. Let me make her some juice. The vitamins will do her good.
Sam Hey!
Pat You scared me.
Sam Stop wasting time.
Marine Patrol Station
Miss Parker Your crusade for the little guy is backfiring. How does it feel to face the consequences?
Jarod I spent an entire life simulating reality. Consequences, they feel pretty good.
Miss Parker Jarod what did you mean when you said my mother tried to save you?
Jarod She was planning on smuggling me out of the Centre.
Miss Parker You were one of the children she tried to rescue.
Jarod She died before she could get to me or the others.
Miss Parker Others?
Jarod She had a list of seven children. The unlucky ones.
Miss Parker And where did you get this list?
Jarod The medical report wasn’t the only thing in the safety deposit box.
Miss Parker The medical report is real. I remember my parents fighting that night. She went off the deep end. Wouldn’t even wear her wedding ring. It was a bad time for my father.
Jarod How can you still trust him?
Miss Parker I never saw him hit her, ever.
Miss Parker I never saw anyone, not that I can remember.
Jarod People repress memories, especially traumatic one unless something helps bring them out like a smell or a sound. I used to sell power memory tapes on late night cable. Perhaps you missed that one. Let me help you.
Miss Parker Thanks for the offer but I can take care of myself.
The Centre
Raines If you were so worried about her you should have gone with her.
Sydney She only went because you intimidated her.
Raines Miss Parker is doing her job. I’m glad to see someone is.
Sydney What happened to you?
Raines Too many cigarettes. Not enough vacations.
Sydney When you were Doctor Raines you were my colleague. I never detected this obsession.
Raines I don’t have to follow the Hippocratic Oath any more. My only directive is to bring Jarod back. For that to happen, Miss Parker needs focus.
Sydney She has a lot of issues on her mind. She has always been a curious girl. Takes after her mother.
Broots The weather service says the eye has just passed the island. We could, we could… We could be there by morning.
Raines Get a jet.
Sydney Come on Broots. We wouldn’t want any harm to come to Miss Parker.
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Pat That’s it. A little tangerine, a little key lime. Good for the soul. She’s still burning up. Come on Jarod.
Sam Where are you going?
Pat To get some more.
Sam Looking for this?
Marine Patrol Station
Barker Okay, time for a little boat ride. Ladies first.
Jarod Drop it.
Barker Hey hey. A flare gun?
Jarod It’s going to redefine heartburn unless you drop it.
Miss Parker Where’d you get that?
Jarod I snuck it into the first aid kit when you weren’t looking.
Miss Parker You were going to use that on me.
Jarod I still am.
Jarod Try gumming through this. And you. You’re going to have to dislocate a lot more than your thumb to get through that.
Miss Parker Why did you save my life?
Jarod Because I still remember the little girl who gave me my first kiss.
Miss Parker Momma.
Young Miss Parker Momma!
Catherine It’s okay sweetheart. Mom’s all right.
Miss Parker Mr Raines.
Marine Patrol
Miss Parker Hey. Hey!
Barker What?
Miss Parker Don’t you people keep a spare key to that cage around here?
Barker Yes we do. It’s in that Miami Heat ashtray on the desk. The trick is getting there.
Miss Parker Look. We both want to catch Jarod right?
Barker Ooo yeah.
Miss Parker So you just flip your cage over a few times. You help me catch him and you won’t just get paid, I’ll make sure that you get a… sweet reward. Put some muscle into it. Yes!
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Marine Patrol
Barker So when do I get that sweet reward?
Miss Parker Now.
Pilot Storm’s clear. We’ll be landing in five, Doctor.
The Bahia Bay Hotel
Pat Jarod.
Sam Where’s Miss Parker? I said where is she?!
Jarod She had a date.
Sam Drop it and stand against the wall.
Jarod She needs this. What are you going to do Sam? You going to kill me? I don’t think you have the authorisation to do that.
Pat Whoa! Ha ha!
Jarod Thank you.
Pat I should have done that sooner.
Jarod Simone.
Simone Jarod.
Jarod This will hurt just a little bit but I promise you it’s gonna make you feel a whole lot better.
Simone The storm is over?
Jarod Yes. It’s over.
Pat He’s a maniac. A maniac! He tried to teach me a lesson. He thinks he’s some kind of one-man judge and jury.
Sydney Where is he?
Pat That way. By the front desk, out, bungalow 32! Way, way, way in back!
Jarod You ready? Your momma and poppa, they can see you now.
Mr Parker’s Office
Miss Parker I was close and I learned a few things that are going to get me
even closer.
Mr Parker The status quo remains?
Miss Parker We have our deal but it’s not quite status quo.
Raines How so?
Miss Parker No more surveillance. No more lie detectors. No more games. You second guess my work again, I’ll put a bullet in that pet oxygen tank and they’ll have to clean you up with tweezers. I’ll catch Jarod my way. And once he’s in the Centre I’m gone. That’s the deal. Are we clear?
Raines As a bell.
Miss Parker I’ll see you later Daddy.
Mr Parker Good to have you back.
Miss Parker’s House
Miss Parker “My dearest daughter this ring was your great grandmother’s. If something should happen to me I leave it for you. Maybe you’ll have better luck. Mom.” What?
Jarod Did you get the ring?
Miss Parker Yes. Thank you Jarod.
Jarod Did you find your answer?
Miss Parker I think I know who killed my mother but right now I’m more concerned with why she died.
Jarod It was for the children.
Miss Parker For you, Jarod. The way I see it she died trying to save you.
Jarod You’re angry.
Miss Parker I won’t stop chasing you and I won’t chase my past any more.
Jarod What if it chases you?
Miss Parker I’ll ignore it.
Jarod You make the rules.
Miss Parker That’s just the way I like it.
Shoe Shine Man Nice boots. Snakeskin?
Jarod Uh uh. Gator.
Student Sorry about the Principal not being able to give you the tour. He’s real busy.
Miss Parker Working up a school lunch schedule is trying work I’m sure.
Student This is Mr Jarod’s classroom. He was like the best substitute. Kids would sit in on the class even though they weren’t enrolled. And he did the coolest experiments.
Miss Parker I can see that.
Student Oh, yeah. We even did a virology unit on bugs to learn their resiliency. He told us that roaches would be the only living thing after a biological holocaust. Them and some woman named Parker.
Miss Parker Hardly sounds like High School biology.
Student Mr Jarod like – marched to his own drum.
Miss Parker He’s a one-man band all right.
Student The best part is he wouldn’t grade us. It was like he was conducting his own experiments and we were collecting the data for him.
Miss Parker You run along to homeroom now. Agh!
Note from Jarod “To Miss P. Drop a drop in the tray for your next clue. You Just Gave Yourself the Flu – Jarod”.
Man Carlos?
Man 1 Wait! Come back here! Hold it right
Man 2 He’s not going to stop!
Man 1 There he is. That’s it.
Jarod Where’s your dad?
Boy Down the hall, last room.
Jarod My name is Jarod. You’re going to be just fine.
Lisa Hoffman Weight loss, fever, night sweats, violent cough, swollen nymph nodes…
Jarod Micro-bacteria and tuberculosis.
Lisa Hoffman Looks like it.
Jarod You don’t see that much any more.
Lisa Hoffman No, but he’ll be fine once we get him admitted.
Jarod How’s the boy?
Lisa Hoffman Too early to tell, but much better off than you’re going to be once Garber finds out what you did with the kid.
Walter Garber Violating quarantine procedures with these people is damn foolish.
Jarod I realise that it was a bit unorthodox sir but TB is a level two classification and it doesn’t require an on-site quarantine.
Walter Garber Friendly advice Dr Reilly if you don’t want to end up dead you’ll remember that every one of these situations should be treated as a level four
Lisa Hoffman Walter, whether or not the boy was already exposed, what difference does it make? He’s protected either way.
Jarod And the boy gets to be with his father now. I felt like he needed that.
Walter Garber Great our new guy is Florence Nightingale.
Landlord Hey you’ll love this place. Stove, oven in the kitchen, hot and cold running, one seventy a month plus utilities.
Jarod One seventy?
Landlord Ah okay, one fifty, I’ll pay the water. Come on down to the office and we’ll sign the papers.
Jarod Does it have roaches?
Landlord Of course not. This place is a Bohemian’s dream, not some slum. Come on into the office.
Jarod No roaches?
Landlord Damn it!
Jarod What is that?
Landlord It’s a never-ending catgut nightmare is what it is. Not to mention the worst rental decision of my life! There’s another building two blocks away from here. You might be able to find something quieter there.
Jarod No. I’ll take this place. It’s a lot nicer than where I used to live.
Sydney Bless you. Sounds like the flu. Cold and raining in Portland this time of year. Here, keep. It’s clean.
Miss Parker So I took a trip without you. Don’t tell me you’re jealous.
Sydney Confused. I thought we were working together.
Miss Parker So did I, until I discovered your personal ads all over the country trying to contact Jarod. I don’t like secrets.
Sydney He wasn’t answering my e-mail messages so I tried another tack, but I would have let you know if he had contacted me.
Miss Parker I have a fever Syd but it’s not bad enough to believe that. What?
Broots Ummm uh, he’s in the lab.
Miss Parker Who?
Broots Mr Raines.
Miss Parker Mr
Raines hasn’t been in the lab in ten years.
Broots Well uh he’s in there now and he’s looking for you two, so good luck.
Miss Parker Mr Raines?
Raines The Empire State Building. Who’d have thought something so beautiful could be replicated by a four-year old boy in only two hours. Jarod was brilliant the day he got here. He was brilliant the day he escaped. The question is . . . where is he?
Miss Parker Mr Raines, Jarod has been harder to catch than we thought.
Raines Sydney we need him.
Sydney I know.
Raines May I?
Miss Parker Mr Raines I have the flu.
Raines I’m dying.
Miss Parker Keep it.
Raines Bring Jarod back where he belongs or I’ll get someone who will. Are we clear?
Miss Parker My father wants me to do it.
Raines Unlike everyone else around here I’m not afraid of your father. I don’t have to be.
Walter Garber Our job here at RIDA is to contain viral outbreaks before they spread. I’ve seen the worst that a virus can do and because of it By the Numbers is
usually best. In retrospect you did the right thing with Grady and his son. Listen, I was out of line.
Jarod It’s alright.
Walter Garber Well your credentials are impressive. A stint in Cambridge in London, MD, PHD in Virology. Where did you do your doctorate by the way?
Jarod Horace Greely High School, Portland. Your doors are under negative air pressure to contain leaks?
Walter Garber Well, we pioneered this technique here. I noticed in your file that you were vaccinated for anthrax and the W.E.E. series.
Jarod I was working in the Gulf (?.) and the W.E.E. was for the Pikasky Syndrome in Johannesburg.
Walter Garber A frightening scenario.
Jarod Yes very. But watching somebody suffer can have an effect on you. I hope I can make a difference here.
Computer Code Accepted.
Walter Garber Jarod, Jeff Baytos, decontamination and facilities specialist.
Jarod Nice to meet you.
Jeff Baytos Ah, nixay on the handshake, hey doc?
Walter Garber Mr Baytos tends to be overcautious.
Jeff Baytos That’s the thing in a place like this. One wrong move like pressing the flesh and it’s off to the submarine for ten thousand years.
Jarod You call your morgue the submarine?
Walter Garber What did you call it at Bambridge?
Jarod Chernobyl.
Walter Garber Well we’re working a level three today. Offshoot strain of Red Valley Fever. You ready to battle the unseen enemy?
Jarod Absolutely. Will you be joining us Mr Baytos?
Jeff Baytos Level two is my limit now, man. Live long and prosper.
Walter Garber Baytos witnessed a man die of Ebola. He’s been reluctant to go past level two ever since. Fortunately he’s the best there is when it comes to decon.
Mrs Florence It’s nice to have visitors. Our friends don’t know what to think or say so they just stay away. Did you meet John in South Africa?
Jarod No But I heard a lot about him. We were both working at separate strike teams in the Mutaba village.
Mrs Florence He loved that job. He was the first to arrive and the last to leave. He’d stay in places where there was no hope, no chance to make a difference.
Jarod Holding the hand of a dying man to let him know he’s not alone? That’s making a difference. I’m working with Walter Garber now. I’m trying to finish
the work your husband started.
Mrs Florence You’re lucky to be working under Walter. Jon thought the world of him. That’s them at the WA Banquet. Hey, you’re supposed to be napping.
Cindy I thought I heard Daddy.
Mrs Florence It’s not Daddy. It’s just a friend.
Jarod Hi. My name’s Jarod.
Cindy Hi.
Mrs Florence Go lie down now Honey. This has been especially hard on her. He vanished right before her birthday. How do I explain that to Cindy? How do I explain any of it? I, I know he’s not coming back, I, I’ve accepted that, I have. I just wish I knew where to go from here. How to go from here. Is he dead? Is he alive?
Jarod It’s a very beautiful ring.
Mrs Florence Jon designed our wedding bands. I know it’s corny but he wanted them to be the only two alike in the world. Here, John wore this when he went into
the field for work. He never got sick wearing it. I’d like you to have it.
Jarod I couldn’t possibly accept that.
Mrs Florence He would have wanted somebody who cared as much as he did to have it.
Jarod Thank you.
Mrs Florence You’re welcome.
Jarod Fits like a glove.
Jarod Excuse me, I was wondering if you might help me.
Assistant Ah sure. What’s the problem?
Jarod It says here that this is a motel for roaches?
Assistant Yeah. It’s like ah the Hotel California for our little six legged friends, you know.
Jarod Hotel California?
Assistant Yeah, like they can check out any time they like but they can never leave.
Jarod Oh. Oh. Like a trap.
Assistant Yeah, something like that.
Jarod Oh that’s perfect. I’ll take one hundred.
Assistant Right on.
Tenant I’m gonna wrap that thing around your neck if you don’t shut up!
Jarod Come and get it.
Tenant You’re a dead man Hansell!
Jarod Come and get it.
Ben I’ve paid my rent – you can’t evict me.
Jarod Uh, Sir, my name is Jarod. I’m your neighbour, I just wanted to tell you that I’m very intrigued by your music.
Ben I’m not falling for that!
Jarod I would very much like to meet you and I would like to ask you a question.
Ben Are you here to give me the boot?
Jarod I wasn’t planning on it sir, but you’re more than welcome to mine.
Ben It’s nice to have a friendly audience for a change. Ben Hansell’s the name.
Jarod Ben, I need your help.
Ben And I need yours. Do you play?
Jarod I’ve conducted a symphony here and there.
Ben Well then what do you think of
Tenant Shut up!
Ben Cultural worm!
Tenant 1 You Suck!
Jarod That’s very interesting. Hayden’s Cello Concerto in C Major I believe.
Ben I rewrote it for trumpet. I’m working on an arrangement for glockenspiel. An artist must stretch you know.
Jarod Yes. How long have you been a musician?
Ben Fifteen odd years.
Jarod That’s a long time.
Ben But it will be all worth it when the Philharmonic calls. I sent them a tape about a week ago. You had a question?
Jarod Yes. I’m trying to attract roaches and this doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any?
Ben Roaches? I can’t get rid of them. I spilled a box of Crunchy Crawlers cereal behind the fridge once. Every night they come out hunting.
Jarod Crunchy Crawlers?
Ben They’re grotesquely delicious. I was wondering about my interpretation of the first movement, is it a tad subtle?
Jarod Subtly is a virtue in any form.
Ben A neighbour who is a scholar of the arts. Thank you Jarod. You can yell at me through the walls any time.
Jarod And thank you for the tip.
Sydney You will do very nicely here.
Jarod In seconds the virus invades the host cell. With a level four virus the results are devastating. In the Mutaba village outbreak subjects begin coughing only four hours after exposure. Internal bleeding commences at hour twelve, and by hour thirty-six the subject completely bleeds out. Gentlemen you can ignore the flight attendant if she tries to teach you how to fasten your Seatbelt, but with the Mutabo virus and other level fours… the kill rate is
ninety percent.
Walter Garber And might I add an airborne virus, coupled with a pin prick in your glove or a faulty seal sends you into the slammer and from there it’s an express
straight to the submarine. Lights. Thank you for the safety review Doctor Riley.
Lisa Hoffman You misled them back there. You and Jon Florence did develop a vaccine for the Karangi virus.
Walter Garber We got lucky on that, but with Ebola and Mutaba… ah we have to keep ’em on it.
Jarod Sorry about Dr Florence. You must miss him.
Walter Garber Very much.
Jarod From what I understand Dr Florence was a family man, hardly the type to just up and leave.
Lisa Hoffman He was a good man.
Walter Garber Of all people you two should know that awful things crawl beneath the healthiest of exteriors. John confided in me that things at home weren’t…optimal. He never went into specifics but he certainly enjoyed working the extra hours here rather than being at home.
Walter Garber This is an airborne level four virus, let’s be on our toes.
Jarod Commencing Phase Two dissection.
Lisa Hoffman We’re at 72 hours after expiration by Mutaba strain B-3247.
Jarod Walter?
Walter Garber Good God! Decon!
Lisa Hoffman Come on, let’s move it! Go!
Walter Garber Okay let’s remain calm!
Jarod Proceed with Decon shower.
Lisa Hoffman Coming through.
Walter Garber Stay calm, you’ll be fine.
Computer Code Denied
Lisa Hoffman Damn, it isn’t working.
Walter Garber Here let me. (He pushes her aside and enters a different set of numbers.
Computer Code Accepted
Lisa Hoffman Get the glove off.
Walter Garber Inoculate. Hurry up.
Jarod No skin breaks. The blood must have been from the sample.
Walter Garber Well done everybody. Everything by the numbers. We’ll review the security tape tomorrow. You handled that simulation as if it were completely real Jarod.
Jarod Well I’ve had a lot of practice Sir.
Lisa Hoffman Who changed the Slammer access code?
Walter Garber Lisa Hoffman the fewer people that have the code the fewer people that are at risk. I don’t want anybody near the slammer unless they have to be.
Lisa Hoffman It’s your funeral.
Walter Garber No, it’s his.
Jarod Is Walter the only one who has the access code to the Slammer?
Lisa Hoffman And the submarine.
Security Tape
Walter Garber Ah Jon, how’s my goddaughter?
Jon Florence About to turn six but she thinks she’s sixteen. I hope you can make it to her party.
Walter Garber I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I proceeded with the autopsy on the monkey. Look at the liver.
Jon Florence Mush. The virus has mutated.
Walter Garber We’ll finish this first thing Monday.
Sydney Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been… Oh my God… thirty-three years since my last confession. I have betrayed a friend.
Priest Then you must seek his forgiveness.
Sydney He has shut me out.
Priest You’re troubled by something else. Will you pray to the Lord for forgiveness?
Sydney Not even He can forgive me for what I have done.
Security Footage
Walter Garber Look at the liver.
Jon Florence The virus has mutated.
Walter Garber Hmm mm.
Jon Florence It’s like the Karangi virus but worse. This is a level 5 virus. What the Hell have you done? You made Ebola look like the flu!
Walter Garber I’ve been working on the genetics…
Jon Florence No you’ve been playing God! We’ve got to shut down this project now. I’m destroying it.
Walter Garber You can’t.
Jon Florence Yes I can.
Walter Garber I won’t let you.
Jon Florence Let go of my air hose!
Walter Garber I won’t let you.
Jon Florence Let go of my air hose! Let Go of my air hose! Let go of my air hose! My god Walter – you’ve killed me.
Walter Garber Quick, into the decon shower. The lab is full of the virus. Stay calm, don’t panic.
Jon Florence Pressure failure.
Walter Garber Get into the slammer. I’ll meet you there.
Jarod Hello Jon, I was afraid I’d find you here.
Tenant Hansell you are driving me nuts! Shut up!!
Jarod Interesting interpretation.
Tenant 1 You suck!
Ben You’re a polite neighbour Jarod but I fear that the cultural dwarfs are right. I’m terrible.
Jarod It takes a long time to master music Ben.
Ben A lifetime would not be long enough for me. My music kills plant life. I’m Salieri for Mozart Jarod. I curse God for bestowing me with
mediocre ability.
Jarod What are these?
Ben Trifles. Pointless exercises.
Jarod Did you make these?
Ben Yes.
Jarod Ben these are exquisite.
Ben Your compliment is appreciated Jarod, but art it is not.
Jarod Art is many things. Some choose a brush, some a bow, some a pen, and some choose glass.
Ben What do you mean?
Jarod Maybe the way you create is through these pieces rather than… that. You said it yourself Ben, sometimes an artist needs to
Young Jarod Sydney I’m scared, I can’t do this!
Sydney You have to Jarod.
Young Jarod There’s smoke. People are screaming! Sydney they’re burning! Burning! Make them stop! Make the burning stop!
Sydney Jarod.
Young Jarod Make it stop! No go away and leave me alone!
Sydney It’s all right Jarod! It’s all right. It’s all over Jarod. Alright.
Young Jarod I want my Daddy.
Sydney The code word makes it stop Jarod. You didn’t use the code word we came up with.
Young Jarod I said I want my Dad.
Sydney Let me. Jarod. Remember, when you’re doing the simulation and you become frightened and want to stop say “refuge”. Alright?
Jarod typing Sydney to find refuge go to…
Sydney He contacted me. No secrets.
Miss Parker What? Sudden change of heart?
Sydney Lately I’ve been seeing things from another angle and maybe it’s best if you get him.
Jarod Doctor Hoffman. Do you have a
Lisa Hoffman What’s up?
Jarod What do you make of this?
Lisa Hoffman Hmm? Vivification of organs, through the skin pores, loss of hair…..looks like an advanced version of Mutaba.
Jarod That’s what I thought until I found this.
Lisa Hoffman I’ve never seen this before. Did you cross check it?
Jarod Against every sample on record.
Lisa Hoffman There’s over three thousand on record.
Jarod Well it did get a little tedious after the first 800.
Lisa Hoffman My God Jarod, this is worse than any level four I’ve ever seen.
Jarod It’s a level five.
Lisa Hoffman There’s a level five here?
Jarod It’s a sample off a body in the
Lisa Hoffman Wait, how did you get in the submarine? Only Gar… Garber has the code.
Jarod Is all research here sanctioned by a governing body? Which project isn’t?
Lisa Hoffman It’s only hearsay but I trust the source. Garber was working on something secret, I don’t know what.
Jarod What else did Jon Florence tell you?
Lisa Hoffman How did you know Jon was the source?
Jarod Besides Garber he was the only person that knew everything that was going on here. What else did he tell you?
Lisa Hoffman That Garber was working on some radical mutations of a level five. He said it started out good, but it got corrupted. John said God would never forgive him if he let this project continue.
Jarod Well unfortunately for Jon Florence he never had the chance to stop it.
Lisa Hoffman Oh my God.
Security Tape
Walter Garber We’ll finish this first thing Monday.
Jarod I’m guessing between the knob, the mouthpiece and the city water you’re drinking there’s enough germs to kill a cockroach.
Jeff Baytos Dr Riley, hi. Yeah, you’re probably right. I deal with the germs I can but something tells me I wouldn’t lastlong living in a plastic bubble.
Jarod Even one equipped with a decon shower? It was an excellent performance
Jeff Baytos Look I don’t know what you mean.
Jarod Are you going to make me enhance
the image
so that I can see your face?
Jeff Baytos Do you know what it’s like not
being able to sleep?
Jarod You’d be surprised.
Jeff Baytos I watched a man beg for his life. He begged to see his wife and kids again and I, I… I didn’t help him.
Jarod I know Jon Florence got infected, I know his body’s in the submarine and I know that you helped Garber doctor this tape but what I can’t figure out is why?
Jeff Baytos Because it was my fault that’s why. I was working late like Jon and Dr Garber. I saw Jon coming into the slammer and he – he looked so frightened. The decon shower lost pressure and it is my job to make sure that it doesn’t. That is my job Dr Reilly. And then Garber went ballistic and he blamed me for Jon’s contamination. I have never seen a virus do what it did to him, or so quickly.
Jarod And that’s why you won’t go past level two any more.
Jeff Baytos Jon, he begged me to get his wife and kids and, and Garber… Garber told me to keep it quiet, he told me that the authorities would have to be called and they would shut down the facility and more lives would be lost because of my error.
Jarod Jon Florence did not die because of you or the decon shower. He died because Walter Garber murdered him.
Jarod Hello, Butcher Bob? I would like to order a dozen pig livers please. Yes. A dozen.
Jarod Say cheese.
Jarod Good morning class. Today’s lesson takes us into the fascinating world of… cockroaches.
Jarod Walter.
Walter Garber Yes.
Jarod It’s Jarod. I’ve made a very interesting discovery that I think you should check out.
Walter Garber Well what have you got?
Jarod Well it’s still too early to be sure, but I think I found a vaccine for Mutaba.
Walter Garber I’ll meet you in the lab in an hour Jarod.
Jarod Perfect.
Walter Garber What have you got? Where’d you get the sample?
Jarod From this liver.
Walter Garber My God man it’s an airborne virus!
Jarod Walter, your air hose.
Walter Garber Sound the alarm! Help me! Help me! There’s a pressure failure the decon line.
Jarod You’d better get into the slammer sir.
Walter Garber Where is everybody? Where are the doctors?
Jarod There’s nobody here Sir, I sent them all home.
Walter Garber Jarod, you’ve killed me!
Jarod Oh relax Walter. I told you I made a little discovery. It’s a derivative cross between your Karangi virus and the Red Valley strain. An antivirus, it shuts your virus down.
Walter Garber Give it to me please.
Jarod I can’t.
Walter Garber Jarod please, help me!
Jarod Like you helped Jon Florence? By exposing him to a level five without any cure?
Walter Garber Who the Hell are you?
Jarod Well I sure as hell am not Florence Nightingale, but then again… neither are you. How long Walter? How long before Jon Florence started to show symptoms? How long before the internal bleeding started? How long before his brain tissue started to leak into his ears? How long before his internal organs started to liquefy? How long Walter?
Walter Garber Give me that syringe.
Jarod Why? Jon Florence never had this option, why should you?
Walter Garber Jarod it was an accident.
Jarod He knew he was going to die and I bet the last thing he wanted to do was just to see his family one more time, to say goodbye to his wife and to his child. But you couldn’t give him that peace could you Walter? Because then the truth would come out about how you were trying to play God with all these viral experiments. You took down Florence’s life and you ruined his family’s as well.
That is no accident.
Walter Garber Alright, I did it, I admit it, I killed him! The research was very valuable. Please, give me the vaccine.
Jarod Alright Walter, but I will warn you: It’s only sugar water.
Walter Garber Sugar water?
Jarod I don’t know how to make a vaccine. You see, I’m not really a virologist. The truth is, this place gives me the creeps.
Walter Garber What?
Jarod You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.
Walter Garber No! Don’t! Don’t leave me! Jarod! Jarod! Come back here! Jarod! Help! Help!
Jeff Baytos Aren’t you going to tell him you didn’t really infect him?
Jarod Nah. Why don’t you do it? In forty-eight hours, after the police get this.
Sam What is that smell?
Miss Parker I can’t smell. Go left. You take that room.
Jarod on the computer
Jarod Good morning class. Today’s lesson takes us into the fascinating world of cockroaches.
Sam Nothing. He’s gone.
Miss Parker But not forgotten.
Jarod This is a bug motel. When the hormones off a roach’s body, which is the wet stuff you just walked through, combines with the sticky stuff inside of the box, which you are standing in, it forms a bond which is stronger than epoxy. Welcome to the world’s largest bug motel.
Sam I’m stuck.
Jarod Chivas on the rocks. One ice cube. Clever way of contacting me Sydney. No one at the Centre would have ever known what this meant.
Sydney I had to see you face to face.
Jarod Did Miss Parker take the bait?
Sydney Presumably. I have to ask you for something.
Jarod You’re in no position to ask me for anything.
Sydney Not even your forgiveness?
Jarod What?
Sydney For keeping you in the Centre, for the lies all these years. Did you send me this?
Jarod No I did not.
Sydney Parker did, with your name on it.
Jarod What is
Sydney Reminders. Issues I must take up with….myself, God, and with you.
Jarod It’s too late.
Sydney I come to you with an olive branch.
Jarod All right. You want my forgiveness? Then tell me what happened to my Mom and Dad.
Sydney I can’t. I don’t know the truth.
Jarod Then you and the Centre will never get me back. And I can’t forgive you Sydney, I can’t forgive myself.
Ben Ben Hansell.
Phone Mr Hansell this is the Chicago Philharmonic. We received the extraordinary glass sculpture you made and we’d like to set up a time for you to meet with our merchandise coordinator…
Mrs Florence Thank you, for everything. Where will you go now?
Jarod I’m starting a new job.
Jarod You’ve got roaches?