Project Description

1.16 Under The Reds

Original air date: March 22, 1997
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach & Lawrence Meyers
Directed by: Charles Siebert

While Sydney tries to revive his comatose brother, Jarod pretends to be a paramedic so he can investigate why a young man went into a coma after an accident.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Lucky Rabbit’s Foot, Classic Horror Films
Jarod’s Occupations: EMT, Ph.D Research Scientist , Organ Transplant Courier
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Hollstrom, Jarod Randolph


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod goes undercover as a paramedic to expose a health insurance fraud; Sydney tries to revive his brother, who has been in a coma since being in a car accident with Sydney at the wheel.


After a flashback showing an experiment that teaches young Jarod he can’t save everyone, present day Jarod, in a medical lab, injects a comatose rat with a drug and revives it.  Several weeks later, Sydney and Miss Parker visit the lab…but Jarod has already moved on to a new job, as a paramedic.  Later, at the Centre, Broots tells Miss Parker that Sydney has disappeared, along with some experimental drugs.  Meanwhile, Jarod’s ambulance delivers a patient to the emergency room at Queen of Mercy Hospital in Atlanta, and when Jarod is reluctant to let the doctor, Sarah Corey, take over, his partner, Rennert, tells Jarod not to get so attached.  Later, back at the ambulance, Jarod chats with another EMT, Julie, but is interrupted by a state inspector, Max Vargas, who hassles Jarod about paperwork missing from his personnel file.  Meanwhile, at the Mt. Pleasant nursing home, Sydney sits next to the bed of his brother, Jacob, and flashes back to the car accident that left Jacob comatose years ago.  The next day, Jarod looks at a clipping about a young man, Steven Chambers, who also went into a coma after a car accident, then visits his room at Queen of Mercy.

Later that day, Jarod and Rennert pick up another patient with a head injury, but even though another hospital is closer, Rennert insists on bringing him to Queen of Mercy.  Back at the Centre, Broots and Miss Parker go through Sydney’s personal files, and Miss Parker sees he makes an annual donation to the Mount Pleasant home.  Meanwhile, Jarod visits Steven again, and learns from Steven’s father that doctors have started him on a new therapy, which successfully wakes one in five coma patients.  A bit later, Vargas finds Jarod again, and threatens to pull him off duty if he doesn’t provide his missing paperwork by noon.  Meanwhile, at Mount Pleasant, Sydney tells a nurse to increase Jacob’s dose of a new drug, and another flashback reveals that just before the accident, Jacob voiced concerns about the Centre’s work to Sydney.  A bit later, Jarod calls Sydney to see how Jacob’s doing, but Sydney says there’s no progress.  Later, Jarod digs Steven’s file out of the hospital’s records, and notes that Rennert and Julie brought Steven to the hospital the day he was injured.  The next day, Dr. Corey tells Jarod that the new head trauma patient he brought in has been flown to another hospital, which is better equipped to deal with his injuries…surprising news, since Rennert had insisted Queen of Mercy was the best place for him, despite the longer drive to get there.  Just then, however, Jarod looks up and sees Rennert in another room, talking to the hospital’s administrator, Fletcher.

That night, Miss Parker finds Sydney at Mt. Pleasant, and is shocked to see Jacob there, still alive.  Sydney tells her about the car accident, and his own feelings of guilt…and just then, Jacob’s eyes flutter, and he wakes.  Meanwhile, Jarod asks Julie why she and Rennert took extra time to take Steven to Queen of Mercy, when another hospital was closer.  She says it was Rennert’s decision…and Jarod notes that Rennert made the same risky choice 30 times in the last five years.  Later, while Mr. Raines forces Broots to tell him where Sydney and Miss Parker went, Jarod talks to Steven’s mother, Elizabeth, who says Steven isn’t responding to the new treatment, and notes they are starting to consider donating his organs.  Jarod, however, tells her about another new treatment, Hallstrom’s technique, which he used on the lab rat, and which Sydney has been using on Jacob.  That night, however, Jarod finds his lab rat comatose again and calls Sydney to warn him the effects of Hallstrom’s technique seem to be temporary.  And while they talk, Mr. Raines arrives, warns Miss Parker that Jacob is a threat to Centre interests, and insists Jacob must never be allowed to wake again.

The next day, Jarod outfits a friend with a broken bicycle, poses him in the street like an accident victim, and responds to the emergency call with Rennert.  Meanwhile, at Mt. Pleasant, Miss Parker puts on rubber gloves, goes into Jacob’s room, and smothers him with a pillow.  But while she is doing this, a nurse delivers a note Jacob wrote to Sydney, which says the car accident was “not your fault.”  Meanwhile, at Queen of Mercy, Julie gives evidence of Rennert’s negligence in Steven’s case to Dr. Corey, and then gives her a walkie talkie so she can hear what’s going on in Jarod’s ambulance…where Rennert once again opts for a longer journey to Queen of Mercy over a trip to a closer hospital.  A bit later, at the hospital, Jarod hands off the fake patient to Dr. Corey, watches as Rennert takes a cash payment from Fletcher…and then cues the police, who arrest Rennert and Fletcher for conspiring to bring the most lucrative insurance cases into their hospital, regardless of need.  Later, in Steven’s room, Jarod and Dr. Corey watch, sadly, as Steven’s parents disconnect his life support…but a bit later, we see Jarod, now dressed as a helicopter pilot, rushing Steven’s heart into another hospital across the country.  Then, finally, as Jarod watches the transplant surgery, he calls Sydney, whose guilt has been eased, and who now assures Jarod that Hallstrom’s technique helped “enough.”


Young Jarod I can’t see anything. I need to go lower.
Sydney The child is just below you Jarod. Collapse is imminent. You have to abort.
Young Jarod I can save him Sydney. I can save him!
Sydney You have to abort.
Young Jarod No. No!
Sydney You’re dead.
Young Jarod I coulda done it.
Sydney What? Save him? You can’t save everyone Jarod no matter how hard you try.
Jarod’s Lab
Atlanta School of Medicine: Atlanta, Georgia
Lab Assistant Jarod Halstrom. He was the coolest PhD we’ve every had in this place. He had a private grant, rented the lab from the university and paid me muhco dinero.
Sydney What kind of research were you doing?
Lab Assistant Nada. All we did was eat Pez, watch Frankenstein movies and play with mice. The live ones anyway.
Sydney The live ones?
Lab Assistant Yeah, half of them were dead or comatose. See, Jarod used to inject them with something and stare at them for hours. It was kinda ghoulish. The he donated his little critters to the school when he left. Except for this white one, Jarod called him Jacob.
Sydney Jacob?
Miss Parker Hmm?
Sydney Nothing.
Lab Assistant Well, Jarod used to carry Jacob around in his pocket like it was his best friend.
Miss Parker They’re distant cousins actually.
Lab Assistant Excuse me, i have to get that.
Miss Parker No dead fireman or wounded cameraman. Maybe he’s getting bored.
Sydney Mm-mmmm. Jarod will never be bored in the outside world. He’s trying to save lives.
Atlanta, Georgia
Rennert We have a female, late 20’s, leg fracture, possible vertebral fracture with internal bleeding. We started her on an IV of normal saline, wide open.
Jarod She’s coding! Move! Come on, come on, come on. Stay with me! Stay with me!
The Centre
Broots Uh, Miss Parker, have you seen Sydney?
Miss Parker Do I look like a leash?
Broots He’s, uh, he’s missing.
Miss Parker Sydney’s missing when he’s here.
Broots Well, actually, he was a no-show at the sim lab. He left four sets of twins twiddling their, uh, 16 thumbs.
Miss Parker Sydney’s a no-show for a roomful of human bookends?
Broots Security reported some drugs missing from the Centre pharmaceutical lab. A nurse says she saw Sydney leaving there early this morning. I’ll talk to you later.
Queen of Mercy Hospital: Atlanta Georgia
Jarod Your daughter needs you.
Dr Corey Trauma five, stat.
Jarod She has a little girl.
Dr Corey Okay, we’ll take it from here, Jarod. Jarod.
Jarod She has a little girl.
Dr Corey Someone get him off my patient.
Rennert Jarod, we’re done. Alright, let’s go.
Jarod I’m gonna stay here for a while.
Rennert She’s goin’ into surgery.
Jarod I know. I just wanna make sure she’s alright.
Rennert Oh, no, no, no. Look. Okay, I’ve been only driving with you, what, a couple weeks, right? Take my word for it. You get too personal with a client, that’s just energy you can’t spend saving the next one. Alright? We do our best for these people, then we move one. You can’t train yourself to think that way, this job will kill you.
Dr Fletcher Not if I do it first. Why don’t I have proper treatment reports on your last five deliveries?
Jarod Deliveries?
Rennert Dr Fletcher, meet Jarod Randolph.
Dr Fletcher I hope your partner’s better at driving them in than he is at doing his paperwork.
Rennert I will get to that paperwork when i get a break, alright? I promise.
Dr Fletcher You better.
The Centre
Broots Sydney made quite a heist from the Centre pharmacy. Cylin, triphenylmide, d-uh. Diflutanzenil. Uh, a reversal agent, a neurostimulant and an antidepressant. Huh.
Miss Parker Great. Great. Now Sydney will turn up in some hop house and we’ll lose Jarod’s trail again. Start decrypting his files. Maybe there’s a clue there.
Broots Uh… umm… You’Re you’Re invading my space. Close is good.
Jarod Why is there a severed animal’s limb hanging from your rearview mirror?
Rennert It’s a rabbit’s foot.
Jarod Technically, it’s a paw.
Rennert What, you mean you’ve never seen one of those before? It’s lucky.
Jarod Not for the three-legged rabbit
Rennert Sure, yeah. Coffee time.
Thorton Would you guys keep it down? I’m trying to sleep in here.
Jarod You might get more rest if you turn down your music.
Thorton Self-hypnosis. Trying to study while asleep.
Jarod The New England Journal of Medicine. I’m impressed.
Thorton Yeah? Tell the admissions board in Atlanta. I am out of the EMT business come this fall, with a little luck.
Jarod Have you tried a rabbit’s foot?
Thorton I’m a four-leaf clover person myself.
Rennert Oh, man, Vargas is here.
Jarod Who’s Vargas?
Thorton Max Vargas, State Board of Inspection.
Jarod I didn’t think the inspection was going to be for another two weeks.
Rennert This guy is a bigger pain in the ass than the suits at the hospital.
Thorton Are they the same pains in the ass who call me at home looking for their paperwork?
Vargas You must be Randolph. What’s it like being independently wealthy?
Jarod I beg your pardon?
Vargas Well, you’ve been here a month and you haven’t done your W-4, so must have a little nest egg stashed away somewhere.
Jarod It must have slipped through the cracks.
Vargas Well, it’s my job to fill in those cracks. Maybe you and I should go to the office and fill these forms in so the books have a semblance of order.
Rennert Oh, uh, Mr Vargas, Jarod and i have a union-guaranteed coffee break now.
Vargas You’ll be using it to fill out these forms.
Jarod I’ll have them on your desk first thing in the morning.
Vargas See that you do.
Mount Pleasant Home
Nurse It’s sweet that you talk to him, Sydney. Some people think that they’Re not aware.
Sydney Hmm. He needs to know he’s not alone. Jacob. I have discovered this experimental research, the Halstrom Technique. Jarod sent it to me. It’s a long shot, but it’s our best hope. I promised you I would never give up.
Jacob Sydney! Sydney!
Queen of Mercy Hospital: Atlanta Georgia
Mrs Chambers While Sydney Carton and the Sheep Of the prisons were in the adjoining dark room speaking so low that not a sound was heard Mr Lorry looked at Jerry in considerable doubt and mistrust.
Jarod He’s a stockbroker from Alphretta. His name is Jerry Mitchell.
Rennert Queen of Mercy, this is Unit 45. We’ve got a male, mid 50’s, possible head trauma, you copy?
Jarod Queen of Mercy? County General’s closer.
Rennert Queen of Mercy’s got the best Head Trauma Centre in Atlanta.
Jarod I understand that, but this gentleman needs immediate…
Rennert Stabilise him. I’ll do the driving.
Jarod We could have had in him treatment at County eight minutes ago.
Rennert Hey, our stockbroker couldn’t be in better hands. That’s worth eight minutes of his time.
Jarod I hope you’Re right.
Rennert I made a judgemental call. You got a problem with that?
Jarod No, no problem.
The Centre
Broots Nothing obvious on Sydney’s email.
Miss Parker Phone records are all Centre related. You’d think he’d occasionally call a 900 number to spice up his life. What about his regular mail?
Broots Medical journals, Plant World magazine. Book of the Week Club.
Miss Parker Give me that. Annual donation to the Mount Pleasant Home.
Broots A historical society maybe?
Miss Parker It’s where he goes for Christmas every year.
Jarod Dr Corey, i owe you an apology. I should have relinquished the gurney. Once we’Re in the ER, it’s your patient.
Dr Corey Don’t sweat it Jarod. At least your heart was in the right place. By the way, that young mother you brought in is going to be fine.
Jarod That’s wonderful.
Dr Corey I’m not used to seeing an EMS’er get so personally involved.
Jarod I find it difficult not to. Sometimes i feel like i know what my patient is going through.
Dr Corey I know what you mean.
Jarod Is that why you’Re following up with Steven?
Dr Corey I’ve seen this injury a hundred times and I’m usually able to stabilise the patient, but this one… It’s like i pulled out all the stops… but he still got away from me.
Jarod Steven is lucky to have a doctor that cares so much. Are you okay?
Dr Corey It’s just that you can’t always help them enough and i don’t like that feeling.
Jarod Well, i think that goes with the job.
Dr Corey Doesn’t make it any easier to live with.
Jarod You’Re not thinking of transferring to someplace else?
Dr Corey There’s a research position at Cornell Med. I’m thinking I’ll have an easier time dealing with the mice.
Jarod Don’t be so sure about that. Look, do yourself a favour, really think about your decision. This hospital needs people like you.
Mr Chambers It is a far, far better thing that i do, then i have ever done. It is a far, far better rest that i go to than I’ve ever known. How about a break before we start the next book? He likes Dickens.
Jarod Dickens is hopeful. Even his saddest endings are uplifting. I brought you some cocoa.
Mr Chambers Appreciate your visits Jarod. You’d think you’d get enough of hospitals in your line of work.
Jarod Well, this hospital could use some more volunteers. How’s Steven doing?
Mr Chambers They started him on a new treatment called the trefoil therapy.
Jarod It was developed at Yale. It delivers neurostimulants directly into the hypothalamus. Um, I have a friend who’s in a coma.
Mr Chambers They say it has a 20% success rate. One out of five comes out of it.
Mrs Chambers And four don’t.
Mr Chambers He fits the profile. The said if anyone would accept the treatment, Steven would. He’s a fighter. Right hon?
Mrs Chambers Right.
Jarod Do you mind? So Steven was a wrestler?
Mr Chambers Took first place in the state finals his senior year. He was behind in two out of his five matches. But he came back, pulled it out.
Jarod Well, you must be very proud.
Mr Chambers He never gave up. We’d cheer him from the stands. I think hearing us made him try harder.
Jarod You know, I haven’t been in many hospitals… but i really do believe that people in a coma… they hear everything that goes on around them. Enjoy the cocoa.
PA Dr Michaels to Admitting. Dr Michaels to Admitting.
Mrs Chambers Chapter one. Treats of the place where Oliver Twist was born and of the circumstances attending his birth.
Jarod Well, are you gonna open the letter?
Thorton Yes.
Jarod Wait, wait, wait, wait. For good luck.
Thorton Alright, I’ll open it. Oh, my God. I’m in!
Jarod Alright! You’Re gonna make a wonderful doctor.
Thorton I’d better be. I’m abut to be $100,000 in debt.
Vargas If it isn’t the invisible man.
Thorton I should, uh, call my family with the news.
Vargas I followed through on your paperwork. Not only have you not filed your payroll documents, you don’t seem to have any documents that support your identity. As far as I’m concerned, you don’t exist. I want your name, your address, your Social Security number, your next of kin, your references. The whole kit, the whole caboodle. I want it now.
Jarod Right after lunch.
Vargas You better get writing or I’m taking you off the streets.
Sydney Let’s increase the, uh, cylin to 436 milligrams per litre. And the diflutazenil, let’s go to 275.
Nurse Alright.
Sydney You’ve been missing for three days, Jacob. I can’t keep covering for you with Mr Raines.
Jacob I’ve had personal business.
Sydney You never kept secrets from me.
Jacob Sydney, i… I have ethical concerns about our work.
Sydney Don’t start with that rubbish. We’Re not doing anything wrong.
Jacob Open your eyes, Sydney.
Sydney They are open Jacob. I see the opportunity to do what we’ve been working for all our lives.
Jacob Get your mind off your career for one second, will you? I’m talking about the children.
Jarod on phone Hello Sydney. Any progress?
Sydney Halstrom’s Technique, it’s just brilliant. It could help a great many people.
Jarod One at a time. How’s Jacob?
Sydney Nothing yet I’m afraid. Tell me Jarod, why are you doing this?
Jarod The medical profession. It’s about the relief of suffering. Remember?
EMS Headquarters, Records Room
Jarod’s Lair
Jarod Hey Jacob. Jacob, how you doing? How you doing? Did you have a good day? Hmmm?
Jarod Dr Corey, good morning.
Dr Corey Hey.
Jarod I just wanted to check on the status of the stockbroker that Rennert and i brought in yesterday.
Dr Corey We damn near had to life-flight him to County.
Jarod I thought this hospital had the best Head Trauma Unit in the city.
Dr Corey Head Trauma was downgraded months ago, along with a third of our budget. You guys should keep up with current events. What’s with her?
Jarod She’s like you, she cares too much.
Dr Corey I can’t wait till Thursday.
Jarod What happens on Thursday?
Dr Corey My transfer came through. I am out of the ER.
Jarod Sarah. They need you here.
Dr Corey Look, I have been through this with everyone i know. I’ll give your regards to the mice.
Medico Let’s go! Let’s move! Right in here!
Woman What do you got?
PA Dr Fletcher to Administration please. Dr Fletcher to Administration.
Mount Pleasant Home
Miss Parker Sydney. So, who’s Mr X?
Sydney None of your business.
Miss Parker Your business is my business.
Sydney Jarod can wait.
Miss Parker I can’t. Go pack your bags. You’Re coming with me.
Sydney You are not welcome here.
Miss Parker All i have to do is call the sweeper team.
Sydney Mn-hmmm. I have priorities.
Vargas Who was on duty last night? Who was on du… Somebody was here last night? Who was on duty?
Jarod Don’t you have that in one of your files?
Vargas If i did, would i ask you?
Jarod What did you lose?
Vargas There’s some personnel files missing, including yours, i may add.
Jarod Well, i’m not going to fill out any more paperwork.
Vargas You won’t have to, Randolph, Jarod. Born in Seattle. Attended Millbrook Elementary. Photographic memory. And I’m sure i have enough in here right now to run a background check on you.
Thorton I’m thinking about going into pediatrics. What do you think?
Jarod I think a doctor needs to have a strong sense of ethics.
Thorton What? Hey, where we going?
Jarod Trying out a different route today.
Thorton Different route?
Jarod Mm-hmmm. Peachtree Athletic Centre to Queen of Mercy Hospital. It’s interesting. There are two other hospitals that are much closer by. Neither one of them are Queen of Mercy.
Thorton What are you talking about?
Jarod Ethics. Steven Chambers was injured during a wrestling match. You and Rennert took him all the way from the athletic centre to Queen of Mercy Hospital. Explain to me why a seasoned EMT would take a critical patient so far out of the loop.
Thorton Jarod, we did the best we could.
Jarod By my calculations, it takes at least 25 minutes to get from the athletic centre to Queen of Mercy. What exactly did you do for him? Watch him fall deeper into a coma?
Thorton Rennert made the judgemental call.
Jarod I looked at Rennert’s record for the last five years. He took at least 30 patients to Queen of Mercy Hospital… that should have gone somewhere else. Thirty patients with expensive injuries that have insurance to pay for it. God knows how many other people ended up like Steven Chambers. A doctor has to have ethics, Julie. People’s lives are in their hands.
Thorton There had been a… a Hawks game that night and we hit the spillover traffic. We just sat there. All i could do was talk to Steven, you know, try to…try to keep him awake while Rennert kept telling me, “We’Re doing the right thing.”
Jarod You could have filed a complaint against him.
Thorton It was my first week under the reds, Jarod. It took all the guts i had just to tell him we were going the wrong way. Rennert, he warned me never to second-guess him in his rig. I didn’t want any trouble. I just… I just wanna help people.
Raines Broots.
Broots Mr Raines.
Raines Where are they?
Broots Who? I… I’m not sure. Um, that is, I… I know where i think they might be.
Raines Tell me.
Broots Well, uh… they weren’t very specific. They both just took off without saying much.
Raines How’s your little girl?
Broots You know, uh…they… they did mention something about the Mount Pleasant Home. Sydney… Sydney goes there from time to time.
Raines I know where he goes.
Nurse I’ve increased the dosage. You’Re aware it’s three times more than you originally requested?
Sydney Mm-hmm.
Nurse Alright.
Miss Parker I had no idea.
Sydney Not many people do.
Miss Parker Sydney, what happened?
Jacob I’m talking about the children.
Sydney What’s so troubling about children, for God’s sake?
Jacob Do you know how we got those children?
Sydney I know what i need to know.
Jacob No, no, you know what the Centre wants you to know. You… you always do this. You always push away what doesn’t fit into your pristine view of the world.
Sydney And all you wanna do is poison the good things in your life.
Jacob Sydney!
Sydney Jacob, Jacob! Jacob! Jacob!
Sydney It was my fault. I knew the road, knew every curve.
Miss Parker Sydney, it could have happened to anybody.
Sydney Uh-uh. A later simulation by Jarod suggested otherwise. I should be the one lying in that bed. Jacob. Jacob, are you there? Jacob.
Mrs Chambers I should not let you depart from me thus. You should, lady, and i know you will, rejoined the girl, rising. You will not stop my going because i have trusted in your goodness. It’s a lovely story. I’m eager to see how it turns out.
Jarod For the best, I’m sure. I brought you some coffee.
Mrs Chambers Thank you. I don’t think he’s going to wake up.
Jarod Don’t say that.
Mrs Chambers I’ve given up hope. i know Richard has too. He just won’t admit it.
Jarod There’s still so much you could try. The hospital therapy…
Mrs Chambers It failed. The treatment has run its course.
Jarod Did they try increasing the dosage?
Mrs Chambers Increasing, decreasing, diluting. It’s just not working.
Jarod There’s another therapy i know about. It’s called Halstrom’s Technique. You can’t give up. Steven’s fought so hard.
Mrs Chambers There’s a boy in Cleveland. He needs a heart. We’Re trying to decide what to do. At this point, it would take a miracle. Just in case, i want to finish this with him, so… he knows how it ends. Of what use then is the communication you have made, said Rose. This mystery must be investigated.
Jarod Jacob.
Young Jarod I can save him.
Sydney You have to abort.
Young Jarod I can save him Sydney. No!
Sydney You can’t save everyone Jarod.
Young Jarod Well, I had to try.
Sydney Yes.
Jarod Sydney. Halstrom’s Technique… it’s flawed. The effect is only temporary.
Sydney Thanks, Jarod. Thanks. I have, uh, tried to come here as often as i can but my work keeps me occupied. I miss you. Were you aware all this time? Jacob, the night of the accident, it stayed with me. I promised you i would do everything in my power to bring you back. You shouldn’t be lying here. You didn’t deserve this. SL-27?
Miss Parker Why wasn’t i told?
Raines It doesn’t concern you.
Miss Parker It’s Centre business.
Raines Is he awake?
Miss Parker I’d like my question answered.
Raines Answer my question.
Miss Parker He’s awake.
Raines Is he talking?
Miss Parker Not yet.
Raines Don’t let him.
Miss Parker Sir?
Raines Jacob is a threat to Centre interests. You have an obligation to protect those interests. So you have a problem with that?
Miss Parker No sir.
Raines A sweeper team will be sent to assure you don’t. Make sure Jacob never wakes up again.
Rennert Hey. Another day on the lifeline, he Jarod?
Jarod Hmmm.
Vargas Mr Rennert, would you leave me and Mr Randolph alone for a moment?
Jarod We were just about to start our shift.
Vargas You and I are going to have to cover a little ground before i let you out on the street again.
Rennert Alright.
Vargas I ran a background check on you, despite your lack of paperwork and some interesting data spewed forth. Because the only Jarod Randolph i could find in the state archives weighs 286 pounds and he’s black. It’s time you put your cards on the table, mister. I can’t even verify that you’Re trained for this job. And despite the mountain of phone calls that I’ve received praising you … I need to know that the people you’Re assisting are in the right hands.
Jarod Well, I guess my luck just ran out.
Vargas Give me one good reason not to call the cops.
Rennert So, i heard that, um, Vargas rode you pretty hard last night, huh?
Jarod I think there’s gonna be some changes in this unit.
Dispatch Unit 45, this is Dispatch. We have a cyclist down on the corner of Peachtree and Dunwoody.
Radio Nine-year-old male with a blocked airway, unconscious, not breathing.
Dispatch We copy.
Jarod It’s okay. Gonna take good care of you, just relax. Pupils are uneven. We should C-spine him.
Rennert Look at that, guy can afford a Rolex, you think he’d invest in a helmet.
Lab assistant Guess I’m the lab rat now, huh, Doc?
Miss Parker Sydney’s in the lounge. Keep an eye out.
Sam Mr Raines insists i watch.
Miss Parker We’Re done here.
Nurse He slipped back into the coma. He wrote something down first. I’m happy for you.
Dr Corey Somebody paged me?
Thorton That was me Dr Corey.
Dr Corey Oh.
Thorton Here.
Dr Corey What is this?
Thorton Jarod wanted you to see this.
Dr Corey Steven Chambers?
Thorton A case can be made for negligence on Rennert’s part. You may want to listen to this.
Rennert Uh, Queen of Mercy, this is Unit 45. We’ve got a downed cyclist, uh, possible head injury.
Jarod Queen of Mercy? Grady Memorial is a faster run.
Rennert I’m not going through this again, alright? Queen of Mercy’s my call.
Jarod Rennert, this guy is fading on me.
Rennert Then you keep him alive till we get to Queen of Mercy! Come on!
Man Coming through people.
Rennert What are you doing here? Hey!
Jarod Hmm. Is this what someone’s life is worth to you?
Dr Fletcher Hey, I don’t know what this is about.
Jarod This is about you and this ambulance driver endangering the lives of patients so you can cash in on their insurance. It’s about watching a young man’s life just fade away. Steven Chambers trusted you. You didn’t care about his life. All you care about is what’s inside this envelope.
Rennert No, no, no, this is a setup, man. This is not fair.
Jarod What’s not fair is Steven Chambers’ parents are gonna have to unplug the machines that are breathing life into their only son.
Dr Fletcher I’m outta here.
Police Come with me sir.
Dr Fletcher Hey, wait a minute. What are you doing? Hey! Hey!
Rennert Oh, man. Thi…
Jarod Oh, Rennert. You might need this.
Mr Chambers I have said that they were truly happy and without strong affection and humanity of heart and gratitude to that being whose code is mercy and whose great attribute is benevolence to all things that breathe…
Dr Corey We need to do this.
Mr Chambers Within the altar of the old village church there stands a white marble tablet which bears as yet but one word: Agnes. There is no coffin in that tomb and it may be many many years before another name is placed above it. But if the spirits of the dead ever come back to earth to visit spots hallowed by the love, the love beyond the grave, those whom they knew in life. I believe that the shade of Agnes sometimes hovers around that solemn nook. I believe it, nonetheless because that nook is in a church and she was weak and erring. The end. All done. It’s good that Oliver found a family.
Mrs Chambers Darling.
Mr Chambers I know.
Mrs Chambers Godspeed, my son.
Jarod You were right Sydney.
Dr Corey Well, i have to get back to work.
Jarod So, you’Re staying.
Dr Corey Who wants to be around a bunch of mice anyway? Where you going?
Jarod Cleveland.
Radio Airlift four, what’s your ETA?
Man Uh, we’ll be touching down in 15 seconds. Out.
Cleveland General Hospital, Cleveland, Ohio
Jarod Any change?
Sydney No. Since he, uh, slipped back into the coma, there’s been nothing.
Jarod It’s not fair.
Sydney What isn’t fair?
Jarod Some people, they just fight so hard, but they just don’t make it.
Sydney Oh, you can’t save them all Jarod. You may be a Pretender, but you’Re human.
Jarod Right. Halstrom’s Technique… did it help at all?
Sydney It helped enough.