Project Description

1.15 Jaroldo!

Original air date: March 8, 1997
Written by: Lawrence Meyers
Directed by: Terrence O’Hara

Jarod pretends to be a cameraman in order to expose a TV reporter who may have created a dangerous situation between two gangs in order to get a good story for the nightly news.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Pizza, Basketball, Gangs
Jarod’s Occupations: News Cameraman, Acupuncturist, Cliff Jumper
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Crane

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod investigates a gang shooting that cost an innocent TV cameraman the use of his arm.


As Jarod reads a newspaper story about a TV cameraman who lost the use of his arm as a result of being shot, he pokes acupuncture needles into his arm to render his own arm senseless.  A few days later, Miss Parker interviews Jarod’s recent landlord, who gives her a clipping Jarod left, about a slumlord sentenced to spend time in his own fetid building.  Meanwhile, a TV reporter, Phil, rushes to another building where a distraught man, Dave, is about to jump from the roof.  As Phil looks around for his cameraman, we see Jarod, camera in hand, on the roof, already talking Dave down.  Later, back at the TV station, the producer, Chris, congratulates Jarod on getting a terrific story, but Jarod insists the story would be even better if the editor, Annie, re-cut it to make it Phil look like the hero.  Meanwhile, Miss Parker and Sydney arrive at the now abandoned tenement, and go inside to look for Jarod.  There, however, they are jumped by two junkies, who steal their wallets and lock them in a basement room.  That night, Jarod watches a tape of a recent story Phil produced about a gang war, which shows the cameraman, Ken Watanabe, getting caught in the cross-fire and shot in the arm.  Later, Jarod goes to Ken’s house, and watches from across the street as a very depressed Ken tries to help his wife with a bag of groceries, but can’t hold on and drops the food in the street.

The next day, at the Centre, Broots gets a call from Mr. Parker, who notes his daughter is missing and orders Broots to find her.  Dave goes to the TV station to thank Jarod for saving his life, and Jarod learns Dave is an out-of-work satellite broadcast technician.  Later, Jarod asks Phil if the raw footage from the gang story is still around, but Phil says it’s all been recycled.  Meanwhile, at the tenement, Miss Parker looks for something to dress Sydney’s wound (he was shot by her gun during the scuffle with the junkies).  She pulls a drape off a wall, and discovers the building is wired with dynamite for demolition.  Meanwhile, Jarod finds Ken in a park, and asks when he is going back to work.  Ken says he can’t shoot any more with his bad arm, but Jarod tells him not to give up hope.  That night, Jarod watches more of Phil’s tapes, which show Ken expressing concern about getting in the middle of warring gangs, while Phil tells him not to worry.  Then Jarod sees the two rival gangs arrive, shots ring out, and Ken goes down, grabbing at Phil for help.  But Jarod zooms in on the tape and sees Phil was wearing a bullet-proof vest, indicating he expected trouble. Meanwhile, back at the tenement, Miss Parker suffers from her ulcer and intense nicotine withdrawal, and Sydney asks if she regrets accepting the Jarod assignment.  Jarod joins the other newsroom staff at a bar, and when someone says Ken should be there, too, Phil says Ken just paid the price for taking too many risks.

The next day, Jarod contacts Broots to find out why Sydney hasn’t been returning his e-mail. Broots says Sydney and Miss Parker are missing, and Jarod gives him the tenement address.  Back at the tenement, Miss Parker asks Sydney how her mother died, and he says he doesn’t know.  A bit later, Jarod finds some gang members playing basketball, and asks their leader, D-Mac, about the night of the shooting.  D-Mac says he got an anonymous call asking him to be interviewed about the turf wars, and he was surprised when the rival gang showed up and started shooting.  Jarod goes back to the newsroom, taps into phone company records, and confirms D-Mac’s anonymous summons came from Phil.  Back at the tenement, Sydney recalls telling Jarod about Miss Parker’s mother’s death, and he tells Miss Parker that he could have saved Jarod from his life of confinement at the Centre, but didn’t.  Back at the TV station, Jarod tells Annie that Phil set up Ken to take a bullet, and enlists her help in contriving a revenge.

Jarod calls Dave and offers him a job at the TV station, then tells Phil he has heard about another gang summit at a warehouse.  Jarod takes Phil to the warehouse, and as the gang arrives, Jarod ducks away to shoot from a catwalk up above, leaving Phil stranded on the floor with the gang members.  Of course, the gangsters quickly spot Phil, and they close in on him with guns and knives.  Meanwhile, back at the TV station, Annie ushers Chris and the station’s General Manager into a viewing room, and turns on Jarod’s live broadcast.  Then, as the gang members continue to menace Phil, Annie and Dave send the feed out live to every station in Seattle, and people all over the city watch as Phil begs for mercy, and Jarod gets him to admit that he did, indeed, set Ken up to get shot.  Then, when Phil makes the confession, the gang members back off laughing, revealing their part in Jarod’s revenge.  Meanwhile, Broots finally finds Miss Parker and Sydney at the tenement, and while paramedics tend to Sydney, Miss Parker hungrily grabs a cigarette from a nearby cop.  A few days later, Ken thanks Jarod for building him a special camera harness that allows him to shoot with just one arm…and then we see Jarod taking a new risk, jumping off a huge cliff with only a tiny parachute.


The Hampshire Building New York City
Man Jarod was a real even-tempered man. Stayed here for about a week, then he was gone. I sort of act as building manager here, but my real passion is acupuncture. Jarod really got into it too.
Miss Parker You stuck needles into him?
Man Actually, I taught him how to do it to himself.
Sydney For what purpose.
Man Stress reduction. I’m very good at reducing tensions in the body.
Miss Parker Funny. I’m very good at causing them.
Man Jarod wanted the needles placed along the brachial plexus.
Sydney Brachial plexus? Never centre from the upper extremities.
Man He wanted me to leave them in until his arm was paralysed. He’d walk around like that for days. You obviously lived through the ’60s. Does your companion know the concept of free love?
Miss Parker When did he leave?
Man Two days ago.
Miss Parker Well, then our work her is mercifully done.
Man Oh. But then you’ll miss out on this. He said you’d know what it meant.
Miss Parker This building isn’t far from here.
Sydney Hmmm.
Seattle, Washington
Woman He’s up there.
Phil Where the hell’s my cameraman?
Jarod It’s a long way down.
Dave Stay away from me. Stay away from me.
Jarod I just want to talk to you.
Phil Jarod, what the hell are you doing up there? You’d better be rolling on this guy.
Jarod My name is Jarod. What’s your name?
Dave Dave. My name’s Dave.
Jarod Beautiful family. I’m guessing that’s your wife and your children.
Dave They’re gone. They were evicted and now I can’t find them.
Jarod Dave, I’m sure they’re fine. I’ll bet they’re out there somewhere worrying about you.
Dave Nobody’s worried about me.
Jarod If that were true, would I be up here on this ledge? I’m sure that they are looking for you.
Dave Why should they? I drink some. I can’t hold a job. I’ve lost them for good.
Jarod I can help you find them, Dave. Use the camera. Tell them how much you love them, how much you miss them. How much you need them. But first, we have to get off this ledge. Grab my hand.
Jarod (on film) Grab my hand.
Chris Only thing would’ve made this better was if the jumper was a topless dancer.
Annie Poor guy.
Chris Annie, edit out some clips for the promo team ASAP. This runs tonight. We gotta get some footage of this loser’s wife and kids. Maybe they’ve checked into a homeless shelter.
Annie After all this, don’t you think the family deserves a little privacy?
Chris Privacy? To get her face on the ten news and some party money in her pocket, this guy’s wife will jump a the chance.
Phil No pun intended, huh? Too bad you got such a good grip their Jarod.
Jarod Why is that?
Phil A heroic attempt is as good as a save. The plunge would’ve given this piece a better punch.
Chris Spoken like an anchorman who wants his anchor back. You know, Jarod, if my instincts are as good as I know they are your face is going to be running in every living room in America.
Jarod Actually, I think it would play better if Phil got credit for the save.
Annie What?
Jarod I mean, he’s the talent. He’s the hero that everyone tunes in to see each day, not me.
Annie Only problem is, our hero was standing in a parking lot 100 feet below the action.
Jarod Yes, I know, but you never saw my face.
Annie So?
Jarod So if you cut in just after I make the grab… we use all the coverage I shot before I got up on the roof. We lay in Phi’s voice-over and then we tag it with a pickup shot of Phil exiting the building with the jumper.
Chris We’re not long for a two-share and last place with that kind of attitude. Do it.
Annie But Chris, its….
Chris Unethical? You heard me. Make Phil a hero.
Annie I thought only God rewrote history.
Chris God never won sweeps.
North Bushnell St, The Bronx
Miss Parker Beautiful part of town.
Sydney Dangerous. No wonder Jarod left the notebook with the acupuncturist. He didn’t want us down here.
Miss Parker Come on, Sydney. We’re here. Let’s see if Ratboy left anything behind.
Sydney This is futile. Jarod’s long gone.
Miss Parker Afraid of the dark, Syd?
Sydney Only when I can’t see what’s in it.
Miss Parker Damn it.
Sydney Miss Parker, maybe we should get the cleanup team to check this place out.
Miss Parker Forget it, syd. I’d trade a dozen Ferragamos for one Jarod any day. I’m counting to three. Then I’m going to shoot whoever you are. One… two… three! What do you want?
Hood What you got?
Miss Parker I have a nine millimetre in your face and you appear to have a knife, a rusty knife. Oh, you must be feeling lucky today.
Hood Are you feeling lucky today, hmmm? Get their wallets and jewellery and let’s get out of here.
Annie Writing Phil’s copy for him too?
Jarod I’m just trying to send a message to an old friend. So you think I was wrong letting Phil take credit for saving the jumper.
Annie As our new, esteemed news director always reminds me… I get paid to cut tape, not to think.
Jarod From what I understand, you win awards doing it.
Annie Well, awards don’t count for much around here. Pullitzer’s rolling over in his grave and Nielsen’s packing down the dirt.
Jarod Phil has asked me to go over some of his old footage to see how he likes to be shot. Do you think maybe you could show me some of his old tapes?
Annie Yeah. Second shelf.
Jarod Thank you. The Ken Watanabe shooting. I heard about this.
Annie So has half the world. And our Ivy League Hitler was pissed we didn’t hook the other half.
Phil It’s Chris’s job to know what people want and it’s our job to make sure they get it.
Annie Which doesn’t mean we should throw out anything resembling journalistic integrity.
Chris If it bleeds, it leads. That’s the new wave of the news Annie, like it or not. We either surf along with it, or we get torn apart by the riptide.
Annie It’s really an act. Phil actually worships Cronkite in secret midnight rituals.
Jarod Hmm. Who’s Cronkite?
Annie You’re gonna fit in just fine here.
Video Tape
Chris Tonight, exclusively on Seattle’s Channel 43 our continuing series on local gangs. In this shocking footage, our own cameraman, Ken Watanabe captured on videotape a gang gathering at the North Puget dock area. But what happened next took us both by surprise. Out of nowhere, the 15th Street Bleeders crashed the turf of the Burns leading to an explosive conflict. A conflict in which one of our own became a casualty.
Ken Oh God, I’m hit. Oh, God. Oh, God. Phil, where are you? Phil, I’m hit, I’m hit, man. My arm. My arm. I can’t move my arm. Get me out of here, man. Get me out of here.
Phil Come on. Come on. Come on. Get up.
Phil Tonight, our prayers are with Ken Watanabe, a courageous young cameraman. God bless you, Ken. Phil Campbell, Channel 43, qt ten.
Ken’s House
Tech Room, The Centre
Broots typing Delilah, I think about you so much, my brain hurts. I have to meet you, to see you.
Delilah typing I’m afraid.
Broots Samson. I mean, Broots. mr Parker? Uh, mr perk, sir. How-how can I help you sir? Uh…uh, no. No sir, I haven’t seen your daughter since yesterday. Sydney neither. I mean either. Y-yes, sir. I’ll get on it right away, sir. Yeah, well, it’s a pleasure talk… talk… Hello? Hello?
Dave Jarod!
Jarod Dave? You look great.
Dave A step at a time. That’s what they tell me. I just came by to say thanks. Of course, the way that story aired… I don’t know if I should thank that reporter Phil or you.
Jarod Well, strange things happen in TV. I’m just glad you’re doing well.
Dave I don’t know what got into me.
Jarod Did you find your wife and kids?
Dave Yeah, but she doesn’t want me back until I find a job, so…
Jarod I’ll keep my eyes open.
Dave Yeah.
Jarod What do you keep looking at?
Dave Oh, those wires there. If they’re planning on hooking up that satellite dish to them wires they’re gonna blow out their electricity in nothing flat.
Jarod You’re an electrician?
Dave Nope. Satcom grunt. I wasn’t any better at jumping out of airplanes than I am from buildings, but I do know a wiring problem when I see one. Hey, thanks again, really.
Jarod Good luck.
Dave Thanks.
Jarod Phil, these pieces are excellent.
Phil Twenty years of broadcasting will do that.
Jarod I was especially impressed with the Ken Watanabe segment. I was wondering. Is the raw footage lying around somewhere? I’d love to see how it was cut together.
Phil Most of those tapes get recycled.
Jarod Even with a piece this good?
Phil Yeah, well, the station didn’t use to charge for parking either.
Jarod Yeah, right. Way to, Dave.
Miss Parker As if getting mugged wasn’t enough.
Sydney You shot me.
Miss Parker I did not shoot you. It was an accident.
Sydney I never liked guns. I’ll hope you’ll stop carrying yours now.
Miss Parker You’re bleeding again. I need something else to tie this wound with.
Sydney What about that neck scarf?
Miss Parker It’s one of a kind, Sydney.
Sydney Which is what my good leg will be if we don’t stop the bleeding.
Miss Parker I’m sorry.
Sydney Thank you.
Miss Parker You’re going into shock. You need to be warm. Oh, my God. Oh, my God, Sydney. Don’t look now, but we are ground zero for detonation to bring this dump down. Please tell me that you told someone where we were going.
Jarod There’s something I don’t understand.
Ken What’s that?
Jarod Where are the little ones?
Ken The what?
Jarod You always see the big pigeons, you know, with the scars and the broken wings and the missing legs. But you never see the little ones.
Ken I never really thought about it.
Jarod Hey, I know you. You’re the cameraman thaw was on the news. I’m Jarod Crane.
Ken Ken.
Jarod That was incredible footage you captured.
Ken Thanks. I never planned on becoming a story though.
Jarod When are you going back to work at the station?
Ken And do what? Log commercials? I’m a shooter, man. My days on the front line are over. You know, it’s funny. You plan for your life to go up one road and when you finally get there, the bridge washes out.
Jarod Well, you never know. Life has a strange way of surprising you. Hey, look at that.
Ken I’ll be damned.
Jarod Like I said, life is full of surprises.
Video Footage
Ken Ken Watanabe and Phil Campbell, February 18, roll number one.
Phil Okay. Uh… Nothing fancy, Kenny. We’re just gonna go in there and we’re gonna sit down and we’re gonna listen to the Burns talk about their side of this turf war.
Ken These guys tend to talk with their guns Phil. Know what I’m saying? You don’t have to worry about getting fancy from me.
Phil Don’t worry about it, Ken. You’ll be fine. Let’s do it.
Ken You sure these guys are gonna show?
Phil Yeah, they’ll be here. Don’t worry about it. Okay, umm… right up there. Head there.
Ken You been hanging with the homies, Phil, huh?
Gang member Yo! Hey, D-Mac! Hey, D-Mac! Bleeders in the hood!
Ken I’m hit! I’m hit! Oh, God! My arm! My arm! I’m hit, man! Phil, get me out of here, man! Get me out of here! Get me out of here!
Phil You’re okay. You’re okay.
Ken Get me out of here, man! Get me out of here! Get me out of here!
Jarod Interesting undershirt Phil.
Jarod Flak jacket standard issue for a street reporter now, Phil?
Miss Parker I’m dying for a cigarette! How the hell did I end up here?
Sydney You regret taking on the Jarod assignment?
Miss Parker I regret a lot of things.
Sydney Such as.
Miss Parker I regret not going to the prom. I regret laughing at my first boyfriend when he told me I was the one. And in this instant, I regret not having a nicotine patch the size of a doormat. Oh, no.
Sydney Your ulcer, huh? And no medication.
Miss Parker Ladies and gentlemen, the fabulous Sherlock Holmes. Let me see it, Sydney.
Sydney Regret’s often born out of a lack of choice, you know?
Miss Parker Unlike you, syd, I don’t think that everything is out of my control.
Sydney You do when it comes to your father. Please, don’t… don’t misunderstand that.
Miss Parker Why don’t you just say it? I caved. I always do around him.
Sydney You can still walk up to your father and tell him, “Dad, I’m leaving.”
Miss Parker Right. I can see it now. Two kids, a little yellow house chitchatting with the girls over lattes at the mall.
Sydney You still have a future Miss Parker.
Miss Parker It’s a hell of a future, sitting here waiting to get blown to bits.
Sydney Here I am, trying to comfort you.
Miss Parker As if anything you could ever do would give me comfort.
Sydney It did once.
Chris You are one hell of a thrower, Jarod.
Phil It’s about understanding the projectile’s aerodynamics.
Jarod Well, actually, I just close one eye and let it fly.
Phil Oh.
Chris That’s it. Good game.
Jarod I should’ve warned you. I don’t like to lose.
Chris Good man.
Phil Next round’s on me.
Jarod Phil certainly is in a good mood tonight. You must be very proud of Annie and Phil getting nominated for the Ken Watanabe segment.
Chris Yeah, even stiffs like Phil get lucky. If only Grecian Formula were talent. Awards help the promo guys, I suppose. They also make a news team lazy. News is about being hungry. Always has been.
Phil You guys gonna drink water all night, or are you coming to join the real party? And you, smile.
Jarod Is this about Ken?
Annie He should be here.
Jarod Somebody forgot to invite him. He must’ve been very proud, taking one for the team.
Chris KTJE’s got a hell of a medical package. Watanabe’s alright.
Phil Ken’s gonna be fine. Look, everybody in this business knows that putting your tail on the line is a job requirement. Ken was green. He was… he was too zealous and it cost him. If I’d have known how dangerous it was, I never would’ve let him go out there.
Jarod I’m sure you wouldn’t.
Broots I… I’m not trying to be a pets, but I’ve got the Tower breathing down my neck to find them. Now surely there’s got to be a Sweeper team somewhere near the New York City area. Excuse me? What business is it of yours what my clearance level is? Now listen, you SIS guys are really startin’ to tick me off. Hold on a second, just hold on. Broots!
Jarod It’s me. Don’t bother tying to trace me. I’ve scrambled the source signal.
Broots Jarod?
Jarod I’ve been trying to contact Sydney.
Broots Join the party. He and Miss Parker went looking for you two days ago. We haven’t heard from them since.
Jarod She’s too persistent for her own good. You’re going to have to find them.
Broots You don’t know how peaceful it’s been here without her.
Jarod Would it be more peaceful working for Raines?
Broots Mr Raines? No.
Jarod Take down this address. 1811 North Bushnell Street, the Bronx.
Sydney Miss Parker?
Miss Parker Tell me again how my mother died.
Sydney Stop torturing yourself.
Miss Parker I know it wasn’t suicide. Was she murdered because of the rescued children?
Sydney I don’t know.
Miss Parker Was it my father?
Sydney Miss Parker, I know about your mother’s life, not about her death. She was a kind woman, a driving force at the Centre in those days when it was still involved in… altruistic projects.
Miss Parker I can’t believe the Centre was ever involved with anything positive.
Sydney We helped four countries become democracies during the cold war. We brought the sides together for the Korean Peace Accord. And rumour has it that we even helped design the Popemobile. The Centre saved thousands of lives… lives that they later reclaimed as it turned out, in other ways.
Miss Parker Why didn’t you leave when things turned?
Sydney There were others whose welfare was of more concern to me than my own.
Miss Parker Jarod.
Sydney He’s not very different from us, you know? We’d all have taken very different paths… had we had our way.
Hood Here you go. Pass me the ball, man. Boo-ya!
Jarod Excuse me. Excuse me. I think that was travelling.
D-Mac You must be crazy, stupid or both.
Jarod No, no. After you lifted your pivot foot, you took more than the allocated two steps as outlined in the official rule book
D-Mac Mmmm.
Jarod Pizza? Thank you, anyway, but it already comes presliced. Help yourselves.
D-Mac What, you got a death wish or something man?
Jarod Not that I know of.
D-Mac Didn’t your mama ever tell you that white people shouldn’t go walking through other people’s neighbourhoods?
Jarod Well, I never actually knew my mother, so I guess the answer is no. My name’s Jarod Crane. I’m with Channel 43 News. I’m looking for a D-Mac.
D-Mac You gonna put him on TV?
Jarod Quite possibly, yes.
D-Mac I’m D-Mac.
Jarod Nice to meet you.
Hood Ow! He’s got game. The boy’s got some game.
D-Mac Hey man, that camera guy shouldn’t have been there.
Jarod Tell me what happened.
D-Mac A man hits my cell phone. He must’ve paid somebody off to get the number. Sounded white. Tells me he wants to talk about the turf wars. Sounded cool to me.
Jarod This white man that called you, is that unusual?
D-Mac You really didn’t have no mother, did you? I never knew my old lady either. Later I heard word that the Bleeders got the same call. They show up, and boom, boom, the fireworks started.
Jarod Do you remember what day you got this call?
D-Mac I don’t know. Hey, Duane, man, bring my my Day Runner.
D-Mac We’re bangers, not cavemen. Thanks, man. Okay, here you go. February 18, at about 8 at night.
Jarod Could you tell me your cell phone number?
Sydney Take Miss Parker upstairs.
Man Yes sir.
Sydney You get some rest now. If you ever want to talk to me, I’m always here. Okay?
Young Parker Thank you, Sydney.
Young Jarod Sydney? Why is everyone wearing black? How come you’re so sad?
Sydney We’re remembering someone who has left us, Jarod.
Young Jarod Is it the woman that got shot in the elevator? Miss Parker’s mother, isn’t it?
Sydney Don’t you ever speak of that to anyone ever again, understand?
Sydney I could’ve saved him.
Miss Parker Who?
Sydney Jarod. He should have lived a normal life.
Miss Parker They would have killed you.
Sydney You can’t kill someone who’s already dead. You do remember.
Annie You broke into my edit file and stole footage?
Jarod “Borrowed” is more like it. And I did it for Ken Watanabe.
Annie You lost me.
Jarod Ken was set up.
Annie What are you talking about?
Jarod What happened to Ken happened because Phil is desperate for ratings.
Annie I…I… I don’t buy that.
Jarod Buy it. Why else would Phil have been wearing a bulletproof vest the night that Ken was shot?
Annie You actually think Phil would do something like that?
Jarod I’m certain of it. Annie, you know him. You’ve seen the kind of pressure that Phil has been under to get back on top.
Annie Yeah, but to risk somebody’s life.
Jarod He’s a desperate man Annie. He was the king of the hill, and now he’s on his way out. Annie, I need your help to stop him.
Jarod Hello, Dave. This is Jarod. How would you like to come to work for Channel 43? Uh-huh. You can tell your wife you’ve got a job.
Jarod Lights.
Jarod Camera.
Jarod Hello Annie. I’m setting up a very special screening in Chris’s office. I want you to do me a favour. Make sure the general manager is there.
Jarod Action.
Jarod Phil. Chris just got word of a summit going down between two rival gangs. He thinks it’s going to make a terrific follow-up to the Ken Watanabe segment.
Phil Chris tipped you on this?
Jarod His snitch said there could be fireworks, and fireworks means ratings. Let’s go. Phil, why don’t you test your headset?
Phil Check, one two. So, where shall we set up?
Jarod Over here. We can cover the door, stay in the shadows.
Phil Uh, Jarod. Something doesn’t feel right about this.
Jarod Well, it’s a pretty scary place. That and the fact that Ken Watanabe was shot just outside of that door. That might have something to do with it. But putting our tail on the line… it’s part of the job, isn’t it?
Phil Okay, Jarod. Jarod? Jarod!
Hood Burns in the house!
Hood 2 Word! Bring your punk-asses out!
Hood Let’s go.
D-Mac Don’t wait for their asses.
Phil Jarod, where are you?
Jarod Above you.
Phil This is not good.
Jarod It’s okay, I’ve got you in my sights. Smile Phil, it’s showtime.
Chris Annie, why is the general manager here?
Annie I think you have a meeting with him.
Chris Mr Ferren, what a surprise.
Ferren I’m intrigued Rockwell. This must be some show you’ve put together.
Chris Yes sir, the best.
Hood What?
Hood 2 What you want with me?
Hood What’s up fool?
Ferren What is this, a gang fight?
Hood Want some of this huh? You want some of this?
Chris Is that Phil?
Hood What you got?
Phil Jarod, these guys are gonna kill each other.
Jarod It’ll be great TV.
Hood You call me here to threaten my ass?
D-Mac This is on you dog. Deal or die.
Jarod This is great stuff Phil. Get closer so we can pick up sound.
Phil I’ve got no cover here, you idiot! I’m getting out of here.
Jarod Don’t leave now Phil, you’re gonna miss the story.
Hood You want some of this? Huh? You want some of this?
Jarod Or maybe you are the story.
D-Mac What the hell is that?
Hood He’s mine!
Phil Jarod, help me! Jarod, help me! Jarod! Jarod, help me!
Jarod Yeah, this is great. This is great. Keep it up.
D-Mac Look what we got here, fellas. Uh huh.
Annie Dave, ready to go citywide?
Dave Get ready Seattle.
Hood So what we gonna do with this white punk?
D-Mac I say we bury his sorry ass right where he stands.
Man Hey, it’s on every channel.
Man 2 Something’s going on, look at this.
Jarod This is gonna be a great piece Phil. Just keep them talking.
Phil This guy’s gonna shoot me.
Jarod Just like Ken Watanabe?
Phil What? Jarod, come down here!
Hood What’s up? You gonna do the deed or not? ‘Cause if you’re not… if you’re not, I wanna do it.
Phil No, no, you can’t shoot me! No you can’t! He’s got a… he’s got a TV camera on you.
Jarod Cameras. They can do wonderful things. But Ken Watanabe’s camera couldn’t stop him from getting shot.
Phil I didn’t know there was gonna be shooting.
Jarod But you did know that a rival gang was going to be there because you tipped them off and that’s why you wore a bulletproof vest.
Phil I tipped them off, okay okay!
Jarod You knew you were putting Ken Watanabe in danger but you didn’t care because all you care about is getting the story.
Phil Yes! Please, help me!
Jarod I can’t do that, Phil. It’s ratings at all costs. Like you always say. “If it bleeds, it leads.”
Phil I set him up, I set him up. I set it up, okay?
D-Mac You got what you need bro?
Jarod It’s a slam dunk. I got everything I need right here.
D-Mac “I set him up! I set him up!”
Jarod That was the money shot you’ve all been waiting for. Jarod Crane, Channel 43 News, reporting.
Ferren I’m holding you responsible for this, Mr Rockwell. Forget the liability this station faces in the light of this. You ruined a man’s life.
Chris Sir, I…
Ferren Save it. Save it. You want a news flash, Chris? You’re fired.
Broots Oh, my God. Miss Parker! Sydney!
Miss Parker It can’t be.
Broots Sydney! Miss P!
Miss Parker Broots! You moron!
Broots Miss Parker!
Miss Parker Down here! Sydney, wake up.
Broots Hi, how’re you doing? I figured you guys might be hungry.
Miss Parker Forget that. Does anybody smoke? Smoke?
Medic No.
Medic 2 No.
Miss Parker Hi, uh, can I… thank you.
Broots Oh boy. It’s lucky I found you guys. Otherwise you would’ve been toast.
Miss Parker You can put any fantasy about me thanking you to rest, Broots.
Broots Right. So, what did you guys talk about all this time?
Miss Parker Nothing. Nothing at all.
Broots You’re welcome.
Ken This is great. I don’t know how to thank you. I mean, you built this harness for me and got me my job back at the station.
Jarod You’ve got to promise me that this will never make the air.
Ken I promise.
Jarod Well, you’re gonna have to send me the video. That’s what you do isn’t it?
Ken Yeah, it is.
Jarod Good luck, huh?
Ken Take care.
Woman We got you covered down here Jarod. This could be a new world record.
Jarod Now, that would be news, wouldn’t it?