Project Description

1.14 Ranger Jarod

Original air date: February 15, 1997
Written by: Steven Long Mitchell & Craig W. Van Sickle
Directed by: Ian Toynton

When Jarod impersonates a forest ranger and joins in the search for a young student lost in the woods, he finds himself falling in love with the female ranger who’s his partner.

Jarod’s Discoveries: The Three Stooges, Star Wars, Smokey the Bear, Sex
Jarod’s Occupations: Ex-Green Beret, Search and Rescue Volunteer, Sherpa
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Forest

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

While impersonating a forest ranger, searching for a man lost in the woods, Jarod meets a woman who also grew up torn away from her parents…and falls in love for the first time.


In an Oregon diner, Jarod sees his first-ever episode of “The Three Stooges,” and is surprised to learn the comedy’s appeal is mostly limited to men.  A few minutes later, after bumping into an attractive woman named Nia, Jarod also sees a TV news story about forest rangers searching for a missing ornithology student…and the next time we see Jarod, he is volunteering for search duty.  A bit later, at a ranger station, Ranger Conrad briefs Jarod about the missing student, Victor Simpkins, and a report comes in that Simpkins’ base camp has finally been found.  At the camp, Jarod senses several things about the scene are not right, then talks to Simpkins’ mother, Inga, who says her son was studying the nesting patterns of eagles.  Soon, the searchers are paired up in teams of two, and Jarod’s pleased to find his partner is Nia.  As they begin to search through the woods, they run into a nervous man named Bob, who hasn’t seen Victor, but says he is searching for his own missing partner, Little Bob.  A bit later, as they continue to search, Jarod finds a carabiner stuck in a cliff face, which Inga later identifies as her son’s.  That night, most of the rangers camp out, but Nia invites Jarod back to her cabin.  There, she dresses the cuts Jarod suffered in a fall as he was grabbing the carabiner…and, later, Jarod watches old tapes of a Centre experiment in “sexuality,” when he, as a boy, was first introduced to young Miss Parker.  Then, disturbed by the feelings Nia has awakened in him, Jarod calls Sydney and says he needs to talk about women.

Much later, Jarod is awakened by Nia, who is having a nightmare in which she cries out, in Spanish, that she doesn’t want to “disappear.”  The next morning, Broots plays back a tape of Jarod’s conversation with Sydney and tries to identify a radio station playing in the background.  And as Broots plays the tape over and over, Miss Parker is increasingly intrigued by the idea of Jarod with a woman.  Meanwhile, Jarod asks Nia about her nightmare, but she says he must have misunderstood.  Later, as Jarod and Nia resume their search, they run into Bob again.  Bob says his partner, Little Bob, ran off a few days ago, after being spooked by a low-flying airplane, and then by a dynamite blast, when Ranger Conrad was clearing some stumps.   Just then, another ranger radios to say they found Victor’s backpack by a nearby river.  When Jarod and Nia get there, however, Jarod realizes the clues so far seem to be deliberately directing the search down river…so Jarod decides to stay put.  And then we see Victor, stranded in a nearby cave, calling weakly for help.

Later, back at Nia’s cabin, she catches Jarod watching old tapes from the Centre, and realizes the boy in the footage is Jarod.  Then, late that night, Jarod has an inspiration, wakes Nia, and drags her back out to continue their search.  Nine hours later, Jarod finds what he was looking for, Simpkins’ real base camp—up on a high ledge where it would be easier to see the eagles he was studying.  Later, as Jarod and Nia hike back through the woods, they find the wreckage of a small airplane, which contains traces of an illegal drug cargo and cash shipment.  Jarod also sees two sets of footprints, and realizes Victor stumbled on the drug plane and was chased off by someone else—most likely Ranger Conrad, whom Bob had said was blowing up stumps that day.  That night, as Miss Parker also reviews the old tapes of her and Jarod’s first meeting, Jarod and Nia camp out in an old mill.  Huddled by a fire, Jarod tells Nia how he was taken from his parents as a child, and she tells him how she was also taken from her parents in Argentina, and never saw them again.  Bonding over their mutual pain, the two of them kiss, and then begin to make love (the first time ever for Jarod).  In the morning, Jarod’s awakened by a pig wearing a baseball cap—Little Bob—with big Bob right behind him.  Bob explains they’re hunting truffles, and recently found a mother lode in an old mineshaft, but lost out when someone blew the entrance closed.  Jarod and Nia rush to the old mine, where the two sets of footprints come to an end.  They realize Conrad must have chased Victor inside, and then blew the entrance closed, trapping him.  Quickly, Jarod starts pulling rocks away, and soon, they find Victor inside, barely conscious, but alive.

Back at the Centre, Broots finally identifies the radio station in the background of Jarod’s call, and back in Oregon, Bob calls Ranger Conrad to say he has found Victor…then hands the radio back to Jarod.  A bit later, Conrad finds Jarod at the mine, and when Jarod accuses Conrad of trying to kill Victor, Conrad shoots at Jarod and runs into the mine.  Jarod chases him, then sets off another explosion, which traps Conrad in the mine, just like he trapped Victor.  Jarod, however, promises to free Conrad…in a few days.  Later, Jarod says a reluctant good-bye to Nia, and a bit later, when Sydney and Miss Parker finally arrive at Nia’s, he watches their conversation from the nearby woods, then walks away, alone again.


Flashback: Sim Lab
Young Jarod What are we doing Sydney?
Sydney An experiment about sexuality.
Young Jarod Reproduction?
Sydney That’s one aspect of it.
Young Jarod I read the biology manuals.
Sydney Reading isn’t quite the same as feeling. I’d like you to meet someone, Jarod.
Young Jarod You’re a girl.
TV Female Will you marry me?
TV Male Never.
Jarod They seem to be able to withstand an amazing amount of pain. People find this type of violence . . . funny?
Waitress Not people, men.
Jarod Why it that?
Waitress Nobody knows. Y’know, the Stooges have been one of the great mysteries between the sexes. Oh no. Not you too.
Jarod I’m sorry but really it is pretty funny. I’m sorry. I feel like such a…
Nia Stooge?
Waitress Hey mattress brain. The bill’s 12.95.
Jarod Oh!
Waitress These guys have caused enough distractions for one day.
TV Reporter Park’s Services Rangers from all over have joined in the search for Victor Simpkins, an ornithology grad student who vanished in our local mountains. I spoke with Simpkins’ mother moments ago.
Mrs Simpkins When I didn’t hear from Victor, well, I just thought he was late. But now it’s been five days. I’m just praying he’s okay.
TV Reporter With a storm heading this way, Rangers are anxious to find Simpkins before it’s too late. Live from Toluca National Forrest this is David Nelson, Action Fifteen News.
Waitress Okay, here’s your …
Toluca National Forrest
Conrad I need one more body to help sector out Roville Ridge B1 through B7. Steep approach, bad underbrush, lots of slippery shale. Who wants to hump that?
Jarod I’m your man.
Toluca National Fores
Conrad You got experience?
Jarod Well, I spent a few years… in the army rangers. I specialised in high mountain work.
Derek Man, you were made to order.
Jarod You could say that.
Conrad What’s your name?
Jarod Jarod… Forrest.
Conrad Alright people. Listen up. The advance parties went up at dawn. We move out in thirty minutes. Now this kid’s been missing for five days, and his mother’s very concerned. He… we … are running out of time so we leave no stones unturned. We’re looking for a needle folks and we haven’t even found the haystack.
Rangers’ Station
Derek Forrest… Derek Colby.
Jarod Nice to meet you. So had anyone seen Victor Simpkins before he was reported missing?
Derek No one was looking for him. Of course, for the last few days the boss had me doing paperwork while he got to do all the fun stuff.
Jarod Fun stuff?
Derek Stan’s been on the north side of the mountain, clearing trails, setting charges, lots of deep ravines, caves, fallen old growth. You take a tumble in that, I don’t care if you’re Moby Dick, we might not find you.
Jarod Sounds like you know the terrain pretty well.
Derek Eight years. I came out here on one of those “let’s expose the urban youth to the great outdoors” programs. Funny thing is, it worked. I love the Bronx, but this is home now.
Conrad So Forrest, where did you do your mountain training?
Jarod In the mountains mostly.
Conrad Yeah. No seriously, ah where were you stationed? Fort Lewis?
Jarod You were in the army, too?
Conrad Fifteen years. Did you ever come across a Sergeant Tripjack a ranger instructor.
Jarod Sounds familiar.
Nia He’s lying Stan. He’s really one of the Stooges.
Conrad You two know each other?
Nia We ran into each other once.
Jarod Is she a ranger?
Conrad No. She’s a volunteer. She runs a little outfitting place a few miles down the road. I wouldn’t get any ideas. She keeps mostly to herself.
Derek Stan! Just got word from the advance team. They found Simpkin’s base camp.
Simpkins Base Camp
Conrad We’ll split into teams of two and fan across the mountain. I want everyone to report in at thirty minute intervals. Where’s Forrest?
Simpkin’s Tent
Nia Disturbance in the Force?
Jarod Ah, the force?
Nia Obi Wan Kenobi? Star Wars?
Jarod The satellite missile defence system?
Nia What are you doing?
Jarod I ‘m just trying to imagine what kind of person Victor is and who would want to spend months in isolation . . . on purpose.
Nia Somebody who’s trying to find himself?
Jarod In the middle of the wilderness?
Nia Sometimes you have to get lost before you can find yourself.
Jarod Mrs Simpkins. Hi. I’m Jarod Forrest. I was wondering if I might ask you some questions about your son.
Mrs Simpkins Anything to help.
Jarod Is Victor right-handed or left-handed?
Mrs Simpkins Right handed.
Jarod I noticed that he had many books on predatory birds.
Mrs Simpkins He’s been out here for months documenting the nesting patterns of eagles. He’s loved them since he was a little boy. He used to sit out in front of his tent and watch them all day. He’s the only family I have.
Nia Don’t worry. We’ll find him.
Jarod We won’t leave the mountain until we do.
Ranger This way Mrs Simpkins.
Nia So, who am I paired with Stan?
Conrad Moe.
Searching the mountain
Nia You look confused.
Jarod I am confused. Victor had been out here for months yet there was no sign of a refuse pile or a latrine.
Nia Meaning?
Jarod I don’t know. Just another piece of the puzzle.
Nia You’re a strange Stooge, Mo. What about the left-hand right-hand stuff?
Jarod Well, Victor’s eye glasses were on the left hand side of his sleeping bag. Seems kind of awkward for a right handed man.
Nia This way. Jarod?
Jarod Somebody’s covered their tracks by brushing over them. They head up that way.
Bob Argh! Argh!
Jarod I didn’t mean to startle you.
Bob Oh, that’s okay I’ll live. About two weeks less but I’ll live.
Jarod Hi, um, I’m Jarod and this is Nia.
Bob Bob. Sorry Jarod. You startled me. I can’t shake the hand of a man who just startled me. I’ll have to wait until the next time I see you.
Jarod Are you hiding from someone Bob?
Bob Hiding? I’m looking.
Jarod Oh. Oh, you’re with the search party.
Bob Search party? They’ve got a search party to find Bob?
Jarod I thought you were Bob.
Bob I am Bob. Big Bob. I’m looking for Little Bob. He’s my partner.
Jarod Oh well. We’re looking for a student.
Nia His camp was about three miles west. Brown hair about five-eleven.
Bob Don’t know him. Don’t know his camp. I ain’t seen nothing.
Jarod Should we alert someone about Little Bob?
Bob Oh no. You don’t want to get my partner mad. I seen him go into a bar and tear it up from one end to t’other.
Jarod How will we know him if we find him?
Bob You don’t want to find him. He don’t like strangers. Truth be told he don’t like anybody. Bad storm coming. Bad one.
Nia And before the Rangers?
Jarod Test pilot, thoracic surgeon, lieutenant commander on a destroyer. The usual. And what did you do before you became an outfitter?
Nia Astronaut, Olympic skater, Nobel prize winner. The usual. What’s that over there?
Jarod It’s a carabineer. I’m going to get it. No climber would leave that behind.
Nia Be careful. You don’t know this cliff. It’s dangerous.
Jarod Relax. I was a sherpa on Mount Everest once. Really.
Nia Be careful.
Jarod These markings are fresh. It looks like it’s only a few days old.
Nia Jarod!
Jarod Ow!
Ranger Station
That’s Victor’s mark. Orange tape, the Inuit sign for eagle. He said anybody could use their initials. He’s an experienced climber. He wouldn’t leave his equipment behind unl…
Conrad Listen, the sun rises at 6:35. We deploy here from K4 to K8 just below the cliff. I want everyone in here at a quarter of six. There’s a cold front moving through in the next forty-eight hours.
Mrs Simpkins Will my son be able to survive?
Jarod Your son is an experienced climber. He may be cold and he may be hungry but people have survived worse. I know he’s out there somewhere worrying about you too.
Conrad Everybody get some sleep. We head out at the crack of dawn.
Jarod Hey Colby. Where’s the nearest hotel?
Derek About a hundred miles. And when you get there you’ll wish it was another hundred.
Nia I’ve got a spare room. Grab your gear. I’ll wait for you outside.
Derek Man that must have been some search up there today.
Jarod Hmm?
Derek Senorita Iceberg invites you over for a slumber party? You are in.
Jarod In where?
Nia’s Cabin
Nia The couch is old, and except for a spring or two in your back, it’s comfortable.
Jarod I’m sure it will be fine. The Casa Rosada. You’re Argentinian. Is this you with your parents?
Nia Not too many Gringos know about Argentinian White House. I’m impressed. Is that everything?
Jarod I travel light.
Nia On the run?
Jarod Some days. I do a lot of consulting work.
Nia Take off your shirt. Why didn’t you say it was so bad?
Jarod I guess I didn’t realise it.
Nia I’ll try to leave some hot water for you. Okay?
DSA: October 7th, ’69
Young Jarod You’re a girl. My name is Jarod. What’s your name?
Young Parker Miss Parker.
Nia The shower’s all yours. Sleep well.
Jarod You too.
Sydney This is Sydney.
Jarod It’s me. I need to talk to you. About women.
Sydney Why is that?
Jarod Because I met one.
Nia’s Bedroom
Jarod It’s okay, it’s okay. You’re safe.
The Centre
Jarod It’s me. I need to talk to you about women.
Sydney Why is that?
Jarod Because I met one.
Sydney Tell me more.
Jarod I’ve been around hundreds of women since I left but I never experienced with them what I feel with the one I’ve just met.
Sydney Tell me about your feelings.
Jarod I have a hard time focusing when I’m near her and if we happen to touch my heart rate, my blood pressure, even my breathing becomes erratic.
Miss Parker Franken Boy has a girlfriend.
Sydney It’s chemical, Jarod.
Jarod Chemical?
Sydney These feelings you’re having, they’re driven by your body’s response to an external stimulus. In this case a woman.
Jarod Tonight when she came out of the shower…
Broots There.
Miss Parker What are you doing?
Broots That’s where the radio in the background is clearest. A little presto chango and maybe we could filter it out and figure out the song.
Miss Parker I didn’t hear any radio. I would like to hear the rest of the tape. Maybe there’s a clue you might have missed.
Ranger Station
Conrad Now, if Victor Simpkins went down here he had to go through an area between this cliff face and the river. If anybody finds anything we’re on channel 9. Let’s move out. Quickly.
Jarod We found Simpkins’ carabineer here, right?
Nia Yes. Why? The force still with you?
Jarod Why cross a cliff that dangerous when you can hike around it?
Nia Maybe he just got the urge. People don’t always plan things.
Jarod No. I guess they don’t.
Nia Thanks for being there last night.
Jarod What did you mean when you said I don’t want to disappear?
Nia I said that?
Jarod Twice, in Spanish.
Nia You must have misunderstood me.
Jarod Hablo Espanol
Miss Parker’s Office
Broots I said here’s the tape copy you wanted… of Jarod’s conversation.
Miss Parker Are you still here?
Broots Uh, no.
Flashback: Sim Lab
Young Parker You’re afraid of me aren’t you Jarod?
Young Jarod No.
Young Parker You were yesterday. I could tell.
Young Jarod I was nervous. You have soft skin.
Young Parker You didn’t even touch me.
Young Jarod Yes I did. In here. Hold out your hand like this. Can you feel it? (She nods. Their hands move together but Jarod pulls away when they touch.) What’s your name? Your first name?
Jarod So let me get this straight. They were called the Three Stooges but there were actually four?
Nia With Shim. Five if you count Jo Besser. Although a lot of people don’t. And six if you include Curly Jo DeRita but he wasn’t even funny in Spanish.
Jarod Now was Larry one of the brothers?
Nia No. Moe, Curly and… What?
Jarod I thought I heard something.
Bob Argh! Argh!
Jarod Are you okay?
Bob Sorry, I can’t shake your hand just yet.
Jarod This is the second time you’ve seen me.
Bob ‘Cept you just walked between two pine trees. Ain’t never gonna happen.
Jarod Did you find your partner?
Bob No. I have gotta keep checking on my crop even without him.
Nia Checking on your crop?
Bob Yeah. Now I’ve got to do Little Bob’s job too.
Jarod Is he sick?
Bob Nerves. Had the shakes ever since that plane buzzed him last Friday. And then the dynamite, oh, oh, that just about put him over the top.
Jarod Someone was setting off dynamite out here?
Bob Yeah ranger Conrad was, ah, clearing the trail of some old stumps.
Conrad on radio Sector four, come in.
Jarod Forrest here.
Base Camp
Derek I found Victor Simpkins’ pack about a quarter mile downstream from the cliff, lodged in some debris along the riverbank. Simpkin”s tracks lead right to the water. I’m guessing that he got hurt in a fall from the cliff, made it to the water, passed out or slipped and fell in.
Conrad Well if he didn’t drown, he’s somewhere down river or in the Pacific.
Mrs Simpkins My God. Are you calling off the search for my son?
Conrad No Ma’am. We’re shifting personnel and oversight to the Aniwall County Sheriff’s Department who’s got direct supervision of the river from here to the coast. Now listen, I‘ve called Sheriff Hanson. He’s a good man. He will do whatever he can to help find Victor. Come with me for a second.
Jarod He’s got enough gear and food to climb for days.
Nia He was documenting the nesting patterns of eagles.
Jarod There’s nothing here to write on. It doesn’t make sense. His camp, his carabineer, his backpack.
Nia What does it mean?
Jarod Someone wants the search for Victor to go downstream.
Nia You’re not going, are you?
Jarod No. He’s still on this mountain.
Victor Can anybody hear me?
Nia’s Cabin
DSA 20th March, ’67
Sydney Jarod – Apollo One simulation.
Young Jarod The first warning is a flash as the spark ignites the pure oxygen in the capsule. I try to flee but I can’t; I’m strapped in. I know the escape procedure but the fire, it’s too hot. It comes into our air line. I try not to breathe but it’s too late.I can’t open the hatch. I can’t open the hatch. It’s too hot! I can’t think! No one can get to us. We can’t be saved. I’m burning. I’m burning!
Sydney Jarod, I’m here. It’s alright.
Young Jarod No one could save them. It was impossible.
Jarod I tried not to use all the hot water.
Nia Is that boy you?
Jarod I know it’s crazy, but I can explain.
Nia Shh! We all have scars.
Tech Room
Sydney How much longer Broots?
Broots Hmm. Hard to say. At first I thought the song from Jarod’s phone call was “I Shot the Sheriff” but then I re-filtered it and realised that it was “Rumble in the Jungle”.
Sydney How much longer Broots?
Broots Well between BMIs and ASCABS computer base of play lists it could be some time. Then as soon as we get a hit and we find the station I’ve programmed the computer to call here. Then we’re in business.
Sydney We’re in business.
Broots Yeah!
Sydney How much longer?
Nia’s bedroom
Jarod Wake up. I think I’ve got it.
Search on Mountain
Nia We’ve been climbing for nine hours. Do you want to tell me what we’re looking for?
Jarod That.
Nia This was Victor’s camp. The force is with you. How did you know?
Jarod Something always bothered me about Simpkin’s base camp. It was way too low on the mountain to observe the nesting patterns of
eagles because they always nest at the highest point.
Nia What the hell is that?
Jarod The plane that scared Little Bob. The pilot’s dead. There was a bullet in his head.
Nia Oh my God.
Jarod I found traces of
narcotics in the back. I found this.
Nia Deliver your drugs, pick up your money.
Jarod You don’t file a flight plan with a run like this, so if your plane
crashes …
Nia No one looks for you.
Jarod Somebody was up here. There’s two sets of footprints, but they both come from different directions. Then one chases the other, that way. He heard the crash. He came down here. He just wanted to help and he saw the murder. He’s running, he’s running for his life.
Nia Victor Simpkins. And who was chasing him?
Jarod Who was blowing up stumps when Bob heard the plane?
Nia Conrad.
Jarod Conrad is leading the search.
Nia What were you…? How did you… ?
Jarod Trust in the force young Jedi. I saw your laser disc last night.
Nia Those prints go down to Box Canyon.
Jarod We’ll start that way tomorrow.I hope Victor Simpkins is under some kind of cover tonight. Because if he’s not, he’s not going to make it. And neither are we unless we find some shelter.
Nia I know a place.
Miss Parker’s
Miss Parker Morons.
Tape recording I need to talk to you. About women. About women. About women.
Young Parker You know girls mature faster than boys.
Hiking Shack
Nia Nothing like a home cooked meal.
Jarod So I’m told. When I was a child.. I was taken. At least I think I was taken by these people who… raised me. They made me do things, things that
hurt other…
Nia You don’t have to tell me anything.
Jarod I’ve never told anybody before. I want to tell you… I don’t know who I am.
Nia You’re Jarod and you’re here with me.
Jarod How old were you when you left Argentina?
Nia Thirteen.
Jarod Was it because of the Galla Sousia? I saw the scars on your back.
Nia I was eight. They came and took us for no reason at all. My father published a newspaper. My mother met him when she was a reporter. She hadn’t worked for years. She was too busy raising me. They woke us up in the middle of the night. I could hear my mother screaming, cursing at them. I never heard her swear like that before. They took us to this place. This horrible place. I never saw them again. They beat me. They… they…
Jarod I’m sorry.
Nia They wanted me to lie about my parents. That they hated the generals, had plotted against them. I wouldn’t lie. Finally they let me go. They put me with some family. But no one will talk to me about my parents. They had disappeared. Then the generals left and I came here. I don’t know if my parents are dead or alive.
Jarod I don’t know either.
Nia I miss them so much.
Jarod I know. I know. I know, I know, I know. Shh. Shh! I know that this is going to sound crazy. I’ve never…
Young Jarod I just want to know who I am. I can stand anything for that.
Jarod Is that pig wearing a baseball cap?
Bob There you are. Look at him all the stress made him lose weight. Come here you boy.
Jarod Is that your pig?
Bob Pig? He’s no pig. He’s my partner in the burgeoning mushroom empire.
Jarod Little Bob.
Nia Little Bob.
Bob The one and only.
Jarod And your crop would be truffles?
Bob Finest damn nose in these United States. Found a mother-lode too. We could have been rich too until someone went and blew up the old mine shaft where he discovered over a ton of them.
Jarod Mine shaft?
Bob Yeah the one down in Box Canyon. Blowed it the same day that plane flew over. Come here, big boy. Come on.
Mountain Trail
Nia Foot prints. Two sets.
Jarod Two go in, but only one comes out.
Nia Conrad chased Victor trying to silence him. Victor ran in here to hide. Conrad, running short of time, decided to blow up the entrance sealing him in. The force is with me.
Jarod Victor. Victor!
Nia Victor!
Jarod Victor.
Nia Victor.
Jarod Victor.
Nia Victor.
Jarod Victor. It’s okay. You’re going to be okay.
Miss Parker’s Office
Sydney Miss Parker.
Miss Parker What?
Broots We’ve traced the song to a small radio station in north central Oregon.
Ranger Station
Conrad Toluca National Forest. Ranger Conrad speaking.
Bob Yeah this is Bob Carcy. Ranger Conrad, I think I’ve found the Simpkins kid.
Conrad Where is he? Is he alive?
Bob I couldn’t tell. He was trapped behind a rock fall inside the old copper mine in Box Canyon. I could barely make a hole big enough to look in and see.
Conrad I’m on my way. Colby I need you here to coordinate the men and equipment coming up.
Derek You want me to call his mother?
Conrad No not ‘til we’re sure we have good news.
Mine Shaft
Conrad Simpkins? Simpkins. Hey Simpkins?
Jarod Well it’s about time. My legs were starting to cramp up. Kind of like Lazarus, huh Conrad?
Conrad So is Simpkins okay?
Jarod You mean is he alive, so he can testify against you? You betcha!
Conrad So why didn’t you just call the police? You’re after what’s in the plane. There’s a hell of a lot more where that came from.
Jarod No deal. Kind of spooky in here, isn’t it? Do you think this is what hell is like, Stan? Imagine what it’s like to be trapped in here and no one can hear you screaming.
Conrad There’s only one way out.
Jarod Hey Conrad. I’d stand back if I were you.
Conrad No! Jarod. Don’t leave me here Jarod. Please.
Jarod Oh, don’t worry, I’ll lead the search for you personally. In a few days.
Conrad Jarod. Jarod!
Nia’s Cabin
Jarod I know how to do many things but I don’t know how to do this.
Nia I know you have to go.
Jarod People are looking for me. If I stay you’d be in danger. You may already be.
Nia I know how to take care of myself. I hope you find what you’re looking for.
Jarod You’ve already helped me find a part of it. Adios.
Miss Parker Have you seen this man?
Nia Yes. He was tall, handsome. Little mole under his right eye.
Sydney Yes.
Nia He stayed for a few nights. He’s gone now.
Miss Parker Did he say where he was going?
Nia No but he did mention something about loving Argentina.
Miss Parker Do you think he will come back?
Nia I hope so.