Project Description

1.10 Better Part Of Valor

Original air date: January 11, 1997
Written by: Javier Grillo-Marxuach
Directed by: Anson Williams

Jarod looks into the death of a fellow firefighter who died in a warehouse fire that was deemed arson, and Miss Parker tries out a new method for tracking Jarod.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Insta-Cheese
Jarod’s Occupations: FireFighter, Accountant, Short Order Cook
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod O’Leary, Jarod Vronski

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod uncovers the truth about a firefighter who died while battling a blaze inside a warehouse. 


As a DSA plays, Young Jarod views footage of an uprising in Uganda.  The boy tells Sydney that the protestors are angry because their trust has been violated by someone they once respected.  In the presents day, Jarod, now a firefighter named Jarod O’Leary, rescues a child from a burning apartment building.

Back at the Centre, Miss Parker utilizes the special talents of Angelo in her effort to locate Jarod.  Sydney describes Angelo as someone who has no personality of his own, but can absorb personality data given him.  It is hoped that by studying newspapers from throughout the country, Angelo can establish a link between Jarod’s selection process and his movements, thereby predicting his next move.

At the firehouse, Jarod gathers with his coworkers, Roy and Lieutenant Gleason.  When Jarod attempts to place his belongings in a locker, it raises Gleason’s ire.  Gleason asks him to place his clothes anywhere else.  Jarod realizes that the locker belonged to Tamara Copeland, a firefighter who died while battling a blaze.  Soon after, Harrigan approaches Jarod about meeting with reporters, who are anxious to question him about his earlier act of heroism.

Miss Parker reacts with uncharacteristic enthusiasm when an old friend, Michael Patrick, approaches her table as she dines with Sydney at a restaurant.  Michael, who works as a traveling sales representative for a pharmaceutical company, arranges to meet Miss Parker at the restaurant’s bar for drinks.

Jarod approaches arson investigator John Zimmerman as he searches the burned-out apartment building for signs of foul play.  Jarod presents his own scenario, but Zimmerman quickly shoots it down, labeling the blaze the result of an electrical fire caused by an overloaded outlet.  Later, Jarod cooks for his fellow firefighters, who react with disgust when they taste his “optimized nutritional supplement.”  Using a can of Insta-Cheez, they doctor the meal, making it palatable.

After pouring over old records, Jarod notes that Harrigan has made a habit of not allowing his team to battle warehouse fires, preferring instead to let them burn.  Roy tells him this is because the structures were not worth saving.

Miss Parker and Michael retire to the floor of Miss Parker’s living room, where they enjoy having sex.  Later, Sydney warns Parker that Michael’s lifestyle seems of a transient nature…and warns that having recreational sex is not free of emotional repercussions.

Lieutenant Gleason drops by a restaurant called Herb’s Grinders, where she speaks with the owner, Herb (who is Tamara Copeland’s father).  Herb explains that his regular cook phoned in sick…and Jarod has volunteered to take his place.  After Gleason leaves, Herb tells Jarod that Gleason behaves as if she were somehow responsible for his daughter’s death.  Later, Harrigan tells Jarod that Tamara was overly heroic, and ran inside the burning building when she thought she heard screams coming from within.  Harrigan followed her inside, but was pushed back by the flames and smoke.

Jarod approaches Zimmerman with a photograph of the aftermath of a blaze and asks him to identify whether or not it had been intentionally set.  Zimmerman looks at the photo and labels it an arson.  Jarod then drops a bombshell: Zimmerman had earlier ruled it an accidental electrical fire, the one Tamara died fighting.  Jarod believes Zimmerman and Harrigan were working together, setting fires for insurance payoffs.  Zimmerman was accidentally burned in the warehouse fire, and upon hearing his cries, Tamara ran inside to save him.  Zimmerman picks up the story, describing how Harrigan followed her inside and knocked her unconscious with a crowbar.  Harrigan told Zimmerman he had no intention of going to jail for participating in the arson.  The two men left Tamara to die in the blaze.

Broots contacts Miss Parker with word that Angelo pinpointed Jarod’s whereabouts at a smokehouse in Pittsburgh.  Shortly thereafter, Miss Parker discovers a photograph of Michael’s family inside his wallet.  She then ends their affair.  Later, Parker and Sydney make their way to the smoke house, where they speak with a man named Dmitry.  He tells them that an unidentified man showed up at the facility a short time earlier and took a red notebook that Jarod had left behind.  Sydney believes that Broots is the only other person who knew about the smokehouse.  Shortly thereafter, Broots contacts the pair with Jarod’s current location.

Jarod handcuffs Harrigan inside his recreation room, then uses the firehouse’s Dalmatian, Ember, to start an electrical fire.  Jarod explains that he treated the wiring throughout the house with accelerant.  As Harrigan begs for the key to the handcuffs, he admits he killed Tamara so he could collect payoff money.  His confession is broadcast over the radio…and heard by his colleagues.  As Jarod walks off, he encounters an armed Michael.  With some help from Ember, Jarod distracts Michael and knocks him to the ground.  He then makes a getaway, moments before Sydney and Miss Parker arrive.  Miss Parker confronts Michael, who confirms that he is working for the Centre.  Later, Jarod works as a vendor at “roach coach.”


Sydney What are you seeing Jarod?
Young Jarod I’m not sure.
Sydney Come on, think. Think Jarod. What does it mean?
Young Jarod These people, some are angry, some are sad. But all for the same reason.
Sydney And that is?
Young Jarod Their trust has been violated Sydney… by someone they look up to. And now they can’t trust him.
Fairfax Apartments, Pittsburgh, PA
Gleason Captain Harrigan.
Harrigan Are we clear.
Gleason O’Leary’s still in there.
Harrigan O’Leary, get the hell out. That place is gone.
Harrigan O’leary, report. What the hell are you doing in there?
Gail Mommy, where are you? Somebody help me.
Jarod It’s okay, you’re gonna be all right.
Harrigan Damn it o’leary Get the hell out of there now.
Gleason Sir.
Mother That’s my baby! That’s my baby! That’s my baby! That’s my baby! Gail, oh Gail. Thank you.
Jarod Just doing my job ma’am.
Miss Parker So Mr Raines loaned him to us?
Sydney Yes, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker You wanna tell me why?
Sydney Bear in mind that Jarod’s modus operandi thus far has been to collect newspaper stories.
Broots So if we can establish a correlation between his selection process and his movements we may be able to predict his next move by scanning the local and nationally press for stories which may interest him.
Miss Parker And Cousin It is your man for the job?
Sydney Please don’t trivialise this Miss Parker. His name is Angelo, he’s very special.
Miss Parker Oh, I can see that.
Roy Man, Jarod. You barely get your boots unpacked, you’re already king of the hill. You know, I thought that place was a goner. I cant believe you just walked right through that inferno.
Jarod Well, I wouldn’t recommend trying it at home.
Roy Actually, it’s safer on the job.
Jarod Safer?
Roy 68.6% of you serious injuries occur at home. You run the numbers, it’s a bigger risk taking a bath than it is fighting a fire.
Jarod The truth is, I was just following the exit signs. Hey, can you show me where I can stow this gear?
Roy Yeah, follow me. You take any locker you want, just make sure it doesn’t have a name on it.
Gleason Any one but this one.
Jarod I’m sorry, I didn’t know… Lieutenant Gleason?
Roy Sorry man, I should have warned you. That’s Tamara Copeland’s locker.
Jarod The firefighter that was killed.
Roy Mn-hmm. She and Gleason were tight. I guess you coming in here kind of, you know, closes the door on all that.
Jarod Or opens a wound.
Harrigan Jarod, there you are. One day on the job with us and you’re kicking ass like a 20 year veteran. I want you to take a good look at this guy Roy. Guts, brains and a touch of the crazies. That’s what the Fighting 16th is all about. Listen, Jarod, the uh, reporters are ready to get up close and personal with you.
Jarod Uh, sir, I don’t want any publicity.
Harrigan Jarod, you are now a member of the best damn fire-fighting unit in this city. You should be proud of that. Besides, it’s good for the team.
Jarod Yes sir.
Roy Smile pretty.
Miss Parker And how long are we going to have to wait until your savant zeroes in on Jarod’s location?
Sydney Angelo is not a savant Miss Parker. Actually we don’t have a classification for what he is. But think of him like a sponge, if you will. He has no personality of his own but he can absorb the personality data that we give him. And he has read every scrap we have on Jarod.
Miss Parker So now he’s another Pretender?
Sydney No. He could never make a moral judgment of his own. Also, he would never run away.
Miss Parker Where have I heard that before?
Michael Parker?
Miss Parker Michael?
Michael Come here. I can’t believe this. How long has it been?
Miss Parker Too long. What are you doing here?
Michael Short business trip. I’m a sales rep for a pharmaceutical company now. This is a part of my territory. What about you?
Miss Parker I, uh, have a mid-level position with a local firm, nothing very exciting I’m afraid.
Michael I cannot get over how terrific you look.
Miss Parker Despite the lack of good sex. Michael Patrick, this is Sydney, my assistant.
Sydney Michael.
Michael Sydney. Anyway, I uh, I would like to ask you to join me for a drink at the bar but I can see that you’re both uh…
Miss Parker Oh, Sydney was just leaving.
Sydney Yes, apparently Sydney was just about to leave.
Michael Oh, great. I’ll be at the bar.
Miss Parker See you at the office, Syd.
Fairfax Apartments, Pittsburgh, PA
Zimmerman Let’s see. I’m doing my nails, washing my hair, smoking a cigarette
Jarod And you’re talking to yourself.
Zimmerman Yeah, so what? That what arson investigators do.
Jarod Jarod O’Leary. I’m with the 16th.
Zimmerman Yeah, I heard all about you. You’re the guy who saved the little girl in this building. Harrigan must be doing back flips over you.
Zimmerman John Zimmerman.
Jarod Oh, I know who you are. You caught the North Hills arsonist, pretty impressive work.
Zimmerman Yeah, well, it didn’t get me any dates. It’s glory boys like you that get all the play. I bet you could tell me some tales, huh?
Jarod Well, I do know this one about this little monkey and this man in the yellow hat.
Zimmerman Yeah, I can take a hint. Nobody want to talk to guys like me, unless there’s a fire. Then it’s questions, nothing but questions.
Jarod Well, if you’re so unhappy, why did you pick this line of work?
Zimmerman I didn’t have any choice really. Most guys wanna be this close to a fire… they either set ’em, or fight ’em. I fall in the latter category. Ahhh.
Jarod Are you okay?
Zimmerman Oh, bum knee.
Jarod Sports injury?
Zimmerman Is that some kind of a joke?
Jarod I… I didn’t mean anything. Do you mind if I take a stab at this?
Zimmerman Feel free.
Jarod Well, we know that the occupant was a smoker. She was smoking a cigarette, doing her nails. So my guess would be that she fell asleep, dropped the cigarette and… ignited the fluids.
Zimmerman That’s good. Real good. Also wrong. Electrical fire.
Jarod Really? What makes you so sure?
Zimmerman Well, see the outlet was overloaded. The burns are mostly concentrated on the walls. The fingernail polish fluid ignited much later. Oh, another needless catastrophe solved.
Jarod Impressive.
Zimmerman Eh. You know, the saddest thing is…
Jarod Hmm?
Zimmerman This singed mattress, this is the closest I get to sex.
The Centre
Sydney Long lunch, Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Not boring for once. Any progress?
Broots Well, slow but steady. Although I can say with 90% certainty that Jarod is due to land somewhere east of the Mississippi. Angelo has eliminated everything west of that. We are definitely closing in.
Miss Parker You don’t get out much, do you Broots? Page me if you have a breakthrough.
Sydney Where will you be?
Miss Parker Out.
Broots What was that all about?
Sydney It appears that Miss Parker has taken a sudden interest in the pharmaceutical industry.
Station House
Roy Don’t worry, Ember growls at all strangers. How long do I gotta keep stirring this mess?
Jarod Just until it coagulates.
Roy That’s a good word for it. He thinks you’re a dog.
Jarod He does?
Roy Yeah, you’re a stranger in this place, he’s just trying to establish dominance.
Jarod Really?
Roy What, you never had a dog before?
Jarod No, I did drive a chimp through the Amazon once.
Roy Here you go. He’ll love you in no time. Dogs are amazingly loyal creatures. You keep their bellies full, they’ll do anything you ask.
Harrigan Quit screwing around with that stupid mutt, we’re waiting for lunch.
Jarod Coming right up sir.
Roy Now we know why you had to transfer from your last assignment.
Jarod Bon appetit.
Harrigan What is this slop?
Jarod It’s optimised nutritional supplement. Hearts of palm, wheat grass and asparagus stewed with tomato. I grew up on this stuff.
Gleason Threw up is more like it.
Harrigan People, there’s only one thing that can save this disaster.
Roy Inst-Cheez!
Harrigan Haven’t had a decent meal around her since Copeland died.
Tri-River Warehouse
Herb’s Grinders
Miss Parker So, he’s on the floor, I’m on top of him, we’re both spent, covered in sweat.
Michael And you’re still doing this?
Miss Parker At least three times a week.
Michael Isn’t it hard to maintain that level of intensity?
Miss Parker Not if you’re doing it right. Hmmm, you’re not doing it at all, are you?
Michael No, truth is… I gave up fencing after college. Besides, I never found an opponent as formidable as you.
Miss Parker Never will.
Michael You still have that look in your eye, half invitation, half intimidation.
Miss Parker So which do you want?
Michael Don’t tempt me Parker.
Miss Parker Too late.
Michael Uh, check please.
Station House
Jarod Aerosol cheese-like imitation food product.
Roy Official food of the Fighting 16th.
Jarod According to these ingredients, there’s absolutely no nutritional value.
Roy Hey, tastes great and it makes me sleep like a baby.
Jarod Well, I doubt I’m going to be getting much sleep around here.
Roy Oh, the beds are pathetic, I know. You’ll get used to it.
Jarod No, I mean, I’ve been going over some of these old records. Boy you guys are good.
Roy 92% knockdown rate. That makes us the most efficient company in the city.
Jarod I just hope I can live up to your standards.
Roy Well, you follow Harrigan, you’ll be fine. I watched him lead a response with one pumper. He put out a six-alarm fire before the other five even got there.
Jarod Sounds like he takes a pretty aggressive approach. Except for these warehouse fires. The company arrived before the structures were completely engulfed. Yet each time, Harrigan pulled them back.
Roy Yeah, they were NWS’s.
Jarod NWS?
Roy Not worth saving. Harrigan decided they were too volatile to risk his men.
Jarod Live to fight another day.
Roy Right. Look, Jarod, you’re gonna fit in fine here. It’s like I said, you trust Harrigan;’s lead, he’ll take care of us.
Miss Parker’s House
Michael Nice place you got here Parker.
Miss Parker How do you know? You haven’t even seen the bedroom yet.
Michael At this rate I never will.
Miss Parker How about a drink?
Michael Don’t tell me you’re tired.
Miss Parker I’m just getting warm.
Michael I’ll definitely be wanting that drink.
Miss Parker I can’t believe you let all this energy go to waste on a sales job.
Michael Don’t forget, if it weren’t for that job, I wouldn’t be here.
Miss Parker When do you leave?
Michael I thought you weren’t done with me. I’ll be here for two days.
Miss Parker Then let’s not waste any time.
Herb’s Grinder
Herb Here we are gentlemen. Eat in good in good health.
Customer Thanks,
Gleason Hey handsome.
Herb Nancy, what are you doing here?
Gleason I was in the neighbourhood, though I’d off your work shirts.
Herb You don’t have to do this.
Gleason I know, I want to. Business looks good.
Herb Oh, since breakfast this morning, on top of which, Manny calls in sick.
Gleason Manny is sick? Well, who’s cooking?
Jarod Hey Herb, what should I do with these balls of meat?
Herb I think you two know each other. I’ll take care of the meatballs, if you’ll finish up, okay Jarod?
Jarod Sure. Careful, it’s hot.
Herb Okay, thanks.
Jarod Great guy.
Gleason You have no right to be here.
Jarod I came by to pay my respects and the cook called in sick, so I offered to help. You would have done the same thing.
Gleason What do you want?
Jarod A truce would be nice. Look, Lieutenant, I know we haven’t gotten off to a very good start. I just want you to know that I understand how you must be feeling.
Gleason Really?
Jarod Tamara Copeland was your best friend. I’m not trying to take her place. I just wanna do my job. Grab those plates, would you?
Gleason You’re not gonna make this easy, are you?
Jarod What?
Gleason Me hating you.
Herb Thanks Nancy.
Gleason See you later.
Herb I worry about that girl.
Jarod What do you mean>
Herb It seems like she can’t let go of what happened. It feels likes she blames herself for Tamara’s death.
Jarod It was an accident, wasn’t it?
Herb My daughter was a great firefighter. And I loved her more than anything in this life. But she knew this was dangerous work and people die. I gotta go check on the meatballs.
The Centre
Sydney Broots, another possibility from Angelo.
Miss Parker Sydney, Broots.
Broots I’m confident it’s a landlocked state, either Pennsylvania or West Virginia. This isn’t an exact science. It’s an experimental technique with a huge human element involved.
Miss Parker Been up all night, haven’t you?
Broots Uh huh.
Miss Parker Let me get you some coffee. Maybe that might help.
Harrigan’s House
Harrigan Oh, man. Who brought that damn mutt?
Jarod Guilty sir.
Harrigan Well, keep him out of the house, will you? Hey Hank, off with the shoes, house rules. That Italian slate cost me $20 a square foot to put in.
Zimmerman You heard about a king in his castle?
Harrigan Between that mutt and these slobs, I’m gonna have to build a moat.
Roy Cap’s a regular Bob Villa. He built the bar.
Harrigan I’m gonna build a garage this summer.
Jarod A remodel this beautiful has to be expensive.
Harrigan Well, there’s a lot of sweat equity.
Roy Yeah. Our sweat, his equity.
Harrigan Check the hamburgers Roy. And don’t let ’em burn. Good kid. Can’t handle a belt sander to save his live, but he’s a good kid. You know, this railing, 1934 ladder track. The very first one the Fighting 16th ever had.
Zimmerman Harrigan’s used that railing a lot, and I don’t mean in the line of duty.
Harrigan You know, you landed yourself in a very special unit, Jarod.
Jarod Historical is more like it. This is the first unit in the city with two female firefighters.
Harrigan Yeah, with Gleason and Copeland there, it felt like a real family.
Jarod Nancy misses Copeland very much.
Harrigan We all do son.
Jarod  Must’ve taken a lot of guts for Copeland to run into that burning warehouse.
Zimmerman Yeah, electrical fire like that. That place must’ve been hotter than Satan’s armpit.
Harrigan Copeland was good, but she had an overzealous sense of the heroic. I told everybody to hang back. She thought she heard screams and went inside half-cocked.
Jarod Really? That wasn’t in the papers.
Harrigan Copeland did outstanding work on this team. I wasn’t about to let her be disgraced over one mistake. I called the hose crew in to bring in a line and went in after her. By the time I got inside, she was sucked into the smoke and flames. I never found her.
Jarod That was very brave.
Harrigan Truth is, bravery had nothing to do with it. As long as I’m in charge, this team will never leave one of its own hanging.
The Centre
Miss Parker You’re not going to accept this as a passing good mood are you?
Sydney I know you too well.
Miss Parker Don’t be so sure.
Sydney But I’m concerned. Mr Patrick seems awfully transient.
Miss Parker What I do for recreation is my business. Besides, I like him.
Sydney Ask yourself this then. Are there enough healthy relationships in your life to compensate for what you’re doing for recreation? These… entanglements… they’re not free from emotional repercussions, you know.
Miss Parker Let me give you a nickel’s worth of free advice, syd. You only know as much about me as I want you to know. And your concern, though touching, is wasted on me.
Station House
Harrigan I’ll tell you what Jarod, this is the best meal we’ve had around here in months. So how did you become Martha Stewart overnight?
Jarod Insta-Cheez. Actually, it was an old recipe of Tamara Copeland.
Gleason Excuse me.
Jarod Nancy, I… Oh man, I was trying to do something good.
Harrigan I think you did. I think cooking one of Copeland’s meals helps to keep her here among us. We don’t wanna ever forget her.
Jarod No, we sure don’t.
DSA: 2nd November, ’73
Sydney What are you seeing Jarod?
Young Jarod I’m not sure.
Sydney Think Jarod. What does it mean? Focus on the faces.
Young Jarod These people, some are angry, some are sad. But all for the same reason.
Sydney And that is?
Young Jarod They were betrayed by Amin. He killed his own people.
Sydney Yes, and?
Young Jarod They could no longer trust their own leader.
Sydney What are you seeing Jarod? What does it mean? Think Jarod. What does it mean?
Jarod’s Lair
Jarod Nothing like a Grinder at Herb’s.
Herb’s Grinder
Zimmerman Now that will get you talking to yourself..
Jarod They are good.
Zimmerman So, you buying me a turkey sandwich, if you’re hoping to get lucky, you’re not.
Jarod Lucky?
Zimmerman It’s a joke.
Jarod Oh. Well, I was hoping I might ask you a few questions.
Zimmerman Figures.
Jarod You see, I’m trying to get a grasp of this burn pattern thing. And I have a bet with Roy that this was an accidental electrical fire.
Zimmerman Yeah, well, you better pay him.
Jarod Really? Why is that?
Zimmerman See, the char trail leads from the middle of the room, travels our it a web patter? All the flames are below the electrical fixtures. It’s a planned torching.
Jarod Arson.
Zimmerman You gonna eat that pickle?
Jarod So if it was ruled an electrical fire
Zimmerman Whoever did it was a moron.
Jarod Hmm. Well, I guess that moron would have to be you. Because it was your ruling from the Tri-River warehouse fire. You remember that one. She died in it trying to save your life.
Zimmerman You don’t know what you’re saying.
Jarod I know you checked into St Joe’s Hospital the night she died with a third-degree burn on your back. And I also know that Harrigan let three other warehouse fires burn to the ground, fires that you ruled accidental. Insurance payoffs. Is that why she’s dead?
Herb Gentlemen. How do you like those sandwiches?
Jarod They were terrific. How much do we owe you?
Herb Hey, your money’s no good here. You guys are family.
Tri-River Warehouse
Zimmerman An empty warehouse goes up, a mini-mall gets built.
Jarod Insurance pays for it all, nobody get’s hurt.
Zimmerman That’s the way it worked until that night. All I had to do was spread an alcohol-based propellant around the floor and bust a couple of pipes, make it look electrical. Once the fire was burning stead, I started to beat it out of here, but my knees gave out and I couldn’t hardly move.
Jarod Is that how you got burned?
Zimmerman Yeah. Flames were everywhere. They caught my shirt. The damn pain was so bad, I must have let out a shriek.
Jarod Tamara Copeland heard you.
Zimmerman Yeah. I tried to crawl over to an exhaust vent I’d rigged up to get past the fire crews. But the smoke was searing my lungs, and I collapsed and I thought I was a goner for sure. Then I looked up and saw her emerging through the fire.
Jarod She must’ve recognised you.
Zimmerman Yeah. She knew I’d done this, but it didn’t stop her. She just went about her job. Instead of saving her own life… she started to save mine.
Jarod And then Harrigan came in.
Zimmerman He hit her with a crowbar. Told me to get away. Said he wasn’t going down for the fire. He took her oxygen and handed it over like it was nothing.
Jarod All she wanted to do was save your life.
Zimmerman Instead she died in that fiery hell.
The Centre
Angelo Jarod.
Miss Parker’s House
Michael Parker?
Miss Parker What?
Michael Are we ever gonna make it to your bedroom?
Miss Parker Getting there is half the fun.
Michael Don’t.
Miss Parker I have to. What?
Broots on phone We have a confirmed hit Miss Parker.
Miss Parker Angelo.
Broots Oh, the guy’s amazing. He narrowed it down to five clippings. The winner’s a place called the Borodin Smoke House in Pittsburgh. They confirmed that Jarod was there until recently and his trail is probably still hot.
Miss Parker Borodin Smoke House, Pittsburgh. Get Sydney on the horn and get transportation ready. I’ll be right over.
Broots Yes ma’am.
Miss Parker Pretty family. Time to go see them. Your business trip just ended.
Station House
Gleason Yeah?
Jarod Lieutenant.
Gleason Yeah.
Jarod Can I show you something?
Gleason Sure, come on in. This is a duty roster.
Jarod From the night that Tamara Copeland died.
Gleason If that’s some sick joke, it’s not funny. And if it’s a reminder, I do not need one.
Jarod You were supposed to work the shift the night she died. But she filled in for you, didn’t she?
Gleason It should have been me.
Jarod I know that you feel that way. But maybe you could allow yourself to see the other side of the coin.
Gleason They’re more duty rosters.
Jarod From the shifts you filled in for her over the years. Nancy. We all know the risks, you can’t blame yourself.
Gleason I wasn’t there for her.
Jarod Maybe you feel you weren’t there for her that night. But you can be there for her now.
Borodin Smoke House, Strip District Pittsburgh, PA
Mr Borodin That Jarod Vronsky was a godsend. I didn’t thing we were going to survive after my father died.
Sydney Did Jarod leave anything behind?
Mr Borodin Oh, he increased productivity, restructured our investment strategy and organised a dental plan. All he asked in return was to sit in there.
Miss Parker Now why would Stepford Boy want to sit in a smokehouse?
Sydney Jarod thinks in metaphors. He could be anything from smoke jumper to sideshow fire-eater.
Mr Borodin Oh, he loved smoke. Said he wanted it in his pores.
Sydney Mr Borodin, did Jarod leave anything behind like a red notebook?
Mr Borodin Same as before. I don’t have it.
Miss Parker Same as before?
Mr Borodin I have hams to stow.
Miss Parker How many of your employees would have to return to the Ukraine if the INS were to sweep this place?
Mr Borodin I gave it to the other man.
Miss Parker Who?
Mr Borodin A man came here less than an hour ago. He knew many things about Jarod. He said that others would come. The others that would want to hurt Jarod.
Sydney Broots is the only other one who knows.
Miss Parker What?
Broots on phone Uh, Miss Parker. I got him. I know exactly where Jarod is.
Jarod’s Lair
Jarod Okay Ember, it’s showtime. Come on, you can do it. It’s easy. Come on, you can do it. It’s easy. Watch. Like this. Come on, you can do it. Come on. Come on. Ember, come on. Come on, come on boy.
Station House
Harrigan Anybody seen Zimmerman? He’s been paging me all afternoon.
Gleason Yeah, he just pulled out of here. He looked kind of strange, excited.
Harrigan He say where he was going?
Gleason No, oh, he left you this. Anything wrong Cap?
Harrigan No.
Harrigan’s House
Harrigan Zimmerman? You here, Zimmerman? Why, you little bastard.
Jarod Harrigan. Is this any way to treat a dog?
Harrigan What the hell are you doing?
Jarod I wanna show you this neat trick I taught Ember.
Harrigan I don’t care about that stupid mutt. Uncuff me.
Jarod Hey. He’s not stupid. He’s man’s best friend you know. And I’ve learned that if you just keep him well fed he’ll do just about anything for you. His food of choice, as is yours, is Insta-Cheez. It’s not very good for you, but, what the hey, it does taste good.
Harrigan O’Leary, if I get out of here, I’m gonna break your neck.
Jarod Then I better not let you out. Now about that trick. Ember, light this place up. Come on boy, come on. Good boy. Neat little trick, huh, Harrigan? But watch, there’s more.
Harrigan What the hell are you doing?
Jarod Oops, electrical fire. Started by a dog. Terrible accident.
Harrigan Put it out!
Jarod I’d like to, but I don’t know how. You see, I’m not really a fireman. Oops, there goes another one.
Harrigan Take the damn cuffs off me now!
Jarod Can’t. Gotta make a phone call.
Roy on phone Company 16.
Jarod I’d like to report a fire please. 16309 Ellsworth Terrace. Thank you. Well I sure hope that the Fighting 16th gets here on time. The flames are spreading pretty fast in these walls. But that’s not really a surprise. You see, I’ve treated the wiring throughout the house with this accelerant. That way the flames and the fire spread completely. And it looks like an accident. No one will ever know.
Harrigan What about me?
Jarod Well, even the best arsonists make mistakes… don’t they Chief?
Harrigan Oh no! Give me the key!
Jarod He looks pretty scared, doesn’t he Ember? I bet Tamara Copeland looked pretty scared too the night of the Tri-River fire. But she had you there to back her up. Someone she trusted to protect her. Go wait outside Ember. I’d hate to see you get burned.
Fireman Lieutenant!
Gleason Hold it guys, there’s something you need to know first.
Jarod Well, I’ve got to go now. It’s getting pretty stuffy in here.
Harrigan O’Leary, you can’t leave me here to burn!
Jarod Why not? You left Tamara Copeland, didn’t you?
Harrigan Yes, I left her!
Jarod You left her to burn. So you could collect the payoff money. So you could buy this Italian slate tile. Or that 1934 ladder truck railing around your wet bar that you’re so proud of.
Harrigan Yes, I left her, now give me the key please.
Jarod This key?
Harrigan Yeah.
Jarod Sure. Hope you don’t burn.
Harrigan O’Leary! O’Leary! My house! That son of a bitch burned my house! Put it out. Put it out!
Gleason Hang back. This place is definitely NWS.
Harrigan Come on guys. I built that house. Don’t let it burn like that. I’m your captain. I’m your damn captain! To hell with you.
Station House
Michael You must be Jarod.
Jarod Who are you?
Michael Uh, you’re really not in a position to ask. Now put your hands up and turn around.
Jarod Goodbye, goodbye. Thank you very much. I have to go. It was very nice to meet you.
Miss Parker You cover the back, everyone else with me. Who’re you working for?
Michael I told you Parker. I’m a sales rep for a… Ohhh! You bitch!
Miss Parker You don’t know the half of it. Who’re you working for?
Michael All right, all right. The Centre. Mr Raines.
Sydney Don’t Parker. Don’t. There might be repercussions.
Miss Parker By the way, I was faking it.
Dodgy Diner
Man Hey, I can’t eat this. I wouldn’t give that crap to my dog.
Jarod Oh, no problem. I can fix that. Bon appetit.