Project Description

1.09 Mirage

Original air date: January 4, 1997
Written by: Tommy Thompson
Directed by: Ian Toynton

Jarod becomes suspicious after a survivalist, who was also part owner of a struggling skydiving school, dies during one of his many trips into the desert.

Jarod’s Discoveries: Popcicles, Meatloaf
Jarod’s Occupations: Skydiving Instructor, IRS Agent, Handyman
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Cochran, Buddy Slocum Jr
Secrets Revealed: Miss Parker finds out that her mother lied about her visits to Aunt Dorothy, visiting with Ben


Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

Jarod investigates the death of a skydiver who met a mysterious end in the desert. 


Sydney and Miss Parker view a DSA that Jarod deliberately left behind when he fled his last lair.  In it, a Young Jarod demands to know who he is.  Though Miss Parker dismisses it as yet another diversion, Sydney believes that Jarod is taking a leap of faith.  Meanwhile, Jarod, now a skydiving instructor, jumps out of an airplane with an overweight woman.

At a hanger in the Miles-Bates Blue Desert Skydiving School, Jarod speaks with Crockett, a mechanic who busies himself maintaining a small aircraft.  Carol, who runs the school, hires Jarod as her newest instructor.  She tells him that she lost her partner, Tom Miles, several months earlier when he tested his endurance by skydiving into the desert with only a canteen of water, a compass and a knife, something he had done on a dozen previous occasions.  But something went wrong during his trek through the desert and he died.  Now, Carol intends to save the business by purchasing a new jump plane and constructing a new indoor training facility.  Later, Carol introduces Jarod to Sheriff Dwight Kunkle.

Miss Parker receives a birthday gift from Jarod, a “Miss Parker Edition” of his little red notebook.  Inside is a photograph of a man unfamiliar to Miss Parker.  When Broots electronically enhances the image, he discovers evidence that the man, Benjamin Thomas Miller, runs a local bed and breakfast in Maine.  Miss Parker travels to Maine, where she receives a phone call from Jarod.  He tells her that he is providing her with answers…but does not elaborate further, except to ask if Parker has checked for skeletons in her closet.

Jarod encounters an elderly Native American, Two Feathers, who also goes by the name Ernie, who claims the Sky Fathers told him a traveler would approach him seeking the truth…and that he would be the traveler’s guide.  Before Jarod can ask more questions, the mysterious man vanishes.

Meanwhile, Jarod pays Tom Miles’ pregnant widow, Angela, a visit.  Later, he goes skydiving with some students…and uses a snowboard for some spectacular aerial maneuvers.

Miss Parker makes her way to the Lake Catherine Inn, where she approaches Ben.  He recognizes her from her resemblance to her mother.

Jarod approaches Sheriff Kunkle, who confirms that an autopsy had been performed on Tom Miles’ body.  Posing as an IRS agent, Jarod drops by the sheriff’s office while Kunkle is away on business.  He convinces a clerk to turn over documents related to Tom Miles.  Later, Angela tells Jarod that Carol and Tom had a relationship long before they wed and had the baby.  But they grew apart and ended their personal relationship.  Angela points out that if it hadn’t been for the insurance money, the skydiving business would have failed.

Ernie tells Jarod that it was he who discovered Tom Miles’ body in the desert.  According to Ernie, the wounds on Miles’ face were from madness induced by the belladonna plant, sometimes used by Native Americans for vision quests.

Miss Parker questions Ben about her mother’s mysterious visits to the inn.  It becomes apparent that Ben was in love with her mother, who always traveled to the inn around springtime.

Jarod discovers that Crockett’s real name is Angus Marin, who is on the run from the law.  He approaches Crockett and tells him that he knows Carol is using Angela to access Tom Miles’ insurance money so she can fix up the business and then sell it to another company.  He is also aware that Crockett stands to pocket twenty-five percent of Carol’s profit.  Crockett describes how Carol switched Tom’s canteen on the morning of the jump.  After Tom’s death, Crockett approached Carol about the mysterious canteen switch, at which time she offered him a cut of the profits.

As Jarod and Carol fly over a remote part of desert, their airplane experiences mechanical difficulties.  The pair parachute out of the plane.  Jarod fakes a broken leg and sends Carol off to get help.  Unbeknownst to her, the canteen she carries is spiked with a powerful hallucinogen.  Jarod finds her, delirious, and accuses her of letting Tom die in the desert alone.

Later, Jarod regroups with Ernie, only this time, it is he who suddenly vanishes in the blink of an eye.


Young Jarod I just wanna know who I am. I can stand anything for that. I’ll never give, Sydney, ever.
Sydney It’s been three days, Jarod with temperature over 100 degrees. You don’t have to go on Jarod.
Young Jarod I can do it. I just wanna know I am. I can stand anything for that.
Broots Where did they find this?
Miss Parker Cleanup crew found it in a cabin about 50 miles south of Albuquerque.
Sydney A gift from Jarod.
Broots Hmm, so what does it mean?
Sydney I’m not sure what the original intent of the simulation was. I’ll have to run it through the archives.
Miss Parker Save your sweat, it’s just another diversion.
Sydney I beg to differ Miss Parker. This is very important to Jarod. He’s reaching out, taking a leap of faith.
Jarod All right, now remember what you learned in class.
Woman I think I’m gonna throw up.
Jarod Oh, no, no. You’re gonna be just fine.
Woman Well, you’re the expert.
Jarod Sort of.
Woman Sort of? Exactly how many times have you jumped?
Jarod Counting this?
Woman Yes.
Jarod One.
Crockett Tough jump?
Jarod I may have underestimated my payload.
Crockett Well, they come in all shapes and sizes. Rub some of this on it.
Jarod What is it?
Crockett Horse liniment. They use it on thoroughbreds when they pull a muscle. A few more of them El Paso housewives, you’ll be drinking the stuff.
Carol Another satisfied customer. Nice the see that you can carry your weight around here. The instructor jog is yours if you still want it.
Jarod Great, it’s a pleasure to be here.
Carol Good. Crockett, did I get a call from Tasco?
Crockett Phone hasn’t rung all day.
Carol How’s the old girl holding up?
Crockett I was able to patch the leak in the fuel pump but she’s definitely on death’s door.
Carol Just hold her together for a few more days. and I’ll have that new plane flown in from Phoenix. Your resume is very impressive. 82nd Airborne, Army Ranger. Lofty credentials for someone looking to teach the public to tuck and roll. Why us?
Jarod Well, I’m on the run from a secret organisation. I needed a place to hide out for a while.
Broots We’ve been over this simulation a dozen times. I’m not sure I understand the point.
Miss Parker Sydney didn’t always have method, just madness.
Sydney It was a psychological study to determine if the mind can enable the body to exceed its natural capabilities when an emotional stimulus is applied.
Broots Like, when a car’s on top of a child, and the mother lifts it off with one hand.
Sydney Exactly.
Sweeper Miss Parker, this birthday gift just arrived.
Broots Is today your birthday? How old are you? Oh, young, I’m sure.
Miss Parker Jarod.
Sydney Know this man?
Miss Parker I’ve never seen him before in my life.
Sydney Interesting.
Miss Parker It’s a dead flower Sydney, not the Shroud of Turin.
Jarod Excuse me for saying this but it doesn’t exactly look like business is booming.
Carol We’ve had some problems, but they’re all behind us now.
Jarod Problems?
Carol I lost my partner a couple of months ago.
Jarod Tom Miles? I saw a picture of the two of you in the hanger.
Carol He uh, made a jump about 200 miles out into the desert. Tom was always testing himself.
Jarod Testing?
Carol He took one canteen of water, a compass and a knife, and hiked back in. It was this… yearly ritual. Um, something went wrong and….. he died. So all I can do now is make Tom’s dream of turning Blue Desert into the best skydiving school in Texas come true. We’re gonna get a new jump plane, redo the hangar. Maybe even build a new indoor training facility.
Jarod Hmmm.
Carol Tom deserves that. It’s not much to look at, but, uh, the AC works. There’s a phone and a VCR. And for the most part, it keeps the snakes out.
Jarod Well, I’m sure it will be fine.
Carol What are you doing way out here in the middle of the day?
Sheriff Well, I had some business over in Mason County, so thought I might see if you wanted to get some lunch. Meat loaf’s on special at then diner. Unless I’m interrupting something.
Carol Oh, Jarod Cochran, this is, Sheriff Dwight Kunkle.
Jarod Sheriff.
Sheriff Mr Cochran.
Carol Jarod here is our latest addition to the jump school.
Sheriff Huh. Where you from?
Jarod Oh, here and there. Whichever way the wind blows.
Sheriff How about that lunch?
Carol Well, I was just gonna show Jarod….
Jarod Oh, no, no. You two go ahead, I’ll be just fine. Nice to meet you Sheriff.
Sheriff Cochran.
Two Feathers I’ve been waiting for you.
Jarod Excuse me?
Two Feathers I was told a traveller would come seeking the truth.
Jarod Told by whom?
Two Feathers The sky fathers. What you would call a gut feeling. They said you would need a guide.
Jarod I don’t understand.
Two Feathers See what I mean?
Jarod How’d he do that?
Miss Parker Well?
Broots I ran his picture through the system. If he’s any kind of Centre contractor then he’s either been deleted or he’s out of our clearance level.
Miss Parker Nobody’s out of my clearance level.
Sydney What about this?
Miss Parker Torture.
Sydney Torture?
Miss Parker Jarod’s playing games.
Sydney Why?
Miss Parker Because he wants to give me an aneurysm. I don’t know why. It’s… just what he does. What about the picture?
Broots I blew it up three ways from Sunday. See, let me show you. All I got is a street sign. Black Ridge Lane, I don’t know if that helps with anything. Maybe the location. Maybe you’re right. Maybe he just wants to torture you.
Miss Parker Broots.
Broots What?
Miss Parker Zoom in on that.
Broots What?
Miss Parker The reflection on the windshield. Again. Again. One more time, sharper. Maine.
Broots I’ll be damned!
Jarod Let me get that. Are you okay?
Angela Just lost my grip.
Jarod Why don’t you come sit down?
Angela I’m a little dizzy.
Jarod Uh, can I get you something. A glass of water or something?
Angela No, I just need to catch my breath. Can I ask you something?
Jarod Sure.
Angela Who are you?
Jarod My name is Jarod.
Angela Angela. I, uh, need to put these things in the shed.
Jarod No, no, let me get that.
Angela Are you learning to jump?
Jarod Um, no. Actually I just started working here.
Angela You’re the new instructor?
Jarod You sound disappointed.
Angela I just didn’t expect Carol to hire someone so soon after…
Jarod What?
Angela Baby’s kicking. He must not like the heat.
Jarod It’s a boy? His father must be very proud.
Angela His father’s dead.
Jarod The first rule of skydiving is the respect your equipment. Because without it, you die. Do you understand?
Students Hai.
Jarod Now, the key to a safe jump is to open your chute at the right altitude. And we do this by pulling the silver handle. We do not pull the orange handle. You ready to give it a try? All right, we’re over the target, and we jump. The ground is rushing towards us. You are ready to open your chute. You pull the silver handle!
Crockett I guess it lost somethin’ in the translation.
Sydney Benjamin Thomas Miller. Single. Runs the local bed and breakfast.
Miss Parker I’m looking for dirt Sydney.
Sydney There isn’t any, I don’t think he’s even had a parking ticket. Not him.
Miss Parker Well, then why would Jarod lead us here?
Sydney He didn’t. The little red notebook was the Miss Parker Edition.
Miss Parker Meaning?
Sydney He wanted you here, alone.
Miss Parker What?
Jarod Let’s see, it’s 12 noon, where are you? I recommend the Monte Cristo. You cant beat a sandwich with syrup. It is a little bit fattening. What the hey, You could stand to put on a few pounds.
Miss Parker How would you know?
Jarod Oh, you never know who might be peeking over your transom. Uh, uh, uh. Setting back the bathroom scale three pounds, that’s cheating.
Miss Parker What do you want Jarod?
Jarod Same thing you do. Answers. By now I would imagine that you are staking out the Green Ridge Diner, where Ben Miller is finishing up his usual lunch. Diet cola, BLT, no mayo.
Miss Parker I am impressed with your eye for detail. I can see I’m going to have to secure my cell phone number.
Jarod Mmm. Those Centre operators, they will transfer you anywhere with the right clearance code. You should look into that.
Miss Parker Yeah, I would, except I’m too busy chasing ghosts.
Jarod Well, Ben Miller, he’s more of a skeleton.
Miss Parker Skeleton?
Jarod Check your closet lately?
Miss Parker Get out.
Sydney Excuse me?
Miss Parker Get out. Try the Monte Cristo, I hear it’s excellent.
Jarod Ready?
Student Hai!
Jarod Sayonara.
Jarod Ready?
Student Hai!
Jarod Sayonara.
Jarod Hey, what’s this for?
Crockett For lunatics.
Jarod This was awesome. You know, this thing would work really well in the snow.
Crockett Yeah.
Jarod Carol Bates says you used to be a skydiver.
Crockett Well, I made a jump or two.
Jarod You miss it?
Crockett It?
Jarod The adrenaline rush, pushing the envelope and living to tell about it.
Crockett Well, sometimes that envelope’s a little thinner than it looks.
Jarod You talking about Tom Miles?
Crockett I took him up that day. You know the sad par it, that was going to be his last jump.
Jarod Isn’t it a little difficult to run a jump school if you don’t jump?
Crockett Hey, this school had just barely eked by for years. Tom didn’t care about any of that. He was just a plain old simple guy. All he really cared about was his wife and that baby comin’. He loved this place. He just wasn’t to have a chance to share it with his son before somebody came along and spoiled it. Except he pushed that envelope one too many times.
Jarod From what I understand, Tom was a survival expert. He successfully mad that jump and trek into the desert a dozen times before he died.
Crockett Just ’cause you can do something, doesn’t mean you should. But hey, it’s the desert, strange things can happen out there.
Two Feathers So many lies, so little time. You need some soda.
Jarod Who are you.
Two Feathers Two Feathers, son of War Eagle. Ever heard of me?
Jarod No.
Two Feathers That’s ’cause everybody calls me Ernie. I’m guessing it’s a peach. How.
Jarod What is it you want?
Two Feathers I told you I was sent to be your guide.
Jarod Yes. The sky fathers who speak to you from your gut.
Two Feathers Bingo.
Jarod Where are you guiding me to?
Two Feathers The truth. I know it’s overwhelming, but I’m an Indian, so what do you want from me? Meet me tonight. We can talk later.
Jarod Wait. How will if find you?
Two Feathers Follow the path of the iron horse.
Jarod The what?
Two Feathers The train tracks. Didn’t you ever see a John Wayne movie? And bring some of that leftover meatloaf with you.
Jarod What meatloaf? Huh. I don’t know who you think you’re dealing with but I’m getting pretty tired of your magic tr….
Angela I have to admit, I’ve had warmer welcomes.
Jarod Did you see an old man? Huh, never mind.
Angela I, um, wanted to apoligise for the way I acted yesterday.
Jarod Oh, it’s okay.
Angela No, you’re new here. There’s no way you could have known. And… I’d like to make it up to you. How about a home cooked dinner tonight?
Jarod That would be wonderful.
Angela Great, I hope you like meatloaf.
Ben Be right with you. Now what can I do for you…. I was hoping you’d come.
Miss Parker What are you talking about?
Ben You look just like her.
Miss Parker Like who?
Ben Your mother.
Carol Thank you. I’m sure this won’t take long.
Jarod Sheriff, I was wondering if I might have a minute.
Sheriff Mr Cochran, I’m due in Dallas in about three hours. Maybe some other time.
Jarod Oh, okay, I just wanted to ask you a question about Tom Miles. But we’ll do it another time.
Sheriff What about Tom?
Jarod Well, I understand that you found his body.
Sheriff That’s right.
Jarod Must have been a pretty gruesome sight. Body out there in the desert for what, three days?
Sheriff Four.
Jarod Four, ugh. See, what I don’t understand is why would a survival expert like Tom Miles allow himself to die of dehydration?
Sheriff What are you so interested in a dead man for?
Jarod Well, I met his widow, Seemed like a very nice lady. Never mind. Have a very nice day. Oh Sheriff, one other quick question. Was there an autopsy done on the body?
Sheriff Of course. Just because we live in the backwaters doesn’t mean we’re backwoods.
Jarod Thank you very much.
Aida She ate the whole meatloaf? Well, then it’s no wonder she cant find panty hose to fit those thick thighs of hers then, huh? Yeah. Oh, I’ll call you later.
Jarod Afternoon.
Aida Afternoon.
Jarod Buddy Slocum Jr. I represent the southwest regional office of the Internal Revenue Service.
Aida IRS?
Jarod I need to have a word with a Sheriff Dwight Knuckle.
Aida Kunkle. The Sheriff’s name is Kunkle. Sheriff Knuck… Kunkle is in Dallas for the afternoon.
Jarod Well, that could pose a dilemma.
Aida Buddy, maybe I can help you.
Jarod Yes, as a matter of fact, maybe you can. Do you have some information on a Mr Thomas Miles?
Aida Well, he’s dead.
Jarod Not as far as the IRS is concerned.
Jarod Well, thanks again, ma’am.
Angela Tom was going to fix the baby’s room when he got back.
Jarod He must have been very excited about becoming a father.
Angela It was his whole world. Before Tom went off on that last jump, he told me how important it was for him to be a good father, to teach our son about life. He used to say that life was meant to be lived and death wasn’t something to be afraid of.
Jarod Is that why he made those jumps into the desert?
Angela Carol’s right, it’s important that his son know who his father was. The things he cared about.
Jarod Carol said that?
Angela She said that if the school closed, then Tom’s death would be meaningless. Thank God for Tom’s insurance money.
Jarod What do you mean?
Angela We’re gonna use it the rebuild the jump school. Hasn’t been easy for her.
Jarod Because of the business?
Angela Because of the history between them.
Jarod The history?
Angela Carol and Tom were together long before we met. They grew apart, fell out. He used to say she was unhappy, but he never spoke bad about her. I think it’s nice that she wants to keep his dream alive.
Sydney Just tell me you’ve given up.
Young Jarod No.
Sydney Admit it to yourself and I’ll make this stop.
Young Jarod Not for me. I’ll never give up. Never give up.
Jarod Mr Two Feathers? Uh, Mr Two Feathers? Ernie? Oh! Would you please stop doing that?
Two Feathers I see you remembered. Thank you.
Jarod Your meat loaf. You left your hat.
Two Feathers Thank you. Sit down.
Jarod Is this where you live?
Two Feathers You expected a teepee? It’s 43 feet of good living, satellite TV. I even get dirty movies. Compliments of Uncle Sam.
Jarod Uncle who?
Two Feathers There was a question about a certain piece of tribal land and who owned it.
Jarod And this was your settlement?
Two Feathers I would have settled for a new hat. White people. I don’t know how we lost the country.
Jarod You told me before that you were going to guide me to the truth.
Two Feathers Oh, that. My family’s lived under this sky for seven generations. I’ve seen many things in the desert.
Jarod Things?
Two Feathers I found the body of the man who walks on clouds.
Jarod I thought Sheriff Kunkle found Tom Miles’ body.
Two Feathers It wouldn’t be smart for an Indian to ride into town with a white war hero strapped across the grille of his motor home.
Jarod Why would a survival expert like Tom Miles die of dehydration when all those yucca plants were around him?
Two Feathers When I saw his face, I knew what happened.
Jarod According to the police report the wounds on his face were inflicted by an animal.
Two Feathers It was no animal, it was his madness. I’ve seen it only one time before in my life, during the vision quest.
Jarod Vision question?
Two Feathers A young man of age drinks from the root of the belladonna plant in the hopes of going to the world beyond. If the mixture is wrong, he could lose himself and go mad.
Jarod Belladonna. Who else knows about this plant?
Two Feathers Anyone who’s lived their life in the desert would know. I see your gut talks to you too. Hmmm, this is pretty good.
Ben Jarod worked the place about a month. He was quite the fix-it man.
Miss Parker He’s a genius.
Ben I don’t know about that. But he could fix a tractor, talk your ear off. That fella was always askin’ questions.
Miss Parker I didn’t come here to talk about Jarod.
Ben Well, that’s funny. All he wanted to talk about was you.
Miss Parker Me?
Ben He said you two had grown up together. Seemed disappointed when I didn’t know much. Guess your mother never told you about this place.
Miss Parker No, she didn’t.
Ben She came here exactly this time every year. She loved the spring. She said she liked what it did to the world.
Miss Parker Aunt Dorothy.
Ben Excuse me?
Miss Parker She used to tell me she was
visiting her sister.
Ben Ah, I’m sure she had her reasons. When your mother didn’t show up, I got worried. I never knew exactly how….
Miss Parker I was pretty young. But I do remember that her death was, uh, sudden. Is there anything of hers… It would mean a lot to me if I could see where she stayed.
Crockett Look here, Carol, it’s just not workin’ out! I have to move on.
Carol Once we get the new plane from Phoenix, we’re find.
Crockett You know I can’t go back there.
Woman Tasco Sport Adventure.
Jarod I’m trying to put together a vacation. You come highly recommended.
Woman Yes sir. At Tasco Sport Adventure, you get the vacation of a lifetime. Bungee jumping and then golf, helicopter snow skiing in the Andes, or shark hunting off the Barrier Reef.
Jarod Actually, I had skydiving in mind.
Woman You’re in luck. In two months, we’re opening a skydiving school near El Paso.
Jarod Well, that sounds interesting. Very interesting. Uh, I’ll let you know.
Woman Thanks for calling.
Crockett Ow! Piece of crap!
Jarod Oh, come on, Crockett.
Crockett God! Oh…
Jarod Plane only has to last a few more days.
Crockett You scared me there, bub.
Jarod Why? Because you thought I was Carol? She scares you doesn’t she Crockett? Or should I say Angus? Angus Martin?
Crockett Who are you?
Jarod Someone who found out you’re a wanted man and is going to use it to their advantage. Just like Carol did.
Crockett You sound like you have been drinking that horse liniment.
Jarod I know Carol’s using Angela to get to Tom Mile’s insurance money. So she can refurbish this jump school and increase the price that Tasco Adventures is willing to pay for it. I also know you are getting 25% of whatever Carol’s take is in the sale. What I don’t know is why. Is it because you know she killed Tom Miles? Or because you helped her?
Ben This was her room. I haven’t touched anything since she left.
Miss Parker What?
Ben Looking at you standing there, I thought for a minute I saw Catherine again. You call if you need anything.
Crockett See, Tom and Carol come out here as young lovers, bought this place together. Only it was 60-40, Tom’s favour. After they broke up, he met an, and got married. He was here for life, and Carol knew it. She wanted to sell, but he could never get the cash together. By that time, the place had gotten so run down till… 40% of nothing’s still nothin’.
Jarod And that’s when the people from Tasco came around.
Crockett Wavin’ long green. But Tom didn’t want the place destroyed. So when Carol couldn’t get her money and get out, she just shut down.
Jarod Then what happened?
Crockett She came out to the hanger the morning of the jump, switched Tom’s canteen. I didn’t think anything about it at the time. It didn’t mean anything then. But later on, after he died, I got to thinkin’ about it. When I asked her…
Jarod She threatened to turn you in to the police.
Crockett She offered me a percentage just to help her get the place turned around for the sale to Tasco. We looked at each other just knew. Willing to hate each other long enough to get our payoffs and get on with our lives.
Jarod Well, unfortunately for Tom Miles, he wont be able to get on with his.
Jarod Yes, I’d like to order a slab of beef ribs. Well, that’s fantastic. But I’d like them raw. Yes, raw.
Jarod So let’s this straight, if I arrive in Phoenix first, I get the plane? Well, I’ll get there first.
Carol Have you seen Crockett?
Jarod No. Is there something wrong?
Carol I just got a call from Phoenix. There’s another party interested in the plane. They’re gonna make a deal with the first one who shows up!
Jarod Oh. Well, shouldn’t be more than a six or seven hour drive.
Carol I don’t have six or seven hours.
Jarod Well, I could fly you.
Carol You’re a pilot?
Jarod Mm-hmm.
Carol How long till we can take off?
Jarod 20 minutes.
Ben How ’bout some coffee?
Miss Parker Thank you.
Ben How’d you sleep?
Miss Parker Well. Better than that actually.
Ben This place tends to do that to people. Sure you don’t want to take some of her things with ya?
Miss Parker No, I have everything I need. Besides, this is where she belongs. You were in love with her weren’t you?
Ben Your mother was a very special woman. There was a part of her I knew better than anyone. But there was a part of her she kept hidden. Separate.
Miss Parker Did she ever talk about him?
Ben No, she left it all behind when she came here. But… she always missed her little girl. I’ll get you some breakfast.
Miss Parker Thank you.
Carol Why are we heading north?
Jarod Weather radar. There’s a storm front moving in from the southwest so I figured it would be safer if we flew around it.
Carol How long to Phoenix?
Jarod About an hour, hour and a half.
Carol What’s wrong?
Jarod We’re losing pressure. I think it’s the fuel pump. The terrain is much to dangerous to land. If the overflow of fuel should reach the engine, the whole plane could explode. We’re going to have to jump.
Carol Jump?
Jarod Jump. Relax, we’re skydiving instructors, remember?
Sheriff What the hell do you mean he was polite? You’ve just given out confidential crime scene files to anybody who walks in here with a smile on their face?
Aida He said he was with the IRS.
Sheriff Damn it Aida, police business is…
Jarod Alpha-Tango-997. This is a mayday, I repeat, this is a mayday. Our aircraft is on fire. We’re going to parachute approximately 37 miles due north of Fort Hancock. Mayday, mayday.
Sheriff 997, that’s Carol’s plane. You call the civil air patrol. Dispatch Search and Rescue right now.
Two Feathers Going my way Sheriff?
Carol Are you okay?
Jarod Ah, I think I broke my leg. Hey.
Carol Don’t worry, somebody’ll find us.
Jarod I’m not so sure.
Carol What are you saying? There’s a chance that nobody knows we’re out here?
Jarod I don’t know, I don’t know if the mayday transmission made it out.
Carol Well, what the hell do you suggest we do?
Jarod There’s about six or seven hours left of sunlight. If you travel lightly, you can make it to Fort Hancock by dark.
Carol Me? What if I don’t make it?
Jarod You’ll make it. Head due south. And here’s a full canteen of water. Make sure you drink plenty of it. You wouldn’t want to end up like Tom.
Carol I’ll see you soon.
Jarod Count on it.
Tom Carol.
Tom Carol.
Carol Who’s there?
Carol What’s happening to me?
Jarod Same thing that happened to Tom
Carol Tom?
Jarod Now maybe you can imagine how Tom felt those last moments. Dying out there all alone.
Carol Tom, Tom, I’m sorry.
Jarod You took his canteen and you poisoned it with belladonna. The harder the sun bore down, the more delirious he became with every tainted drink. And every minute that passed was just another agonising moment when he realised he would never see his baby that he wanted so much. It got so bad that he wandered in circles. He clawed at his own body to fight off the madness that you created for him. The madness that you created for him.
Carol No. It was a school and a family. You took that away! You just gave it to her! Till there wasn’t nothing left for me.
Jarod So you left a widow behind and a baby to be born fatherless.
Carol Tom, I just wanted what I deserved.
Jarod Something tells me you’re going to get just that.
Miss Parker Hello Jarod.
Jarod With instincts like that, you’ll catch me yet.
Miss Parker Not if you keep throwing me off the trail.
Jarod Oh, I didn’t throw you off, I just put you on a different one.
Miss Parker Is that all you do Jarod? Dig up the past?
Jarod That’s easy for you to say. You have one. Although, it’s not quite what you thought it was, is it? Happy birthday.
Angela Okay sweetie. Let’s go night-night.
Two Feathers Ho, white man.
Jarod Came to say good-bye, thank you.
Two Feathers Well, so long, and you’re welcome.
Jarod When we first me, you told me you were gonna help me discover the truth. I was kind of hoping it would have been about myself. About who I am.
Two Feathers We each take a journey we’re meant to take. For some, it’s clear, for others, not so clear.
Jarod Am I going the right way?
Two Feathers Just keep listening to your gut.