Project Description

1.08 Not Even a Mouse

Original air date: December 14, 1996
Written by: Juan Carlos Coto
Directed by: Thomas J. Wright

Now a member of the coroner’s unit, Jarod investigates a deadly hit and run involving a man all the homeless people knew as ‘Christmas George.’

Jarod’s Discoveries: Fruitcake, Candy Canes, Santa Claus, The Night Before Christmas
Jarod’s Occupations: Coroner, 911 Operator
Jarod’s Aliases: Jarod Marley

Behind the scenes insights and the Creator’s Take

Official Synopsis

As Christmas approaches…Jarod becomes a coroner in his effort to learn the truth about a man dressed as Santa Claus who was killed in a hit-and-run accident. 


In flashback, Young Jarod escapes from the Centre and makes his way outside, where he looks skyward and twirls slowly as snowflakes fall from above…if only for a moment.

In Baltimore, Jarod, now a member of a coroner’s unit, helps retrieve the remains of a man dressed as Santa Claus.  At the coroner’s office, Fugimore introduces Jarod to the chief coroner, Dr. Lisabeth Drake.  Fugimore tells the others that the dead Santa is really Theodore Hargrove, a stockbroker who played St. Nick at a Christmas party downtown.  Jarod believes Hargrove died of a variety of factors, but mainly of a heart attack.  By studying some eggnog found near the body, and the way it curdled, Jarod is able to deduce the time of death.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod receives a fruitcake from one of his other colleagues, Guerra.

Two kids playing in the snow find the body of a young woman.  Guerra labels the victim “LGL,” or “Little Girl Lost,” who will in all likelihood never by identified.  Jarod, however, empathizes with the girl’s family.  Later, Jarod approaches a homeless man, Harry, and mentions the name “Christmas George.”  It turns out that George enjoyed dressing as Santa around Christmas and volunteered his time at a local shelter.  That is, until he died.

Mr. Parker contacts his daughter and invites her to a holiday gathering at a club.  Miss Parker promises she will attend.

Jarod observes as Fugimora removes highly toxic poison from a puffer fish…one she intends to serve as Christmas dinner.  She explains that her uncle was a master fugu chef in Tokyo.  Later, Jarod makes his way to a room containing old coroner’s reports.  He also finds employment as a 911 dispatch operator, where he makes a copy of an audio recording.  The recording, it turns out, is of the call Harry made when he discovered George’s body.  As the recording plays, Harry describes how his friend was injured in a hit-and-run accident in front of the children’s shelter.  Shortly thereafter, Jarod pays Harry a visit.  As they converse, Harry states that he never left his friend’s side until the coroner showed up at the scene.  Jarod finds it interesting that the coroner arrived before the police.  According to Harry, George was still clinging to life.  The coroner gave him a shot, to no avail.  Jarod realizes George is describing Dr. Drake.

Jarod informs Guerra that he identified the dead woman found in the snow after he observed signs that parallel bars were her specialty.  Later, Jarod approaches Fugimora about some autopsies that were performed on Christmas Eve.  According to case files, there were only two people admitted: hit-and-run victim George, and an elderly woman named Edwina Morris.  Fugimora reveals that Dr. Drake arrived at the hospital on Christmas Eve to perform George’s autopsy…something Jarod finds extremely odd.  Jarod points out that according to toxicology reports, traces of phenotripticol were found in Edwina Morris’ blood.  The drug is used to sedate patients suffering psychotic episodes, and in stronger doses, produces a state of paralysis.  Jarod believes that Dr. Drake deliberately switched the toxicology reports.

In flashback, Young Jarod observes as Young Miss Parker takes an interest in some rabbits housed at the Centre.  Though Parker would love to have one as a pet, her father will not allow it.

Jarod strategically positions himself in front of Dr. Drake’s car, causing her to run into him.  Drake pulls out her doctor’s bag and tends to his wounds.  Later, Jarod breaks into Drake’s car, searches though her bag and locates a bottle of phenotripticol.

Jarod presents Drake with some homemade fruit cake, which she samples.  Shortly thereafter, she takes ill.  Jarod informs her that some puffer fish poison may have accidentally slipped into the batter.  Jarod refuses to call 911 for help, as paramedics would discover that he accidentally poisoned her, ending his career (paralleling Drake’s involvement with George a year earlier).  Jarod then recounts how Drake had a little too much to drink at a Christmas party, and as she was driving home, hit George with her car and left him in the snow.  When she heard a police report that George was still alive, she returned to the scene before police arrived and injected George with phenotripticol.  Jarod injects Drake with the same drug, causing paralysis.  He then tells Drake that he will declare she is dead, allowing an unsuspecting coroner to finish the job.  Later, however, it becomes apparent that Jarod notified Fugimora about the phenotripticol injection.

Mr. Parker contacts his daughter and announces that plans for their Christmas get-together have been cancelled.

Sydney makes his way to a convalescent home to visit his brother, who has been in a vegetative state for some thirty years.  One of the workers, Desmond, informs Sydney that Jarod, who had identified himself as Sydney’s son, had dropped by earlier to leave a gift.

Miss Parker receives her gift from Jarod: a pet rabbit.

Jarod reads Twas the Night Before Christmas to children at a shelter.  Later, he stands outside and twirls slowly as snowflakes fall from the sky.


Sweeper Already checked corridor 2. Nothing there.
Sweeper 1 Anything at all?
Sweeper 2 Where is he?
Sydney Find him. Come on! Let’s go!
Elf Well, I guess Mama wont be kissing Santa Claus this year.
Detective Guerra Just tell me what you saw.
Elf Hey, I’m just a elf. I do what I’m told. You know? Be jolly? Besides I haven’t seen the big guy since the party last night.
Detective Guerra Oh yeah?
Elf When are you gonna shovel him out?
Detective Guerra Soon enough, the meat wagon just got here.
Elf Don’t you mean the meat sleigh?
Detective Guerra Ho ho ho.
Fugimora Hey.
Detective Guerra Evenin’.
Fugimora Okay, got a live one.
Jarod A live one?
Fugimora It’s a joke. Snow blowers must have buried him.
Jarod Is that… Santa Claus?
Fugimora Yeah, the red hat’s a dead give away. Anybody got a shovel?
Jarod No. But I’ve got the gift wrap.
Fugimora Thanks Gus. Dr Drake? These just came in from the mayor’s office.
Drake Same gift as last year?
Fugimora Smells like it.
Drake Oh, well, ’tis the season Fugimora. Pass ’em out. We’ll see who survives this year.
Fugimora Yes ma’am.
Drake Uh, so how’s the new guy doin’?
Fugimora A lot better than Santa. Drinking
on the job?
Jarod Actually, this was from the scene.
Fugimora Dr Jarod Marley? Meet Dr Lisabeth Drake, our chief coroner.
Jarod Hello.
Drake Hi, you finished with St Nick?
Jarod Yes I am.
Drake Detective Guerra. Gee, you’re right on time. Now can we do this?
Fugimora Victim is not Kriss Kringle as we first suspected, but a Theodore Hargrove, 58, stockbroker, played Santa at one hell of a Christmas party downtown. Go ahead Doctor.
Jarod He died of a combination of factors, mainly a heart attack.
Drake Kim, I thought we were going with exposure.
Jarod Well, that was my first instinct, but further examination revealed the truth.
Detective Guerra Heart attack makes sense. Folks at the office part said St Nick was doin’ on hell of a lambada last night.
Jarod I don’t know who Lambada is, but yes, lividity was affected by the cold. But the blood distribution in the leg muscles would suggest he was doing strenuous acts.
Detective Guerra What about time of death?
Drake No way. We can’t pull that off in this weather.
Jarod Actually that’s where this came in. The eggnog was hard when we found it, but it wasn’t completely frozen through. Mainly because Mr Hargrove had quite a bit of brandy in it.
Detective Guerra Oh, there’s a shocker.
Jarod The milk had time to curdle. So I compared the bacteria levels in the cup with that of the sample that fell on the snow. And I deduced that Mr Hargrove succumbed to his heart attack somewhere between 1:45 and 2 am. My guess would be 1:48-ish.
Drake I ask for an autopsy, he gives me eggnog.
Fugimora Yep? Okay. Dr Drake? The delegation from the mayor’s office is here.
Drake Damn! They’re early. We’re done
Jarod Career anxiety?
Detective Guerra Oh, you haven’t met the mayor.
Fugimora But, hey, he gives killer Christmas presents, and I mean… killer.
Detective Guerra No, not again.
Jarod Is this for me?
Fugimora Geez, Jarod, don’t tell me you never got a Christmas present before.
Jarod Not in a very long time. Thank you. A pastry with candied cherries?
Detective Guerra It’s fruitcake.
Jarod A cake with fruit baked right in. Thank you, this has to be delicious.
PA Records department, please call the third floor.
Detective Guerra Should we tell him?
Fugimora Let him discover it.
Detective Guerra Yeah.
Jarod Mnnn.
Sydney Jarod has been moved to his room, as always, I begin my Christmas hiatus tomorrow. I’ll be in Mount Pleasant at the usual number.
Sydney It is the Christmas season, but the Tower deems it best to insulate Jarod from the trappings of popular culture. Jarod, I’ll be gone for the week and I wanted to say goodbye.
Young Jarod Why do you go away every year when it turns cold outside?
Sydney Business Jarod, that’s all. If you can keep a secret, I brought you a little something. A gift.
Young Jarod A gift? This is snow.
Sydney Yes, remember, tell no one I gave this to you.
Young Jarod Take me outside Sydney, to see the real snow.
Sydney I can’t Jarod.
Young Jarod But I want to see if for myself.
Sydney Enjoy this snow. And I will see you again soon. Okay?
Kid I got you!
Kid 1 Aahh!
Kid Let’s get out of here.
Fugimora Two kids found her buried in the snow a couple hours ago.
Jarod Now, that’s criminal.
Drake Vagrant. After you thaw her out, check for needle marks. My prelim is overdose.
Jarod I wonder who she is.
Drake We’ll never know. LGL, bag her and tag her. And next time, please, don’t make me wait.
Jarod LGL?
Detective Guerra Little girl lost. No witness, no ID.
Jarod Her family must be worried sick, wondering where she is.
Detective Guerra That’s the tragic part. She’s probably a runaway. We get them all the time. Nothin’ to go on, so she becomes a case number. Like all the rest.
Fugimora Are you okay?
Jarod No.
Sydney Fascinating hmmm? Only one twin is wired, but they both feel the shock.
Miss Parker I don’t even wanna know. Cleanup crew just came in from Cleveland.
Sydney Any luck?
Miss Parker Jarod’s last life in a box. You’re the shrink, maybe you can figure out their meaning.
Sydney Jarod’s trying to tell me something.
Miss Parker Makes a great greeting card, but face facts Syd. At this rate, you boy won’t be home for the holidays.
Sydney Maybe not, but he’ll contact me, he has to.
Miss Parker Well, it’s Christmas.
Sydney I worry about him. Out there this time of the year.
Miss Parker Relax. He’s probably holed up in Whoville experiencing the Grinch for the first time.
Jarod Would you like some? It’s called fruitcake.
Harry Fruitcake? I’m not that homeless. What, are you writing a book?
Jarod Um, no, not… not exactly. You miss him, don’t you?
Harry Who?
Jarod George, Christmas George.
Harry You knew George?
Jarod I feel like I did.
Harry George was all the family I had. Well, he was all the family a lot of people had.
Jarod The children at the shelter miss him.
Harry Yeah, foster kids, runaways, they knew the real George. Oh, everybody thought he was a bum because he didn’t have a home, and panhandled to get by. But he took all that money, and one day a year he made sure they had presents and a special meal. Every Christmas Eve, he’d dress as Santa and read to those kids all night long.
Jarod That’s why they called him Christmas George.
Harry Yeah. When George was alive they all had family, for at least one day. Christmas doesn’t count for squat without family son.
Jarod No. I’m beginning to realise that.
Nun Oh, there you are Jarod. I just wanted to thank you for all the work you’ve done this season. Without Christmas George, it hasn’t been the same.
Jarod Oh, I’m happy to help.
Nun For a happy man, you look perplexed.
Jarod Well, the truth is, I am. Have you read this?
Nun The Night Before Christmas? It’s a classic.
Jarod It’s very good, but I’m a little confused about something. Now, if Santa Claus were to deliver a present to every child on Earth, he’d have to visit 830 homes a second. Which would mean his reindeer would have to travel about 700 miles per second and he’d have 1/1000th of a second to park the sleigh, to crawl down the chimney, to pass out the presents and to eat cookies and milk. And for a middle-aged, overweight man, that’s quite a feat.
Nun Santa works in mysterious ways.
Jarod But it’s so fantastical, why would anybody believe it?
Nun It’s Christmas Jarod, anything’s possible.
Jarod Oh. Angel, they’re getting ready to string some popcorn. Don’t you want to help? Don’t you want to talk to Santa?
Angel He’s not Santa.
Jarod Is something wrong?
Angel Is Christmas George coming back?
Jarod No, no he isn’t.
Angel Why not?
Jarod Christmas George died. Do you know what that means?
Angel We won’t ever see him again.
Jarod Well, that’s true, and then again, it isn’t. Could I ask you something? Why did you like Christmas George?
Angel Well, he was nice. And he made sure the kids always had something under the tree on Christmas.
Jarod So, what you’re saying is that he had a spirit, a feeling, that made you feel good. Well, as long as you have that feeling, Christmas George is gonna be right here.
Angel So every time it’s Christmas, I can think about George and he’ll be here?
Jarod Every time.
Angel Can I help?
Boy Sure, come on.
Fugimora Geez, Jarod, you run 137 tests. Any luck on the LGL?
Jarod That’s not her name.
Fugimora I didn’t mean anything.
Jarod She should have a real name. Her family should know. Especially at this time of the year.
Fugimora You’re not gonna give up are you?
Radio And we’ve got more Christmas hits coming your way, so snuggle up by the fire with that special someone and enjoy the holiday season.
Miss Parker What?
Mr Parker It’s me. I’m having a holiday gathering at the club. It wouldn’t be the same without my favourite girl.
Miss Parker I’ll be there.
Mr Parker Very well, Christmas Eve at 7. European associates will attend. Be prompt.
Miss Parker Of course Daddy. Merry Christ….
Jarod Gunshot wound to the gill?
Fugimora Not a patient. Lunch.
Jarod Aren’t you a little young for poison fish?
Fugimora Puffer fish is only poison before it’s prepared.
Jarod Kim, fugu toxin is 500 times stronger than cyanide.
Fugimora Yeah, yeah, yeah. But when it’s done right, all you get are tingly toes and a great buzz. Christmas dinner around her, my fugu’s a tradition. They boys in the morgue love it. And it goes great with cranberries.
Jarod I’ll stick with fruitcake.
Fugimora And relax, my uncle was a master fugu chef in Tokyo.
Jarod Was?
Fugimora He’s retired.
Jarod Oh good, well I’m glad to hear that. Uh, would you help me with this?
Fugimora Man, did you spill a whole mug?
Jarod Well, actually, I spilled a whole pot.
Fugimora I’ll get you a duplicate.
Jarod Oh, no, no, no. That’s okay. Just show me where the old files are.
Woman It should take a few seconds to start working. Yes, I’ve already dispatched the ambulance.
Man Ma’am, ma’am, no. An overflowing toilet is not a 911 call. Ma’am would you please hang up and call a plumber.
Woman 2 Okay, you need to… induce vomiting. Yes, uh, no, your finger will be fine.
Jarod Yes.
Hodges It’s not working, it’s not working.
Jarod Your son is going to be fine Mr Hodges, if you just listen carefully.
Hodges Okay.
Jarod Now, remember, clear the airway and tilt his head back.
Hodges Right, tilt his head back.
Jarod Now, back to the breathing.
Hodges Okay. Okay.
Jarod Now, continue the up and down motion on his chest.
Hodges Okay, five count?
Jarod Yes.
Hodges Oh my God! He’s breathing! My son is breathing!
Jarod That’s fantastic Mr Hodges.
Hodges They’re here! The ambulance just got here.
Jarod You see? That wasn’t so difficult. Merry Christmas.
Hodges Thank you so much, thank you.
911 Operator 911 Operator.
Harry Hello, my name’s Harry. I’m calling from the corner of Lawson and Hill. My friend… Oh, God, my friend George is….
911 Operator Tell me what the problem is sir.
Harry They ran George down. You gotta get somebody down here. Lawson and Hill. Right in front of the children’s shelter. Hurry, you gotta hurry.
911 Operator I’m calling it in sir. Is anyone else hurt?
Harry No, they just hit him and they left. I didn’t see no car.
Jarod This is where it happened?
Harry Where I found him. They just left George there to die.
Jarod They?
Harry I don’t know, crash woke me up. I didn’t see it.
Jarod I’m sorry.
Harry I never left his side. Never, not until the coroner showed up.
Jarod The coroner? Not the police?
Harry Better directions I guess. You know, he held my hand and, and we got to say goodbye.
Jarod You mean he didn’t die instantly?
Harry Ah, hell no! He was a fighter. Coroner tried to save him. Gave George a shot and everything but… didn’t help. I never knew coroners carried doctor bags.
Jarod Neither did I.
Harry She did what she could, I guess, but by the time the cops got here, she told them George had passed.
Jarod She? Was she alone?
Harry Yep.
Jarod And she had red hair.
Harry Uh, yeah. How’d you know?
PA Any available assistance to the IV Unit.
Drake Why haven’t you shipped the LGL? We need slab space for the holidays.
Jarod I found some stress fractures in her legs.
Drake Forget about it. We’ve done our due diligence. Finish up the paperwork and send her along.
Jarod I understand.
Drake By the way, new guy works Christmas Eve. Don’t worry about it. Last year was so slow we broke out a bottle of Christmas cheer. Too bad I wont be here to share a toast.
Jarod Well, you never know Doctor. Christmas has its way of bringing people together.
Jarod Our Jane Doe’s real name is Gabrielle. Gabrielle Ryan. She’s from Nashton. She would have been 18 next month.
Detective Guerra How did you do this?
Jarod Lower fractures to the medial malleoli.
Detective Guerra Media who?
Jarod Bad ankles. From compression impacts. That, and she had callous patterns on her hands like this. Parallel bars were her specialty. Will you tell her family right away?
Detective Guerra Count on it. Hey, good work Jarod. See you around.
Miss Parker Face it, Sydney. It’s almost Christmas. He’s not going to call. I see you’re clearing out for your usual holiday hiatus so here.
Sydney A Christmas present? From you?
Miss Parker Don’t go hanging mistletoe. See you after the first.
Sydney And a merry Christmas to you too, Miss Parker.
Jarod Kim.
Fugimora Hey.
Jarod Hi, I was going over last year’s duty roster and I see that you were working on Christmas Eve.
Fugimora I was the rookie last year. That means this year, you get to wait up for Santa.
Jarod I don’t mind working the holiday. The truth is, I’ve never really had Christmas Eve off. I wanted to ask you about the autopsies that were performed that night.
Fugimora Shoot.
Jarod According to the files, there were only two. A homeless hit and run victim named Christmas George and an 80 year old woman named Edwina Morris. Do you remember them?
Fugimora I remember the Morris woman. Dead ringer for Grandma Walton, only fat. But I wasn’t really involved in the hit and run.
Jarod I thought you were the only one on duty that night.
Fugimora I was until Drake came in with the hit and run. She did that autopsy.
Jarod The chief coroner came in on Christmas Eve to perform a homeless man?
Fugimora With karma like hers, she probably not that popular on the party circuit if you know what I’m sayin’.
Jarod The other body, Edwina Morris. Was she a pysch patient?
Fugimora No. Just a very large grandmother of six who died of natural causes. Why?
Jarod According to the toxicology report there were traces of phenotripticol in her blood.
Fugimora Phenotripticol?
Jarod Yes.
Fugimora Isn’t that used to subdue patients during psychotic episodes?
Jarod And in stronger doses, it induces a state of paralysis where the patient is conscious, but rendered immobile. Dead, but not dead.
Fugimora Oh, my God. Please don’t tell me that I performed and autopsy on someone who was alive and conscious!
Jarod No, no. You didn’t.
Fugimora Well, this couldn’t have happened. Someone must have messed up the toxicology reports.
Jarod Or switched them, on purpose.
Young Jarod You’re Miss Parker aren’t you?
Young Miss Parker I didn’t know anyone was here. Please don’t tell anyone I was here.
Young Jarod No, wait. Why did you come.
Young Miss Parker My mom let’s me see the rabbits when on one’s here. I want one, but my father wont let me have pets at home.
Young Jarod We’ve been studying them. There are three sets of twins. Now watch. They’ve never been together before. But somehow, the ones that are genetically identical just seem to find each other. Like something inside them draws them together, see? They’re soft.
Homeless Man Excuse me, can you sp….
Drake Not my neighbourhood. Oh my God. Didn’t you see me? Jarod!
Jarod I’m okay, I’m okay. It was just a, a little scratch.
Drake Are you okay?
Jarod I’m fine. Come on.
Drake I, I can help you out with that.
Jarod You certainly come prepared.
Drake Our patients may be dead, but we’re still doctors, right?
Jarod I suppose.
Drake I always keep it on hand. You never know when somebody might need one of us.
Jarod You never know.
Sydney Why, Jarod, I thought they’d taken you back to your room.
Young Jarod What are those Sydney?
Sydney They’re another project I’m working on.
Secretary Your car is ready to take you to the Mount Pleasant home.
Sydney Yes, thank you. Tell them to wait.
Young Jarod You will come back, wont you Sydney?
Sydney I always come back, Jarod. Don’t I?
Secretary Your car is ready to take you to the Mount Pleasant home.
Sydney Yes, thank you.
Secretary ….. take you to the Mount Pleasant home.
Secretary Your car is ready to take you to the Mount Pleasant Home.
Sydney I’ll be right there.
Jarod Last Minute Gifts? I need a last minute gift.
Jarod Dr Fugimora? Well, I hate the be the bearer of bad tidings, but you’re going to need to come to work today. Something terrible has happened. I’ll explain everything when you get in there.
Jarod Don’t you love Christmas? It’s so Christmassy.
Drake Jarod, I thought you were working today.
Jarod I am. But I wanted to give you a little something.
Drake For me?
Jarod Mn-hmmm. Open it.
Drake Fruitcake. This actually smells good.
Jarod I was so impressed with the mayor’s gift, I tried baking one myself and I want you to be the first to taste it.
Drake Mnnn?
Jarod Oh, no thank you.
Drake Mnnn. Mnnn! It’s actually good. So, um, are you gonna see your family for the holidays?
Jarod I don’t think that’s going to be possible this year. Are you okay?
Drake I…. feel a little… My God!
Jarod Dr Drake? Let me help you.
Drake My stomach, my God! What was in that cake?
Jarod I went to great pains making that cake. It couldn’t have possibly been the…..
Drake What?
Jarod Uh-oh.
Drake What?
Jarod Well, Fugimora has been teaching me how to prepare puffer fish. And I was practicing when I was making the fruitcake. And some of it might have accidentally slipped into the batter.
Drake Puffer fish?
Jarod I’m afraid so.
Drake You idiot! You poisoned me!
Jarod I’m sorry.
Drake Call 911.
Jarod Okay. Uh, I can’t.
Drake Jarod, what are you doing?
Jarod I can’t call 911.
Drake Are you crazy?
Jarod No, but I am thorough. If I call 911, they’d be able to help you. But they could hurt me.
Drake What?
Jarod They would come out, the would see that you were sick and they would realise that I accidentally poisoned you. And that could cost me my career.
Drake You can’t do this. You can’t do
911 Operator Tell me what the problem is sir.
Harry They ran George down. You gotta get somebody down her. Lawson and Hill. Right in front of the children’s shelter. Hurry. You gotta hurry.
911 Operator I’m calling it in sir, is anyone else hurt?
Harry No, they just hit him and left.
Jarod You’re a coroner. Your business is dead people. Even when you’re the one who kills them. Right, Doctor? Did you have a little too much to drink at last year’s Christmas party? Can you imagine how Christmas George must have felt when you hit him with your car and left him in the snow? He went into the alley to recover and you heard over your police scanner that he was still alive. You couldn’t have that could you? That could hurt your precious career. So you went back to the scene before the police got there. Now, you didn’t have anything in your bag that would actually kill him, but you did have something that would paralyse him. He was conscious of everything that was happening to him but he looked dead to the police. He was just a homeless man. You figured no one would miss him right? But like you always say, bag ’em and tag ’em.
Drake No, don’t do that. I’m not really dead.
Jarod Well, if it makes you feel any better, I’m not really a coroner. But everybody thinks I am. So I’m just going to declare you dead. And they can finish you off on the slab. Just like you finished off George. Merry Christmas.
Fugimora Wow, I never got to work on a boss before. We’ll start cutting after lunch. Who wants puffer fish?
Jarod The effects of the phenotripticol should wear off in a few hours. She’s gonna wake up with a wicked case of diarrhea from the fruitcake.
Fugimora Merry Christmas Jarod.
Jarod Merry Christmas.
Harry Merry Christmas. He said to give you this.
Detective Guerra He who?
Timothy Ryan Excuse me, Dr Marley?
Jarod Yes?
Timothy Ryan I’m, Timothy, Timothy Ryan.
Jarod Gabrielle’s brother.
Timothy Ryan I just wanted to say, well, this detective said you identified her. Went the extra mile he said.
Jarod I’m sorry that it took so long. And I’m sorry that you had to find out at this time.
Timothy Ryan I’m not. Imagine wondering a lifetime if someone you love is out there or not. Thank you for saving my family that hell. Thank you.
Miss Parker Hello. Daddy, hello. I was just getting ready. I understand. No. We’ll do it next year. Merry Christmas.
Nurse He’s ready now. You know, I admire you, Sydney. For 30 years, he just lies there and yet you’ve never missed a Christmas.
Sydney It’s all I can do. He’s the only family I have.
Nurse What about your son?
Sydney My son?
Nurse Yes, Jarod.
Sydney Jarod was here?
Nurse He stayed just long enough to leave the gift. I don’t know what he said to him but when he placed that in his hand, I swear I thought I saw your brother smile.
Jarod Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house, not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse. The stockings were hung by the chimney with care in hopes that St Nicholas soon would be there. The children were nestled all snug in their beds, while visions of sugarplums danced in their heads. And Mama in her kerchief, and I in my cap, had just settled down for a long winter’s nap. When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter, I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter. Away to the window I flew like a flash, tore open the shutters and threw up the sash. When what to my wondering eye should appear but a miniature sleigh and eight tiny reindeer. With a little old driver, so lively and quick. I knew in a moment it must be St Nick. And he whistled and shouted and called them by name. Now, Dasher. Now Dancer. Now Prancer and Vixen. On Comet, on Cupid. On Donner and Blitzen. He sprang to his sleigh to his team gave a whistle and away they all flew like the down of a thistle. But I heard him exclaim, ere he drove out of sight, Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night.
Jarod Did you hear that?
Angel What?
Jarod From the other room. Could it be……
Children Santa!
Angel Let’s go in the other room. Under the tree!
Angel A present for me?
Nun I wonder who it’s from? Let’s see what you got. What’s it say?
Angel Friends make Christmas special. To Angel from Christmas George.
Student Sorry about the Principal not being able to give you the tour. He’s real busy.
Miss Parker Working up a school lunch schedule is trying work I’m sure.
Student This is Mr Jarod’s classroom. He was like the best substitute. Kids would sit in on the class even though they weren’t enrolled. And he did the coolest experiments.
Miss Parker I can see that.
Student Oh, yeah. We even did a virology unit on bugs to learn their resiliency. He told us that roaches would be the only living thing after a biological holocaust. Them and some woman named Parker.
Miss Parker Hardly sounds like High School biology.
Student Mr Jarod like – marched to his own drum.
Miss Parker He’s a one-man band all right.
Student The best part is he wouldn’t grade us. It was like he was conducting his own experiments and we were collecting the data for him.
Miss Parker You run along to homeroom now. Agh!
Note from Jarod “To Miss P. Drop a drop in the tray for your next clue. You Just Gave Yourself the Flu – Jarod”.
Man Carlos?
Man 1 Wait! Come back here! Hold it right
Man 2 He’s not going to stop!
Man 1 There he is. That’s it.
Jarod Where’s your dad?
Boy Down the hall, last room.
Jarod My name is Jarod. You’re going to be just fine.
Lisa Hoffman Weight loss, fever, night sweats, violent cough, swollen nymph nodes…
Jarod Micro-bacteria and tuberculosis.
Lisa Hoffman Looks like it.
Jarod You don’t see that much any more.
Lisa Hoffman No, but he’ll be fine once we get him admitted.
Jarod How’s the boy?
Lisa Hoffman Too early to tell, but much better off than you’re going to be once Garber finds out what you did with the kid.
Walter Garber Violating quarantine procedures with these people is damn foolish.
Jarod I realise that it was a bit unorthodox sir but TB is a level two classification and it doesn’t require an on-site quarantine.
Walter Garber Friendly advice Dr Reilly if you don’t want to end up dead you’ll remember that every one of these situations should be treated as a level four
Lisa Hoffman Walter, whether or not the boy was already exposed, what difference does it make? He’s protected either way.
Jarod And the boy gets to be with his father now. I felt like he needed that.
Walter Garber Great our new guy is Florence Nightingale.
Landlord Hey you’ll love this place. Stove, oven in the kitchen, hot and cold running, one seventy a month plus utilities.
Jarod One seventy?
Landlord Ah okay, one fifty, I’ll pay the water. Come on down to the office and we’ll sign the papers.
Jarod Does it have roaches?
Landlord Of course not. This place is a Bohemian’s dream, not some slum. Come on into the office.
Jarod No roaches?
Landlord Damn it!
Jarod What is that?
Landlord It’s a never-ending catgut nightmare is what it is. Not to mention the worst rental decision of my life! There’s another building two blocks away from here. You might be able to find something quieter there.
Jarod No. I’ll take this place. It’s a lot nicer than where I used to live.
Sydney Bless you. Sounds like the flu. Cold and raining in Portland this time of year. Here, keep. It’s clean.
Miss Parker So I took a trip without you. Don’t tell me you’re jealous.
Sydney Confused. I thought we were working together.
Miss Parker So did I, until I discovered your personal ads all over the country trying to contact Jarod. I don’t like secrets.
Sydney He wasn’t answering my e-mail messages so I tried another tack, but I would have let you know if he had contacted me.
Miss Parker I have a fever Syd but it’s not bad enough to believe that. What?
Broots Ummm uh, he’s in the lab.
Miss Parker Who?
Broots Mr Raines.
Miss Parker Mr
Raines hasn’t been in the lab in ten years.
Broots Well uh he’s in there now and he’s looking for you two, so good luck.
Miss Parker Mr Raines?
Raines The Empire State Building. Who’d have thought something so beautiful could be replicated by a four-year old boy in only two hours. Jarod was brilliant the day he got here. He was brilliant the day he escaped. The question is . . . where is he?
Miss Parker Mr Raines, Jarod has been harder to catch than we thought.
Raines Sydney we need him.
Sydney I know.
Raines May I?
Miss Parker Mr Raines I have the flu.
Raines I’m dying.
Miss Parker Keep it.
Raines Bring Jarod back where he belongs or I’ll get someone who will. Are we clear?
Miss Parker My father wants me to do it.
Raines Unlike everyone else around here I’m not afraid of your father. I don’t have to be.
Walter Garber Our job here at RIDA is to contain viral outbreaks before they spread. I’ve seen the worst that a virus can do and because of it By the Numbers is
usually best. In retrospect you did the right thing with Grady and his son. Listen, I was out of line.
Jarod It’s alright.
Walter Garber Well your credentials are impressive. A stint in Cambridge in London, MD, PHD in Virology. Where did you do your doctorate by the way?
Jarod Horace Greely High School, Portland. Your doors are under negative air pressure to contain leaks?
Walter Garber Well, we pioneered this technique here. I noticed in your file that you were vaccinated for anthrax and the W.E.E. series.
Jarod I was working in the Gulf (?.) and the W.E.E. was for the Pikasky Syndrome in Johannesburg.
Walter Garber A frightening scenario.
Jarod Yes very. But watching somebody suffer can have an effect on you. I hope I can make a difference here.
Computer Code Accepted.
Walter Garber Jarod, Jeff Baytos, decontamination and facilities specialist.
Jarod Nice to meet you.
Jeff Baytos Ah, nixay on the handshake, hey doc?
Walter Garber Mr Baytos tends to be overcautious.
Jeff Baytos That’s the thing in a place like this. One wrong move like pressing the flesh and it’s off to the submarine for ten thousand years.
Jarod You call your morgue the submarine?
Walter Garber What did you call it at Bambridge?
Jarod Chernobyl.
Walter Garber Well we’re working a level three today. Offshoot strain of Red Valley Fever. You ready to battle the unseen enemy?
Jarod Absolutely. Will you be joining us Mr Baytos?
Jeff Baytos Level two is my limit now, man. Live long and prosper.
Walter Garber Baytos witnessed a man die of Ebola. He’s been reluctant to go past level two ever since. Fortunately he’s the best there is when it comes to decon.
Mrs Florence It’s nice to have visitors. Our friends don’t know what to think or say so they just stay away. Did you meet John in South Africa?
Jarod No But I heard a lot about him. We were both working at separate strike teams in the Mutaba village.
Mrs Florence He loved that job. He was the first to arrive and the last to leave. He’d stay in places where there was no hope, no chance to make a difference.
Jarod Holding the hand of a dying man to let him know he’s not alone? That’s making a difference. I’m working with Walter Garber now. I’m trying to finish
the work your husband started.
Mrs Florence You’re lucky to be working under Walter. Jon thought the world of him. That’s them at the WA Banquet. Hey, you’re supposed to be napping.
Cindy I thought I heard Daddy.
Mrs Florence It’s not Daddy. It’s just a friend.
Jarod Hi. My name’s Jarod.
Cindy Hi.
Mrs Florence Go lie down now Honey. This has been especially hard on her. He vanished right before her birthday. How do I explain that to Cindy? How do I explain any of it? I, I know he’s not coming back, I, I’ve accepted that, I have. I just wish I knew where to go from here. How to go from here. Is he dead? Is he alive?
Jarod It’s a very beautiful ring.
Mrs Florence Jon designed our wedding bands. I know it’s corny but he wanted them to be the only two alike in the world. Here, John wore this when he went into
the field for work. He never got sick wearing it. I’d like you to have it.
Jarod I couldn’t possibly accept that.
Mrs Florence He would have wanted somebody who cared as much as he did to have it.
Jarod Thank you.
Mrs Florence You’re welcome.
Jarod Fits like a glove.
Jarod Excuse me, I was wondering if you might help me.
Assistant Ah sure. What’s the problem?
Jarod It says here that this is a motel for roaches?
Assistant Yeah. It’s like ah the Hotel California for our little six legged friends, you know.
Jarod Hotel California?
Assistant Yeah, like they can check out any time they like but they can never leave.
Jarod Oh. Oh. Like a trap.
Assistant Yeah, something like that.
Jarod Oh that’s perfect. I’ll take one hundred.
Assistant Right on.
Tenant I’m gonna wrap that thing around your neck if you don’t shut up!
Jarod Come and get it.
Tenant You’re a dead man Hansell!
Jarod Come and get it.
Ben I’ve paid my rent – you can’t evict me.
Jarod Uh, Sir, my name is Jarod. I’m your neighbour, I just wanted to tell you that I’m very intrigued by your music.
Ben I’m not falling for that!
Jarod I would very much like to meet you and I would like to ask you a question.
Ben Are you here to give me the boot?
Jarod I wasn’t planning on it sir, but you’re more than welcome to mine.
Ben It’s nice to have a friendly audience for a change. Ben Hansell’s the name.
Jarod Ben, I need your help.
Ben And I need yours. Do you play?
Jarod I’ve conducted a symphony here and there.
Ben Well then what do you think of
Tenant Shut up!
Ben Cultural worm!
Tenant 1 You Suck!
Jarod That’s very interesting. Hayden’s Cello Concerto in C Major I believe.
Ben I rewrote it for trumpet. I’m working on an arrangement for glockenspiel. An artist must stretch you know.
Jarod Yes. How long have you been a musician?
Ben Fifteen odd years.
Jarod That’s a long time.
Ben But it will be all worth it when the Philharmonic calls. I sent them a tape about a week ago. You had a question?
Jarod Yes. I’m trying to attract roaches and this doesn’t seem to work. Do you have any?
Ben Roaches? I can’t get rid of them. I spilled a box of Crunchy Crawlers cereal behind the fridge once. Every night they come out hunting.
Jarod Crunchy Crawlers?
Ben They’re grotesquely delicious. I was wondering about my interpretation of the first movement, is it a tad subtle?
Jarod Subtly is a virtue in any form.
Ben A neighbour who is a scholar of the arts. Thank you Jarod. You can yell at me through the walls any time.
Jarod And thank you for the tip.
Sydney You will do very nicely here.
Jarod In seconds the virus invades the host cell. With a level four virus the results are devastating. In the Mutaba village outbreak subjects begin coughing only four hours after exposure. Internal bleeding commences at hour twelve, and by hour thirty-six the subject completely bleeds out. Gentlemen you can ignore the flight attendant if she tries to teach you how to fasten your Seatbelt, but with the Mutabo virus and other level fours… the kill rate is
ninety percent.
Walter Garber And might I add an airborne virus, coupled with a pin prick in your glove or a faulty seal sends you into the slammer and from there it’s an express
straight to the submarine. Lights. Thank you for the safety review Doctor Riley.
Lisa Hoffman You misled them back there. You and Jon Florence did develop a vaccine for the Karangi virus.
Walter Garber We got lucky on that, but with Ebola and Mutaba… ah we have to keep ’em on it.
Jarod Sorry about Dr Florence. You must miss him.
Walter Garber Very much.
Jarod From what I understand Dr Florence was a family man, hardly the type to just up and leave.
Lisa Hoffman He was a good man.
Walter Garber Of all people you two should know that awful things crawl beneath the healthiest of exteriors. John confided in me that things at home weren’t…optimal. He never went into specifics but he certainly enjoyed working the extra hours here rather than being at home.
Walter Garber This is an airborne level four virus, let’s be on our toes.
Jarod Commencing Phase Two dissection.
Lisa Hoffman We’re at 72 hours after expiration by Mutaba strain B-3247.
Jarod Walter?
Walter Garber Good God! Decon!
Lisa Hoffman Come on, let’s move it! Go!
Walter Garber Okay let’s remain calm!
Jarod Proceed with Decon shower.
Lisa Hoffman Coming through.
Walter Garber Stay calm, you’ll be fine.
Computer Code Denied
Lisa Hoffman Damn, it isn’t working.
Walter Garber Here let me. (He pushes her aside and enters a different set of numbers.
Computer Code Accepted
Lisa Hoffman Get the glove off.
Walter Garber Inoculate. Hurry up.
Jarod No skin breaks. The blood must have been from the sample.
Walter Garber Well done everybody. Everything by the numbers. We’ll review the security tape tomorrow. You handled that simulation as if it were completely real Jarod.
Jarod Well I’ve had a lot of practice Sir.
Lisa Hoffman Who changed the Slammer access code?
Walter Garber Lisa Hoffman the fewer people that have the code the fewer people that are at risk. I don’t want anybody near the slammer unless they have to be.
Lisa Hoffman It’s your funeral.
Walter Garber No, it’s his.
Jarod Is Walter the only one who has the access code to the Slammer?
Lisa Hoffman And the submarine.
Security Tape
Walter Garber Ah Jon, how’s my goddaughter?
Jon Florence About to turn six but she thinks she’s sixteen. I hope you can make it to her party.
Walter Garber I wouldn’t miss it for the world. I proceeded with the autopsy on the monkey. Look at the liver.
Jon Florence Mush. The virus has mutated.
Walter Garber We’ll finish this first thing Monday.
Sydney Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been… Oh my God… thirty-three years since my last confession. I have betrayed a friend.
Priest Then you must seek his forgiveness.
Sydney He has shut me out.
Priest You’re troubled by something else. Will you pray to the Lord for forgiveness?
Sydney Not even He can forgive me for what I have done.
Security Footage
Walter Garber Look at the liver.
Jon Florence The virus has mutated.
Walter Garber Hmm mm.
Jon Florence It’s like the Karangi virus but worse. This is a level 5 virus. What the Hell have you done? You made Ebola look like the flu!
Walter Garber I’ve been working on the genetics…
Jon Florence No you’ve been playing God! We’ve got to shut down this project now. I’m destroying it.
Walter Garber You can’t.
Jon Florence Yes I can.
Walter Garber I won’t let you.
Jon Florence Let go of my air hose!
Walter Garber I won’t let you.
Jon Florence Let go of my air hose! Let Go of my air hose! Let go of my air hose! My god Walter – you’ve killed me.
Walter Garber Quick, into the decon shower. The lab is full of the virus. Stay calm, don’t panic.
Jon Florence Pressure failure.
Walter Garber Get into the slammer. I’ll meet you there.
Jarod Hello Jon, I was afraid I’d find you here.
Tenant Hansell you are driving me nuts! Shut up!!
Jarod Interesting interpretation.
Tenant 1 You suck!
Ben You’re a polite neighbour Jarod but I fear that the cultural dwarfs are right. I’m terrible.
Jarod It takes a long time to master music Ben.
Ben A lifetime would not be long enough for me. My music kills plant life. I’m Salieri for Mozart Jarod. I curse God for bestowing me with
mediocre ability.
Jarod What are these?
Ben Trifles. Pointless exercises.
Jarod Did you make these?
Ben Yes.
Jarod Ben these are exquisite.
Ben Your compliment is appreciated Jarod, but art it is not.
Jarod Art is many things. Some choose a brush, some a bow, some a pen, and some choose glass.
Ben What do you mean?
Jarod Maybe the way you create is through these pieces rather than… that. You said it yourself Ben, sometimes an artist needs to
Young Jarod Sydney I’m scared, I can’t do this!
Sydney You have to Jarod.
Young Jarod There’s smoke. People are screaming! Sydney they’re burning! Burning! Make them stop! Make the burning stop!
Sydney Jarod.
Young Jarod Make it stop! No go away and leave me alone!
Sydney It’s all right Jarod! It’s all right. It’s all over Jarod. Alright.
Young Jarod I want my Daddy.
Sydney The code word makes it stop Jarod. You didn’t use the code word we came up with.
Young Jarod I said I want my Dad.
Sydney Let me. Jarod. Remember, when you’re doing the simulation and you become frightened and want to stop say “refuge”. Alright?
Jarod typing Sydney to find refuge go to…
Sydney He contacted me. No secrets.
Miss Parker What? Sudden change of heart?
Sydney Lately I’ve been seeing things from another angle and maybe it’s best if you get him.
Jarod Doctor Hoffman. Do you have a
Lisa Hoffman What’s up?
Jarod What do you make of this?
Lisa Hoffman Hmm? Vivification of organs, through the skin pores, loss of hair…..looks like an advanced version of Mutaba.
Jarod That’s what I thought until I found this.
Lisa Hoffman I’ve never seen this before. Did you cross check it?
Jarod Against every sample on record.
Lisa Hoffman There’s over three thousand on record.
Jarod Well it did get a little tedious after the first 800.
Lisa Hoffman My God Jarod, this is worse than any level four I’ve ever seen.
Jarod It’s a level five.
Lisa Hoffman There’s a level five here?
Jarod It’s a sample off a body in the
Lisa Hoffman Wait, how did you get in the submarine? Only Gar… Garber has the code.
Jarod Is all research here sanctioned by a governing body? Which project isn’t?
Lisa Hoffman It’s only hearsay but I trust the source. Garber was working on something secret, I don’t know what.
Jarod What else did Jon Florence tell you?
Lisa Hoffman How did you know Jon was the source?
Jarod Besides Garber he was the only person that knew everything that was going on here. What else did he tell you?
Lisa Hoffman That Garber was working on some radical mutations of a level five. He said it started out good, but it got corrupted. John said God would never forgive him if he let this project continue.
Jarod Well unfortunately for Jon Florence he never had the chance to stop it.
Lisa Hoffman Oh my God.
Security Tape
Walter Garber We’ll finish this first thing Monday.
Jarod I’m guessing between the knob, the mouthpiece and the city water you’re drinking there’s enough germs to kill a cockroach.
Jeff Baytos Dr Riley, hi. Yeah, you’re probably right. I deal with the germs I can but something tells me I wouldn’t lastlong living in a plastic bubble.
Jarod Even one equipped with a decon shower? It was an excellent performance
Jeff Baytos Look I don’t know what you mean.
Jarod Are you going to make me enhance
the image
so that I can see your face?
Jeff Baytos Do you know what it’s like not
being able to sleep?
Jarod You’d be surprised.
Jeff Baytos I watched a man beg for his life. He begged to see his wife and kids again and I, I… I didn’t help him.
Jarod I know Jon Florence got infected, I know his body’s in the submarine and I know that you helped Garber doctor this tape but what I can’t figure out is why?
Jeff Baytos Because it was my fault that’s why. I was working late like Jon and Dr Garber. I saw Jon coming into the slammer and he – he looked so frightened. The decon shower lost pressure and it is my job to make sure that it doesn’t. That is my job Dr Reilly. And then Garber went ballistic and he blamed me for Jon’s contamination. I have never seen a virus do what it did to him, or so quickly.
Jarod And that’s why you won’t go past level two any more.
Jeff Baytos Jon, he begged me to get his wife and kids and, and Garber… Garber told me to keep it quiet, he told me that the authorities would have to be called and they would shut down the facility and more lives would be lost because of my error.
Jarod Jon Florence did not die because of you or the decon shower. He died because Walter Garber murdered him.
Jarod Hello, Butcher Bob? I would like to order a dozen pig livers please. Yes. A dozen.
Jarod Say cheese.
Jarod Good morning class. Today’s lesson takes us into the fascinating world of… cockroaches.
Jarod Walter.
Walter Garber Yes.
Jarod It’s Jarod. I’ve made a very interesting discovery that I think you should check out.
Walter Garber Well what have you got?
Jarod Well it’s still too early to be sure, but I think I found a vaccine for Mutaba.
Walter Garber I’ll meet you in the lab in an hour Jarod.
Jarod Perfect.
Walter Garber What have you got? Where’d you get the sample?
Jarod From this liver.
Walter Garber My God man it’s an airborne virus!
Jarod Walter, your air hose.
Walter Garber Sound the alarm! Help me! Help me! There’s a pressure failure the decon line.
Jarod You’d better get into the slammer sir.
Walter Garber Where is everybody? Where are the doctors?
Jarod There’s nobody here Sir, I sent them all home.
Walter Garber Jarod, you’ve killed me!
Jarod Oh relax Walter. I told you I made a little discovery. It’s a derivative cross between your Karangi virus and the Red Valley strain. An antivirus, it shuts your virus down.
Walter Garber Give it to me please.
Jarod I can’t.
Walter Garber Jarod please, help me!
Jarod Like you helped Jon Florence? By exposing him to a level five without any cure?
Walter Garber Who the Hell are you?
Jarod Well I sure as hell am not Florence Nightingale, but then again… neither are you. How long Walter? How long before Jon Florence started to show symptoms? How long before the internal bleeding started? How long before his brain tissue started to leak into his ears? How long before his internal organs started to liquefy? How long Walter?
Walter Garber Give me that syringe.
Jarod Why? Jon Florence never had this option, why should you?
Walter Garber Jarod it was an accident.
Jarod He knew he was going to die and I bet the last thing he wanted to do was just to see his family one more time, to say goodbye to his wife and to his child. But you couldn’t give him that peace could you Walter? Because then the truth would come out about how you were trying to play God with all these viral experiments. You took down Florence’s life and you ruined his family’s as well.
That is no accident.
Walter Garber Alright, I did it, I admit it, I killed him! The research was very valuable. Please, give me the vaccine.
Jarod Alright Walter, but I will warn you: It’s only sugar water.
Walter Garber Sugar water?
Jarod I don’t know how to make a vaccine. You see, I’m not really a virologist. The truth is, this place gives me the creeps.
Walter Garber What?
Jarod You can check out any time you like but you can never leave.
Walter Garber No! Don’t! Don’t leave me! Jarod! Jarod! Come back here! Jarod! Help! Help!
Jeff Baytos Aren’t you going to tell him you didn’t really infect him?
Jarod Nah. Why don’t you do it? In forty-eight hours, after the police get this.
Sam What is that smell?
Miss Parker I can’t smell. Go left. You take that room.
Jarod on the computer
Jarod Good morning class. Today’s lesson takes us into the fascinating world of cockroaches.
Sam Nothing. He’s gone.
Miss Parker But not forgotten.
Jarod This is a bug motel. When the hormones off a roach’s body, which is the wet stuff you just walked through, combines with the sticky stuff inside of the box, which you are standing in, it forms a bond which is stronger than epoxy. Welcome to the world’s largest bug motel.
Sam I’m stuck.
Jarod Chivas on the rocks. One ice cube. Clever way of contacting me Sydney. No one at the Centre would have ever known what this meant.
Sydney I had to see you face to face.
Jarod Did Miss Parker take the bait?
Sydney Presumably. I have to ask you for something.
Jarod You’re in no position to ask me for anything.
Sydney Not even your forgiveness?
Jarod What?
Sydney For keeping you in the Centre, for the lies all these years. Did you send me this?
Jarod No I did not.
Sydney Parker did, with your name on it.
Jarod What is
Sydney Reminders. Issues I must take up with….myself, God, and with you.
Jarod It’s too late.
Sydney I come to you with an olive branch.
Jarod All right. You want my forgiveness? Then tell me what happened to my Mom and Dad.
Sydney I can’t. I don’t know the truth.
Jarod Then you and the Centre will never get me back. And I can’t forgive you Sydney, I can’t forgive myself.
Ben Ben Hansell.
Phone Mr Hansell this is the Chicago Philharmonic. We received the extraordinary glass sculpture you made and we’d like to set up a time for you to meet with our merchandise coordinator…
Mrs Florence Thank you, for everything. Where will you go now?
Jarod I’m starting a new job.
Jarod You’ve got roaches?